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Defend Taiwan – Tell China “Backoff!”


Some years ago, I traveled to Taiwan (Republic of China) – and was shocked. The spirit of the place was overwhelmingly pro-American, economy thriving, citizens working, crime minimal, social life comfortable, natural beauty extraordinary. Freedom abounded. Today, Taiwan is under intense pressure from Communist China. America needs to say: “Backoff!”

History is worth a quick review. A free Republic of China was founded in 1912, not in Taiwan but in Mainland China. The Republic came to life after the Xinhai Revolution, ending 2000 years of imperial rule, removing the Qing Dynasty.

Life after a revolution is never simple; it was not in China. Warlords battled until 1928, with civil war ebbing and flowing until Japan invaded in 1937. China’s invasion by Japan was only reversed by Japan’s defeat and the end of WWII in 1945.

Unfortunately, WWII ending just reopened China’s civil war, this time with clear sides – the non-communist Chinese Nationalists or “Kuomintang” under Chiang Kai-shek versus the Communists under Mao Zedong.

Despite heroic efforts to broker peace in China immediately after WWII, led by General George C. Marshall, discussions collapsed, war resumed, and in 1949, the Communists had forced the Nationalists to the island of Taiwan.

Until the early 1970s, the US position was that Nationalist China was the country’s only legitimate government, despite the reality that Communists controlled the mainland.

Then, in 1972, historically anti-communist US President Richard Nixon pulled a jujutsu move, opening diplomatic relations with the Communist Mao, meeting him in Beijing.

Tellingly, Nixon and Mao centered their discussions on trade, security, and Taiwan. On the plus side, US diplomatic opening to Communist China put intense pressure on the Soviet Union, and – at the time – seemed a possible means for liberalizing China.

On the minus side, as history has proven, no free lunches. While the Soviet Union fell, when Ronald Reagan put pressure on that bastion of Communism, China got stronger. They profited handsomely from Western economic links – but used the profit to reinforce political repression.

This was not the intended effect. Worse, opening diplomacy with Communist China pinched Taiwan’s freedom.

In what Nixon thought was a clever diplomatic move, he negotiated the “Shanghai Communique,” a Kabuki dance agreeing “all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain that there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China.” Left unclear was whether that “one China” was free or Communist, thus leaving Taiwan in limbo.

All this is backdrop. The US has long sold weapons to Taiwan, defended their relative independence, with some US presidents – especially Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Donald Trump articulating firm defense.

Now, we are in a great contest with Communist China, testing whether freedom will be defended around the globe or allowed to perish, whether alliances long respected will be honored, or suddenly left dishonored.

Biden and his administration are perceived – for good reason – as weak, unprincipled, unwilling to stand up to adversaries, Taliban and Iran to China.

Communist China is ruthless, opportunistic, and repressive – but not stupid. They see the game is afoot, early indications that they aim to take Taiwan by diplomatic, economic, and military intimidation, if not by invasion.

Why? Because as China continues ramping up pressure on Taiwan, Biden is doing nothing.

Silence is deafening. China continues to violate Taiwanese airspace, on October 6, sending 52 military aircraft into Taiwanese airspace, the largest show of force on record. That day was preceded by days sending 38, 39, and 16 aircraft to violate Taiwan’s sovereignty.

Meantime, China is deploying nuclear weapons, expanding land and sea-based options, preparing to unveil a carrier-based jet that – surprise, surprise – looks much like the US F-35. They call it their J-31 stealth fighter. Notably, Taiwan is nervous. See, e.g., Taiwan “very concerned that China is going to launch a war” to take over, foreign minister says; China preps rollout of a new carrier-based fighter jet.

So, what should be done? The answer to this international conundrum is, unlike many, not hard.

Biden’s people need to dig up words used by past presidents – especially Reagan, GHW Bush, and Trump – then put them on an index card, practice with Mr. Biden, and get him on record.

Beyond the strategic, military, economic, operational, and wider diplomatic imperatives – Mr. Biden just needs to step up and tell China, in a clear, unequivocal, un-muttered soundbite, “Back off! That would be the beginning of wisdom, a good way to prevent an accidental war with China.

Many years ago in Taiwan, heading for a plane – a diplomat showed me a necktie covered in Chinese letters. The letters spelled out free newspapers in Hong Kong. They are now all gone. Biden needs to step up before the freedoms Taiwan knows disappear, too.

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Word of Truth
1 year ago

China Joe is in bed with the CCP so his lack of resistance to the CCP taking over Taiwan is understandable.

1 year ago

Sad to say, but Biden will do nothing to stop the CCP from taking over Taiwan. Then the people there will suffer, and it is likely that there will be a bloodbath, as there has been in Tibet and Xinjiang. At a minimum, there will be concentration camps and dissidents will start disappearing.

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

The DC Bushies + Clintonians claimed that letting China into the WTO would “democratize” it. How’s that working out?

1 year ago

If Communist China is allowed to forcefully take over Taiwan, that will be a big first step for them in extending their control of all weaker Nations. China still has an excess of bodies to feed and a political system that doesn’t see to the needs of its population in a fair, democratic way. Their desire to take over Taiwan is NOT to better or improve Taiwan and its people, but it is to use them as a source of advantage in extending their dominance in the region and the World. That’s the credo behind a Communist regime.

