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The Extremist Votes Senate Democrats Can’t Run From If GOP Nationalizes Fall Races

AMAC Exclusive – By Claire Brighn

With Joe Biden’s approval ratings in the gutter, vulnerable Democrats are desperate to separate themselves from the President and his far-left agenda ahead of the midterm elections this fall. In particular, incumbent Senate Democrats are working hard to sell the idea through the media that Republicans may have a difficult time retaking the Senate because moderate and Independent voters will still side with Democrats. But given the wealth of extremist votes taken by Democrats this term – which GOP strategists are sure to use in attack ads in order to, as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich put it, “nationalize” each Senate race – that idea seems to be little more than wishful thinking. Here are just a few examples of the disastrous and extreme policies Senate Democrats have embraced.

Passing Tax Hikes and Massive Spending, Driving Inflation and Economic Ruin

To identify the cause of the historic inflation wreaking havoc on their savings and investments, Americans need look no further than what Democrats believe to be their “wins” this Congress: the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, ironically called the “American Rescue Plan,” which Democrats passed along party lines in March of 2021, and the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill, which contained little in the way of hard infrastructure like roads and bridges.

When Democrats moved to pass the stimulus bill, many economists, including Bill Clinton and Barack Obama appointee Larry Summers, warned that it would set off “inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.” More than a year later, with inflation spiraling out of control and recession fears gripping the country, former Obama advisor Steven Rattner wrote: “The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan passed in the early days of the Biden administration will go down in history as an extraordinary policy mistake.”

Meanwhile, proponents of the infrastructure bill – mainly Democrats, but also some Republicans, most of whom notably will not have to face voters this fall – ignored warnings that it would only “heap more fuel on the inflation fire.”

Since these bills were passed, inflation has outpaced wage growth every single month. To make matters worse, Democrats have continued to push for drastic tax increases through policies like Biden’s Build Back Better Act. Last fall, Republicans proposed a bill that had a stated purpose of preventing “reconciliation legislation from including trillions of dollars in job-killing tax hikes.” Every Democrat voted no.

Every single Democrat Senator also voted in favor of the American Rescue Plan and the infrastructure bill– meaning that every single Democrat is responsible for the inflation those bills caused. Democrats will now have to answer to voters.

Pursuing “Rule or Ruin” Agenda to Destroy American Democracy

GOP TV consultants can never quite get this one because so many of them think the public needs to be manipulated with high-priced, hot-button spots instead of appealed to with informational ads that develop what the American people already sense is happening in Washington. But here is one thing that GOP Senate candidates can themselves state starkly to make the extremist brand stick: after winning the slimmest possible majority in 2020, Democrats embarked on a campaign to either rig or destroy the institutions of American democracy, including the sacredness of the secret ballot, the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, the U.S. Senate, and Citizenship itself.

All that is needed is some explanation. In January, as part of their effort to pass the so-called “For the People Act,” Senate Democrats voted for a scheme to federalize elections and outlaw popular election integrity measures like Voter ID and bans on ballot harvesting. If passed, the For the People Act would have allowed career bureaucrats at the Department of Justice to essentially run federal elections by unilaterally striking down state laws without any oversight from Congress or the courts, as well as expand government censorship of political speech, instituted public funding of political campaigns and just generally eliminate state’s rights to conduct their own elections.

Democratic House members are stuck with their votes on this extremist measure, but so too are Senate Democrats, who attempted to abolish the filibuster to pass the “rule or ruin” law. Only Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin (WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) voted against killing the filibuster.

Democrats have made clear that, if they can pick up even one seat in the Senate this fall, they will move again not only to abolish the centuries-old filibuster rule that protects minority rights in the Senate chamber, but also move quickly on other efforts to rig or destroy the integrity of American elections. Should Democrats succeed, Schumer and the progressive left have all but pledged to not only pass the “For the People” Act – effectuating a Washington takeover of elections – but also pack the Supreme Court, pack the Senate by adding new blue states, and eliminate the Electoral College, thus allowing a few heavily-populated blue cities and states to decide presidential elections.

