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Trump’s Political Machine Working to Build Future of the GOP

AMAC Exclusive – By Seamus Brennan


Few American presidents in recent history have been as active in their post-presidencies as Donald J. Trump. In the months since he left office in January, Trump has already held six major campaign-style rallies that drew tens of thousands, announced plans to launch his own social media platform, published a photo book, and hinted at running for president again in 2024. But perhaps his most significant post-presidential contribution to American politics thus far has been his meticulous building out of a massive political machine that is actively steering the Republican Party in a more firmly populist direction that mirrors Trump’s “America First” governing vision.

Trump has already endorsed more than 70 candidates for Congress, governorships, and other state-level positions since his departure from the White House—a striking and unprecedented move for a former president. He has signaled he will endorse “good and SMART America First Republican Patriots” willing to run primary campaigns against so-called RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are insufficiently conservative, enable Democrat priorities, or stray from his own America First agenda.

The former president’s most high-profile post-presidential endorsement victory to date was cemented last month when Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia Governor’s Mansion in a state that had, just one year prior, voted in favor of President Joe Biden by more than 10 points, powered in large part by strong turnout from the Trump base. Looking ahead to 2022, Trump has supported both conservative incumbents—such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA)—as well as new candidates, such as his former White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR), in her run for governor, football legend Herschel Walker for the Georgia Senate seat, and self-branded populists like Joe Kent for a U.S. House seat in Washington state.

At the top of Trump’s list of RINOs to defeat are Republican officials who voted to impeach him in February or have otherwise broken with the party’s base. To replace them, Trump has endorsed candidates who he argues better fit the America First profile. “Saving America starts by saving the GOP from RINOs, sellouts, and known losers,” Trump wrote in a November statement. Among his more notable endorsements in challenging GOP incumbents is Harriet Hageman, who is running for Congress in Wyoming to unseat three-term incumbent Liz Cheney—an outspoken critic of the former president who was one of the few Republicans to vote in favor of Trump’s impeachment in February and has since repeatedly played into the hands of the media when it comes to criticizing her own party. Trump is also working to unseat officials like Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Representatives Don Bacon (R-NE), Andrew Garbarino (R-NY), Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA), John Katko (R-NY), Nancy Mace (R-SC) and others—each of whom voted for impeachment and/or the infrastructure bill.

Trump’s grip on the Republican Party was further displayed earlier this week when Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R-MA), a longtime Trump critic, announced he would not seek reelection—despite the fact that he is among the nation’s most popular governors and enjoyed approval ratings in the 70s in deep blue Massachusetts. Baker has long betrayed conservatives in his own party—including on abortion, immigration, and crime—and following the 2016 election, regularly attacked the Trump administration and its policies. Baker’s announcement, which came several weeks after Trump’s endorsement of Republican primary challenger Geoff Diehl, is proof of the early success of Trump’s efforts to reshape the party. As the former president wrote in his endorsement of Diehl, Baker “has done nothing for the Republican Party and has driven Massachusetts energy costs into, by far, the highest in the Nation.” He continued: “Baker is definitely not an America First or Make America Great Again kind of guy.” Clearly, Baker himself agrees.

As Trump continues to roll out endorsements, hold rallies, and host fundraisers for his chosen candidates at Mar-a-Lago, there is little doubt among conservatives—or anyone, for that matter—that the Republican Party of yesteryear is gone for good. The results of Trump’s transformation speak for themselves: the conservative movement is more united than it has been in decades, and the majority of Americans are already eager for a return to Trump policies after 11 months of endless unmitigated disasters under Biden.

Regardless of whether Trump ultimately decides to seek the presidency in 2024, his direct and undisputed influence over the trajectory of the party cannot be understated. Thanks to him, the GOP has once again become the party that aggressively contests the left on cultural issues rather than surrendering, that protects American sovereignty and strength, and that fights for ordinary Middle Class Americans who are left behind by the Democrats’ radical social, economic, and cultural agenda.

Nearly one year after he left office, it is clearer than ever that Trump is going nowhere anytime soon.

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11 months ago

May text you wanting donations caliming to be supported by Trump. I wish these people would be interviewed like Demorcat appointees. To many times they trun on the republicans.. 80 republicans voted for a vaccine data bace. Communist.. Mich after geting reelected voted to impeach Trump. many more .. plese if Trump supports interview them.

