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The Making of an American Banana Republic

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2024
by Outside Contributor

It is a presidential election year, and a leading candidate for president of the United States, who also happens to be a former president of the United States, is currently a criminal defendant chained to a dingy courtroom four days of the week—time that he should be spending interacting with voters out on the campaign trail.

That’s terrible. But it’s only the beginning.

The daughter of the presiding judge is a professional political operative for the presidential candidate’s opposition party, and the candidate himself is subject to an over-inclusive and unconstitutional gag order.

The George Soros-funded district attorney, who campaigned on a platform of prosecuting that candidate, only pressed charges after his own left-wing predecessor opted not to do so due to the frivolous nature of the charges. One of the Soros-funded district attorney’s subordinates curiously joined his team—just in time to prosecute the candidate—from a high-ranking perch in the Department of Justice that is headed by the candidate’s chief political rival.

And this week, the candidate was subjected to tawdry and salacious testimony from a discredited former porn star, who spoke openly in court about how she “blacked out” during their alleged 2006 sexual encounter. Due to the sprawling gag order, the candidate was not—and is not—legally permitted to defend his honor and contest her lurid, legally irrelevant claims.

Welcome to our American banana republic.

America has many real, glaring problems on its hands. Inflation remains stubborn, and Americans widely report feeling pessimistic about the economy, despite nominal low unemployment metrics. Our wide-open southern border is disastrous, leading to artificially suppressed working-class wages and the most rampant illegal alien crime in the nation’s history. Violent and property crime rates remain too high, especially in large urban corridors. Energy prices should be considerably lower, and they would be if our moronic leaders allowed producers to tap into America’s great natural wellspring of hydrocarbons.

Around the world, hostile regimes act against our interests in unrestrained and revanchist fashion. At home, childlessness, godlessness, anxiety, and depression are all rising, symptomatic of a broader civilizational rot and a society that has lost confidence in what it claims to stand for.

Amidst all this, it would be ideal to have a normal, competitive presidential race in which the flailing incumbent is directly confronted and his record is challenged for all to see. But Americans are now being deprived of anything remotely resembling a normal presidential race. Donald Trump is physically chained down to Judge Juan Merchan’s New York courtroom, unable to get out on the campaign trail and deliver his signature rallies to adoring fans across the heartland. 

These often-forgotten Americans are, in a quite literal sense, denied the opportunity to hear the full argument against the Biden Regime due to these insidious workings of the Democrat-lawfare complex.

Instead of permitting the Regime’s challenger, Trump, to campaign for votes in Wisconsin, he is forced to silently endure the unhinged courtroom musings of a literal porn star and a convicted felon (Michael Cohen)—all in furtherance of a case that suffers from insuperable statute of limitations problems in addition to the structural absurdity of a local district attorney (the Soros-funded Alvin Bragg) prosecuting and attempting to prove a federal crime (a campaign finance violation).

Oh, and if Trump doesn’t shut up and keep quiet, Merchan might throw him in jail—as he has repeatedly threatened to do, if Trump keeps violating his unconstitutional gag order.

What a sick, cruel joke it all is.

Democrats seem not to have given any thought to what happens if they lose. If Trump wins, do Democrats seriously not expect him to respond in kind? Now that the Rubicon has been crossed and we have entered a world in which politicians attempt to not merely defeat their opposition at the ballot box but also prosecute and incarcerate them, there is no going back.

Just as Senate Democrats’ November 2013 invocation of the “nuclear option” to end the filibuster for lower-court nominees directly led to Republicans doing the same for Supreme Court nominees just a few years later, so, too, is it impossible to know what may ultimately come from the lawfare precedent Democrats are setting today.

The new rules have been established. Many of us didn’t want these rules, but here we are anyway. So, game on.

Josh Hammer, a syndicated columnist, is senior editor-at-large at Newsweek and a research fellow with the Edmund Burke Foundation. He also is counsel and policy adviser for the Internet Accountability Project and contributing editor for Anchoring Truths.

