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Pence China US Democracy 15

Pence Says China Is Meddling in US Democracy, and US Won’t Back Down

China Chinese espionage FBI investigating military tariffs Trump 12

Trump’s Tariffs Are Biting China

Trump President GOP republican democrats China counterfeiting 16

President Trump Fights Back Against China’s Massive Counterfeiting Empire

strategy china usa pay theft intellectual property 2

China’s Long-Term Strategy Against the United States

Dianne Feinstein Chinese interests rich Kavanaugh 52

Dianne Feinstein – Growing Rich off of Chinese Interests

Trump China 3

“Made In China 2025” Master Plan Has Hit a Wall Named Trump

china-targets-us-rail-freight 21

China Actively Targeting Critical Infrastructure in US; Railcar Manufacturers on List

China Chinese spies currency communist 112

Contamination of China-Made Heart Drug Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

strategy china usa pay theft intellectual property 1

Congress Passes Bill Addressing China’s Theft of Intellectual Property

China foothold US mainland communist total war Chinese 2

China Continues Total War Against the U.S., Will Anyone Pay Attention?