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Biggest Rally Ever! How Wildwood Catapulted MAGA To Heights Never Seen Before In American History

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024
by Paul Ingrassia
trump at a rally

President Trump’s rally on Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey was historic for a number of reasons.  Its record-breaking, 100,000+ turnout was the largest political event in New Jersey history – and quite possibly, the largest presidential rally ever, at least in modern times.  Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that such an historic turnout occurred in deep-blue New Jersey, a state that has not voted for a Republican president since George H.W. Bush way back in 1988, nearly forty years ago. 

President Trump, who, in 2020, garnered more votes than any presidential incumbent in American history, regaled the south New Jersey crowd with tales of his ongoing political persecution in neighboring New York, which he decried a “witch hunt” being carried out by a rogue D.A. and judge, both acting ultimately at the behest of Joe Biden and his weaponized DOJ. 

President Trump’s barnstorming speech touched upon a smorgasbord of topics – from the ongoing Biden witch hunts to the catastrophic open border to conflict-riven Israel and Gaza to China’s monopolization of the global auto industry.  From crime to inflation to the migrant crisis, President Trump, with arresting simplicity, articulated to his massive audience – many of whom endured unseasonably cool temperatures to catch a glimpse of the next President – how the Biden regime has caused virtually every single political malady afflicting America today.  He described Biden as the worst president of all time and said that Biden does not even compare to the previous worst ten, and now fifteen, presidents added up.

Never has a so-called “president” in Biden waged an all-out assault against his likeliest successor the way Biden has against Trump; in large part owing to that fact, Trump now commands significant leads in virtually every reputable mainstream poll.  What Biden is currently doing against Trump was, in the not-too-distant past, only seen in banana republics – never in American history has the Commander-in-Chief abandoned democracy and instead relied upon extralegal measures, like lawfare, election rigging, and flooding the electorate with third world aliens, to shore up his electoral prospects in the upcoming presidential race.

And indeed, the great lengths that Biden has taken to rig 2024 – much as the Democrats did four years ago – is testimony to Biden’s inability to win even under moderately rigged conditions.  The gospel narrative of the mainstream media that Biden somehow managed to collect 81 million votes in 2020, the most for any presidential nominee in history, has been completely shattered by his languishing poll numbers, the worst ever for an incumbent at this stage in his presidency since polling became commonplace.  Biden’s popularity has also been debunked by the current occupier’s rank inability to stimulate even a morsel of enthusiasm, to say nothing of producing actual flesh and blood supporters, to rally in his defense – a sharp and biting contrast to what President Trump demonstrated on that breezy south Jersey beach on Saturday.

President Trump’s crowd size led many pundits to speculate what it would take for Biden to generate an audience even a quarter the size of Trump’s estimated one tenth of a million that appeared – eagerly, enthusiastically (some waiting for days on end) – on the Jersey shore.  Could Biden even garner a crowd of, say, 5,000 in a purportedly “deep-blue” state like New York, the epicenter of “Fat” Alvin Bragg’s political persecution, or uber woke Commiefornia, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1?

And that speculation does not even account for Biden drawing a crowd approximately the size of Trump’s in a state as red as New Jersey is purportedly blue.  Biden allegedly defeated Trump by sixteen points in New Jersey in 2020.  Yet, nobody in their right mind would ever dream that Biden could generate even a remotely similar percentage in states like Indiana and Mississippi, both of which Trump carried by a roughly comparable sixteen-point margin in 2020.

The momentum is certainly on the side of President Trump and his growing base of supporters – a base that includes a burgeoning share of disenchanted and disenfranchised Independents and Democrats, who have been alienated for any number of reasons by Democrats and Joe Biden in recent years, and have in turn made it their priority to destabilize and weaken America.  So too does the presidential frontrunner’s base include a growing coalition of Hispanic and black voters, as well as other demographic groups that have traditionally not been aligned with the Republican Party. 

These stark realities are reflected in the poll numbers registering voter sentiment in key swing states.  For example, the latest New York Times poll, which historically has been no friend of President Trump’s, showcases the 45th President leading Biden in five key swing states: Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Nevada.  In addition, that same poll has President Trump tracking only two percentage points behind in Wisconsin (other polls notably have President Trump ahead in the Badger State) — within the margin of error. Wisconsin is a state that President Trump famously carried – smashing the infamous blue wall along the way – in his landmark 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton.

And yet, despite the promising signs, the MAGA faithful should not rest on their laurels.  Given everything the base, and the country, has been through over the past nearly ten years – lawfare, witch hunts, FBI raids, deplatforming, censorship, gaslighting, being called every aspersion in the book by every mainstream institution, including leaders of both party establishments – we should be extra vigilant these next six months.  Indeed, it is our duty to do so.  Our due diligence must prioritize registering voters and regulating election procedures in the most important battleground states – most especially, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – which will make or break this November’s outcome.

