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Biden at Year One: Stubborn, Distrusted, Radical, Incompetent, and Mean

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

Biden laughing

Today marks one year exactly since Joe Biden took office as the 46th President of the United States. It’s been a rough 365 days, to say the least. In a press conference Wednesday – his first in 10 months and just the second of his presidency – Biden attempted what the media has begun referring to as a “reset,” a desperate new effort to persuade Americans to support his leadership and policies even as a record number of them now disapprove of his presidency. 

But while Biden did not appear to have much success Wednesday on resetting the direction of his administration, here are five reason why Biden’s presidency has gone so poorly and was likely doomed from the very beginning.

Biden can’t admit when he is wrong and blames everyone else when things go south.

Joe Biden often repeats the line that “the buck stops with me.” However, his rhetoric and actions are more reflective of a president who thinks every problem is anyone else’s fault but his own.

On COVID-19, perhaps the clearest example of a crisis that has gotten worse, not better under Biden’s leadership, the president has blamed unvaccinated Americans, Donald Trump, and Republicans in general for soaring case and death numbers. Never mind the fact that his administration failed to anticipate future variants of the virus, abandoned the Trump administration’s strategy of aggressively investing in therapeutics in addition to vaccines, and presided over testing shortages two years into the pandemic. There’s also the inconvenient truth that it was Biden himself who was the first to sow vaccine hesitancy and politicize the pandemic ahead of the 2020 election.

Following Biden’s disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, the pattern of blaming others began again. Despite the fact that multiple top military officials are on record saying they opposed Biden’s withdrawal strategy, the president claimed otherwise, saying that it was them who advised him to take the disastrous step of abandoning Bagram Air Base. Biden also blamed President Trump, as well as the Afghan army and political leaders, accusing the latter of an “unwillingness to fight” – after they had done most of the fighting and dying in the country over the past several years with U.S. support. Biden’s finger-pointing was so egregious that even his reliable ally Jake Tapper over at CNN openly criticized the president after a major speech on the failure, saying, “He said the buck stopped with him in a speech full of finger pointing.”

Biden has also absurdly blamed Trump for both the border crisis and for persistent shortages as a result of a supply chain crunch directly exacerbated by Biden’s irresponsible spending policies.

In short, Biden appears to believe that any problem facing the country is the fault of someone else.

Of course, the blame game can only begin once Biden acknowledges that there is even a problem, which is no sure bet for the beleaguered president. At his press conference Wednesday, he more often than not simply insisted that “everything is fine,” and that families who are dealing with school closures or empty shelves at the grocery store are part of a “small minority.” Therefore, the implication seemed to be, they need not worry that their lives were being disrupted, and it is of no concern to the Biden administration. The “reset,” then, quickly became an insistence that people must be imagining that their lives have gotten worse since Biden took office, when in fact, according to Biden, the country is doing better.

Americans want leaders who take responsibility for the crises they are facing. A long list of grievances and blame-shifting to others who may have played some role in each subsequent disaster begins to ring hollow quickly. 

Biden made a corrupt bargain with the Radical Left and surrendered his presidency to them before it even started.

From the beginning of Biden’s political career, he has always appeared driven far more by a personal ambition for power than any commitment to a specific set of ideological principles.

Over his nearly four decades in politics, Biden has shifted his position on nearly every issue imaginable – racial integration in schools (Biden originally opposed it), crime and mass incarceration, the filibuster, U.S. involvement in the Middle East, and, more recently, vaccine mandates, just to name a few examples. Wherever the political winds have shifted, so too has Joe Biden, saying and doing whatever was necessary to move up to that next rung on the ladder of power.

In 2020, that meant selling out to the radical left and progressives who appeared poised to sink his campaign. Soon after Bernie Sanders backed out of the race, Biden announced a “Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force” that later released a list of recommendations straight out of the Sanders playbook. Despite often billing himself as a “pragmatic moderate,” Biden then promised to be the “most progressive” president in American history.

Since entering office, it has been abundantly clear that Biden still feels beholden to the radical left and fears what it might mean to alienate their support. His $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” plan was little more than a laundry list of progressive priorities.

