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Massive Deception – Democrats’ Infrastructure


The Democrats’ pending $4.7 trillion dollar Infrastructure Bill is a compound deception, not limited to $4.7 trillion, not “paid for,” not infrastructure. Democrat strategy – like Obamacare – is to speak lies with conviction, demand loyalty, concentrate power, spread fear, jam it through.

First, $4.7 trillion dollars – the $1.2 trillion “bipartisan” Senate bill and $3.5 trillion House bill, represents unthinkable spending, raising our $28.7 trillion national debt by a sixth.

Understanding how irresponsible this is tests language. This is a 45 with 11 zeros behind it – or $4,500,000,000,000. Each dollar earned by an American is then taken or assumed as debt.

Key fact: The middle class – roughly 52 percent of the country in 2018, more in 2019, less in 2021 – pays the nation’s tax bill. That is you and me. No amount of “taxing the rich” will reduce accelerating federal debt and spending. See, e.g., Which Income Class Are You?.

On the numbers, in 2021, the top one percent of earners – making $540,000 – earned 21 percent of income and paid 40 percent of taxes, while the top 10 percent (upper-middle class) earned 48 percent of income and paid 71 percent of taxes.

Incredibly, more than 107 million Americans – 60.6 percent – paid no income taxes, 59 million collecting federal welfare. See, e.g., COVID-19 Tax Relief Added to Increasing Share of Households Paying No Income Tax; Straight Talk On Welfare Statistics.

Overall, the federal government administers 80 welfare programs (not including those to which Americans contribute, such as Social Security and Medicare). Congressional Research Service reports the top 10 federal welfare programs grew by 378 percent since 1990. See, e.g., United States Senate Committee on the Budget.

Taken together, the lower and upper-middle classes pay the bulk of taxes – as they work, are most numerous, and are neither top one percent nor the bottom 60 percent. Forty percent carry-all.

No matter what Democrats say, we – the middle class – will pay for massive new spending. Making matters worse, Democrats plan to raise tax rates, pushing unemployment up, too.

At the same time, mass federal spending and debt trigger inflation since more dollars get printed without increases in labor participation, productivity, output, growth, income, or wealth. In other words, the dollars you earn will be taken at a faster rate and then devalued, even as prices rise.

Labor unions will ask for more money, which accelerates price increases and employment cuts (to pay higher costs), which reduces overall consumer spending, further slowing the economy.

What does that do? A shrinking economy shrinks the tax base – giving the lie to assumptions of a robust economy “paying for” reckless federal spending. Separately, inflation pushes the middle-class into higher tax brackets. This $4.7 trillion bill is a macroeconomic disaster.

Second, while $4.7 trillion is a mess, things get worse. As the Wall Street Journal observed, this is NOT a $4.7 trillion dollar bill. That, too, is a deception.

The real cost is far higher. Democrats are playing with language, placing traps that force higher spending. The stated price is a “phony number.”

Why? Because “Democrats are grasping for ways to finance their cradle-to-grave welfare state.” Beyond twisting “reconciliation,” the $3.5 trillion bill “hides the real cost of their plans.”

For example, the “child allowance” increase will cost $1.1 trillion over a decade but is extended only to 2025, with the expectation that dependence will force extension on the GOP.

Another trick is Medicare expansion, with limited benefits over two years, then spiking them in 2028, described as saving $500 billion, as the massive jump is delayed.

Another trap: The “universal child-care entitlement” gives $90 billion to states, but only for five years, enticing providers to raise costs yet only paying a seven percent of any family’s costs.

Elsewhere, the bill forces States to pay for “universal pre-K entitlement” costs over time. Ditto for mandatory “free” community college, which will be hard to reduce once online and will absorb students from paid educational institutions.

Other tricks, half-truths, time shifts, hidden lags, mandates, and pretend “savings” appear through the bill. See, e.g., Dems’ reconciliation bill has $6B transportation ‘slush fund’ that GOP aide warns could fund backdoor earmarks. The bill – is a lie.

Truth: This bill does not come anywhere near paying for itself. As the economy slows, costs incurred with higher obligations, mandates, taxes, and debt will multiply, with inflation and job cuts.

Notably, the Wall Street Journal confirms “the press has reported none of this,” adding, “do not expect an honest accounting from the Congressional Budget Office.” The bill is pure deception.