One of the running themes of the Wildwood rally was “too big to rig” – and that’s true.  The 2024 election must be flooded with legal and legitimate votes – garnered by all sorts of mechanisms and policies, from vote by mail to ballot harvesting to other procedures the Left has used and weaponized against Republicans to shameless success in recent elections.  That must be our chief focus – and we must plan, ahead of time, to wage a counter-lawfare strategy against the Democrats, should the need arise to do so.  Skilled poll watchers and lawyers must be hired in every key battleground state and deployed within 10-15 key election sights within those four or five critical battlegrounds, to ensure every legitimate vote is counted, and no shenanigans reoccur in 2024, much as they did in 2020.

Resources must be allocated efficiently and strategically – not wastefully, as has become so commonplace in recent years in Washington with the egregiously gratuitous spending on foreign wars that do not concern the United States or its geopolitical interests.  It is much better to over prepare and not have to unleash one’s arsenal than to be blind-sighted and forced to dig oneself out of a ditch.  The principles underlying the adage “peace through strength” which so aptly defined and explained a great deal of the success of President Trump’s foreign policy during his first term should also apply to our general election strategy this November.

That is why, despite the unprecedented promise we are now observing in once blue strongholds like New Jersey and even New York, nothing should be taken for granted.  The narrative that President Trump may wind up winning these states is a great thing, and all that positive energy should continue.  But the focus must be on shoring up the battlegrounds, and then expanding from there – for that is the only way we can be certain of victory in November.

And President Trump, above any other president, deserves not only a victory, but a landslide this 2024 race.  His election victory would mark a paradigm shift in American presidential politics, arguably one greater in significance than Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, given just how high the stakes are this cycle.  An electoral mandate will give President Trump the political capital he needs to swiftly implement his agenda, hopefully with fewer roadblocks than his first administration, in order to lay the foundation for what will be a generational movement to Make America Great Again.

The winds are clearly blowing in his favor, it is up to us, his supporters, to fortify that victory once and for all.

Paul Ingrassia is a Constitutional Scholar; Communications Director of the NCLU; a two-time Claremont Fellow, and is on the Board of Advisors of the New York Young Republican Club and the Italian American Civil Rights LeagueHe writes a widely read Substack that is regularly posted on Truth Social by President Trump. Follow him on X @PaulIngrassiaSubstackTruth SocialInstagram, and Rumble.

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of AMAC or AMAC Action.

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9 days ago

I can’t imagine any possibility of biden being reelected this November, given his mental state and the horrible policies he has inflicted upon this country. Nothing has gone well for the current president. But if ANY Republican or conservative thinks “Trump will win for sure” and decides not to vote…I’m taking you off my Christmas list. THIS IS NO TIME FOR COMPLACENCY!!

Voters who have a hard time pulling the lever for Trump based on his personality or because of those prejudiced prosecutors and judges who are having way too much fun dragging Trump off the campaign trail are missing the point. What is important is that Trump’s policies worked extremely well before Covid hit. There was building going on all around us, businesses were started, gasoline was cheap, minorities had the lowest unemployment rates ever, right-to-try saved lives, net household income was up, and there were no new wars. China, Russia, Iran, and South Korea wouldn’t dare mess with the U.S.A. Policy over personality, people! It’s biden himself who should be going before the courts with his family’s illegal and treasonous “business practices”.

Biden recently told an MSM anchor that he inherited a 9% inflation rate, which, of course, is a lie. It was 1.4% when biden took over. Another senior moment for biden; it rose to 9.1% during his administration. He also lied about the cost of a gallon of gasoline when he became president, which he claimed was $5.00. For a while, I was paying $1.59 in NC.

Inflation is still very high, and the price of a loaf of bread won’t be cut in half any time soon. Property insurance up, car insurance up, Medicare insurance premiums up, cost of drugs and health care up, mortgage interest rates up, cost of housing up, energy bills up, credit card balances up, cost of a ball of twine (yes, even that!) up, government intrusion in the way we choose to run our own lives up, cost of seeds and pots and fertilizer for my business up (some varieties of vegetable seeds went up 60% from 2023 to 2024). Thanks to biden, net household income is down thousands of dollars, respect for law enforcement down, personal savings down, once beautiful cities are now stinking cesspools, institutions of higher learning are stages for supporting hate speech and terrorists.

If we have any hope of saving this country, every one of us must vote. If we lose, the country loses, and we’ll see changes we never could have dreamed up in our worst nightmares.

MAGA 2024.

Renee E
Renee E
9 days ago

Funny, I also have never been polled for Presidential elections.Trump now, and Trump most of all in November

9 days ago

I never seem to be among those polled in any of these surveys. What has been done in the “battleground” states to prevent a recurrence of the 2020 debacle? What are the so-called disenchanted / disenfranchised independents, Democrats, and particularly conservatives prepared to do when the next presidential election doesn’t produce their desired result?

9 days ago

Great article about Trumps NJ rally

9 days ago

I agree with you Mr. Ingrassia if we want to get back to normalcy we need to stay vigilant and steadfast in pursuing true, fair and honest elections and not become complacent in these next six months leading up to the upcoming election.

Dan W.
Dan W.
10 days ago

“The late, great Hannibal Lecter….”

Was he simply trolling the late night talk show hosts?

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