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Tag: United States

money poverty policy migrants extortion 56

Migrants Attempt Extortion: Give Us $50K, and We’ll Leave

Venezuela Map flag 5

White House, Kremlin Trade Barbs Over Russian Bombers Sent to Venezuela

USS Arizona Pearl Harbor 1

Honoring 77th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attack

China Chinese espionage FBI investigating military tariffs Trump labor 6

Pro-China Labor Group Helped Flip 2 Senate Seats in Nevada

greenhouse theory global warming political science climate 18

‘A Political Report Masquerading as Science’: The Truth About the New Climate Report

us military serving report 2

A Sobering New Report on the State of Our Military

Florida Election votes flag Brenda Snipes fire 139

Fire Brenda Snipes

China foothold US mainland communist total war Chinese 10

Chinese Subversion of the United States Is Deep and Far Reaching

Sweden Muslim migration healthcare 1

Sweden’s Universal Healthcare System Goes the Way of All Others

strategy china usa pay theft intellectual property 2

China’s Long-Term Strategy Against the United States