Reprinted with Permission from The Daily Signal – By Josh Hammer

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of AMAC or AMAC Action.

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16 days ago

The Democrat Party, and its major financial backers, have simply dropped any remaining pretense of being anything by the avid Socialists and Marxists that they are. So, it is perfectly understandable that the Democrat Party would adopt all the past and current practices of other Socialist and Marxist regimes to go after their political opposition. What is less understandable is that the American people have simply decided to shrug their collective shoulders and allow this to occur and do absolutely nothing of substance to roll it all back. Thus, we are transitioning to the very sort of repressive, authoritarian style regime that was the old Soviet Union or still exists today in modern day communist China and elsewhere.

The Democrat Party has spent several decades gradually seeding local, state and federal government with like-minded ideological loyalists, so they could finally be able to openly adopt the communist practice of show trials or, as many in the media refer to them because they lack the courage to state what they really are, simply “lawfare”. If you don’t want to end up with this practice being expanded to the public as a daily occurrence, as it is in most Marxist countries around the world today, then the American people need to quickly re-learn what it means to stand up for themselves and push back against those that are openly showing how they will soon treat anyone. If not, then learn the other common practice that exists in most of those countries: Meaning cower in silence and fear of being targeted by the regime for anything that might even be remotely considered a minor slight against the ruling regime, and the knock on the door by the authorities one late night.

Freedom and individual rights are not a given. They are something that our Founders fought and died for, so we could hopefully be a shining example to the rest of the world of what a free and just society could be. They have to be periodically defended by us, when threatened by others who seek to tear it all down and create their perceived socialist Utopia. There is no “somebody else” that is going to ride to our rescue, if we just continue to do nothing and hope the Socialists and Marxists in this country just get tired or “wake up”. The far left is and has been wide awake in our country for over 100 years. It is our side that has been asleep at the switch, through apathy and denial of reality, that has allowed things to get to the state that they are today. Time is growing very short and the window of opportunity to preserve this country is closing fast, so the choice is up to the American people one way or another.

David Millikan
David Millikan
16 days ago

Excellent article. Charging President Trump with False Indictments and changing BS charges that were a Misdemeanor which have expired and then try to change them to a felony is pure political and Election Interference from DOJ weaponization straight from Dictator Beijing biden who, himself is Guilty of Corruption, Excepting bribes from Foreign countries, Espionage and Treason.
Dictator Beijing biden turned OUR COUNTRY into a Banana Republic the moment he was sworn in Illegally and Unconstitutionally by Election Fraud. Remember, Dictator Beijing biden was actually sworn in BEFORE Noon which invalidates his presidency. Don’t forget the LOSER Pride flags he flew over OUR White House and across the world at all the U.S. Embassies which is ILLEGAL and UN-AMERICAN. Leave it to democrats to Ruin our country and turn it into the Banana Republic the WHOLE WORLD sees today. This GARBAGE would NEVER happen with President Trump running OUR COUNTRY.
Another reason why I am Voting for President Trump.

Paul C
Paul C
16 days ago

Don’t forget at least two generations indoctrinated in the socialist mantra from Kindergarten through collage are the reason the is not reaction to the Socialist / Marxist and now Nazi ideals.

15 days ago

The time to exercise the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence has come.

15 days ago

Thank the founders for the secound amendment.
All need to be prepared to fight for our freedom!!!

Robert Zuccaro
Robert Zuccaro
15 days ago

Referring to America as a “banana republic” is as bad as calling January 6th an insurrection! Yes! Things are hosed up but all I ever hear is talk talk talk… the left have no problem protesting. Why doesn’t Republicans? Where’s our leaders at on this?

John Shipway
John Shipway
15 days ago

“The making of a banana republic”?? Where have you been? This country fell and became a banana republic quite some time ago.

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