These facts are inextricably linked to Joe Biden’s tanking poll numbers and his inability to forge unity among even elected Democrats.  Americans hate extremism, and by submitting to the radical left to secure his party’s nomination in 2020, Biden surrendered his presidency to a political ideology that commands, at best, 25% support among the public at large. 

Biden’s campaign was built on lies.

The narrative that Joe Biden would govern as a moderate is perhaps the biggest lie underpinning his 2020 campaign. But it’s not the only one.

The COVID-19 pandemic provided a convenient if ultimately self-defeating fantasy upon which the Biden team based their campaign. COVID was Donald Trump’s fault, they asserted, and only a Biden presidency could end the pandemic. “I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country,” was the line we heard over and over again from a candidate who more often than not appeared on a video feed from inside his basement in Delaware. It sounded good, to be sure – but what that promise didn’t come with was any realistic plan for actually getting the virus under control.

Now, as case numbers and deaths continue to rise, Biden seems bewildered as to why the country blames him for the crisis. It’s possible, as Biden says, that no one could’ve predicted how the pandemic would change and develop (although a growing body of evidence suggests otherwise). But the fact remains that Biden based his campaign largely on a lie—the lie that any politician in a nation as large as ours could singlehandedly end a global pandemic.

Beyond the lies that came directly from Biden’s lips, there was also the lie the Biden campaign, elected Democrats, and the mainstream media told the country that Biden was in any state to seek and hold the most powerful elected office in the world. They insisted that his rare public appearances were due to concerns about the virus and wanting to “set a good example” of social distancing during the pandemic. The media explained away his forgetfulness and incoherent ramblings as a “stutter,” a “choppy speaking style,” or, perhaps most ridiculously of all, products of Republican “misinformation.”

Over his first year in office, it has become increasingly clear with each fumbled line, vacant stare, and lost train of thought that this is not the case. Biden is in a clear state of cognitive decline – something that polling shows at least half the country recognizes. One reporter even pressed Biden on this statistic Wednesday evening, asking the president why, in his opinion, so many Americans now believe he is not mentally fit enough to do the job. “I have no idea,” Biden replied. That seems to be a running theme for the President.

Biden’s “Mr. Nice Guy” persona has been revealed as the sham it always was.

Throughout the 2020 campaign and in the early days of his presidency, the media attempted to construct an image of “nice guy” Joe Biden that has proven to have no basis in reality. They insisted that a Biden administration would mean a “return to normalcy,” based on the notion that Biden is just an all-around decent man with a good heart and good intentions.

Instead, the Joe Biden Americans have seen on their TV screens is mean-spirited and callous, often angry at anyone who dares disagree with him and bitter that Americans seem unable to grasp the depth of his greatness. His infamous speech in Georgia last week quickly devolved into Biden yelling into the microphone about “voter suppression” – before comparing all Republicans, as well as Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, to Jefferson Davis, Bull Connor, and George Wallace. When a reporter yesterday asked Biden about that comparison, he grew angry at the reporter, insisting that it was not he, but the reporter, who must be mistaken about an explicit comparison made by the President.

It wasn’t the first time Biden lost his temper, either. When ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos asked the president last summer about the horrifying image of two Afghans falling to their deaths from the wheels of a departing American C-17 transport plane, Biden snapped back that it was “four, five days ago,” as if that settled the matter. The president also reportedly has a history of disrespecting Gold Star families, was seen checking his watch multiple times during a dignified transfer of slain Americans at Dover Air Force Base, and aides have revealed that behind closed doors Biden is often short-tempered. Over the past year, we also saw Biden use the power of the federal government to vindictively target his political enemies, like using the FBI to go after parents who speak out against Critical Race Theory at school board hearings.

Here, then, we see another reason for Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers. The Mr. Nice Guy act clearly isn’t working anymore, and people are far less willing to forgive the many failures of someone who is in fact a mean and angry person.

Biden is an incompetent leader, and has always been regarded as such by those around him.

