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Raid on Trump – Double Tragedy


Irony surrounds us, piles up like leaves in fall, barnacles on a boat, and lies told by politicians. The trick is keeping your eyes open, knowing history, seeing untruth by reference to truth. Charlie Chaplin once said, “Words are cheap.” Well they are cheaper now. Whether you like Trump or not, his Fourth Amendment rights appear to have been trampled, a tragedy for America.

The core of our Fourth Amendment is protection of individuals from government overreach for political or religious reasons, and to avert political vendettas. “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…”  The Founders were animated, agitated, and clear.

The only exception was a valid “warrant,” showing “probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Even then, the crime had to be serious, evidence sought roe than speculative, specific.

The Founders’ concern was that everyday citizens, let alone opposition political and religious leaders, might one day face an all-powerful government, willing to persecute opponents.

If this sounds unlikely, consult history. Very specifically, they feared the “general warrant” – used against colonials by a tyrannical king, so offensive that by the mid-1800s, even the British threw it out. In a nod to America, the British then insisted on specifics and accountability.

Given the Fourth Amendment’s origins, history, and purpose, ask yourself several questions.

Did the search of citizen Trump’s home, setting aside his political aspirations and opposition status, violate what should be his “reasonable expectation of privacy?”

In view of his “reasonable expectation of privacy,” was there a less intrusive way for securing an exchange of information, document production, avoiding a show of coercive power against him?

Was this invasive search necessary, even based on crimes alleged, which focus on document handling? Was the warrant application drafted with specificity? Did it state exactly what documents were sought, where to be found, why required? Or did it authorize a “general search” – as barred by the Fourth Amendment?  

Did it list what the FBI expected to find in the former First Lady’s private garments, or state why documents repeatedly offered and later seized – could not simply have been accepted?

Consider also who was to be searched – a former US president from the opposing party, a vocal political opponent (past, currently, in future), someone formerly falsely accused and vindicated, accused again and summarily impeached without regular or due process.

If you were President Biden, Attorney General Garland, or FBI Director Wray – all of whom had to know about this – would you get sign-off from a junior magistrate and open Trump critic, or take another course? In this severely divided political climate, would you not think perception?

If you believed in what you were doing, felt exigent circumstances mandated an intrusive search, why not go to three judges, make two of them Trump appointees, assure public trust not ruined?

If you were objective, why allege “exigent circumstances” requiring an immediate search, then wait two weeks to execute it? In an era of police body cams, why demand home security cameras get turned off – during the raid? 

Why roar into town with 30 officers, long guns, sirens, and lights blaring? Why all the political theater, as if performing for the big screen? Why not just show up with a warrant, seek legal entry, go to specific locations, retrieve specific documents, and quietly leave?  

In view of our polarized political climate, pending mid-term elections, low polls for the current president, potential second run by the former president, and undeniable history of personal attacks on this man, why appear to be unfairly targeting him – again?

Truth is, unless something wild and unimaginable results from this search, this will be remembered as one of the darkest stains on our Republic, a double tragedy for our Constitution. 

First, the art of political vendetta has hit a new low, precedent likely to reappear – right? To most, this just seems more evidence one party is misusing the justice system against the other.

That said, this is new. The federal government has enormous coercive power, which can be dangerous in irresponsible hands. Lord Acton wrote, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Such stark action, barring something unthinkable, is Tragedy One.

Tragedy Two goes beyond national politics. It is personal. This event shakes the foundations of the Republic. If an unreasonable search and seizure can be executed on a flawed warrant, with no accountability, against a major political figure, what does the Fourth Amendment mean?

In sum, this kind of political theater is more than embarrassing. It undermines historic understanding of and fidelity to our Fourth Amendment. It undermines public trust in our government. This was not run-of-the-mill. This act is without precedent. If this can be done to a president, to whom can it not be done?

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Lorene Kelly
5 months ago

This is a symptom of pure psychopathic arrogance and we the people are absolutely not going to accept this overreach of corporate governments on our president or ourselves! Say something and better yet DO SOMETHING! Stand up against tyrants who are the dark forces and the principalities the Bible spoke of! Just saying like IT IS:)~????

thomas cooke
5 months ago

At present, each and every federal bureau of intimidation officer is a liar, a traitor, and a thief of paycheck until proven innocent. ‘nuff said tc

7 months ago

Growing up I learned we may not like the President but you never bad mouth him or our country! Daughter of a Vietnam war time Vetran, Grandpa WWII both army, and Husband Desert Storm time Marine! All honorable hard working men! Taught me more than they could ever know! Sadly all lost to Suicide! While here however, I gained so much respect for our country and how we came to be! As a child abuse survivor of torture sexual mental physical abuse for five years after my mother left my dad, I was still always looking for good in everyone I’ve ever met! Hold degrees in Psychology And Human behaviors, ran Mental Health Groups with my clients now independent and proud of their new lives! Then was told to teach people to remain on disability, & convince them they were broken! I could not! President Trump was the 1st to hold office that I have ever seen that was honest, transparent, did what he said even beyond! Arrest of HIGH profile criminal human trafficking demons were made at record speeds! I will forever be great full that someone in power cared for the little guys! This attack on his home is unjust and rather criminal, starting at the very top! They all need arrested and held publicly accountable, as well as forced to give back the trillions of stolen $$ spent on democrat lies! All of it! Stop attacking our farmers, truckers, and reposes every bit of land and any business owned by a foreign entity before there’s nothing left to save! In Jesus Name rebuke the demons restore America 1 Nation Under God! Amen ????

