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‘Woke’ Culture Threatens to Demoralize US Military

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This month, the push for a “woke” military may have reached a tipping point. The United States Armed Forces have been rocked by a series of firingsaccusations, and controversies all stemming from the alleged adoption of Critical Race Theory in military training.

On September 23, 2020, then-President Donald Trump signed an executive order that banned a wide range of military training programs inspired by CRT. The ban did not restrict discussions on race or diversity, only those that had their basis in ideology that was “divisive.” As his executive order described, the programs he was targeting were a form of unlawful government discrimination. They asserted that “some people, simply on account of their race or sex, are oppressors; and that racial and sexual identities are more important than our common status as human beings and Americans.”

“Unfortunately,” Trump’s order continued, “this malignant ideology is now migrating from the fringes of American society and threatens to infect core institutions of our country.”

Indeed, it is now clear that Trump’s CRT ban for the military was prescient and necessary.

Almost immediately after assuming office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order rescinding this prohibition, and under his leadership, the military quickly resumed its indoctrination. Once Biden signed the order, an Air Force spokesperson stated that “Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity education and training are essential to cultivate positive values and behaviors, as well as an environment where inclusion and equity for all personnel is achieved.” While all of this sounds nice, close observers understand that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” used conjunction is common Critical Race Theory jargon and a dog whistle for far more controversial concepts tantamount to left-wing racism.

In any event, if the intent is supposed to create a more inclusive U.S. military, recent news suggests the exact opposite is occurring.

On Thursday, during a Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark,) revealed that he had received “hundreds” of messages from military personnel of every rank expressing frustration and concerns with the implementation of the CRT curriculum within the military. Nearly 30 of these complaints have become public, they include some rather shocking allegations. Among the most consistent allegations are that:

  • “Black Lives Matter” flags, shirts, and other BLM clothing items are permitted, while items stating, “all lives matter,” or “Make America Great Again” are strictly banned.
  • Servicemembers are forced to participate in race-based seminars that all explicitly state, as a fact, “America is Racist” and that all white people are “privileged.”
  • Servicemembers are being instructed to spy on one another and report anyone reading or displaying “white supremacist” paraphernalia—a term that is increasingly meaningless as Critical Race Theory extremists label virtually all conservative and traditionally American ideas as “white supremacist”.

One of the most surprising stories comes from a member of the National Guard, assigned to Minnesota. Even though his unit was called up to protect Minneapolis from the destruction caused by Antifa and BLM during the George Floyd protests, none of these groups was mentioned in training about “extremists.” When soldiers asked leadership why these groups were excluded, they were told that the US government does not “acknowledge them as hate groups.”

The military’s explicit and bizarre new focus on targeting what is referred to as “whiteness,” as many soldiers have testified, raises many questions about the intent of this training.

Concern over the potential damage these courses might be causing is growing. Most recently, Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), an Army Special Forces reservist, questioned West Point Superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl A. Williams on whether or not this controversial CRT curriculum was being taught on campus at one of the world’s premier military academies. Gen. Williams neither confirmed nor denied that such a curriculum had been adopted, instead stating:

“As a world-class institution of higher education, an overarching goal of our academic program is for graduates to integrate knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines so that they can anticipate and respond appropriately to opportunities and challenges in a changing world. Achieving that goal requires us to expose our cadets, staff, and faculty to diverse thoughts and perspectives. Through this exposure, we aim to teach our cadets how to think, not what to think.”

Rep. Waltz considers his question unanswered.


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1 month ago

I ran upon this site while doing a Google search on senate races. Well, I never accept just one source when doing my research and I sometimes like to get the viewpoints of the opposition as well. From Google to CNN, then Politico and RealClearPolitics where I ran into the term “woke” (my first time hearing about it and today is August 8, 2022) which took me to Wikipedia and now here at Amac. Well I obviously wasn’t looking for this site but anyways I read a number of post here and everybody seem to be in agreement about this “woke”.

