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Mainstream Media Helps to Create Mass Hysteria to Bring About Radical Changes to American Society

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2021
by Outside Contributor

mediaWe live in an age where political elites are deliberately creating mass hysteria through the corporate-owned mainstream media by relentlessly pushing false narratives to foment drastic changes on American society.

To take away cherished constitutional rights from ordinary citizens, the elite class must first put those citizens in a state where many of them will not only allow the stripping away of their rights, but will also hand them over willingly.

And the best state the citizens can be put into so they will embrace the sacrificing of their rights is a state of fear.

As time has passed in the year since the CCP virus pandemic began, more evidence continues to emerge that certain political and media entities took advantage of the virus outbreak to advance their own control and agendas.

You would like to think that no one would be callous enough to use a viral outbreak to advance their own political fortunes and increase their power over the lives of their fellow citizens, but unfortunately, facts are surfacing that demonstrate this is exactly what many officeholders at the local, state, and federal level have done.

And these people have made excellent use of their media allies in selling narratives to the public that will induce the required state of fear and mass hysteria that will allow them to make the changes they want to American society. In a time of calm and rational debate, they would not be able to achieve many of their goals.

False Media-Driven Perceptions vs. Reality

The public perception of what’s happening in the United States and the reality of what’s occurring are often two vastly different things.

Many Americans long ago became aware that the mainstream media stopped trying to neutrally report the facts on vital public issues and are now, instead, actively trying to achieve preferred political outcomes by presenting slanted narratives disguised as “news coverage.”

Corporate news media publish false narratives while being fully aware they’re false. Their goal isn’t to report accurate information; it’s to achieve the “correct” political outcome. This makes them propagandists, not journalists.

Let’s look at a few of the false narratives pushed on the American public through the mainstream media to foment drastic change on American society in just the past year.

Police Kill Thousands of Unarmed Black Men Every Year

A false perception has been successfully created that has led to a large number of people believing that between 1,000 and 10,000 unarmed black men are being killed by law enforcement every year in the United States.

From journalist Andy Ngo on Twitter:

“Nearly half of the surveyed liberals estimated between 1,000 & 10,000 unarmed black men were killed in 2019 by American police. The actual number is 27. BLM-Antifa play on this ignorance—exacerbated by biased media—to incite political violence & uprisings.”

Violent rioting was allowed to continue for days and sometimes even weeks in some of America’s biggest cities in the past year due to activist groups like Black Lives Matters (BLM) claiming the rioting was justified in the face of so many unarmed black men being slaughtered by police.

Incredibly, as the rioting was going on and local authorities in these cities struggled to maintain order, loud calls to defund the police were amplified by the media, and several cities took action to cut the funding for their police departments.

And yet the narrative being used to justify the rioting and the defunding of the police simply isn’t true. As far back as the data can be examined, there’s no year in which police officers killed even 100 unarmed black men in the United States, much less 1,000.

But by the time most people in America realize they’ve been had by yet another false narrative, the political activists will have achieved most, if not all, of the changes they wanted.

Masks Didn’t Work (Until They Suddenly Did)

One of the biggest examples of a false narrative driven by the elite class through mainstream media over the past year has been regarding masks and mask mandates.

Both Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Dr. Anthony Fauci stated early on that masks didn’t help stop the spread of the CCP virus, before they both reversed themselves.

Epoch Times Photo
(Screenshot via Twitter)

Many of the highly visible people who spent the earliest period of the pandemic telling everyone that masks didn’t work and to stop wearing them later claimed they had said that for good reasons.

They patted the American public on the head condescendingly and said, “We lied to you to keep you from buying up all the masks so there would be some for our frontline medical workers. But now that there are enough masks, put them on and be quiet.”

How many times do you get to lie to people “for their own good” before they no longer trust anything you say?

The War Against Hydroxychloroquine

The moment then-President Donald Trump touted the drug hydroxychloroquine at a press conference, a national campaign to attack the drug as unsafe and dangerous was instantly launched as a direct counter-response. The campaign included the absurd charge that Trump had advocated people directly inject themselves with disinfectant, something he never said.

A drug that has been widely available since the 1950s and taken by millions of people worldwide for decades to prevent illnesses such as malaria (pdf) or to treat rheumatoid arthritis was suddenly called incredibly dangerous, and doctors were no longer allowed to prescribe it.

Part of the confusion over the drug stemmed from media claims that as a “miracle cure” it didn’t work when given to patients severely ill with COVID-19, when instead Trump and many medical doctors had originally touted it as being preventative and able to defeat the virus in the early stages of infection.

Trump Incited an ‘Insurrection’ With His Jan. 6 Speech

One of the latest false narratives enthusiastically pushed by the mainstream media is that Trump incited an “insurrection” at the Capitol Building while a joint session of Congress was engaged in counting the electoral votes.

Despite the many holes in that narrative, Democrats pushed through a second impeachment of Trump in the House and forced a farce of a show trial in the Senate, which ended with Trump being acquitted.

Trump is now gone from the White House, but many people in this country will continue to be conditioned to believe whatever their leaders tell them to believe. They have been conditioned to do whatever their leaders tell them to do, no matter how absurd or contradictory it might be compared to what those same leaders were telling them just the other day.

This is not how Americans are supposed to live.

Orwell’s 1984 Has Come to America

Watching this travesty unfold in my country over the past year brought to mind The Party of George Orwell’s perceptive novel, “1984.”

The “Truth” is whatever The Party is currently telling you it is today. What The Party told you yesterday no longer matters and is to be forgotten.

When The Party told Americans masks worked, they put them on.

When The Party then told Americans that the masks didn’t work, they took them off.

When The Party went on to tell them they had been lied to and to put the masks back on and keep them on, they obeyed.

That’s always been the point, you see. There was no failure to communicate. They are now the perfect subjects. They are conditioned to obey. They truly love The Party. They have come to love Big Brother.

“1984” is no longer a fiction novel. We’re living it today.

The only question is how long until enough of the American public stops listening to the lies of Big Brother? How long until enough Americans no longer obey The Party?

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