A Washington Post opinion piece put it aptly late last week in saying that, one year in, Biden is “adrift,” “too small for the office,” and being “whipsawed” by the many pressures of being the leader of the free world. Biden reportedly struggles to follow in-depth policy discussions, taking days or weeks to make up his mind while frequently second-guessing himself and others. Even his own staff don’t seem to have any confidence in him: they conspicuously try to stop him from taking questions. 

None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed Biden’s political career. Since his entry into politics, the knock on Biden was always that he was an unserious blowhard with a propensity for stumbling into disaster. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to (expletive) things up,” former President Obama allegedly warned prior to Biden winning the Democratic nomination in 2020. It appears Obama’s reservations about backing Biden were well-founded, and that Biden’s three failed presidential bids were no coincidence.

As a senator and Vice President, much of this characteristic incompetence was hidden by the fact that, compared to the presidency, there were relatively few ramifications for his foolishness and ego. His grossly overdeveloped sense of his own judgement and capability were, more or less, harmless. But no longer.

“Can you think of any other president who has done so much in a year?” That was the question Biden asked reporters several times Wednesday. In truth, he might have a point – rarely in history has a president managed to so completely squander what he inherited from his predecessor while also setting the stage for a whole new slate of disasters that are entirely of his own making. For the sake of the American people and the future of the country, let’s hope the president doesn’t go for a repeat act in 2022. 

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michael ohnstad
2 months ago

biden is a imbecile, corrupt and stupid politician all his pathetic life, him and his inept conniving cronies could lie like criminals and be stupid enough to think anyone would them?

Absolutely Real Fact
8 months ago

This is a perfect example when they let the retarded vote.

11 months ago

Oust biden before he completely destroys our country

Paul Fishman
1 year ago

Joe Biden is an old age mental retard with an MR/DD condition. He is also an immoral deceitful man with low social standards like his son Hunter Biden. He lacks the normal intelligence required to be President. Besides that his total behavior is unprofessional as a profane Joe Schmoe instead of being an effective leader. He shows us a shameful example of immorality, Incompetence and a refusal to acknowledge his deficient mental cognitive condition. ALL people in Government show learn to do their jobs effectively and ethically with NO Moral error and wrong decisions.

1 year ago
Reply to  Paul Fishman

We MUST get this jackass OUT of office IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!! God only knows what he will set his sights on to totally screw up in the next few months, and we cannot afford to let that happen.

He has to go, along with his moron VP.

Absolutely Real Fact
8 months ago
Reply to  Ron

Bottom line is, never let dumb people vote. They’re very brainless and clueless to begin with.

Michael Bates
1 year ago

In 2020, the major parties offered voters a choice between a fool and a nut. I chose neither.

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Bates

You’re the fool, Mike…

Ralph Spyer
10 months ago
Reply to  Ron

Biden a draft dogger, Trump a draft dogger . Biden cut a deal in S.C to get the black vote an gave us dysfunctional V.P. Trump cut a deal with religious nuts gave us 3 catholic on the supream court.Biden son has a drug addiction and ethical problems . Trumps has stormy relationships with women , cheats in golf , and is a raciest

6 months ago
Reply to  Ron

Said the basket case himself.

Ssgt Howard
1 year ago

What else would be expected from a degenerate pedophile with a crack head son.

Dr Moe Howard
1 year ago

And he amd his family and the mob are getting richer and richer…I could get rich too if Piglosi would give us her insider trading info. lmao

Bruce Wickstrom
1 year ago
Reply to  Dr Moe Howard

He and his cabinet are just taking up space and not accomplishing anything to help the American people. More has been done to accommodate the illegals and his son’s buddies the Chinese. We need to rectify this situation any time we have a chance. Make Americans the main topic. Rvn 68-69

Jeff Maier
1 year ago

Don’t forget what Biden put Clarence Thomas through in his confirmation hearing. I was disgusted at the time. And still am.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeff Maier

I was disgusted with biden quite some time ago when his wife was killed in the car accident and all of the fall out re: biden and his alleged womanizing before and after her death. Many folks suggested her death wasn’t an accident. Personally, I don’t know if it was or wasn’t an accident but, I sure as all get out won’t say it was simply because ol’ slo’ joe said it was. Ol’ slo’ joe’s an evil, angry, very confused, lost, hapless old man. He’s capable of many evil things. I can’t wait for this whole biden presidency (nightmare) thing to end. My forearms are bruised from me pinching myself every morning when I wake up just to make sure I’m still here on this earth, not in the twilight zone. It’s really demoralizing knowing we have an inept, mush for brains fool allegedly running our country.

