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Two Brothers Take a Lie Detector Test for Santa’s Naughty or Nice List


from-Jimmy Kimmel Show Santa is very busy right now so Jimmy decided to help him figure out which children should go on the naughty list and which ones should go on the nice list by hooking them up to a fake lie... Read More

8 Steps to Becoming a Consultant at 50+

business-200x300 Beesley When we think of entrepreneurs, we often picture young, tech-savvy millennials. But the face of American entrepreneurship is actually quite different. A recent survey conducted by found that baby boomers take more... Read More

US Economy Takes a Back Seat to China, says AMAC


‘Progressive experimentation with costly social programs has put us behind the eight ball’ WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 19 – “It took the Soviet Union nearly 75 years to prove that Communism doesn’t work; it’s taken the United States only six years... Read More

5 Fresh Ways to Find a Cheaper Airline Flight        


by-D.J. Wilson Forget the old rules.  Use simple strategies to avoid being the person who paid the most for the flight.  If you’re traveling by airline for the holidays, chances are you’ve already booked your flight.  Even so, it’s not too late to... Read More

What Spain Can Teach Texas About Solar Energy

35101401_H33221701-620x405 Henry About an hour’s drive outside of Sevilla, Spain’s old city, past grazing black-footed pigs and olive orchards, sits the Abengoa Solucar complex, and it’s truly a sight: Imagine cresting a hill and then all of... Read More

O Holy Night


The Gospel According to Peanuts


How A Charlie Brown Christmas almost didn’t happen from – National Review Online – by Lee Habeeb Few headlines about network television make me giddy. Fewer still make me hopeful that all is good in the world. But back in August of 2010, I... Read More

U.S. Health Care Lags Worldwide for Those Over 65


from – The New Old Age Blog @ The New York Times – by Paula Span The Commonwealth Fund has been publishing surveys comparing health care in industrialized countries since 1998, a continuing report card in which the United States has usually fared... Read More

What Happened to Work in America?


from – – by James Pethokoukis The share of American men 25 to 54 years old who are not working has more than tripled since the late 1960s to 16%. An excellent New York Times piece on this nonemployment offers much detail on what’s... Read More

Cromnibus Bursts at the Seams With Special-Interest Goodies


from – – by Timothy P. Carney Both Left and Right rebelled Thursday afternoon against the “Cromnibus” — the combination continuing resolution/omnibus appropriations bill. The problem wasn’t the spending levels, it was the... Read More

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