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What’s The Matter With Young Voters?

Analysts are trying to figure out the 2022 midterm elections. How did Democrats win so many races when polls predicted the exact opposite? How did candidates linked to Joe Biden survive in a time of high inflation, open borders, violent crime, and cultural decay?

The answer may lie with our kids and grandkids.

This year, Americans under the age of 30 cast an estimated 1-in-8 votes. That share is in line with past elections, but what isn’t is how much their support did for Democrats this year. As every age group over 45 went big for Republicans, voters under 30 overwhelmingly favored their opponents.

Take John Fetterman, for example. Experts predicted he would lose after people realized how much his stroke debilitated him. But today, Fetterman is Pennsylvania’s Senator-elect – thanks to the 70 percent of young voters who threw their support his way.

No wonder CNN gushed, “Democrats would have gotten crushed without young voter support.” And Joe Biden credited voters under 30, saying “I especially want to thank the young people of this nation.”

So, all this begs the question: what’s the matter with young voters?

It surely can’t be that our kids and grandkids like high-priced gas, food, or rent. It’s also impossible to believe they think gang violence, fentanyl deaths, and social division are good things. Nor is it conceivable that these advocates for equal rights favor government restrictions on what people can say, post, or do. So why are they voting for candidates who are making these things happen?

The answer is revealed in According to Plan, a new book by bestselling author and investigative analyst Kevin D. Freeman. Host of BlazeTV’s Economic War Room, Freeman asked these questions and more. And what he uncovered is shocking: the so-called “elites” have worked long and hard to make sure young voters support politicians who don’t have America’s best interests at heart.

Exhibit A can be found in our nation’s schools. Sixty years ago, American students consistently ranked at the top of international comparisons in math, reading, and science. But since then, their performance has plummeted to truly dangerous levels.

This decline isn’t due to a lack of resources – in fact, more than $4 trillion has been spent on K-12 public schools over the same time period. Instead, the Left took control of our schools and made them “woke.” Where once American kids were given a productive and patriotic education, they are now being subjected to political indoctrination.

According to the Department of Education, more than 40 million Americans today are so poorly schooled they would have trouble reading this essay. So, what have they been taught? That America is evil and in need of what Barack Obama called “transformation.”

Armed with Critical Race Theory, “educators” tell our kids and grandkids that America is systematically oppressive and racist. Citing the infamous 1619 Project, they teach that America was founded not for liberty but to sustain slavery. And they pound into students’ heads that, since all Americans are either oppressors or the oppressed, the only solutions are to discriminate against whites, embrace Comprehensive Sexuality Education, and change the 3 Rs from reading, writing, and arithmetic to regrets, recrimination, and reparations.

In short, our schools are failing the children they are supposed to teach. Those who graduate (or, increasingly, drop out) are poorly equipped to lead successful lives. And a great many of them fall prey to politicians who say soothing words but, in reality, support an America-weakening agenda.

As Freeman’s book makes crystal clear, all of this is indeed according to plan.

But we have the power to fight back. The good news is the damage that’s been done can be reversed, and our nation’s future can be saved. Doing so will require all of us to resist what students are being exposed to. And it will depend on us teaching our kids and grandkids since their schools obviously aren’t.

AMAC wants to help, so we have arranged with Kevin Freeman for all AMAC members to get an extra copy of According to Plan you can share with your family. Simply go to amac.accordingtoplanbook.com and use the promo code AMAC to have two copies of According to Plan rushed to you for the single-book price of just $17.76.

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2 months ago

These kids care about 2 things and nothing else:
Free stuff (Tuition et all) and abortion.
You can campaign about economy, inflation, open borders, crime, and anything else you would like to add, and they won’t hear a word…Literally in one ear and out the other.

5 months ago

raise the voting age to 30!

5 months ago

stupid sheeople deserve stupid gov’t. Making me pay for the stupidity is THEFT. I won’t forget

Gunny Joe
5 months ago

I could not vote till after my first tour in Vietnam, did not hurt my feelings that I could not, in retrospect I did not have the living experience for a true and honest vote till I was in my 30’s.