Allow me to share with you some actual personal experiences that have happened in my life and how it may relate to this topic. I am an African American male (elderly, I suppose by age but I ain’t telling). I served in the Army (as an MP), went to college and worked all my life relatively I think. For the most part, I don’t like politics but the past few years have compelled me to speak (albeit rarely relatively or at least not regularly) and in part because of all the attacks (verbal mostly but some physical) on blacks (across many mediums like in education, police departments and politics) by whites (mostly!). First I’m going to share a couple of personal relative experiences and then comment on CRT (which also is a term relatively new to me, say maybe a year or so), “antifa” (I’d heard the name before but I don’t recall where but only understood it when I heard it mentioned again today) and woke! (Now it’s your turn to tune out because (I’m woke now! Sorry couldn’t resist) I’m about to turn your stomach I’m pretty sure, by the looks of things…)

Both of these incidents (I’m only sharing two but there are more trust me…) took place just a few years ago. The one happened when a good associate (a white guy) and I was at a lumber yard collecting some for a project of his. Out on a break next door was about six white guys smoking and listening to music. Well they decided to turn the music up (for my benefit I suppose) and the lerics were “n^gger this and n^gger that in a very derrogatory way! We both looked at each other but chose to ignore it and continue working. Now I was the only black guy around and this was obviously done to injure me emotionally but I’d hope my associate would say something (he was ex Army as I and we had a lot of things in common and got alone very well, in fact we lived together, on the same property) but I didn’t say anything and wanted to give him the opportunity for which he plead the fifth! (What would you have done if you were my associate in that situation, never mind, rhetorical!) The next situation took place with my nephew and I standing on the stoop (entrance to his apartment) one night having a religious discussion when two white cops pulled up and began harrassing us! Yes harrassing! No one called the cops (yeah we asked!), no loud music, no smoking anything, no drinking going on, no crime taking place in the near vicinity and we weren’t your typical, what cha might call, suspects AND they had NO probable cause what so ever! Now I’m taking a guess here but I’m pretty sure most yall are white here so I want to ask you, have you ever had two black cops come and harrass you standing/sitting outside your house for no good reason? There’re probably five times as many white people in America as there are blacks but I bet YOU couldn’t find 10 such cases but I bet you I could find a thousand such incidents happening to blacks! My point for telling you this is, this is a regular occurrence for black people! (especially black men!) How would you feel if black cops went arround doing the kind of things to white people that you hear black people complaining about, about white cops, mostly? Don’t answer that! I lived with white folks (until just a bit pass two years ago) for seven years (Republicans too mind you and no I’m not talking about the military, that was ages ago) so I know what the typical white person would do in situations like that! (and now the whole world knows! Jan 6, anybody? Yeah yeah I know, you were defending your country because God forbid it’s anybody else’s country but yours!)