Waging War on American Energy, Leading to Record High Gas Prices and Fuel and Food Shortages

Following President Joe Biden’s lead in cutting domestic oil and gas production, Senate Democrats have embraced an extreme “green” agenda at the expense of the American energy sector. Last August, for example, in the dead of night, every Senate Democrat voted against a measure to “cancel the Biden administration’s ban on oil and gas leasing on Federal land to help lower gasoline prices and reduce energy dependence on the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.”

This all but sealed Senate Democrats’ complicity in Biden’s war on American energy that has resulted in gas prices more than doubling and Americans paying thousands more per year in energy costs. At the same time, rising gas prices have threatened critical supply chains, leaving store shelves empty and raising the possibility of widespread food shortages.

As Biden has tapped into the Strategic Petroleum Preserve to relieve price pressures, it’s also worth noting that when oil prices were low under Trump in 2020, many of these same Senate Democrats voted to block efforts to stock the Reserve.

Earlier this year, vulnerable Democrat Senators Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire, Mark Kelly of Arizona, and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada supported a proposal to suspend the federal gas tax through 2022 in an effort to lower prices – apparently hoping that voters would forget that these same Senators had voted against expanding domestic production just last fall. Larry Summers called the move for a gas tax holiday “shortsighted, ineffective, goofy, gimmicky” – an apt description for Senate Democrats’ record on energy policy this entire Congress.

Incentivizing Illegal Immigration and Violation of American Sovereignty

Senate Democrats have refused to address and in many cases exacerbated the border crisis by voting in favor of policies that encourage more illegal immigration. As monthly border apprehensions were already shattering records last year, for example, Senate Democrats overwhelmingly voted against codifying expedited removals under Title 42, a Trump-era COVID-19 public health measure that allowed Border Patrol to quickly expel illegal border crossers. When Biden announced his intention to end Title 42 later on, border officials warned this could mean half a million new illegal migrants per month (more than American births per month).

Clearly aware of the dire situation, Democrat Senators Maggie Hassan (NH) Mark Kelly (AZ), and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) urged Biden not to repeal Title 42. But when push came to shove on April 5, 2022, they again voted against a Republican-sponsored effort to extend Title 42 protections. Now, border crossings continue to surpass all-time highs, and the border is being overrun.

Senate Democrats also voted against a bill last year that would have prevented billions in taxpayer money from going to illegal aliens as part of the American Rescue Plan. Tellingly, Squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) boasted about how Democrats “fought tooth and nail for the inclusion of undocumented people in relief packages, stimulus checks, and FEMA assistance.” Just a few months later, Senate Democrats also shot down a bill to “prohibit illegal aliens with criminal records from receiving conditional or lawful permanent resident status in the United States.” These votes send a dangerous message to the world that illegal alien criminals will be rewarded, not punished, for breaking U.S. laws.

Denying Parents’ Rights and Pushing Anti-Americanism in Schools and Government

All Democrats – except one – opposed a measure to block federal funds from going toward the teaching of Critical Race Theory in K-12 classrooms. Just weeks later, Republican Glenn Youngkin was swept into power in Virginia – a state Biden had won by more than 10 points a year earlier – in no small part due to parental opposition to CRT.

It has also since been revealed that taxpayer funds have indeed gone toward instructing students on Critical Race Theory and “anti-racism” training, including $15 million from the American Rescue Plan. The implicit message from these actions was that parents had no right to determine what their children were learning in school because Democrats’ voting record in Congress was determined by national teachers’ unions that filled Democrat campaign coffers. For Senate Democrats, it will be difficult to distance themselves from this issue, which is fast becoming toxic for the left generally.

Heading into the midterm elections, Biden did no one any favors when he said “48 out of 50 Senators vote with me 95% of the time.” While Democrats may now try to escape culpability for the many problems Americans face, their voting record is something they can’t hide from. For Republicans, explaining these disastrous votes may well be one of the best ways to make the case to the public about why it’s time for a change in Washington.

