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River Cruises for Seniors

Posted on Tuesday, August 8, 2023
by AMAC, D.J. Wilson
River Cruises for Seniors

River cruises are special

Unlike typical hotel stays where people are stuck in one location, river cruises transport people to a variety of some of the most highly anticipated vacation destinations in the world. European river cruises are particularly popular and feature long, flat river ships that deliver people to some of the most amazing quaint ports. The vessels are often elongated to navigate waterway lock systems and bridges. River cruise ships can pass through narrow lanes where large ships are unable to travel, ultimately taking passengers to numerous intimate towns and villages. Thus, river cruises offer a one-of-a-kind experience that large ships cannot. Riding aboard a river cruise vessel offers opportunities to explore a lot of exciting sites in one trip, making river cruises for seniors who like to explore an ideal fit.

Good to know

Before we talk about the river cruising experience, be reminded that there are many membership benefits to joining the Association of Mature American Citizens, otherwise known as AMAC. In fact, membership provides access to vacation specialists and opportunities offering exclusive travel discounts and bonuses to include river and ocean cruises for seniors through special river cruise suppliers.

A great beginning cruise for seniors

If you’ve never been on a cruise, a river cruise is an ideal way to begin your first adventure. River cruises provide a safe, comfortable, and intimate way to explore new places. Since river cruises are classically smaller than traditional ocean cruises, and they operate on calmer waters, it is a soothing beginning for those who may question whether cruising is right for them. There’s no better way to enjoy a great first experience than on a ship offering smooth sailing to dream locations, personalized service, exceptional food and beverages, onboard activities, entertainment, and more.

A boutique-style experience

While ocean cruises are enjoyable, they can be loud, noisy, and crowded. Not only are river cruise ships a more intimate size with less crowds, but there is also superior attention to detail to include room design and décor, and quality of service. Because this type of travel provides a uniquely personalized experience, river cruises are often desired by seniors who seek educational adventures, wish to experience other cultures, are celebrating special events, seek intimate times with their partner or friends, are traveling with family members or small groups, or are solo travelers seeking excursion opportunities with others.

European Cruise experiences

A European cruise sweeps people off to countries such as The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, France, Hungary, and Switzerland. Each cruise departs from a unique location. For example, a 7 Night Chateaux Rivers & Wine Cruise departs from Bordeaux, France. Ports of call aboard this Viking Cruise include the French cities of Cadillac (Sauternes), Libourne (Saint Emilion), Bourg, Blaye, and Pauillac. The ship features 95 cabins and boasts a comfortable and casual boutique-style hotel atmosphere. Expert guides and lectures, gourmet meals, and hotel accommodations during city portions of the itineraries are generally included. The ship’s sundeck boasts a shaded seating area, an organic herb garden, and spectacular 360-degree views – making it ideal for seniors seeking a French adventure.

In another example, the 9 Night Tulips & Windmills Viking River Cruise departs from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ports of call include Hoorn, Arnhem, Kinderdijk, and stops in Belgium. Also visit the Netherlands’ Walcheren, Veere, Zeeland, and Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam.  The ship features a library corner, fitness center, shops, lounges and bars, an elevator, and more. Outdoors, enjoy a sun deck with a walking track, organic herb garden, and room to relax in the sun and shade.

The jury is in

River cruises for seniors make ideal vacations. Passengers enjoy comfortable accommodations, fascinating entertainment, exceptional foods representing various regions, superior attention, stunning views from the comfort of one’s balcony or ship’s sundeck, and more. Not only are river cruises calm, safe, educational, and fun, but they transport travelers in style to some of the most delightful ports and villages in the world. For more interesting vacation ideas, please visit here.

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John Greer
John Greer
10 months ago

How do you bet to a river cruise? I know you cannot depend on the airlines, especially United. So, no dependable transportation means I am left with vacation in the USA, and to a limited number of red states. Sorry river cruise you are out!

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