I took a hard look at this CRT (and now antifa and woke) and what I discovered is what has been status quo in America since it’s inception. CRT is black folks saying now wait a minute, there’s more to history than just the white man’s or woman’s version of things. Yeah, that’s right, slavery happened, hanging black people on trees happened, murdering black people by white people without impunity happened (and still does but by cops mostly! BTW: did you know the police was invented to capture runaway slaves? The nerve of dem “N” wanting to run away from “HELL!”) Now I’m not going to list the thousands (and likely the number is in the millions but let some white people tell it, it never happened at all…) of attrocities that black people have suffered at the hands of whites! White people’s objection to CRT is really about white people not wanting their children to know what horrible horrible things their ancestors did to our ancestors and how everything is linked/connected/relative! (like if you don’t make corrections, history has a way of repeating itself…) And now whenever black folks speak up for themselves they are all of sudden communist and every other kind of name/lable white people like to create and then attack (like CRT) when really it’s just another form of racism. But wait, most of you here, like most of the whites who identify as far right and supremist say, what racism? We ain’t racist and so there ain’t no such thing as racism. And you know what, for yall there is no such thing as racism because all those horrible things in American history and today did NOT happen and is not happening to you! (Racism is not REAL to you nor for you!) How could you possibly understand when these things are not happening to you? But you should be able to wrap your mind around this, the Black man has been notthing but a friend to America and we have more than 400 hundred years of history to prove that point, including fighting in all of YOUR/our wars, including the American Revolution (that’s right, we helped yo ass gain freedom from the British) but most of yall probably don’t even know that (and likely don’t care and that’s part of the problems, which you’d say don’t exixt). America gained it’s early wealth through slavery and cotton trades (the equivalent of what oil is today) and practically all of it was done on the backs of Blacks! But whenever we say give us a little share of the wealth or treat us a little more fairly, you ring the alarms shoutting the sky is falling, all over again! When if you had any good sense, you would thank us for our contributions! But no, we got to fight you for every little scrap! Now I’m not going to list the millions of contributions we’ve made over the centuries that YOU should be grateful for, mainly because most of you would rather be listening to one of those lying fools telling you the blacks is coming to take this or take that, instead of observing for yourself and asking when has the black man come and took anything from me? That’s just not our way and you know it… It’s your way not ours! BUT if you think that we are just gonna sit quietly and say nothing you are being delusional! (those days are long gone and they ain’t never coming back, no matter how badly some of you, nol most of you wish they would!)

America has REAL enemies and the Black man isn’t one of them so STOP with the BS alarms the sky is falling! YES, we want better treatment, in fact, we demand it! But that’s crux of it, everything else is bs!

Disclaimer: I obviously am not talking about all white people in this post although you misguidely are probably happy the number is high! I thank God not all white people think as you here do!

6 months ago

i also want to ad, the US lost against taliban, low tech mountain ppl. what shows how weak the US military alrdy is, if they keep it up the amish will be more dominant

6 months ago

America lost it big time, and all seem to stand idle while the country is beeing taken over from within. its so pathetic. with all the transparancy of the internet and the information we can make available its sickening to see how uterly dumb we humans are. idioacracy isnt far away
i still got hope for humanity, and i hope the land of the free will find its way and cure its disease.
PS: racism is only a thing if we make it a thing, solution: just stop (CRT = racism)

11 months ago

Having 2 sons in the military right now…I am disgusted! STOP this division and nonsense because it is absolute bullshit and nonsense. It is what is being bull dozed through the university system…I work at Colorado State University…and it is complete CRAP! STOP this division..NOW!

1 year ago


1 year ago


1 year ago

Destroy everything that gives us safety and security!!! Biden is the ultimate example!!!

1 year ago

I am sorry to feel this way …. A line has been drawn. A CRT/Woke Military is a Politicized Military … like the Revolutionary Guard, The SS, Bolsheviks, Cultural Revolutionary Guards. This is sick and perverted politics from the left. Oddly, Our enemies do not approve and persecute those who adopt the propaganda of the Xiden Cartel of Racists and Bigots. The insanity being allowed in the hallowed and crumbling halls of freedom … must be stopped at all costs. The Xiden DemonRat Para Military Groups who operate with immunity and impunity are: BlackLivesMurder, Antifa, Cartels from North-South-Central Americas and have infiltrated the U.S. approved by the DemonRat Xiden Cartel of anti American domestic terrorists and thugs. The cancerous leftists are anti American, anti religious, divisive racists and bigots, and must be arrested and prosecuted for who they are and what they support. Ignorance is no excuse …. Being a traitor should be punishable by leftist affiliation and approval of domestic terrorism and big tech support by propaganda and censorship of those who value freedom snd far less Federal Suppression. I would not serve in the military today. It is being forced to obey the whims of the DemonRat traitors.

1 year ago

It is so sad what is happening to the fiber of our nation on what is deemed acceptable.