Nah, ol’ slo’ joe’s got to go. IMHO

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

guy menge
1 year ago

Can’t believe, Biden in his Georgia speech he said do you want to be bad like George Wallace, Bull Connor, or Jefferson Davis, “Democrat”, or good like MLK, “Republican”.
Also wasn’t it a republican congress that passed the 14th amendment?

1 year ago

THANK GOD for Sinema and Manchin!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sam

Absolutely!!!!Let’s bring them over to our side. They are the only intelligent Dems. They see the light.

lothar baier
1 year ago

i deeply admire manchin and synema , they both been standing their ground and catching a lot of crap from the rest of the marxist bunch !
progressives villify republicans for one reason , if democrats craft bills in cooperation with republicans that can attract republican support than they lose control of the party and wont get their radical ideas voted on.

lothar baier
1 year ago

the problem with political parties in general but democrats in particular is that they forget all too often that the 435 members of the house and 100 senators are there to REPRESENT their constituents and NOT a POLTICAL PARTY !!! Linientreue is a relic from the days of communism and national socialism and has no place in a democracy !

Howard I Hirsch
1 year ago

The link title at RealClearPolitics reads:

“Harris: Biden at Year 1–Stubbon, Distrusted, Radical, Incompetent”

My first thought was that he’s even lost Kamala.

1 year ago

B affled
I ncompetent
D emented
E nfeebeled
N itwit

1 year ago

PERFECT!!!!! It’s a sad testament to what’s left in our nation re: “leaders” however, Biden ain’t a leader. Never has been, never will be. IMHO!

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Gotta correct you here: this year marks FIFTY years , or FIVE DECADES, in politics for this corrupt, incompetent, dishonest, mendacious, duplicitous, senile fool.

Pat R
1 year ago

Biden has good company with Watters, Schiff, Schumer as well as the Squad. Blaming others, esp. Republicans, is what Democrats have done for decades+. And some can get downright nasty as Watters did with Trump staff and supporters. They all, career politicians, just NEED TO GO.

Henry Souda
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat R

that’s maxine waters not watters, as in the great jesse watters!

1 year ago
Reply to  Pat R

TERM LIMITS! 12 yrs. maximum! All politicos.

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

Henry Fernandez
1 year ago

This may be the most structured and best substantiated article I have read on The Administration since its inception. Chapeau to Harris!

Clark Kent
1 year ago

‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all of the people all of the time’. – Abraham Lincoln.

Jerry Pearson
1 year ago

After the election I cannot figure out why it is such a surprise that Biden is the way he is. He was vice president for 8 years under Obummer and his actions were not much different then as they are now. The only difference is now he has more power. What used to be the democratic party has turned into the democratic communist party “DCP”. All you have to do is read some articles on how the communists operate and the hand writing will be on the wall. If anyone thinks that our government,under the thumb of the DCP is going to do anything to preserve our national heritage and honor our constitution you are dead wrong.They have been working for years to destroy our way of life and unless they are stopped, and that is real soon we will not recognize our beloved country.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry Pearson

Great comment Jerry! I don’t like what I read but you’re spot on! The left, the global liberals are “all in” for destroying our constitutional republic and creating yet another global, socialist state(s) out of our country. The left, liberals… they’re not our friends. IMHO

MAGA2024! TRUMP2024!

The Real Facts
10 months ago
Reply to  Jerry Pearson

And these retarded low life dumb people that voted for Biden are very much really to blame for all this mess that is going on in our country right now.

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