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Biden Abandons Americans – Unforgivable

Why is the decision by President Biden, his Vice President, Secretaries of Defense and State, national security advisor, silent field commanders, pliant members of Congress – to abandon Americans in Afghanistan so abhorrent? It goes to the heart of who we are. That makes it unforgivable.

The phrase dates to Roman times, “Nemo resideo” or “no one left behind,” part of who we are, “We, Americans,” since our founding. Embedded, it applies to living and dead, goes well beyond the military.

When veterans come home wounded, they are tended with loyalty, care, and empathy because we “leave no one behind.” When emergency responders risk all to rescue others from burning buildings, engulfed cars, forest fires, high seas, hurricanes, and disease – it is for that: “We leave no one behind.”

When Rogers Rangers, in the French and Indian War – later as Continentals in the Revolutionary War – concluded a battle, they “left no man behind.” Thousands of heroic rescues are animated by this sacred principle.

Americans virtually breathe it with a collective voice: One life matters.

Why has every president, until now, put aside everything to defend, protect, preserve, and rescue Americans’ lives – even one? Why did FDR, in January 1945, commission the Raid at Cabanatuan, rescuing those held by Japan after the Bataan Death March?

Why did we pull all stops for sailors on the USS Squalus in 1939? Why risk all for airman Gene Hambleton, Bat 21 Bravo, shot down over Vietnam?

Why did Americans risk death to save Captain Philips on the Maersk Alabama, or Iraqi POW Jessica Lynch? Why did President Ford – despite losses – rescue the SS Mayaguez crew? President Carter attempt Operation Eagle Claw to rescue Americans? Why deploy Green Beret, Rangers, Seal Teams, and Delta Force into peril on every continent in every year of their existence to save Americans? See, List of operations conducted by Delta Force; List of operations conducted by SEAL Team Six; The Army Rangers: Missions and History; United States Army Special Forces;

Why do we search – to this day – for 30,000 fallen in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? Or writ larger, why has America never failed to rescue our own and allies, WWI and WWII to countless modern rescues?

Why have we placed such a premium on rescue of Americans from the Revolutionary War to Patton’s Third Army in Bastogne, daring rescue of an American doctor from Afghanistan by SEALs in 2012 to SEAL Team rescue of US citizen Philip Walton in Niger in 2020. Why do we do this?

Even as civilians, we concentrate all – often risk all – for an American life. Why did Americans rush into the Twin Towers on 9-11?

Why did we care about Apollo 13? Why do 1,150 Search & Rescue teams exist across the US?

The answer forces focus. It is fundamental. We “leave no one behind” because of that precept, inner ticker, principle – that every human life is sacred, and that every American life is part of us, within the family, what we live for, what we are willing to die for – lives in all of us.

This is part of what makes us different and what makes us whole. It is not logical but love never is. It is not mechanical, robotic, mathematical, explainable by cost-benefit, return on investment or politics.

It is about heart, the soul, living to our fullest – an innate understanding of things that often escape understanding, that we are not the end, but stewards of ideals that outlive us, that we are defined to ourselves and history by our willingness to stand, serve, sacrifice if necessary lose all for who we are.

Put differently, if we are not true to who we say we are, if we will not risk all to save others if we will not be who we say we are – if we instead turn high principle into low politics, breaking faith with our fellow Americans, sworn allies, those trusted our word, then who are we?

We, Americans – have always stood with those who counted on us, who believed we were different, true to values so deeply held that no evil, no cowardice, no concocted reasoning could separate us from our True North. This is who we really are, and why we have prevailed – as a People.

Are we different?

Yes, we are. We have kept faith, as much as any society in history, with the idea that principles guide us, that we owe something indescribably gripping that calls us to a higher level, bonds us to the wellbeing of other Americans, and those to whom we give our solemn word.

Americans are not cynics but people of courage. Cheerful, we are serious when chips are down, when it is do or die when we must rise or fall on truth and our word. Never is that more so than when evil rises to challenge the conviction and to separate us from our hearts.

Not all Americans are Christian, but roughly two-thirds count themselves so. All respect the Constitution, drawn from natural law, the idea that freedom is God-given. Perhaps that is why we insist on being true, understand verses like John 15:13: “Greater love has no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends.”

