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Biden’s Afghan Tragedy – Continues


One year ago this month, political expediency led to one of the worst US foreign policy disasters in American history. More than 100,000 US allies were left in Afghanistan, promised safe passage for helping the US military, abandoned to the Taliban. Women about to assume power, reverted to subservience and slavery; girls “instantly had their future taken away,” became chattel. Human rights went to dirt, America’s word to mud. By a stroke, Joe Biden condemned tens of millions to misery, oppression, torture, starvation, and hopelessness.

The tragedy is almost inconceivable, even now. The media will not cover it, but it deserves covering. None of this needed to happen. If the United States had kept order another two or three years, average loss of five service members a year, the two-decade-investment in a people’s economic, political, and cultural education would have produced self-governance. Instead, Biden just let go the kite string.

Today, the agony is palpable. Periodic missives from the ground, even around Kabul, reveal the Taliban hunting US allies for detention, torture, and worse. Names of thousands were inexplicably given to the Taliban by the US State Department. An orderly departure from Bagram was punted to give control of all assets to the Taliban. An investment of 2,400 killed and 20,000 wounded was lost for failure to plan.

The nightmare is one that sounds in Afghanistan today, echoes in America, and around the world. Tens of millions of Afghans, who were part of a working economy, who saw light and worked toward it, now face mass malnutrition, likely starvation this winter. That was all avoidable.

The reality is that Biden had no plan, or worse planned to depart knowing human calamity would follow. He pretended the Afghan government could lead with no top cover, no security envelope, no ground support. He pretended they were just fine, knowing they were about to be crushed.

Biden’s State Department summarily abolished the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau, responsible for coordinating extraction of Americans and allies in July. Having spoken with some involved, the reality was this forced Defense to catch a falling star, seemed to obviate State leadership.

Making matters worse, they put out a PR initiative saying nothing had changed, all was well. All was not well, and those at Main State and in the Embassy knew it. That was a lie. Truth was key personnel left.

An unthinking or uncaring president and his look-the-other-way, shift-blame, change-the-narrative political minions just decided to scamper, turned tail and fled from fear, no attention to lives being lost, ruined, changed forever. And fear of what? The terrorists we swore to supplant, who hit on 9-11.

The extraordinary misstep was observed in living color, until the Taliban turned off the cameras and began torturing those left behind. China saw it, Russia saw it, our allies saw it. It was like watching the United States hemorrhage 200 years of hard earned, blood-drenched, never-say-never credibility.

Bottom line: Biden’s team has objectively done more damage to this country’s credibility, international position, global security, security at our border and at home – than any administration in memory. The decisions have been so wrong, poor, unplanned, thoughtless, done such damage – it is hard to fathom.

Not only did that Afghan debacle leave 100,000 US allies trapped and hunted, tens of millions of Afghans suddenly rocketed back into the dark ages, but it also left – contrary to public statements – hundreds of Americans trapped.

That decision ran America’s word aground, surely contributing to Russia’s willingness to attack Ukraine, fearing little from us. It likely encouraged North Korea to restart missile launches, stopped under Trump.  It seems to have caused Iran to accelerate their drive for nuclear weapons, and China is leaning forward.

So, as we recall this anniversary of a calamitous withdrawal, an inexcusably thoughtless decision with tragic repercussions, we should not forget: These are Joe Biden’s killing fields. He owns thousands who have been killed, millions who will die of starvation, tens of millions who went from hopeful to hopeless in a day. His failure is profound, one of the worst foreign policy disasters in American history.

