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“Ask Rusty” is a Layman’s Guide to the Intricacies of Social Security

rustyWASHINGTON, DC, Oct 23 — The AMAC Foundation has published “a comprehensive, easy-to-understand” layman’s guide to help America’s population of senior citizens understand the ins and outs of Social Security.  The book is called “Ask Rusty: What’s so hard about Social Security.”  Russell “Rusty” Gloor, whose weekly column on the topic is published by several hundred news outlets across the country, is the primary author.

Gloor is an accredited  Social Security Advisor with a knack for explaining the complicated provisions of the Social Security Administration in a simple and easy to understand manner, according to Gerry Hafer, Executive Director of the AMAC Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Association of Mature American Citizens.  The foundation is focused on the needs of senior citizens.  “The broad-based popularity of Rusty’s column in which he answers questions about Social Security prompted us to encourage him to pen a comprehensive manual for those already receiving benefits and those who are nearing the age of enrollment.” says Hafer.

The Foundation operates a call-in and email service that answers hundreds of questions monthly about Social Security issues from AMAC members and the public at large.

“Seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population and the complexity of the rules, and the resulting difficulty people have interpreting those rules relative to their individual situations, are what drive folks to contact us.  Often, there are rules that countermand rules, qualifications that make some of the rules misleading.  It’s the reason we publish our Ask Rusty column each week and why we published this book,” Gloor explains.

Gloor added that “the AMAC Foundation is committed to supporting America’s seniors, and helping them navigate Social Security’s myriad rules, and applying those rules to their personal circumstances, is a big part of what we do. We’ve helped thousands of seniors develop a better claiming strategy and made them aware of Social Security options they didn’t even know they had, and that is especially gratifying to each of our Advisors. Sharing our collective knowledge in this book fits perfectly into The Foundation’s overall mission.”

To order a print copy of the book, send an email request to [email protected].  Price of the printed version is $19.95 (plus tax), with free shipping.  An email request will result in a return invoice to the requestor, and the book will be shipped immediately upon receipt of payment.

An eBook copy of “What’s So Hard About Social Security?” can be ordered on either Amazon or Apple eBooks for $9.95.


The AMAC Foundation ( is the non-profit arm of the 2.1 million member Association of Mature American Citizens that is dedicated to supporting and educating America’s Seniors. Together, we act and speak on the Association members’ behalf, protecting their interests and offering a practical insight on how to best solve the problems they face today. Live long and make a difference by joining us today at

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Russ Burch
2 months ago

My wife and I are 65 and retired in 2022. Our only source of income is social security, IRA’s and annuities. Is there a resource to better understand possible social security penalties and taxation as we withdraw those funds? Would engaging a CPA be our best option?

John Rivard
3 months ago

IN other investment groups it talks about additional benefits being paid out if filed correctly.
Is this included in Rusty’s book?

8 months ago

Does the SSA automatically evaluate the higher of your own or spousal benefits to be paid and then apply the higher one?

Terri Zezza
1 year ago

I turned 62 last December but I want to retire at 65, should I wait to receive my social security at that time or collect it now? My husband turns 62 this year and will also retire at 65. Should we both wait until we retire? When we retire to a different state does our social security stay the same?

Jan Bench
1 year ago

I turned 66 on Nov 5, 2021 so my FRA is Jan of 2022. My husband waited until he turned 70 to start receiving his social security benefits. When should I apply to start receiving my benefits and how can I receive the most benefits possible if I wanted to start receiving at my FRA? I read something about receiving 50% of his monthly benefit – is this in addition to my benefit or is it in place of?

Ric gray
1 year ago

Rusty, my sister turns 66 April 2021. So she can start full benefits June 2021. However she was laid off June 2020 and has been unemployed since and is receiving unemployment checks from the government and the state since. She is wondering if she starts Social Security in June would she have to stop her unemployment payments?

Mary R White
1 year ago

hello, I just turned 62. I am a housewife, and I am told I can receive SS benefits. My husband still works in a refinery and pays taxes. Is this true and where do I apply?

2 years ago

Hi. I am about to 62 here in GA. Trying to get definitive info about taxes on SS benefits. from what I am reading, I can collect benefits and have a part time job and as log as 1/2 of my benefits + my gross income does not exceed $25K for the year, I DO NOT have to pay taxes on received benefits.

Is this correct?

Eva Phillips
2 years ago

Is there a free advisor I can call to discuss my personal situation as to whether or not I should apply for my social security now or wait? I have read the FAQ on the government website but still have questions.

Beth and Neil Chesley
2 years ago

I have a question. My husband is 67 years old and is planning on waiting until he is 70 to collect Social Security. I am 60 years old and under the State of Maine Retirement system. If my husband dies, do I still collect his widow’s benefit? Since I won’t be collecting Social Security, but will be collecting State Retirement, will I be able to collect his full Social Security benefit?

Bob Wippermann
2 years ago

I am a Navy Vietnam Veteran who didn’t serve in combat but the VA still takes care of me in my old age. I get full medical treatments including a full knee replacement. Certain health care is not provided such as vision(exams are free but I pay for my glasses) and no dental at all. I have yet to find a Medicare expert that can explain how VA and Medicare work together including AMAC which I contacted three years ago when I retired. Even the VA has no answers. I have part A and B but not C. Anyone know where this info is? And I am sure it’s not it the booklet offered.

Russell Gloor
2 years ago
Reply to  Bob Wippermann

Bob, please email your questions about interaction of VA and Medicare to [email protected], or call us at (888) 750-2622 to discuss your VA/Medicare.

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