7 months ago

The SCOTUS should step in the Biden clowns need to all go to jail they stole the election and none of this would be happening ,TRUMP was elected this would’nt be happening if Biden and the Dems would’nt have rigged the election

7 months ago

I’ve all the wrongdoings in the last six years why is Donald J Trump is the only man that is paying for it Donald Trump has got to run again and this time win because the whole country knows the whole world knows that Donald Trump won the last election everybody in the United States knows even those that are in denial why do they want to crash this country and make it a fourth power nation

Donald Traitor
7 months ago

Trump is a traitor. Period. People that are defending him ARE traitors.

7 months ago
Reply to  Donald Traitor

This unconstitutional government is the only traitor government, you are so blind . I hope we take over and return sanity to this nation if not you will know communism. You will definitely will not persecution , and not freedom ! Trump is the only president that only apply the only rule that less government in our business ! That you want the government controlling all our life’s you are crazy ! Go to China and Cuba you have good examples ! We won’t have independence only tyranny!

5 months ago
Reply to  Donald Traitor

Based on what? Russia hoax? Evidence on Hunter‘s laptop? From Hillary’s emails? Phony dossier? What do you have that shows Trump committed treason? Waiting on you phony.

Mr Keane
7 months ago

This is corrupt on so many levels it’s hard to know where to even begin this damn bs is to cover up their own corruption if they can do this to the real President Donald Trump just imagine what the 87 thousand IRS, Are going to do to the working class people of United States it’s going to be a bloodbath.

Diane Smith
7 months ago

I think that this “raid” is a sign of the breakdown of our society. We must save our country from further decline by being part of the fix. Voting local elections is the fix!

7 months ago

The raid on MAL appears to have been designed to create maximum anger among Trump supporters. Dems/DOJ/FBI/MSM want to prove Trump supporters are unhinged and violent.

Tragically, keep depriving us of our Constitutional and or our inalienable rights and violence is all that remains. Dems/DOJ/FBI/MSM know this. It is their goal.

Robbi Peters
7 months ago

The deep state is in a drowning ship and no rescue available. This is what happens when you lie, cheat and steal. That doesn’t even include the disgusting, life removing things. What they have been doing to our President Trump is wrong every which way to Sunday. Their due is near. Our God wins, they lose!

7 months ago

Sorry, I can’t post here anymore.

7 months ago

Trump has had 6 YEARS of basically HARASSMENT from Lefty’s and the Democrats.
This 4th A. incursion has shown the Tyrannical ways this world is headed. IT MUST STOP AT ALL COSTS! Yes, even a world war which in essence, we are in.

7 months ago

There have been numerous attacks on Trump with many totally unfounded. But my issue is with the Steele Dossier and Russia collusion. Clearly manufactured false evidence. Paid for by the political opposition. Promoted and given creditability by media and elected politicians; remember Schiff – “…non-public evidence is evidence on the issue of collusion and some … on the issue of obstruction.” – Washington Press 2-15-2017? He accused Trump of treason and obstruction – and he is still in office not jail!
Government intelligence, FBI and DOJ all apparently contributed to the lies and attacks. Remember falsified FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign?
All of this and they almost got away with impeachment or worse. And absolutely nothing happened to any of these perpetrators! They got away with it. So, if there is no accountability or risks… why wouldn’t they be doing it again?  

Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Raid Outcomes:
o Boost GOP
o Boost run for 2024
o Unite GOP
o Bust up Deep State
o Later purge FBI
o Bust up DC Estd elites

5 months ago

And get rid of the IRS

7 months ago

Excellent article

Allan E Brem
7 months ago

We had better elect a massive number of rip-roaring Conservatives in November if we expect to have any chance at all of cleaning up this mess.

7 months ago
Reply to  Allan E Brem

Agree… but do not feel real confident after what they did in 2020.

7 months ago

Amen! Right on! Enforce the law!If you don’t like ours go over seas where they do law differently!

7 months ago

If Trump was smart he’d file law suits against biden, garland, wrey and the 30 fbi agents. He’s got the money to do it.

John Hunsaker
5 months ago
Reply to  Centurion

President Trump has, in fact, filed those lawsuits. The main reason the feds raided his place. He has a major suit naming all of them, including Hillary bagbutt.

7 months ago

The only way that you can violate all of the Constitution is to own the “Justice” Dept and the Fed law enforcers (FBI). The DemonRats certainly OWNS them. The only way to get our government back is revolution.

Calvin E.
7 months ago

This is just total harassment. What happened to Crooked Hillery’s from all of her documents. No other President has been put through 1/4 of the B.S. Donald Trump has. He still loves his country. Just not some of the people in office. I do believe we are going to see a major change this Fall

7 months ago
Reply to  Calvin E.

“Lock her up” “Lock her up” LOL. Hillary doesn’t deserve her day in court like Trump! Let’s just throw her in jail. Pence? Well you know what the Jan 6 “patriots” wanted to do with him. Pelosi and Cheney next as soon as we are back in power. Both will be locked up for life – no warrant, no trial, no judge. That’s justice! That’s a real revolution! Ask Russia.

Bruce P
7 months ago
Reply to  ArmyVet

Deny them what we accuse them of denying Trump? Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas. If there were proper investigations we wouldn’t have to be like them. The proof is all there already. Do it the right way, not their way. Don’t do payback, just don’t forget.

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