Claire Brighn is the pen name of a conservative researcher and writer with previous domestic and foreign policy experience in the Executive Branch.

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Paul C
7 months ago

I’ve got another big one for you: recently, Schumer led every Senate Democrat to vote to legalize abortion across the nation all the way to the point of a child’s delivery date, for virtually any reason. The bill would allow abortion after viability of the fetus if deemed medically necessary for the life or health of the mother, which was acknowledged to include her emotional state. This is a radically extreme measure that goes far beyond anything that Roe vs Wade permitted and thankfully was defeated in the Senate 51-49, but every Senate Democrat is responsible for it.

7 months ago

The DemonRats are definitely America’s enemy.

Truc Nguyen
7 months ago

I don’t care how much the Democrats and leftists hate this awesome article, I am sharing this with all of my friends, families and relatives to send the message across all people I knew. Thank you Claire Brighn.

Truc Nguyen
7 months ago

Very good article. Thank you so much. Uh

8 months ago

This is a tremendous load of tendentious crap. Just pointing at one example: the idea that not letting new oil leases has increased the current cost of gasoline is rubbish. It takes many years for an oil lease to go through the process of exploration, discovery, and commercial drilling. The major oil companies open and close oil wells based on the value of petroleum. During Covid the price of oil went down, and they capped wells. Now they are slowly reopening them, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Educate yourself! Don’t listen to nonsense.

Paul C
7 months ago
Reply to  midorsey

You clearly don’t understand how oil prices work. It’s largely by speculation and the futures market. If it’s expected that supply will be increased vis a vis demand, investors lower prices through speculation and investment. But the converse to that has been happening literally since the beginning of this administration, due to its actions. The non-political GasBuddy website showed that the average price of gasoline in the US went up about $1.20 a gallon from late January 2021 to the day of Putin’a first bomb drop in Ukraine in late Feb 2022.

8 months ago

All of these democrat policies are driving people to vote for republicans. paying $6 plus for gas,  Empty store shelves along with no baby formula and doubling of prices at the checkout a year ago, The daily fear of being murdered, shot, raped or robbed on the street in democrat run cities are making residences fear they might be the next crime statistic. Grooming/indoctrinating their 6 year old kids to be victims of pedophiles or teaching them to be racist bigots with CRT is making many mothers very angry.  Also democrats putting parents on FBI terrorist watch lists for protesting at school board meeting is not helping with moms and dads. The only question is how many more seats with the Republicans pick up more that what they did in 1894, 135 seats between the house and senate.

8 months ago

The author is right that we simply need to let the American People know what the Democrats have in store for them. Packing the court would do more to undermine the rule of law, and the legitimacy of the court and our institutions in general, that I fear the Republican could not stand for long. It is crucial that anyone who is moral and sane vote Republican.

8 months ago

All politics is local, regardless of how anyone tries to “nationalize” a House race.

8 months ago
Reply to  SkippingDog

The maxim that all politics is local made more sense decades ago. With the Democrats pushing court packing, border elimination, and critical race theory, we have seen a sea shift in American politics. In the recent past, most Democrats were liberals. Today, they are radical leftists with the goal of destroying the rule of law, individual liberty, and the nation state.

8 months ago

Good article, but there’s something else going on I have a problem with. I read an article this morning stating that our strategic petroleum reserve is at its lowest level since 1986. “Strategic” means we’ve been saving it in case of war. Tanks and planes aren’t electric. Yet Biden has been emptying it to the tune of a million barrels a day, scheduled to go through October, and now we find out he’s been selling some of it to China, one of our potential future adversaries!

8 months ago
Reply to  Tom

Strategic doesn’t mean war. Strategic means strategy, thinking long term instead of short term. Biden is thinking that it is taking a while for the oil companies to reopen wells that were closed when the price of oil crashed because of a lack of demand in the early part of the covid pandemic. Long term, the oil companies will open the wells again, and the reserve will refill.

