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American Sovereignty Under Fire

Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023
by AMAC, Robert B. Charles

What is sovereignty, and why does defending it matter?  In short, it is the very essence of who we are, in our persons and in our nation, and defending it is existential – to us as individuals and to the nation. Yet, bit by bit, centralized government, and our angling adversaries, aim to take it from us. They must not.

Let’s start with basics, because we so often forget the basics. Even John Stuart Mill, one of the early promotors of “utilitarianism,” or the idea that society should favor “the greatest happiness for the greatest number” was a staunch defender of personal sovereignty.  Your power over yourself is vital.

In one of his famous quotes from “On Liberty,” he notes of each individual: “In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is of right absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.”

Now take that basic idea, repeated endlessly in America, and apply it to our society – a society, founded on self-rule, collecting up votes, following the majority – with protection for the minority and individuals.

As a self-governing society, we – this nation we call America – have what amounts to a combined sovereignty, a collection of all our sovereignties that tallies to one big sovereignty, a right as a nation to make our own decisions, determine our own direction, and lead our lives as “one nation under God.”

Put differently, no other nation can tell us what to do – and no other collection of nations can tell us what to do – unless we agree, as we have with respect to certain international norms, principles, and liberty-loving laws – to give up that right.

By way of example, we have agreed to accept, to help promote, and even to enforce ideas globally that are consistent with our Constitution and Bill or Rights. These are ideas that do not reduce our control over our own destiny – as a nation or as individuals – but help to expand those ideas.

What we have also said, very clearly, by not allowing other nations to dictate to us, and by not allowing international courts or organizations to override US laws, Supreme Court precedent, or our Constitution, is that our citizens and our nation will never sacrifice our God-given rights to some international actor.

That is why we disagree with some nations, even allies, when it comes to our sovereignty. We guard it jealously, and will not be – or should never be – allowing any foreign nation to tell us what to do. The supreme power in this country is our Constitution, not some foreign entity of any kind.

If all this seems common sense, it is or always has been – until recently.  Recently, we have watched a strange turn and it is worth focus, and resisting with all our power. 

What we have seen is a growing debate, a contest, a battle of wills on the international stage for power over our sovereignty – with countries like China seeking to compel the US and each of us as citizens, to give up our God-given sovereignty, over our lives and our society, to international groups

The most obvious example of this attempt to coerce American compliance – to get us to give up our sovereignty – is the effort afoot to get other nations, and in time to get US leaders, to accept as an all-powerful, all-knowing expert on health issues, the World Health Organization.

This would, rather obviously, be a bad idea even if the group were composed of US allies, and was utterly objective – since it still involves accepting some international dictate as a substitute for Americans deciding, in our own way, what Americans will do on the health front.

But the movement is more insidious than that. Most watching closely understand the threat to American – and to each American’s – sovereignty.  That organization, not unlike several others, is heavily influenced by Communist China, and was heavily guided by China during COVID.

To allow US sovereignty to be hemorrhaged to any international group is contrary to our Constitution, and rather obviously, to Americans deciding their own fate. But to punt our constitutional rights to any international group effectively led by China would be utter folly, and indescribably dangerous.

Still, we see the Biden team gradually moving in that direction, content to please or appease China with whatever may forestall some military action by China, effectively giving away the farm to save the farm. This never works, and will not work here.

In the end, as most Americans likely know but more need to say, America is governed by and for Americans, with the singular aim of advancing the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” by all Americans.  We are governed by one supreme law – our Constitution.

The corollary is simple, but needs to be defended by all who appreciate our liberties – and their fragility. We will not be governed by, will never sacrifice our sovereignty to, any international body, nor to China.

If this sounds like high school civics, it really is – but somehow many of those in power today have forgotten, or would like to forget, the definition – and sacred nature – of American sovereignty. With American sovereignty under fire, we need to remind them – it matters.  

Robert Charles is a former Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, former Reagan and Bush 41 White House staffer, attorney, and naval intelligence officer (USNR). He wrote “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003), “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and is National Spokesman for AMAC.

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E. Jennings
E. Jennings
9 months ago

Great article, hope many take it to heart. Prayer is the only warrior like thing I can do with my current health situation, but as the Word of God said, that is sometimes the best weapon.

Ed J
Ed J
9 months ago

The equation on sovereignty here is very simple. If we do not explicitly express and uphold our nation’s sovereignty in each instance it is challenged (i.e., we “wimp out” through appeasement or other such dysfunctional actions or inaction), we will find ourselves down the road having to grab it back at some point by shedding blood in a war. Better to maintain our sovereignty moment by moment on an ongoing basis so our adversaries know how resolute we are. Prime example, if Trump were still President, does anyone really think Putin would have invaded Ukraine? Of course not!

Tim Toroian
Tim Toroian
9 months ago

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State (in caps, it means a country), the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Since our government cannot constitutionally take our arms, a foreign entity will have a serious problem. Blue helmets reflect light at night.

9 months ago

Dear World:
Well the first thing I hate the new way AMAC has chosen to do the comments. Sometimes I do not have time to write a comment but I sure have taken the time to read them. The fact that I do not see a place where we can VOTE is extremely disheartening to me. Oh and one other thing is that the font we are to write with is too small. I am now using prism glasses for close work like jewelry making. I will have to use them as the font is even smaller with all your “wonderful” new things the IT department has come up with.

Second I think Mr. Charles writes things so well. I wish that he was part of our family as I could not be prouder of all his writing skills and abilities. I know the marxist, stupid regime want us old people to die out as we remember how things used to be. If the wanna be president’s wife had a brain in her head she would not put him out to the wolves in sheep’s clothing. But I have said in the past he is s dirty old pervert and what is coming in the future he totally deserves. And they and all the woke stuff have knocked out all of my compassion so that at the age of 83 and having worked in places where I felt God sent me to I can say what I want and when I want to say it. Thank you for letting me expound and I shall see how long it takes for the comments to get onto the mainplace. Carol

anna hubert
anna hubert
9 months ago

I’d say talk less do more Don’t tell me show me

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