11 months ago

Draining the Swamp is greater in scope than just in DC, the work needs to be done down the ballot. Outing and purging RINOs will enable Trump and or his successors to continue MAGA without the back stabbing boasted of by traitors such as the ‘lincoln project’ who sabotaged implementation of his policies.

Miranda Elisa DeGroot
11 months ago

After 11 months of seeing and hearing the terrible management of this beautiful country by the Biden Administration; I miss DJT every minute. Thank goodness for this article! It makes you feel that you are not alone, and help is on are way. The MAGA and AMERICA FIRST PEOPLE just waiting for the moment to vote again and get rid of this none sense administration.

Peggy Hicks
11 months ago

If Trump decides to run, he should pick Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as his running mate. He’s already a force to be reckoned with in Florida due to his leadership during the pandemic, & he’s not afraid to challenge the current occupant of the White House vis-a-vis his ridiculous edicts. Both of these men are proven leaders who will put America First!!!

11 months ago

I am hoping that GOP comes up with a real good candidate for 2024 election. But, no matter what elections are held all candidates must be willing to accept the election results & concede for this country to continue as a Republic. For example, during 2016 debates with Clinton , Trump was asked if he would accept results of elections —and he answered will wait and see. Trump won & Hilliary conceded that night so Trump accepted results. Fast forward to the 2020 election and the aftermath of Jan 6th and no peaceful transition of power. That is not the nation that I want in the future. But, we need Republicans back in power for the good of America.

11 months ago
Reply to  johnh

Hillary may have conceded the election but complained that it was stolen from her for 4+ years even though no improprieties were discovered.

1 year ago

Thank God for President Trump!
America and American citizens always!

Robert Zuccaro
1 year ago

An asteroid will pass close to earth in a few days so there’s always hope for a direct (merciful) hit… but then Fauci would claim masks protect us from space dust as well.

Bill on the Hill
1 year ago

Overall a well written article… Matters not if Trump runs in 2024 or not.. Trump being out of the daily spotlight as POTUS has allowed him to really focus on the direction the Republican Party has to move…What Trump has accomplished these past ( 11 ) months or so as been nothing short of a miracle for the Republican Party, with his America First Agenda & MAGA initiatives for the GOP. Either get on board with this or get out of the way, which we see happening currently on BOTH sides of the aisle, however lest we forget what side of the aisle RINO’s really stand on…
Looking through all the clutter, this article is a message of HOPE for all Americans, even for those that refuse to acknowledge all the good Donald J. Trump has done & continues to do for this nation.
Bill on the Hill… :~)

1 year ago

To many, Trump is STILL our president. The Republican party desperately NEEDS a strong leader to influence the future of the party. If President Trump doesn’t run in ’24, he will endorse a strong candidate and will have an enormous amount of support.

Joanne 4 justice
11 months ago
Reply to  Rich


L. Bolhuis
1 year ago

Good! We need him.

KATHY Burkholder
1 year ago

I was disappointed to not see Mike Carey’s name mention as a supported by Trump candidate. He ran and won the District 15 run for Congress in Ohio overwhelmingly. He has already started voting and helping to rid of us of the terrible policies in place and future bills now in Congress.

1 year ago

There are a lot of new “leaders” in our government (many women) that are strong conservatives and are making a huge difference in the shaping of our government. A huge win for everyone. The fight is NOT over!

Mark B
1 year ago

Run or not, I like where he wants the country be.

Alexandra S. Fox
1 year ago

Excellent article, and GREAT news about President Trump’s work with our new-and-improved Republican Party.

The Woman
1 year ago

After reading this article I feel there is a great possibility that our America will survive this HORRIBLE Whitehouse Administration! President Trump (as I recognize Mr. Trump) who is STILL OUR PRESIDENT is still working 100% to Make America Great Again! Love you Mr. President Trump!

Joanne 4 justice
11 months ago
Reply to  The Woman

Yes I pray that America will survive the damage inflicted by the Socialist Dems -! These ” false politicians ” who specialize in creating disasters !!!!!!!!!

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