1 year ago

I am upset about what is being taught in the military! My father spent 8 years as a Marine during WWII, shot twice, went to field MASH units,recovered and went back into his unit to continue fighting for Americans to live the way we have for the past 70 years! Both times he was helped by his Marine buddy’s! His buddy’s were of different colors! By the way my father’s mother was from a Cherokee tribe he was called a Half-breed growing up! He told my brothers and I that his heritage never mattered when he was a Marine and I think it should not matter Now! We all bleed red when cut no matter what color we are!

1 year ago
Reply to  Connie

you are a citizen of the USA and it does not matter where you ancestry came from. I was called a lot of names and so were my parents. but I was taught that I was A Child of God, not trash and not worthless. that I was given a purpose for coming at this time. I was born in a town and a time were most of the men came back from WWII and Korean in a box or standing up and all my brother served. I am sad what these demon are doing to this country and the military. but I put my faith and hope in GOD.

1 year ago
Reply to  Connie

Amen to that

1 year ago

When a species becomes so weak and pathetic that it refuses to fight for survival, it is eliminated from nature. That’s what you’re witnessing now with white people.

1 year ago

No one can directly defeat the US military and our advisaries know that. So the communists have been trying to undermine it, starting with the “peace” movements in the 60’s. This woke crap is nothing new, just repackaged for the times. Behind all of this stuff you will ulitmately find a communist, and you probably don’t have to dig that far. ANYONE pushing this stuff on or from withing the military is either a communist or a useful idiot.

Lincoln Sorensen
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave

“No one can directly defeat the U S military”??? Trump was just getting manufacturing to return to this country. Now that has stopped. We do not make anything in this country. Who do you think makes the components of most of our weapons? We do not!!! so, we cannot defend ourselves if we cannot get parts from some other (China) country. Why do you think our automobile dealers have no new cars on their lots? There is one little computer chip they cannot get, From Where????? You figure it out. BTW, I am a veteran so I am not stating this gleefully. I regret we the people have been so stupid since the end of WWII.

1 year ago

Speaking of automotive tech chips, all those lazer sighting electronics gizmos hung off the handguard rails on the rifles and carbines are made in China and Korea. I stick to the old fashioned iron sights with a dab of bright paint on the front sight post. and keep the bayonet sharp.

1 year ago

History has once again spoke,
The fall of this world power is no joke.

Atheism the cause and the symptom is woke,
Marxism is the future with the passing of the old folk.

For half a century the young have been taught,
”No God, do your own thing”, the young have bought!

Scriptures eternal truth, atheism seeks to “replace”!
The Bible is clear – we as ONE come from ADAM’S RACE!

Darwin sought to divide and destroy,
A wicked behavior evolution does destroy!

Marx through Darwin, sought to squash the steeple,

”Infiltration”, “media propaganda” and at last the tanks,
B U T, “FIRST” A T H E I S M, on this Communism banks! ! !

””Tear this wall down!”
Through a godly Reagan, was sound.

Yet, the Cold War – did America win?
Khrushchev reminds, we will defeat you from within!

Bellowing out are history’s chorales,
No fear of God, rid of the Bible’s good morals.

Violence and immorality, just follow the graph,
Dramatic annual increase made no parent laugh!

Spiritual battle we can be sure,
No Bible or prayer since, 1963-64! ! !

Washington, saw the need to boost the Army’s expense,
Yet, knew that God and His providence were our real defense!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

Thank you. Very insightful poem.

1 year ago
Reply to  C R

You’re welcome, C R.

The added fright,
This did not happen over night.
Needs a scathing rebuke,
Statism is no fluke!
How could atheism,
Cause America’s division?
Nevertheless it is true,
The God-fearing old withdrew.
Seeing immoral values escalate,
Is it now too late?
Soon the young will predominate,
Hedonism stands ready at the gate.
I always hope and pray for repentance,
There is a time when, God, lowers the sentence.
The LORD, is longsuffering and patient,
Unlike man, He is never complacent.
Liberty, law and order departs,
Witnessed in cities not simply the Arts.
One abomination after another,
Mention of God and His Word, evolution does smother!