Perhaps a nagging combination – our history, higher angels, sense of moral obligation, honor, integrity, and sanctity of our “word” is what makes us believe, when we say “no one left behind” – we mean it. And maybe that belief – held in every American heart – is why we feel revulsion at what has just happened. An American president has abandoned Americans – and those with whom we promised to keep faith – to face evil alone, knowing thousands will die. Unforgivable.

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Steven H
1 year ago

Remember Benghazi? Same thing, different year, another Democrat.

1 year ago

This is the law of the Seven P’s

1 year ago

Because Biden has never served in the military. He is 10 pounds of dog waste in a 5 pound bag. The man has no morals or honor. He has fed at the public trough his entire “career.”

1 year ago

Hopefully the American people will abandon Biden AND his radical party. Can’t come soon enough.

1 year ago

Removing Biden from office is NOT the solution. Look at this a a GIANT PEZ dispenser. You pop the top and get a tasteless piece of candy and then you pop the top again and get another just as tasteless piece of crap even worse than the first one.
We American will have to suffer through this ordeal but the DEMOCRATS have to OWN this disgrace AND then suffer the consequences!

1 year ago

Seeing President “Puss for Brains” watching our fallen hero’s return to Dover while looking at his watch says it all!
I literally threw-up my breakfast while attending breakfast with my family in a restaurant! He IS responsible for their deaths!
I hope and pray that all Democrat followers suffer the grief those families will endure!!!
May you rot in hell!

1 year ago
Reply to  JOHN

This useless piece of garbage was dumped on us and We, the American People had no say in the matter. The puppet masters had this planned from the git go. President Trump came as a shock to them. They thought they had it all sewed up. So, they came after him with a vengeance the Whole time he was in office. Wasting time and money and not their own money either, they used Taxpayer Money which is criminal. One of what they did was for the betterment of this country They have all, EVERYONE of them did this to try to destroy our country, and keep their place at the “money trough”. They are traitors plain and simple and we know who is bankrolling then. A lot of those are NOT Americans, like Soros, China man and want our country as weak and useless, and gutted so we no longer remain a threat to them. I’m curious as to WHO allowed Soros to get a US passport? There is NOTHING in this “things” character that even remotely would allow him entrance into this country even as a visitor. I also want to know who exactly sold Smithfield to China? Who? Who sold a lot of land outside of an Air Force base in Texas to CHINA! We need to ferret each and every one of these TRAITORS and jail them and treat them as the traitors they are. Need to look into any land in our country that is owned by any other country and change that IMMEDIATELY!

Julie Lunden
1 year ago
Reply to  Victoria

I’m pretty sure Soros is not his real name. Might need to do some research.

1 year ago

Biden=American traitor

1 year ago
Reply to  Exposed

Of course he is. As is everyone in his administration! AND everyone who enabled this farce to happen. We will leave no man or woman behind until they are all exposed and lose it all!

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

Meanwhile… enjoy you’re 6th vacation in 8 months, Joe! “Mission Accomplished”, right?

1 year ago

I am as disgusted and angry as anyone can possibly be. Biden should be impeached and we then need to watch Giggling Harris closely and remove her as well. Who knows who will be named as VP when she moves up a sickening thought, but necessary. What Biden has done is unforgivable and he should be condemned in history. The Democrats can ignore this disaster and change the subject in an effort to move on, but most Americans who can think will never forgive him.

1 year ago
Reply to  Janet

And remember if he leaves, whoever moves up the ladder, the American people will see their total incompetence as well. The democrats have hit their peak. If they ever had a peak.

Don Mates
1 year ago

What about the divorce rate in America? No-fault Divorce? When and how did it start. It’s been reported to be 52% or more both in the church and outside the church? How many have been hurt and left behind, lives ruined? What does the Bible say about divorce? What is truth? America is no longer a Christian nation. But a pluralistic secular nation with many gods! And money is near the top of the list. “The ‘love’ of money is the root of all evil.”

1 year ago

Biden’s handling of the evacuation process, including authorizing it in the first place, is about as unAmerican and unforgivably unpatriotic as one can be. Lord, I pray that you help us out of this predicament before it brings the Nation to civil war.

Patricia Allums
1 year ago

He needs to be out of office! NOW! He is a puppet for someone who is totally not in America’s best interest! Be it Obama, Susan Rice, or Soros! I doubt that we will be much better with the VP, but we will just have to see! Impeach him, fire him, just do it now!

