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Battle of the Bulge – Lessons in Freedom

Posted on Wednesday, December 16, 2020
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

battleSeventy-six years ago, this week, an exhausted, embattled Free World fell into a near-fatal tailspin.  History calls that moment, which lasted a month, The Battle of the Bulge.  It bears remembering.

In early December 1944, America and allies seemed unstoppable, first Normandy in June, then liberating Paris in August, German border by September, pushing the Siegfried line by October.

But something was not right.  Nazi troops kept probing Allied front lines.  If they were on their heels, destined for imminent defeat, why probe Allied lines for weakness?

On December 16, 1944, Hitler struck – achieving near total surprise – with 450,000 troops, 1500 Tiger tanks, 2600 artillery, 1600 anti-tank guns, 1000 combat aircraft.  The plan was split the Allies, drive them to Antwerp, and sue for peace.  They would hit Bastogne to the South, Eisenborn Ridge to the north.

Probes showed those were weak.  In the South, Germans quickly surrounded Bastogne, vital crossroads.  In an epic battle, frozen to the bone, Easy Company of the 101st Airborne, with remnants of the all-black 333rd infantry battalion, held Bastogne’s perimeter.  Against odds, they defeated the German line.

Outnumbered 5-to-1, under artillery barrage, no winter clothes, minimal rations, medicine, or ammunition –  brave Americans held, even without knowing Patton had just shocked Eisenhower, saying he could deliver the 3rd Army, rescue Bastogne, in two days – which he did.

Meanwhile to the north, Germany’s best armored units hit Eisenborn Ridge, shortest route to Antwerp.  The 6th German Army, elite Waffen-SS, four Panzer divisions, five infantry divisions, should have won.

As at Bastogne, Americans were outnumbered 5-to-1, short on everything.  Somehow, the 2nd and 99th Infantry Divisions stopped the German Army cold, inflicting casualties at a rate of 18 to one.  While the 99th lost 465 men, Germany lost 4000 men, plus 60 tanks.  At Lanzerath, a village Nazis had to clear, they lost a full day, when a single 18-man US intelligence platoon held off 500 paratroopers.

So, how do such things happen?  What is it with Americans, backs to the wall, freedom in the balance?  They refuse to give up, bow down, never say never, and then pull out stunning victories.  Not always, but often.  Not without loss, but always with courage.  When surrender was demanded of General McAuliffe at Bastogne, his simple response – “Nuts!”

The answer is this:  Whatever promotors of socialism, communism, fascism, lawlessness, or government dependence think, Americans are largely of one mind – their own.  They are fiercely independent, to the point of “Don’t Tread on Me” indignance.  They will not take garbage long, without responding.

They are ready to defend their freedoms, the Bill of Rights.  This is not a wish, but fact.  No political leader, party, ideology, or craven power grabber has ever persuaded Americans to put love of freedom away, in favor of anything.

That is why, even in a time of foreign threats, domestic turbulence, and political division, history teaches anyone aiming to rob Americans of freedom to think twice.  At this anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, we are reminded of the tenacity and courage which precedes us.

Americans do not cede freedom to anyone.  Asked to do so, enemies foreign and domestic should prepare for “Nuts!”  That is the seminal lesson of Bastogne, Eisenborn, and The Bulge.  Never underestimate America’s love of freedom – or our willingness to fight for it.

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3 years ago

Well People, We better get ready to fight again for it! This time “Our Battle of the Bulge” fight is right here, right now! … I don’t believe Jackass Joe really got more than 50 million legal votes but with the obvious shenanigans the Commies pulled in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada He somehow wins. We ALL KNOW it’s Bullcrap! And unless this gutless Supreme Court takes on this rigged election case, the Greatest Crime in the history of America will be accomplished! It doesn’t appear this is going to happen so what’s the next step to stop this crime? I wish I knew but I’m willing to fight to save America!

Are you willing to fight also?

If not, our country and way of life is forever lost!

Dan W.
Dan W.
3 years ago

Back then, our troops stood up to save their neighbors, their country and the world. Now, what you’re most likely to get from your neighbor is the middle finger.

3 years ago

Very good description of the mindset that existed in both our military and ,ost of our civilian populations back then. Your two sentences of “They are fiercely independent, to the point of “Don’t Tread on Me” indignance. They will not take garbage long, without responding.” was accurate. Americans, in general back then. We didn’t roll-over when confronted by threats of any sort against our nation either foreign or domestic. People typically addressed any threat head on and did everything in their power to end those threats. That sort of resolute courage and determination to stand up and push back against any force threatening the freedom and values of our nation was why we ultimately won at the Battle of the Bulge and the war. Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane to a time when Americans were willing to stand up to any threat.

Now fast forward to today and see what has changed. Our military is still fiercely committed and largely possesses the same fierce determination mindset that existed back then. However, look at the overall civilian population. While there are still some that still possess the same “fiercely independent, to the point of “Don’t Tread on Me” indignance” and are willing to stand up and push back to preserve our freedom and rights, that is no longer the widely held mindset. That is the sad truth. Just about half the country wants socialism (they have been successfully indoctrinated to do so), even though most have no real idea what that really entails. They are functionally useful idiots incapable to complex thought.

Our rights and freedoms are under daily assault from multiple points (a lying and biased MSM, corrupt politicians, foreign funded groups and organizations pushing an agenda designed to weaken our country in order to elevate others on the world stage, etc.) and we, as an overall people, do little more than complain and throw up our hands looking for “someone else” to save us from our own apathy and lack of courage to stand up to any of this ourselves. Quite a contrast from the prevailing mindset of most Americans during the time of the Battle of the Bulge.

The recent theft of the presidential election just puts the cherry on top of the cake so to speak. Our elected representatives on the GOP side have largely rolled over, because they wanted a “return to business as usual” (meaning the managed decline of the United States, while they themselves benefitted from various side deals). Documented cases of obvious voter fraud were greeted by “Nothing to see here. Move on. Move on.” Our DOJ and FBI, as well as most of Washington, D.C. (what people call the Deep State) have long been dominated by the Democrat party, so they either stood by and did nothing or helped facilitate this coup to return control back to those wanting a “return to business as usual”. The majority of our own Supreme Court, out of fear for their own personal safety, has shown they lack the courage to even hear cases that might threaten the success of the coup. So while it is great to celebrate the strength, determination and courage that won the Battle of the Bulge, it is also a glaring reminder that that mindset no longer exists in much of America today.

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