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Missouri GOP Stops Left-Wing Takeover in its Tracks

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MissouriUnnoticed by much of the media, Republicans in Missouri are taking a brave stand against a left-wing takeover of the state–and their courage could show the way for other legislatures to do the same.

After a statewide initiative passed last August backed by deep-pocketed, out-of-state liberal interest groups, Missouri was slated to expand Medicaid to cover working age, able-bodied adults under ObamaCare. It was a massive, permanent expansion of the welfare state destined to result in countless more citizens on the government dole–a tragic but sadly familiar story.

In red state after red state, the progressive left has marched across the map buying Medicaid expansions through ballot initiatives, in which specific policy questions typically decided by the legislature are instead put directly to the voters. More than half of states allow these so-called “citizen initiatives.” But leftist non-profits like the Fairness Project—a front for California state government employee unions—and other progressive operatives have learned how easy it is to hijack these ballot initiatives under the guise of open democracy. They have launched a barrage of new campaigns backed by an onslaught of misinformation.

Typically, these misleadingly worded policies are able to pass with virtually no support of outside major urban areas and college towns. This playbook has worked well for the left–until now.

This month, Missouri lawmakers decided to flip the script. With unexpected heroes on the right and familiar villains on the left, it’s an incredible plot twist in the fight against socialized medicine.

If Missouri is successful, red states may have a path to defeating the Obamacare disaster for good.

Missouri lawmakers were told by everyone, including the Republican governor, that they only had one choice: fund Medicaid expansion.  After all, the expansion ballot initiative had already passed. The lack of a funding mechanism in the initiative made no difference, Republicans were told.

For several months, it looked inevitable. Missouri, which already spends almost 40 percent of its state budget on Medicaid, would be forced to cough up even more. And for what? To expand free coverage to able-bodied adults age 19-64 earning under 138 percent of the federal poverty line, many of whom already receive heavily subsidized coverage. This would be yet another big government disincentive to work.

But lawmakers decided they had another choice: to simply not fund the expansion. They could say no–and that is exactly what they did.

In the state House, Republicans stuck together and rejected Medicaid expansion in a party line vote of 111 to 48.  A report from the Foundation for Government Accountability has explained the legal and political merits of this initial rejection.

At the same time, legislators targeted several areas where Missouri could do better on health care and other priorities with an alternative proposal.  Representative Cody Smith, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, has submitted House Bill 21, which prioritizes funding for people with disabilities, schools, and public defenders. The alternative proposal keeps taxes stable and preserves limited state resources for those who actually need and deserve taxpayer help.

The fight now shifts to the Missouri Senate.

Opponents, of course, have accused Republican legislators of ignoring the will of the people. But Republicans are standing firm.

Where did this courage come from?

For one thing, Republican lawmakers believed that the ballot initiative—especially without any funding mechanism included—never really represented the will of the public. And they remain convinced that the public will stand behind them. After all, the state has overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses of the state legislature and voted for President Trump by double digits.

The specifics of the initiative also give them confidence. The August election saw voter turnout hovering around 30%. If you run the numbers, it turns out that roughly 16% of registered Missouri voters voted to expand Medicaid. And if those numbers weren’t bad enough, the geographic distribution is even worse. 107 Missouri counties voted no, while the city of St. Louis and Kansas City along with a half dozen other counties voted yes.

But, even more importantly, legislators heard from many voters who felt misled by the campaign around the initiative. Once Missourians learned that Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare has nothing to do with expanding coverage for seniors, individuals with disabilities, or children, they ask their representatives to oppose expansion. Plain and simple.

If Missouri Republicans pull this off, it might be a turning point in the health care debate. It also might lead to states seriously revisiting their processes for so-called citizen initiatives. More and more lawmakers have expressed concern that these ballot initiatives simply serve as vehicles for out-of-state interest groups on the left to circumvent conservative leadership in legislatures to advance a blue state agenda in red state America.

If this tactic succeeds, it could set a new pattern for how Republicans at the state level can fight back.

