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China hacked Clinton server chinese military hack 64

Chinese Military Officers Charged With Stealing 145 Million Americans’ Data in Equifax Hack

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Give Blame Where It’s Due, Please

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Gold Shoots Up

Trump 1

US Strategy of Deterrence With Iran Sends Message to North Korea: Experts

Iran Iranian soldiers

How Will the Iranians Respond?

Elizabeth Warren speaking justice system racist front back problems real 2

Elizabeth Warren’s Defense Budget

trade war geopolitics China Chinese tech influence California

China Investing in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Warfare to Threaten US Military Superiority

‘The World Is Watching’: US Senators Warn China Against Military Crackdown In Hong Kong

Trump Supreme Court border wall 3

Supreme Court Allows Trump To Build 100 Miles Of Wall With Military Funds

Memorial Day 18

Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend But Take a Moment To Reflect On What Memorial Day is All About, says AMAC