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Biden’s Border Policies and Abuse of Minors

borderHow else can you see it? Biden’s misplaced border policies and interpretation of Title 42 – encouraging mass, unaccompanied child trafficking, exploitation, sexual, emotional, and psychological endangerment of children – are facilitating abuse of minors. Why should Biden-Harris be given a pass, not be held accountable? How can America promote such policies?  

President Trump restricted entry to the United States, advanced a wall, opposed illegal migration regardless of age, insisted on enforcing the law on the Southwest border, deported criminal aliens, opposed sanctuary cities, and caused those claiming asylum to await adjudication in a third country – Mexico – rather than enjoying “catch and release,” creating hidden US residence. 

These policies established deterrence. Risks got higher, rewards lower, and migrant caravans, mass trafficking of humans, markedly declined. President Biden, for reasons hard to square with constitutional or statute law, reversed these policies.  

Harder to square and deeply disturbing is the moral depravity, human trafficking, child exploitation impact of Biden-Harris’s anti-deterrence policies. Bad acts, bad numbers, and the terrible shadow of preventable abuse were entirely predictable – but numbers make the case. 

Start with the overall explosion of destitute humans – non-US citizens, a significant percentage of unaccompanied children – now surging across the US southern border. After President Biden declared he would stop building a border wall, end treaty obligations with Mexico for holding asylum seekers, halt deportations, reinitiate “catch and release,” and house unaccompanied minors – eventually in homes around the US, border crossers went through the roof. 

Since Biden took office, just under half a million illegal aliens – a term Biden canceled for federal employees – have surged at the US border. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) encountered 172,000 migrants in March alone, a 71 percent increase over February, which saw more than 100,000 illegal aliens crossing. These are the highest numbers in 15 years, with projections spiking in April and May.

Of those encountered, a majority are single adults. However, in March alone, 18,890 unaccompanied children arrived. The word is out. That is a 100 percent increase over high February numbers. Notably, 98 percent of intercepts are not at ports of entry, but between them – meaning these are not aliens confident in a legal claim but boldly seeking illegal entry. 

Stunningly, while single adults and family units illegally crossing can be returned under Title 42 for public health reasons, and a large percentage are COVID-positive, the White House has not followed the law. When Mexico refuses to take back certain families, Biden-Harris retains them.  

Moreover, contrary to Biden’s rhetoric, more than half of the 19,000 family units intercepted in February “were not expelled, with many released into the United States to pursue immigration court cases.” Only 15 percent caught as of a mid-March date were expelled.  See, e.g.,;

But the kicker is Biden-Harris’ implicit promotion of human trafficking, specifically in unaccompanied minors. There is no other way to see these policies but as knowingly promoting human trafficking – and abuse of unaccompanied minors in transit and in holding pens. 

Determined to reverse anything with Trump’s name, perhaps also seeding an underclass of illegal dependents on the government who would leftist leaders in future elections, Biden-Harris seem indifferent to the extraordinary human rights abuses being daily inflicted on these foreign children. 

On the numbers, Biden DHS leaders project record unaccompanied minors arriving in 2021 will break all records – by at least 45 percent. See, e.g., These numbers cannot be viewed as manageable or in isolation. A proportionate increase in measurable harm – from fear, deprivation, death, and abuse – follows in train.   

Use logic, as well as data. These children are traveling 3000 miles alone, in the hands of the same traffickers who deal in illegal drugs, most petrified, exhausted, famished, many arriving with bruises, diseases, physiological and psychological trauma, indications of sexual abuse, potentially permanent emotional scarring. If these impacts sound disturbing, they should. For liberals who claim bleeding hearts, this kind of abuse promotion should be arresting. Yet where are the voices saying – reverse these pro-trafficking policies?  See, e.g.,   

While verified numbers of overall child trafficking and abuse are elusive, they are understood to be substantial. While young children are trafficked, three-quarters of those responding to the policy pull are ages 15 and 17, according to March 2021 data.  See, Additionally, 66 percent of child trafficking victims globally are girls, and 99 percent of those trafficked for sexual exploitation are women and girls.  See,

As the number of illegal minors continues to grow, facilities are being overrun, background checks on contractors are suspended, propensity for abuse is rising. The problem continues to raise risks and costs. In March alone, Biden set up eight emergency holding sites, adding 15,000 beds, doubling present capacity. Taxpayer costs are estimated at $775 per child per day. See, e.g.,;

Second- and third-order implications of this major policy mistake continue to register. Beyond increasing reports of child abuse in transit and holding facilities, the policy is enriching human and drug traffickers, placing more young Americans at risk for addiction and overdose via increased drug trafficking. Numbers are staggering. See, e.g.,

Finally, as hard to fathom as the Biden-Harris open invitation to minors is their non-response to the mounting data. The administration is not stopping this patently failed approach, even as governors – like Greg Abbot in Texas – plead for humanity and a shutdown of the policy, facilities, and radiating damage.  See,  

The latest is irony too rich, incompetence too transparent. Biden appointed Harris to oversee the border “challenge,” which no one is willing to identify as a crisis. She has twice devolved into giggling fits and refused to visit the border or holding facilities. Now the President’s border czar has resigned. 