Bob L.
1 year ago

The billions of dollars in arms and equipment left to the terrorists in Afghanistan during the retreat should have been removed beforehand and delivered to Taiwan.

Dora Cornwall
1 year ago

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

Dora Cornwall
1 year ago

pt 3. in CRT, Transhumanism growing deeper and deeper into our bodies & our culture. The attack on Culture, on Civil -ization, thru color, on women, on men, now on children and the ever present sacrifice of babies, now for their bodies, cells; the invasion of our bodies with synthetics, “spike proteins, diddled mt/dna, the programmed re-structurinig of ‘ Human Beings’ born from Spirit into Being, connected with the Divinity of One -via our Natural mtDNA; being secretly manipulated into a synthetic ‘Borg’ reality, called ”Transhumanism”, linking up like robots with a magnetically created new metallic based operating system in our bodies, all thru fear of a death we all will know -anyway, by a human created virus shrouded with secrecy, lies, ignorance and death by a faux virus and a faux vaccine.

The tiers of ‘Replacement – of cultures, of populations, churning out destruction of every I.D. of S/self stripping us of all Trust, that we be totally vulnerable & culminating in the Replacement of ‘The Divine and Holy Spirit of One God’, with
with ignorant Projections of Science-from whatever dimension of Hubris is guiding Mankind into this satanic fall. This will not stop with Humans, we are just the dominant species.
Perhaps, it is a form of re-geoengineering the Planet, wiping all of our Life Supporting & Creations of our Beauteous Planet OUT. Creating a dead planet on which to structure something else, not life as We know it.

Recently Human scientists & Doctors are investigating the covid vaccines and finding living ‘parasites’ invading their ‘hosts’; some feel they are “self aware”, in that they seem to be aware of the Human being watching them; and also, self structuring nano particles, replicating into an unknown form and intent, moving into their ‘Host Bodies’, with an unknown agenda and unknown relationship with the ‘parasites… both are being tracked Europe, a swarm like fog, airborne mass.
I am finding So Much being ‘Concealed-in-plain-sight’ from People. Are ‘People’ old enough, aware enough, wise enough, brave enough to stand up and fight for Our Planet in the face of an unknown intelligence intent on total control and destruction…from within and without? What if We Are In A Nightmare…and we Wake Up to find We Are In A Nightmare?

I Feel We Are Beloved. There Is A True Divinity Within, Holding us with all encompassing Great Understanding and Compassion of Love.

We are facing Tricksters, Con & Scam Artists, incorporating psychological studies and practices of the covert government which have been used against our perceived national Enemies…all Now Focused on destroying all who are not subservient to every Dictate. Hiding and Operating in secret [pointing one way while attacking another] because we Do Have that Divinity And We Are the Dominant Species, gigantic in comparison to those who Delight in intense Emotional Turmoil of Hatred, Lust and Fear unto Terror. Step by Step, Pushing us, Testing Were is our ‘Breaking Point’, as we watch and mutter, while our Constitution & Bill of Rights are trashed and burned.

Criminals Rule and Empower all other Criminals; as well as every one of them in our World! to Come and Join them [a trick, to use violence against us. And make More money from slavery/human trafficking, Drugs, drugs, drugs…weapons…on & on…deals, [under covers like ‘paintings’.] It is Amazing how many of us Are subverted into nasty darkness.
There are New, ‘sophisticated’ Weapons to take control of our Emotions, weaponized Vibrational installations like HAARP, now the weaponized 5G & Up…there are weapons to know your thoughts and actions, to ‘feed’ your body so you are controlled, to damage your heart, your organs to cripple or kill. The ‘Public’ has trusted Government, to protect and to work For our Nations’ Prosperity and towards Mutual Accord and Peace in the World. That is Not Happening any more. Our Government is Not Our Own, they Have Declared War Upon Us With their writs and mandates, they have become traitors, Enemies of America – of US. state by state…herding us into the DisUnited State of the NWO, as it is being subsumed into the United Nations control center, of the NWO 2020-2030-2050 AGENDA. It is their patsy Puppets ‘taking over the Nations all around our World, We are Not Alone.

I think, the more each of us looks for our own emotions, with the Intent to Open our Hearts to The Divinity Within, That Understanding and Compassionate Love, we will find ourselves in our True Home, Aware of ‘the negative other’ and learning to live with the ’emotional snake within’ -with our ‘higher vision’ awareness, to identify that emotion as it strikes at us, drawn by the fear, the lust and hatred…the moment we recognize it Within us…We have Triumphed and its’ power over us becomes power-less. I believe This is our true power. Our Aware Heart.
Our Intuitive Integrity. and that it is never ”Too Late”.

anna hubert
1 year ago

Time to defend Taiwan was 70 years it is a wee bit late now

Dora Cornwall
1 year ago

pt 2. the installation of Communism throughout our Nation

Dora Cornwall
1 year ago

If we, the people of Earth, are climbing the ladder of our grievances, I feel the Manipulations secretly, gleefully carried out upon us Really Need to be Focused on. so, from the depths to the heights…we are being played into self-destruction. Innumerable distractions, are generating PAIN. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual, hitting us simultaneously, sowing confusion and crippling our ability to respond t / in this Covert War against Humanity.
Just watching the replication of strategies happening Worldwide, in all Nations Should be a Wakeup for Humanity, but all are beset with survival and propaganda issues, individually, as well as internationally…The Realization of Being One – Human/Humanity, now fighting for our survival as a Species is only now beginning to Emerge…as Hidden agendas come into the light.Corruption of bureaucracy, all political bodies, military, education, justice, security, etc.