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Bill on the Hill
5 months ago

Thanks RBC…Once again a concise thought provoking fact concerning the disastrously violent Afghanistan withdrawal resulting in those ( 13 ) needless American deaths in Kabul…
To this very day, no MSM news reporting on the catastrophe of the Afghanistan withdrawal, i.e. AMERICAN retreat with our tails between our legs with the predictable results of it…
Despite everything this Anti-American administration does, to date, ZERO accountability…
This man that had an election literally STOLEN for him, walks around in his $5000.00 pin striped suits & acts as if everything is normal in this nation when clearly that is not the case…
Now the Biden GOON SQUADS are attacking the Amish in PA with fines & threatening imprisonment because they don’t meet the US government’s food guidelines…
It is long overdue for all of this absolute madness to end, otherwise potentially our nation may not have the ability to recover from it…
It is time for the removal of JRB & his useless Jamaican/Indian running mate from office, permanently…
The entire Washington, DC environment is a filthy cesspool of never-ending corruption & reported on a daily basis by Democrat owned & operated MSM outlets, both at home & abroad, they are all on the same page, globally speaking…
All the best,
Bill… :~)

5 months ago

Agree with last paragraph, Bill, unfortunately, the SWAMP has been in existence far too long and NO ONE knows how to drain it.

5 months ago
Reply to  Max

And thank you Max, always there, like several others – and always concerned for the future, with a sense of honor. Thank you, RBC

5 months ago

Bill, you are a sage commenter, willing to tell the truth, like others on this comment line on other pieces .. while I try to see issues from all sides, I have to agree with you on so such of what you write. Where is the account ability? AMAC members – individually and working together – seem determined to get truth, accountability, a sense of restored honor … so thank you for your comments! RBC

5 months ago

Biden is a disgrace to the United States of America. He has destroyed innocent lives in Afghanistan. His socialist/Marxist/democrats could care less what happens around the world and to America. Just watch what happens with Iran. They will receive billions or more to help them achieve more nuclear weapons. All in the name of Biden’s “peace deal”. Biden DESERVES to be impeached! Too bad the democrats own all of Washington D.C. right now. And to think that he is “giving” the American tax payers 87,000 new I.R.S. armed agents. What could possibly go wrong? The evil hypocrisy is suffocating.

Laura Germani
5 months ago

What’s going on between Joe Biden and the Taliban? It’s clear he isn’t interested in human rights. Nobody respects the United States anymore like they did when Trump was in office. As far as I’m concerned, Biden and his cronies have blood on their hands. That’s the legacy they will leave behind.

5 months ago

Yet it is highly unlikely that Joe Biden will ever be held accountable for the misery and death he has caused. This is what happens when the American people allow a dementia patient play at being POTUS as he careens from one crisis to the next, as he tries to shake hands with the air and has no clue what day of the week it is.

5 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

The double standards are amazing. The democrats are masters of the blame game.

5 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul, again, you are incisive, historically faithful, and – while as frustrated as most Americans- accurate. If we were watching a Shakespearian drama, we could pick out the fools right away. With thanks … RBC

5 months ago

Mr. Biden has never made a good decision regarding foreign affairs since he came to Washington 50 years ago. Why would anyone think that now he is going to make the right decision. He is so bad and our country has suffered so much in the past 18 months that I feel really strongly that in a few months many of us will go to the polls and vote for the other party.

anna hubert
5 months ago

What was the expected outcome?New modern nation where girls go to school and women are free to do as they desire? That would have to come from within I did not see much enthusiasm for that the attitude is give us your technology and bugger off

5 months ago

Biden did that, all on his own.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
5 months ago

Bring back Jimmy Carter.

5 months ago

Everything Jackass Joe touches becomes a tragedy!

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  Rik

I don’t think anyone had a clue about what were they getting intoThe high command ,brass least of all poor sods who were expected to fight but mind the civilians women and children a bit difficult since the enemy was hiding among and behind them and impossible to identify in their garb brass should have been prosecuted for crimes against their own soldiers Have they learned nothing from Vietnam fiasco

Michael J
5 months ago

The Biden administration has made the United States a disgraceful example, all within two years. These shameful actions inherited by the American people is quickly becoming our legacy. This incompetent administration shows no regard for anything, especially the American people.

5 months ago

The bulk of the mainstream media does not cover any news that reflects badly on the DemocRat Commie Party. Maybe it’s time to start ignoring completely the mainstream media and/or start to know what the “wrong side” is to all news as is reported in the bulk of mainstream media.

5 months ago
Reply to  Hal

I already ignore the “main stream” media. You can’t learn anything by just watching the evening news. You HAVE to dig deeper.

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