See, e.g.,

So, tally all the morally disturbing data, the number of young lives endangered, suspension of federal laws, then draw a straight line to the Biden-Harris policies and administration inaction – and what do you get? 

Answer: Biden and Harris are irresponsibly encouraging mass trafficking of unaccompanied minors – putting them in danger. These policies are measurably contributing to abuse while elevating citizen health risks. Why are they not held accountable? The time is now. Reality is hard to avert. Biden and Harris are responsible for this mess. They need to reverse failing policies – and start leading like they care. 

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1 year ago

The only thing that biden/harris care about is power. Someone needs to take it away and fast

1 year ago

It’s going to be a really long 4 years!

1 year ago

Electing a dementia, paedophile and a whore for top offices in our country has proven the election was rigged and stolen by thugs that call themselves representatives of the American citizens! If you’re not a citizen of this Country, you don’t have the right to vote or receive tax payer dollars. Biden has done nothing but take the jobs and businesses away from hard working Americans and given them back to China a d other countries that he owes for his corruption cover up! Get this whole bunch, including Pelosi, the worst of the lot, out!

1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle


1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle


1 year ago

These illegal immigrants are just a diversion away from the massive amounts of CHINESE( the CCP’s NOT the Chinese people) heroin flooding the US.

1 year ago

If this mess was under President Trump, the lefties scream would be heard all over the country.
But, it’s under “B.S. Biden and what do we hear?,,,,, Nada.

Jonathon W Hood
1 year ago

$775.00 per day huh? WOW, these illegals are costing, somehow, more than my 3 children did in a typical month to raise here! How the hell do you reckon that’s the case?

1 year ago

Mabe like bill going 2 lolita island 4 sex with kids. Sk 2 is obiden. Now he has all the kids he wants 4 sex. He’ll group the kids insuring they get 2 stay in country

Sharon Ormsby
1 year ago

I’d like to know just how each child cost $775 per day when school breakfasts and lunches cost 8.00 dollars at most for school children in Texas. We are talking Texas here for three of the units. Put them on the same programs, with the same food and snacks. That would be a mere $12.00 a day for food. You are talking aluminum blankets and pads with concrete floors in Donna. Now the housing in Midland and Pecos have true housing with air conditioning and heating and in San Antonio-they are volunteers working-so they aren’t paying them. Supposedly, COVID testing is free, right? That’s what they tell us. so where exactly is the expense? All the ones doing that here were volunteers here in Odessa and Midland as well. Of course people who are reading this know I am being facetious..

MadGramain Tx.
1 year ago

Completely unacceptable, I am personally ready to start a civil war over these “policies” put into action by the Biden administration, who’s w me???

Ruth A Lance
1 year ago
Reply to  MadGramain Tx.

Since I am 74, I would support an uprising against the socialists.

1 year ago

There is ZERO incentive for the Democrats to do anything to stem the flow of what will be an additional 2 million illegal aliens that will have crossed into the United States by year end at current rate of inflow. Bringing the total number of illegal aliens in this country to a bit over 42 million, should the federal government’s end of year report be released this year. Not that apparently many people in the media care to ever report on the real number of illegals, versus the badly outdated 11 million number from 1995 that is always tossed out there for public consumption.

The reality is the Democrats view these illegal aliens all as future Democrat voters, once they are granted amnesty and a quick path to citizenship, and vital to the demographic changes they are imposing on the country to nullify the Republican vote. The more illegals allowed to surge into the country and be dispersed across the country, the less value each Republican vote has to influence anything at the ballot box. So while the politicians on our side fumble about decrying the heath concerns and child abuse issues associated with the influx, the Democrat leadership is keeping its eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize of permanent power.

So there is ZERO incentive for any Democrats to do anything about the crisis that they themselves created on January 20th, when they dismantled President Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy and ripped up his agreements with the northern triangle countries from which the illegals come from. Sure the Democrats will talk about the issue, so the media can spin it as the Democrats are “doing something”, but the reality is they will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of substance to re-secure the southern border. As I stated, these illegal aliens are part of a larger plan to cement permanent Democrat control and eliminate the threat from Republican voters.

Ruth A Lance
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

I agree 100%.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

I hope that they turn on the tyrants that are using them to gain power

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