1 year ago

Beavis Biden is too compromised by the CCP to stop them from doing anything.
When Xi says we’re going into Taiwan, Joe will say okay
“Give my kids more money and help get after it.”
Well, that’s what I suppose.

1 year ago

China was sold out in 1945 at the Yalta conference by Franklin Roosevelt to his beloved “friend” Joe Stalin.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
1 year ago

The only step Biden will take will be a big pyle of doo doo. He’s about as war tough as a worm. Kyle L>

1 year ago

China wants Taiwan,because they are a free Capitolistic Society.Taiwan has a high standard of living because they are free.I know this is stating the obvious,but China has no- innovations because the Government controls all aspects of there lives.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Nixon unknowingly opened the can of worms where China is concerned & Kissinger played Nixon like a violin…Ford did very little of anything, he wasn’t around long enough, but he did get a ship named after him…
Carter was ineffective in most things, including the release of the Iranian hostages…
Reagan had very smart & capable people around him & this played a big part in his numerous successes as POTUS… Bush Sr. I always found to be secretive, difficult to get a good read on. Never cared for his whiney voice, he disliked broccoli…Got the 1st Iraqi invasion started…
Then along comes Wild Willey, Bill Clinton himself, got himself impeached over an intern name ML,
thanks in no small part to Kenneth Star, we have the complete lowdown on the cigar & the stained dress from the Oval Office encounter & I quote Bill, ” I did not have sex with that woman! ”
Eventually George Bush Jr. becomes potus & he made it his priority to finish the job in Iraq that Congress prevented Daddy from doing, he gets reelected, albeit barely, those damn chads!
Now onto Barack Hussein Obama, all ( 8 ) dreadful years of this ” community organizer ” that didn’t have a clue about domestic economics nor international crisis situations, i.e. evacuating Iraq, telling the world in advance with an exit date & single handedly creating ISIS as the aftermath in Syria, lest we forget his ” Red Line ” only to be bailed out by Putin of Russia…
After ( 8 ) long years living in a ” flat lined ” US economy, the age Donald J. Trump begins in earnest after winning the 2016 US Presidential Election…( 4 ) years of economic prosperity, jobs galore, US companies coming back to the states, lowering taxes, tariffs on China, all this whilst he was under constant attack by the very same forces now destroying this nation…Moving forward to Nov. 3, 2020, America is still grieving over a STOLEN 2020 US Presidential Election by Biden’s puppet masters, forcing vaccination mandates on everyone, leaving our southern border WIDE OPEN, importing the Islamic people of Afghanistan by the 1000’s day in, day out…Then there is China, lurking in the shadows, stealing our technology for decades now, infiltrated all ( 3 ) branches of our gov’t, infiltrated our schools, directly involved in the US election interference of 2020 & getting their man into office, one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the new FAUX President of the United States & ruling with an iron fist, just like the dictator that in fact he is… :~(
God bless America,
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

Right, don’t expect anything good to come out this administration.

1 year ago

What I think may surprise many, I think they are just trying to get something started with the USA, and they are using Taiwan to do it….Because for many years the USA would take up for the smaller countries to keep them free from abuse from Communist Countries, but with this President and our Pentagon leaders and Secretary of Defense, and Biden and Harris….I think they will let China have Taiwan, because they are in China’s pay roll…

Granny Jo
1 year ago

Taiwan, Japan, South Korea. Because this administration will do NOTHING!!!!!! They owe China for Hunter! Or perhaps I should say, they OWN us because of Hunter!

Constant de Calonne
1 year ago

Unfortunately the Communists R busy again stirring up problems That Is their -mo for decades SADLY BIDEN is not permitted to intervene ie

Democrat Socialist Party will not permit him to intervene ALAS he has no backbone anyway and unable to think for self!!

1 year ago

Joe Biden will NOT help Taiwan unless they give him a BIG bag of money. Hunter Biden will just go and pick it up. I think that’s the way it works……………..

1 year ago

Taiwan will be a looming target for Red China for many decades to come … very many! Communism constantly seeks sources from which it can steal from and support its RULE over its common population. Communism is like a Monarchy with a deceptive image of being governed when in truth it is ruled by a King or a group with a strong leader who knows how to maintain his top of the ruling politboro.

Walt R
1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Taiwan won’t be a target for decades to come. China will make their move soon. They will either be stopped, or Taiwan will fall. China is setting the stage now.

1 year ago
Reply to  Walt R

How right you are and it will be a possible blood bath for Taiwan.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Good Point!

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