Eddie Mack
1 year ago

The Rosenbergs were executed for treason. Biden makes them look like teenage pranksters. In a better day and age, Biden’s head would be on Traitors’ Gate. But a single execution is too good for him. Its too lenient.

1 year ago
Reply to  Eddie Mack

Too many Americans would just say: poor old Joe. Just let him go peacefully out to pasture. No accountability or responsibility in our government anymore.

1 year ago

Biden’s ineptitude to be an American president, well conform to his “first helper” and “jest” Vice what? –“ka,mala ha!- ha!- Ha!-rris” as she laughter when someone ask her for a report to the American people about our southern border crisis as “special interest aliens” are among those who defy our immigration laws, and unlawful enter to our country.–As she said that’s not anything to worry about; (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas take everything under control… She “jokingly” ha!-ha!-[…] According to,,(USCBP) officials we are at great risk if Biden persist an “open borders.”

1 year ago

This will adversely affect our military, how many young patriotic Americans will not volunteer to join our military knowing that we no longer live by our “never leave behind” vow? Joe Biden, his cabinet and our senior military commanders have committed an unforgivable act of treason. When you no longer care for your countrymen, you no longer have a soul. These traitors are a disgrace to America. America is no longer that “shining light on a hill”. We must cast out all these traitors!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerry

Kind of the same thing many of our allies are saying now.

1 year ago

You are absolutely correct in all of your words of American integrity, bravery and decency. The obvious massive issue is that the criminals who took over our country have been in business with these communist and terrorist countries in the past and probably still are owned by them. I believe it’s all intentional, as was the biological attack virus to, hand over and destroy our country and, all that character and honor

1 year ago

My family has served America since 1776. And they have fought with Abraham Lincoln, served in the Civil War, died in WWI and served in WWII. My mother took a leave from teaching to serve with seven other women as USAAF military police officers while my father served in the US Navy. I would serve in the US Army, as a third generation volunteer firefighter my senior year in high school and later retire as a police officer. One thing was made very clear to me in my youth amid the American flags, those Memorial Days, noticing the ribbons on uniforms, seeing the Gold Stars in windows, the Gold Star Mothers in cars and later in combat or in black and whites on the meanest of streets – ‘We all come back or we all die together.’ It was a credo instilled in us and in me. Today, the idea that a feckless US president has bungled the planning for the evacuation of our citizens, dependents, Allies, and our Afghan loyalists in the face of a monstrous and growing evil makes me physically ill. But when I learn that this same president gave the murdering barbarians now occupying Afghanistan the names and the credentials of those who are trying to escape because he “trusts” the Taliban, more apparently than our allies because he never contacted them in advance of our sudden disappearance and country-wide retreat, borders on sheer insanity and murder – it absolutely appalls me and I must call for President Biden’s impeachment.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bowser

Thank you and your family for your service. All I can think of now is just wait until he buddies up to Iran.

1 year ago

Mehinks Biden is trying to weaken the US military to make it less risky for the China to forcefully tale over an area in eastern Asia so that it can manufacture nuclear weaponry without risking nuclear accidents on Chinese soil. And it puts them closer to the Muslim murderers to use them against non-ORIENTAL foes and have some degree of plausible deniability. I and would have though before Biden, this would be pretty far-fetched to posit, but now …. not so far.

Robin Walter Boyd
1 year ago

The hateful Progressive billionaires behind everything that Biden does have no loyalty to fellow countrymen or anyone else. They not only don’t care about leaving anyone behind, they prefer that more die in order to continue their goal of reducing population. We are not dealing with God fearing, rational people here. We are dealing with god complex, self centered fascist elites.

1 year ago

We can see why this depraved man had to be put into office by means of fixed ballots and rigged software by his masters in the democrat socialist organization. He and members of his regime fit the term depraved to a tee, and this abhorrent act clearly shows that these creatures are America’s internal enemies that need to be arrested and put on trial by a military tribunal.
Remember, Dirty Joe was vice president under the other false president Barry Soetoro with the Benghazi affair. So why should we be surprised that this happened?

1 year ago
Reply to  Dr.C

Khrushchev said that “America will fall from within”. He appears to have been correct.

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