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GAO Report Confirms Obamacare Subsidizes Abortion


from – – by Katie Pavlich For years pro-life activists have raised concerns about President Obama’s healthcare overhaul and the way it forces taxpayers to subsidize abortion. The administration has long assured Americans... Read More

AMAC Award Recognizes Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Phil Gingrey


The second annual AMAC Award Reception in conjunction with Grandparents Day was held on Tuesday, September 16 in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC. AMAC founder and President Dan Weber hosted the reception which was attended by some members... Read More

Listen Before You Speak


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News I sat in on a political science class in college for a few sessions. I wanted to try something different. I was buried (quite happily) in literature, art history, and film, but figured I’d give something brand new a... Read More

The Genocide of Mideastern Christians


from – The Wall Street Journal – by Peggy Noonan ‘Americans haven’t suddenly turned interventionist. They’re moved by the Islamic State’s particular evil.’ President Obama would have been rocked the past few months by... Read More

House OKs Cassidy’s ‘Keep Your Plan’ Bill


from – – by Cristina Marcos The House passed legislation Thursday to allow people to keep their insurance plans under ObamaCare even if the coverage doesn’t meet all of its requirements. Twenty-five Democrats broke ranks to help... Read More

Small Business Workers & Families at Risk Under ObamaCare, House Taking Action


from – – by Katie Boyd Families across the nation lost the health plans they liked and could afford under the president’s health care law last year, and now small business employees are bracing for the next wave of cancellation... Read More

The Employee Health Care Protection Act Protects Small Businesses and Their Employees


from – House Small Business Committee Sam Graves (R-MO) today released the following statement on House passage of the Employee Health Care Protection Act (HR 3522), which would give Americans in the group insurance market the... Read More

Obamacare’s Negative Impact on the Economy Continues, says AMAC

Money and Obama Care

‘People are sick of the rhetoric, they want lawmakers to take action’ WASHINGTON, DC, Sep 12 – Homeland security is the topic of interest this week but in the background you can hear the continuing discussion of Obamacare, according to Dan... Read More

Why Liberals Cannot Realistically Hijack the Convention of States

states convention article v

By – Michael Farris The Convention of States Project proposed an Article V Convention limited by subject matter. The proposed subject matter is to limit the power of the federal government. The question is: Can the left hijack this process and obtain... Read More

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