8 months ago

Democrats are all talk about collaboration and empowerment but it’s all a filthy lie. They come into every setting with their trashy anti-white racist agenda and look down at us. They have no idea how close they are to a genuine tribal uprising by White America and our many, many allies. Their trashy little Black Rebellion 20-21 has run into a Stone Wall and we are not giving these Communist parasites or their Democrat Overlords an inch of ground.

8 months ago
Reply to  Henker

Do you think of yourself as a racist? What in the world is “White America?” I thought we were “one nation under God.”

8 months ago

The Democrat’s little Race War didn’t work so well either.

8 months ago

“Men will never be free until the last Communist is strangled with the entrails of the last Democrat.”

8 months ago

VOTE OUT ALL DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 months ago

Lets not forget their crime policies. Shoplifting (theft) is OK if its under $1,000. Zero bail for things like attempted murder. No prosecution of criminals. The list goes on an on, and the crime rates continue to climb higher and higher.
Lets not forget how non democrats get the book thrown at them for simply walking around the capital while congressional democrats can openly commit felonies like evidence tampering, lying under oath, treason, and espionage (trying to take down a sitting president). All with no consequences.
Lets not forget the big guy himself, the leader of the largest human trafficking syndicate in the US, shipping illegals all over the country under cover of darkness on un registered flights.

Michael J
8 months ago

Democrat run government: tax corporations and small businesses to extreme then let commerce pass their expense to the consumer. Necessity will drive which businesses are to survive or fail the cost to remain viable. Minimum wage increase is a good example of an goverment indirect tax which only burdens business.

Old Papa
8 months ago

I prefer a President who gets things done. No President in the past 150 years has gotten more done than President Trump. No modern President has put up with constant attack from the media like President Trump. I would like to see a ticket in 2024 of Trump for President and DeSantis for Vice President. With the list of clown show jokers on the left, If another Dem is elected our country will go down and never recover. It’s up to you. We must win as there is no place to go if there is no America.

Old Papa
8 months ago

We must stay at least 1 step ahead of the Marxist democrats. No Conservative, Republican can stay home in November. Everyone who is legally able, must vote. Don’t stay home for any reason and keep a watchful eye on the many ways the Dims will try to cheat.

8 months ago

HERE’S THE DEAL. if conservatives fail to take back both houses, “America” is dead period. God is NOT coming to save us! God gave man the mandate to vanquish evil. Man has failed in that regard period! Don’t get me wrong I love God! But foolish thinking will be man’s demise!

Bill T
8 months ago

These socialist democrats must take our people for total fools,if they believe after the destruction of our entire infrastructure from our dollar becoming worthless,Biden begging Saudi Arabia for oil after we completely dismantled our own oil fields and refineries, let millions of illegals cross into our country and then have jets fly them all over our country. Have a woke administration that is causing racial tensions like never before. Ruining our founders legacy by rewriting our history with there untruths about our history as it actually happened. Trying to dismantle our constitution as written and if not for a couple of moderate democrats we would already be taken over by a twisted tyrannical government. These diabolical politicians need to disappear right now .

Judy K.
8 months ago

Whatever you want to call our new generation, brainwashed, non critical thinkers, unethically motivated, indoctrinated, whatever they are, it is clear they’ve absorbed the Progressives ‘I dont care about anyone but myself, and care only that I’m a victim in society and deserve to be recognized as special!’ It starts with giving a child a piece of candy and you’ve got them in the palm of your hand. The piece of candy has simply grown to be hand outs, special treatment and recognition for immoral behavior and choices, and removal of college debt. Anything that caters to their wants and desires to procure them as sheep being lead to the slaughter and forfeiture of their futures. Many are just too stupid to figure it out. The Left goes after our most vulnerable because we won’t stand for their evils.
And until something is done to somehow wake this generation up, it’s going to be very difficult for the reasonable among us to get anywhere.
Everywhere I see younger people, most of them are under the Left’s control and lies. They’re taught by adults to not listen to adults. A critical thinking person would question them on that. They’re also taught to disregard any Conservatives freedoms, especially when it comes to their faith in God. Christianity is not to be tolerated in today’s society.
We know what that means for a country and its future. We’re living in it!! God help us!!

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