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AARP’s Financial Enrichment and Left Lobbying Reported

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2023
by Outside Contributor

American Commitment’s “Commitment to Seniors” project examines both AARP’s financial enrichment strategies and action and it support for Biden and Democrat policies and legislation. American Commitments Executive Director notes, ”AARP’s historic failure to advocate in the best interest of American seniors. There are a lot of questions seniors need answers to, whether it’s why AARP supported Obamacare or the reason behind the group’s ecstatic endorsement of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act.”

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6 months ago

AMAC should be ashamed of their support for Trump and DeSantis

6 months ago

Mar-a-Lago is filled with pornography. There’s a big stash of it at the governor’s mansion in Florida too. Two huge consumers of it are leading in the polls for the GOP nomination for president.

6 months ago

George Washington founder of our country
George Washington adulterer

6 months ago

AARP is better than AMAC

David Millikan
David Millikan
6 months ago

AARP supported obamacare because obama bribed them and gave them a lot of money.
If you remember the day before SWAMP QUEEN pelosi rammed obamacare through (NOBODY WANTED) the AARP was against it. Then all of sudden the day of voting on obamacare AARP supported it. It couldn’t pass without AARP’s support.
Why the immediate change? Bribery.
AARP helped ruin our medical care and medical privacy and rights causing outrageous medical bills and pathetic medical care (VAST MAJORITY OF EXCELLENT DOCTORS QUIT AND NOW WE HAVE LOSER WOKE DOCTORS).
Don’t take my word for it. Do your homework.
Look at the excellent doctors, excellent medical care we had and low insurance premiums before obamacare.

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