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Tag: freedom

salute to america 26

Isn’t Freedom Great? A Wonderful “Salute to America!”

freedom 1

Freedom Isn’t Free

democratic socialism 17

Democratic Socialism is a Bear Trap – Remember History

american history 8

The Importance of American History – Looking Back to See Forward

Venezuela Guaidó President Maduro socialism 1

‘Blame America First’ Crowd Is Undermining the Fight for Freedom in Venezuela

veterans 1

Veterans in America and China – Comparative Care and Freedom

Chick-fil-a religious freedom conservatives 132

After San Antonio Blocks Chick-Fil-A, Texas Conservatives Reignite Fight for Religious Freedom

free speech 24

President Trump Stands Tall – For Free Speech on American Campuses

churchill-leader-america-national anthem freedom liberal Washington Governor Democrats 54

Remembering What Matters from Winston Churchill

America unity Las Vegas sin lie religious freedom

The Coming Test Acts Will Challenge Religious Freedom