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Tamara Newbury
1 year ago

We need to get rid of Mayor Lucas

1 year ago

It’s hard to believe the extremely weak suicidal lemming GOP resisted anything.

1 year ago

Socialists place thier loyal drones in positions to help protect themselves and promote thier IDIOTology from within, judges, prosecutors, politicians at all levels of government, the military, just look at all dictatorships, they took control of courts, law enforcement, military and that is how they stay in power, only being removed from within, by someone they “trusted” until the countries wither and die.

Robert Collins
1 year ago

What has happened to our(we the people)Supreme Court or Judicial System or Department of Justice? How has crime(murder,stealing,lying under oath,nepotism in high places,defamation)just to name a very few. How have these things become justifiable under our system of laws? Amy Bryant is a laughing stock! She believes and supports the Constitution of the USA ! REALLY? Enough constitutional violations went on during this last national election to warrant the court to reaffirm our electoral processes and the penalties that go along with them. Could this court do that? Absolutely not. They don’t even know the Constitution. Even if they do they don’t have the guts. Our freedom of speech(Amazon,Twitter,Facebook and numerous editorial mediums) the right to own a gun of your choosing and the ammunition that goes with it. I’ve lived long enough to know when you still had privacy and the only way anyone could check on your privacy was through a court order. Even a land line phone is no longer private. I used to think the US Mail was pretty private but with all of the tracking and barcode info on your mail privacy is gone.

Ron Howard
1 year ago

It is encouraging to see the red states exercising their constitutional power and doing what I think is a surprising end run to the Biden Administration’s actions. More states need to follow suit and either sue Biden, or pass laws obstructing the bills proposed or passed by the left. It is a welcome gain for our side.

1 year ago

Sounds like the states may be taking back their power

1 year ago

Someone has guts..amen

Claudia Wintz
1 year ago

AMEN! By the Grace of God this could be a fantastic stepping stone in the right path!

David P Nelson
1 year ago

Good going, Missouri! I hope this momentum spreads across our GREAT Country…

1 year ago

The communist democrats, along with joebama and useless harris ,their so called infrastructure IS nothing but a BIG LIE and STEALING from legal Citizens and the American taxpayers!!!
Any politician that supports this is a traitor and enemy of America.
Plain,simple truth.
Wake up America,these fascists are stealing your freedom,gun rights,and money right before your eyes.
Contact these losers and DEMAND better for Yourselves.

Last edited 1 year ago by Garye
Mike in AZ
1 year ago

NOW AZ needs to get its ACT together for sure
SSEC shud goto those of us who worked our ass
off for 40yrs – paid our dues – pay now. NOT THEM.

That lousy Politician Regina in Tucson needs to go.
The GOV Dooshbag is so wishy washy and cannot
make good decisions for AZ – 790AM AZ Garrett Lewis show tells all

NOT sure on our New Senators Etc. Kelly who knows – dont count on him.

Senator SINEMA sends out letters – hoping she WILL do
what is GOOD for AZ ? Get that wall going back up. Please.

Dementia Joey cares not for the security of our nation.
Scumalla doesnt care – she has no idea whats going on.
Just laughs it off. Usual check collector. Waste of pay. VP. P.U.

AZ needs to make endless calls etc to our SEN/CONG people to
do and make right decisions for the working and retired folk.
Not the leeches and freeloaders on the corner begging for $/drugs?

COME on people lets kick some booty.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 year ago

And ANOTHER State standing against the Left! C’mon America, get rid of your Democrat Governors and join the Red Uprising.

Nancy Ryan
1 year ago

Absloutely fantastic! I am so proud of these legislatures who had the courage to fight the communist party (which is what the left is). Keep up the good work. Hopefully more and more states will have the courage to follow. I live in Nevada and am now in the process of doing everything I can to fight the new “illegal” voting bill, AB321, that the Democrats are trying to put in place. I pray that they will lose and that our State will remain free!

