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Marriage Won’t End Poverty. But It Will Help (A Lot).


  from – The Daily Signal – by Rachel Sheffield Marriage isn’t the answer to poverty. That’s the argument made last week in The New Republic by Carter Price, who asserts conservatives are too preoccupied with marriage in... Read More

Four Senate Primaries to Watch in August


from – Real Clear Politics – by Caitlin Huey-Burns August in an election year can be a pivotal time in politics. Members of Congress return to their states for the month, gauging public reaction to a job done (or not done) and campaigning for... Read More

What I Saw at the U.S.-Mexico Border


from – – by Michele Bachmann This past weekend I did what President Obama refused to do during his recent trip to Texas—I visited the U.S-Mexico border. I knew that the border crisis was serious, but nothing could have prepared me... Read More

Poverty in America—and What to Do About It


Fifty years after the War on Poverty began, nearly 50 million Americans are still living in poverty. Low-income Americans increasingly confront the compounding challenges of material deprivation, low levels of upward mobility, and social isolation. It is... Read More

AMAC: America is in a Diplomatic Slump


‘We’ve become disengaged and isolated in the global arena’ WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 1 – If isolation is a diplomatic way of penalizing a rogue nation, why is the White House so intent on isolating the U.S., Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature... Read More

Obama Peddles Impeachment Conspiracy Theories To Raise Money


There Is No Secret Plot from – Red State – by Dan McLaughlin The definition of a conspiracy theory is that it requires belief in a secret agreement among other people in the absence of of any evidence of such an agreement. President Obama and the... Read More

Top Ten Myths About the House’s Suit Against Obama


from – National Review – by Todd Gaziano The House is set to vote this week on H.Res. 676, which would authorize the chamber to file a lawsuit against President Obama for his failure to faithfully execute the laws as the Constitution commands.... Read More

Cavuto: They’re Cutting in Line, We’re Cutting Checks


from – Fox News – by Neil Cavuto Watch the latest video at Where’s our lobby? Where’s our agenda? Who’s looking after us? Is it me or does it seem lately you have to be from outside this country to get any... Read More

Ted Cruz: Obama Backs Corporate Welfare


The Export-Import Bank is corrupt crony-capitalist fiasco. Republicans should kill it. from – USA Today – by Senator Ted Cruz To most Americans, the words “Export-Import Bank” don’t mean very much. The DC insiders, cozy with... Read More

Sticks and Stones, Lois


Via Jedediah Bila at Breitbart News It’s not every day that Lois Lerner calls you an a–hole. I guess we got lucky today. The Hill reports: Former IRS official Lois Lerner cursed conservatives in emails released on Wednesday, leading House... Read More

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