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Portland Rioters Using Coordinated Tactics to Launch Laser Attacks on Federal Officers

thirtyPowerful commercial-grade lasers have been used by rioters to hurt more than 100 law enforcement officers protecting the federal courthouse in Portland in recent days, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) senior official Ken Cuccinelli.

“We’ve had more eye injuries from lasers … these are commercially available that you are seeing used now in Portland to a degree that we have never seen before,” Cuccinelli told the Senate Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee on the Constitution Tuesday during a hearing on Antifa violence in recent months.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is chairman of the panel, while Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) is the ranking minority member. The hearing was entitled “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”

“We’ve had more eye injuries than I can ever remember among our officers in another incident,” Cuccinelli continued. “Of all our injuries, eyes are number one, 113 out of 277” injuries to DHS officers in Portland.

Cuccinelli is performing the duties of the Deputy Secretary of DHS in an acting capacity.

The DHS official testified that the commercial grade lasers are able to inflict serious eye injuries within seconds, due in part to the human eye seeing green much more intensely than other parts of the color spectrum.

“Your eye, the human eye, sees the green part of the spectrum more brightly than, say, red, something like 10 times brighter,” Cuccinelli explained.

“The body has about a .02 second look-away reaction and one of the challenges is, if you are not looking at the person who is assaulting you with the laser, you can’t figure out who is performing the assault,” he said.

Officers are often assaulted simultaneously by multiple rioters using the lasers in a clearly coordinated manner, he said. Such assaults are much more difficult for officers to defend themselves against.

“This is sort of the Portland formula. There is peaceful protesting until 10 or 11 pm, and then they go away and maybe some of them come back, but the group that comes back is, A, much bigger, but also, they come back for violence,” Cuccinelli told the panel.

Also testifying before the panel was Erin Neeley Cox, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas and co-head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Task Force on Violent Anti-Government Extremists.

In response to a question from Cruz, Cox said the FBI has launched “since May 28, over 300 domestic terrorist investigations. That does not include any potential civil rights violations investigations, or violent crime associated with the riots.”

Also scheduled to testify during the hearing was journalist Any Ngo, who has covered Antifa’s growth and activities since 2016. He came to national attention last year when he was physically assaulted by multiple Antifa members while covering demonstrations in Portland. Ngo told the subcommittee during his opening remarks that his family has received multiple threats of violence from members of Antifa.

During his opening statement, Cruz showed a brief video that contrasted peaceful demonstrations led by the Rev. Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement with a succession of violent scenes from the Portland riots that have been nightly occurrences for more than two months, as well as somewhat less regularly for more than a year before the present destruction.

Democrats on the panel offered few specific condemnations of the Portland rioters.

“Nobody is condoning violence by any one against any one,” Hirono said in her opening statement, but she devoted the majority of her comments to her contention that “white supremacists” were mainly responsible for the violence in Minneapolis following the May 25 killing of George Floyd by a local police officer, while accusing federal agents of “using violence and excessive force to break up these protests.”

Hirono accused Attorney General William Barr of directing federal law enforcement to use violent tactics in June “to clear Lafayette Square … so President Trump could get a photo opp in front of St. John’s Church.”

Protestors had set fire to the historic church near the White House, which has been visited by nearly every president following his inauguration.

“President Trump has ignored factual evidence showing that white supremacists have hijacked peaceful protests to incite violence and to stoke racial conflict such as in Minneapolis,” Hirono said.

A spokesman for Hirono did not respond to an emailed request from the Epoch Times for clarification on whether the Hawaii Democrat was suggesting that white supremacists were behind the nightly violence in Portland, or the illegal takeover of the Capitol Hill area of downtown Seattle, or of violence in other cities like St. Louis.

Reprinted with Permission from - Epoch Times by - Mark Tapscott

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Patriot Will
1 month ago

Senator Hirona is a smug traitor to the principles of the US and its Constitution. She has total disdain for conservatives and acts as if she cares more for anarchists and revolutionaries than decent law-abiding patriots. More Republicans should loudly complain that Hirona is a total disgrace to her office!