1 year ago

Proud to be a citizen of Missouri who wanted nothing to do with the fiasco called Obamacare, and certainly didn’t want to pay for its expansion.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill


John P DeGarmo
1 year ago

Congratulation to my former home state. Hope the morons in my current state of AZ can follow.

Mike in AZ
1 year ago
Reply to  John P DeGarmo

SO true John. Garrett Lewis sure gets fired up over Tucsons clowns running the county.
Lets hope our New SEN/CONG folk do whats right for us and gets the Wall a goin again. Amen

1 year ago

Voters were under informed or didn’t understand they had to pay for expanding Obama Care. Hope it scared them how close the leftist liberals came to success.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Margaret

I wouldn’t count on it. They aren’t paying any more attention to it now than they did then. At least 50% of the people of this country don’t know what is actually going on and don’t care enough to find out. If they hear any news at all, it’s just a few passing minutes, a snippet here and a snippet there. They aren’t really paying attention and don’t know the context or implications.

1 year ago

So, an outside group can come into any state with their own agenda and bully by hook or by crook and cause a state to do something that is not in their best interest……and get away with it!? Now I begin to understand just how screwed up our system has become. I knew it was messed up…..but not so messed up as it appears…….people need to sit up and take notice….and listen, and read, and look into these things……the complacency and apathy of the “silent majority” will kill this republic. ……D.P.

Nina Rae
1 year ago

The ‘geographic distribution’ is the same in Nevada. We are considered a Blue state due to having Democrats in legislative control. there are two areas that determine every election…Las Vegas and Reno-Carson City. Rural areas are basically disenfranchised, and are mostly Republican. Vegas is a highly transient town, heavy on rentals that change hands often. There’s no guarantee that the same person lives at an address from one election to another, it’s highly likely they won’t! It’s Open Season for ballot fraud! Plus we’re currently experiencing a high volume of new residents who are fleeing from California & it’s political problems. Hopefully they will have learned something from their previous experience and from the current chaotic state of our federal government and not continue to vote Democratic.

1 year ago
Reply to  Nina Rae

Unfortunately far too many of those fleeing the disasters in California, Chicago, New York etc. have learned nothing and end up pursuing the same policies in their new location.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Nina Rae

Nevada is a notoriously transient State. It is not unusual at all for residents to move 2 or 3 or even more times in a year much less between election cycles. During the 2020 election ‘season’, there were thousands of misdelivered mail-in ballots overflowing the trash cans in the mailrooms of hundreds of apartment buildings in Las Vegas, ripe for the picking for voter fraud. At least half the ballots mailed out to Las Vegas addresses were not received by the registered voter to whom they were sent. I would not be surprised if at least half of those were collected and voted by someone other than the intended voter.
There was a group here in Nevada who gathered and collated the evidence, and tried to present it to the court, and the judge refused to look at it. Our new Dem controlled State legislature wants to make sure the ability to collect, and vote, these invalid ballots is made permanent. Unlike Georgia, and other States who are trying to tighten up their voter rules to prevent fraud, Nevada’s Dem legislature wants to make sure that our State’s ability to commit vote fraud is securely in place even if H R 1 and S 1 don’t pass nationally.

1 year ago

All these super rich Dems, like Besos and Soros, could, if they were really interested in helping the poor and under insured, fund a non profit wherein they personally bought insurance for them. They could probably find most of the country. BUT they really aren’t interested in helping the poor, but in punishing the middle class and making it shrink even more. Virtue signaling, pathetic losers.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  LauraC

Soros’ actual intention is to literally destroy the United States. He has hated the two countries who were instrumental in defeating Germany in WWII, Great Britain and the U S, for his entire adult life. He tried to destroy G B by crashing their monetary system, and would have succeeded, if the U S hadn’t stepped in and saved them. He has a visceral hatred of our country. His life’s goal is, and always has been, to destroy us. Every act he engages in is to further that intention.
I think, for Bezos, it’s just the power to be able to do it that he enjoys. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

1 year ago

Amazing. I grew up in MO. Even sat next to HS Truman. It was a fully dem state a few years ago. Glad to see people are getting smarter.

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