The promise of unearned money, equal wages (union), and too easy life, has weakened the voting pool to the point it is today. With the pool of people we have to drawl from today I doubt we could win a WWII scale war today.

If a convention of States were to take place raising the voting age back to 21 or even higher should be the first agenda item.

5 months ago

The young will vote for anyone who GIVES them stuff.

5 months ago

It’s very simple…no education of history and no pass down knowledge…results equal historical braindead…

Carole Harrigan
5 months ago

The problem with today’s young voters started some 30 years ago with the arrival of the cell phone. Their parents were enamored with the new toy, joining FB, Twitter, taking selfies and sending them across the world. It was obviously more fun than talking to their kids about how this country came about, the sacrifices our founders made and having a constitution to ensure our freedom and human rights.
Today’s kids have no clue about the history of this country. So sad.

Joe from Las Vegas Nevada
5 months ago

This may be the answer. It is not the biggest rallies, It is not the debates. A brain dead stroke ridden man is now a Senator, and a known Louis Farrakhan Anti Semitic supporter just won in Georgia. My biggest fear is not Abortion, it is losing the filibuster and having DC and Puerto Rico counted as States. Also Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court and lower the voting age to 16.

anna hubert
5 months ago

You’ve answered your own question,the real problem is who will or can take on the behemoth of Teachers union and department of education Slay that monster and young voter will be perfectly normal

5 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

“WE” (red states) need to secede from this evil empire. Could I interest you in a 40-50% tax cut? 100% less federal regulation? Have that socialist hog ring removed from your nose?

5 months ago

The young have little experience and think that the madness that goes on now is normal. Older folks know what America used to be like, good and bad. Younger people get their opinions from the media and older folks get it from life experience.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
5 months ago

Answer is somewhat simple. They have been brainwashed. Into believing the future holds a Govt. Nanny life for them. Toilet stoped up. ?? Callthe Govt. plummers diviusioin. Kyle L.

J Rea
5 months ago

The young voters are the product of their education and social media. They are more liberal than any generation in this country. They are not concerned with the economy or the border. They are not concerned with the first amendment and they are supporters of Abortion until birth. As a voting block they vote overwhelmingly Democrat ( even those living in overwhelming Republican Dostricts . We have failed in raising them and they will fail this country. And the news doesnt get better. in 2 years the current 17 and 16 year olds becomevoters and more conservatives will die than liberals.

5 months ago

Biden basically bought their votes with student loan forgiveness. They don’t care what the policies are taht the democrats are pushing as long as they get $10,000.

5 months ago

These kids are still living in mommy’s basement. They have no idea what things are like out there in the real world.

Lee M
5 months ago

Their Parents.

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

Public school Indoc
Home Life
Peer pressure for Voting Dem

5 months ago

Being/voting democratic is easy, doesn’t require accountability, responsibility, self-reliance…

Morgan, Job K.
5 months ago

All these prospective “public servants”, and those who vote, need to pass a test concerning the issues before being allowed to cast a ballot. That would put the brakes on the “stupid” train.–Creed2You

6 months ago

It appears that the communists are winning the battle for our children’s minds. Parents have fallen asleep and are waking up way too late. The sexualization, gender bender stuff we might possibly stave off temporarily, but the 1619 political indoctrination is subjective and may be irreversible.
For me, the only solution may be to somehow put together a constitutional state convention and revitalize the constitution in many ways including 1)Reverse the disastrous 26th amendment and set voting age back to 21, 2)If feasible, set Military age to 21, and 3)Drinking age to 21, 4)Have mandatory Civics and History as it was taught fifty years ago, to name a few things.

Of course, a Constitutional convention would address larger issues like outlawing foreign purchases of farm land, outlawing the sale of political access to foreign countries, reinforcing border security, etc.

5 months ago
Reply to  Kelly

WE need to separate, like the founders and Jesus said to do…

Andrew P
6 months ago

It is not hard to understand. The under-30 crowd wants to be able to have abortions and likes the idea of their student loans being forgiven.

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