1 year ago

All part of the process of destroying the nation. No surprise.

Jesse F Tiede
1 year ago

Just keep pushing… Americans are getting very fed up with all this New Age crap, and, just keep on pushing US… go on… see what happens… you ain’t gonna like it, I guarantee…

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

My cousin is a high-ranking naval officer and has been forced to give this BS training to his subordinates. He doesn’t like it but has been ORDERED to do it by some of Biden’s idiot henchmen!

1 year ago

Know the feeling!

1 year ago

The military has been under attack since Obama reduced the forces. Many quality officers and
NCOs were forced out. When Trump began to rebuild the military, it was had to get people to join
and so qualifications were reduced. Taking less educated recruits who are ignorant of history
and the constitution and indoctrinating them in Critical Race Theory. They are preparing these
ignorant troops to be used in the continental USA against Americans. The democrats are going to use the military to retain their hold on power.

Jesse F Tiede
1 year ago
Reply to  Rick

The military has been under attack since the 1960s, because of the Vietnam War, and I personally experienced racism and (Reverse) discrimination while serving in the early ’70s. It pretty much stopped during the ’80s thru the early 2000s, but, I guess the upper brass don’t have enough to do, these days, so they’re starting this bullshit up again… No wonder it’s so hard to get volunteers, what with desert deployments for 6+months every year, leadership pushing Social Experiments, like this “Woke-ism” crap just makes it harder to meet enlistment goals! And you have presidents (Obama) who are surprised that the “Volunteer” Military is resisting paying their own Health and Injury Insurance and hospitalizations due to injuries sustained in Combat! And now, we have a VP who wants to put an end to “VA Welfare”, as she wants to see veterans just go get a job? The Democrat Party has long been resistant to benefits for military, starting in the ’60s, and it’s no longer whispered or hidden behind closed doors…

1 year ago
Reply to  Jesse F Tiede

You made a true statement. I watched the erosion of health benefits for active duty personnel and retirees begin in the late 1960’s with my dad. By the time I retired, health benefits were half as much. Now active duty personnel are paying premiums for health insurance as are retirees. At the age of 65, the majority of military health care then gets picked up by Medicare and then some being picked up by military benefits. Not great for veterans and retirees who have served their nation.

1 year ago

Anti-White thugs attack White people that peacefully protest against the genocidal policy of mass third-world immigration and FORCED assimilation for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries. If anti-White ideas are so good, why do they require street violence to make sure nobody will object? It’s obvious that Antifa and BLM really only wants White Genocide.

Gunny Joe
1 year ago

As time passed, my knowledge that my 20 plus years of service, the service of my, father, uncles, (one gave his life, WWII), And other family members, not to mention the most important, the ones as my uncle did, that gave their life for this Nation. All of this is wasted and miss used but the people, all of the above died to protect. I dislike preaching to the choir, for I am the only person who is helped.
My prayer is that God will in some way preserve this Nation, for our leaders, and a vast majority of our people, sure as hell are not. All is being destroyed as we watch. Just a thought, how would Ernie Pyle view today’s press?
Writing my rep. (5th district of Missouri), goes into the trash can on receipt, remember a prayer closed by him, in front of God, Congress, and our Nation, Amen and A-women? That is the class rep. this district has!
I do stand ready to help bring this Nation back to its people but I am only one, and a 77 year old one at that. Can still shoot straight, just can not run to the position and getting down into position takes time and work!

1 year ago
Reply to  Gunny Joe

Unfortunately there will be no help from God until there is national repentance, won’t happen until there are good, solid Christians in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government.

Jesse F Tiede
1 year ago
Reply to  Max

Or the Rapture occurs…

1 year ago
Reply to  Jesse F Tiede

Be a faithful believer to join in the Rapture event…..Amen.

Harry Guzaliak
1 year ago
Reply to  Gunny Joe

Me Too!

1 year ago

Indoctrination. Welcome to dementia joe, and the liberal socialist regime. This will not end well for America.

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