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China Chinese espionage FBI investigating military tariffs Trump labor 6

Pro-China Labor Group Helped Flip 2 Senate Seats in Nevada

GOP Rick Scott senate win Florida 4

GOP Holds Senate Win as Florida Recounts End, Lawsuits Ebb

state-dept-clinton-emails clinton FBI probe Clinton Hillary Civility Democrats 164

Hillary Clinton: ‘Civility Can Start Again’ When Democrats Take Congress

devin-nunes-washington-deep-state capitol Democrats witch hunt Kavanaugh 50

Democrats Immediately Dial Up Another Witch Hunt After Kavanaugh Confirmed

social security bill

Senate Passes AMAC-Supported Social Security Bill

Senate confirms hearings courts

Senate Democrats Stall Trump Nominees at Record Rate Compared to Predecessors

schumer-senate-shutdown democrat obstruction 11

Unprecedented Democrat Obstruction

Mitch McConnell cancels senate recess 2

Conservatives Prevail as Mitch McConnell Cancels Senate Recess to Get Things Done

abortion abortions Trump lethal injection New York baby 9

Louisiana Senate Votes in Support of 15-Week Abortion Ban

Trump President GOP republican democrats China counterfeiting 15

Here Are 6 of the 146 Key Trump Nominees Stalled by Senate Democrats