Joseph Harrington
1 month ago

These leftist politicians are obsessed with white supremacy. There are like 2 of them left in the entire country hiding under a rock somewhere. But there are tens of thousands of these violent leftist anarchists out in full view doing their damage. If democrats don’t recognize that or don’t want to recognize it, well not much you can do except vote against them in November. There has never been an election so important.

Guren Blonsky
1 month ago

With the resources that the Feds Have, they should have a laser sniper, and target those with lasers, sort of like fighting fire with fire.

1 month ago

These criminals not protesters or even rioters are malicious criminals that will affect these officers the rest of their lives WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY THE INTENT! They must be dealt with in the harshest ways!

Rodney Ernst
1 month ago

There should be no room for meetings, discussing what’s going on, and on and on. The evidence is clearly right in our faces. All this talk and no action to put a stop to all this. As I see it, all who agree to keep this going , being Democrats or Republicans, or what ever, comes under the banner of TREASON. They will be held accountable for neglecting to protect our country. These anarchists should be rounded up and forced out of the country. Anyone who sides in with destroying our country, wanting to get rid of the constitution and… Read more »

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Signs of organization IE MN, other cities those preplaced brick piles, Being backed by Soros, then who, China, UN?
Feds should use commercial Lasers , sonic weapons etc in Inventory today & std arms.
Make terrorists pay Dearly, blind 100 of them.
Use drones to plot caches for groups, etc.
Fight fire with fire IE Lasers alone.

1 month ago

Time to use whatever means necessary to put a stop to the violence and disrespect. These people are being paid by scumbag. Teach them a lesson. They are criminals.

1 month ago

I am hearing that BLM is demanding funds (extortion payments) from businesses in Los Angeles and demanding they put on the outside of their stores BLM Supporters and they will by pass those businesses when riots break out. What is our country coming to that these terrorist can intimidate business small and large to their criminal demands of extortion? May God pass judgement on these terrorist and please Lord let it be swift.

Geneva Runyon
1 month ago

While looking into who is bankrolling all this damage being done, they also need to be looking into the financial records of the mayors and governors who allow this to happen. These politicians are not allowing this to happen because they believe the world should be all sunshine and lollipops. I would say they would find some large amounts of money hidden somewhere in the politicians accounts.

Alicia Leaving Liberals
1 month ago

This is felonious assault!! Attacking another person with a dangerous weapon that could inflict serious injury. This has the potential to cause serious permanent injury. This is premeditated; and shows wicked, evil intent. If these protesters cause any officer to have permanent blindness; they should get maximum time in prison. Since, it causes the victim to have a permanent serious disability; maybe, the maximum penalty! No possibility for parole!

1 month ago

These are terrorist and should be charged with treason and sent to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

1 month ago

We have to find the source of the supplier of this equipment!!

1 month ago

This is totally wrong & is as bad as use of chemical weapons as the only intent is to cause bodily harm to officers. In this case, I think that officers have the right to protect themselves & use snipers to shoot anyone using the lasers. Also, anyone arrested with one goes away for a long time. They must put a stop to this terrorist tactic on American soil.

Joan Walsh
1 month ago


1 month ago

Honestly, something has got to be done. My feeling is gather them all, put them on a cruise ship by themselves, move them to the middle of the Pacific Ocean and leave them. No employees. Let them fend for themselves. Have just enough gas to get them in place and anchor.

1 month ago

All of this is not going to turn out well. If it is not taken care of, there are those who will take care of it! You can only push so far and these terrorists have gone far beyond that point. Are there protective eye gear to counter laser attacks? These people have no souls to do the things they are doing. This is all from the pit of hell!

1 month ago

Bring on theNational Guard!

PhyllisL Poole
1 month ago

This is hell! Do you want to go there?! The devil has been loose since the 1880s to take over our world This is the book of revelation in the Bible.
Our ONLY defense is prayer. And how often do YOU talk to God and ask His mercy.??! He will answer IF we ask.
SO. PLEASE. ASK!!! NOW. And often.

1 month ago

What does burning bibles & American lives have to do with helping cause of BLM ?? Some of these people are nuts.

1 month ago

when are we shot to kill show them what communism is all about before you have a civil war on your hand, why don’t the go after Soros and confiscate his money.

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