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‘Expect Escalation’ in Left’s Desire to Control American Kids and Institutions

Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023
by Outside Contributor
kids walking off to left of school bus

If we don’t teach students about the truths of liberty and freedom, then the Marxists will teach them their version. That’s why the Right needs to be just as bold in taking back our children’s education as the Left was in taking it away, said the conservative author of “Hide Your Children: Exposing the Marxists Behind the Attack on America’s Kids.”

“It’s simply a utopian fantasy to think that adults could [be in] charge of children for eight hours a day without some kind of values being imparted,” Liz Wheeler told Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts on his “Kevin Roberts Show” podcast.

When it comes to the Left’s desire to control American kids, institutions, and government, “expect escalation,” the host of “The Liz Wheeler Show” writes in her new book.

The concerns about education escalated when parents began to truly see what was happening in their children’s classrooms during the COVID-19 lockdowns, said Wheeler.

American parents discovered that their school systems, which were often failing to teach students even basic math and literacy skills, found time to teach that America is systemically racist and to propagate theories that children aren’t born boys and girls but that gender is on a spectrum.

We’re living in “cultural madness” where “white children are told they’re racist; black children are told they’re oppressed,” she said.

The Left has had decades to “plot and infiltrate and subvert these institutions,” according to Wheeler. “We didn’t get to this point in our culture because the Republican Party has been fighting back effectively against the assaults.”

For a long time, Republicans have allowed the Left to control the institutions because of the idea that “freedom is the goal of political policies,” she said. But she argues, “If freedom is the goal of political policies, then what [New York Times columnist] David French said … that Drag Queen Story Hour is a blessing of liberty … [and] would have to have some inherent morality to it just because the men had the freedom to do that.”

She said that her definition of liberty and small government has changed over time. She no longer believes small government means “a government as small as possible.” Instead, she said she feels it means “constrained by enumerated powers or constrained by accountability to the people.”

However, Wheeler has hope young people will be the ones to acknowledge and change where the Republican Party went wrong.

“I think there is a spiritual awakening happening among youth right now. And I think that the Left also recognizes that,” she said. She said she believes this is why the Left is offering a false God in order to trick people into following their ideology instead of “the one true God.”

And she has hope for victory: “I wouldn’t be doing it if I thought there was no hope. I do have incredible hope in our system.”

She added, “A solution is effected by us working together as a community to pressure our elected officials, who work for us, to represent us into helping order society towards the moral end that we all believe is necessary.”

Watch the entire interview here.

Reprinted with permission from The Daily Signal by Lucy Gilbert.

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8 months ago

Christopher Columbus would vote straight ticket Republican.

8 months ago

Christopher Columbus discovered America and brought freedom to America in 1492 and freedom will win out.

8 months ago

I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos’ recently about legislation Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed into law. One deals with land in her state being sold to foreign countries we do not have a good relationship with. At least 2 companies have been ordered to divest their ownership. The other prevents state correspondence to include terms such as “birthing persons” and other stupid woke references to “man” or “woman”. I believe these are firsts in this country.
Sanders is getting it done in Arkansas. Good for her and for Arkansans! I’m curious to see what she comes up with to protect children in public schools from those terrible influences from left-leaning adults. Read their textbooks, folks, to see how awful some of them are. And then complain to the school board and your county/state’s department of education. As long as we remain complacent and keep voting these idiots into office, nothing will change, and our children will be indelibly swayed into the individualistic-killing groupthink mode of conformity. We will lose control of our parental rights, and then women truly will be limited to the rank of “birthing person”.
I had a conversation with an acquaintance that was a shocker. She’s a teacher and feels it’s her responsibility to speak for the children. I asked about a hypothetical–the child’s spoken wish to be a boy instead of a girl–and she claims she does not have to relay that information to the parents, and that she can initiate consultations with psychologists and doctors without informing the parents. This is scary! I just don’t understand that kind of mentality. That “nice” teacher should be fired. It’s no wonder our country’s status of academic achievement is failing when the public school system isn’t teaching the basics. That teacher, by the way, also thinks private schools should be closed.

8 months ago

Parents need to gain control and emphasize their desire of the proper teaching curriculums that are to be taught in their respective areas. This will not be an easy battle but must be initiated now while there is still time otherwise the public school system will fail and education will be just like it is in colleges/universities — the Left will be able to control the public with its rhetoric.

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