Third, bill contents are a disgrace, not honestly presented. One-fortieth of the bill is “traditional infrastructure,” while 39 fortieths redefine “infrastructure” as socialist largess, packaged as “must-have” federal entitlements, subsidies, and program growth.

Examples: Countless Democrat “wish list” programs, including within the $1.2 trillion bill “renewable energy,” “high speed internet,” “school and child-care” upgrades for water (traditionally state and local), “climate change resilience,” “electric vehicle” money, and vaguely defined “reconnection communities.”

The $3.5 trillion piece is worse, spending on leftist priorities, federalizing local programs, and gutting constitutional prerogatives – education and college to zoning and economic policy.

The list includes forcing “universal pre-K ,” “universal tuition-free community college,” “maternal, behavioral and racial health equity,” “pandemic preparedness” (maybe to include for elections?), “affordable housing,” “rental assistance,” “zoning” “public housing,” “clean electricity,” “weatherizing and electrifying homes,” “climate research,” money to “prevent wildfires,” “seek lawful permanent status” for immigrants, “community violence intervention initiatives,” “healthy oceans,” “low-income solar and climate-friendly” programs, “climate equity,” “green materials,” “electrification of the federal fleet,” a “Native Civilian Climate Corp” for Indian Reservations, and the list goes on.

Net-net, what does false price, false limits on spending, false payment scheme, open-ended socialist content mean? The Democrats’ “Infrastructure bill” is a massive deception.

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Steven H
1 month ago

Greed and power. So many lies. Our government is unaccountable and runs roughshod over those they swore to serve. Enough is enough!

Robin Walter Boyd
2 months ago

It is unfortunate that we cannot trust anything that the current Biden fronted regime in D.C. does. The installation of Joe Biden as president was a coup. Those who are in control of that coup, and now the U.S. government, are hateful Socialist billionaires such as George Soros and Communist China.
Socialism in the U.S. is nothing new. We had Socialists over a century ago when organized labor unions began infecting our work force. By 1912, there was enough Communist influence from Russian Jews fleeing Stalin’s brand of Communism to change our government drastically toward Socialism. FDR promoted more Socialism into the U.S. with the Great Depression. The big push was LBJ with his War on Poverty, which resulted in many more American citizens now being impoverished. In the eight years under George W Bush, we were led into more Socialism by Republican factions that dwell in the D.C. Swamp alongside Democrats. Obama was the next big push for Socialism, with Hillary Clinton expected to take up the banner. President Trump threw a huge monkey wrench into the Socialist machine, but Socialists were too powerful in the media as well as in all government agencies to prevent false accusations and the release of a deadly, Communist created virus, to allow Socialists to install Joe Biden as a puppet president.
We must always question all political moves by all politicians, regardless of their political party affiliation. The more politicians are able to become wealthy from being in politics, the less we can trust what any of them do.

2 months ago

I am continually amazed how politicians have no qualms about abusing the taxpayers by recklessly over spending our money, when they protect and hide theirs behind “foundation walls” and other means. If you check, the majority of them don’t even pay their taxes, yet the IRS does nothing to them. I’m sick of all this. I think we need a “people enforced tax holiday” against our government. Everyone withholds paying any taxes and doesn’t allow withholdings from their paychecks. Put the money in a separate account and hold it until our government officials balance the budget and quit spending. We choke them by withholding our money. They can’t operate without us, and we need to remember that. Also if we all are withholding taxes, they don’t have the ability to arrest us all. This is how you cut the head off of the snake.

David B.
2 months ago

Everyone on here who is retired, like me, brace yourself, for their “Plan” does not include us. Once they grab our saved retirement money, we will then be disposable. Like we never existed.

2 months ago

Given the DemocRats morphing in to a Communistic set of goals, policies, election rigging, and tactics, it is no surprise that they have reached a point where massive deception is the only tool they know how to maneuver with.

1 month ago
Reply to  Hal

The absolute insanity of it is that some still believe every word he says … and are happy about it.

2 months ago

I remember a case where a ship was so top heavy overloaded, while underway, rolled over, capsized and sank. This is the very image of this bill and our nation…..and it will be the death of this nation, if it passes. I have hammered my reps again and again, to fight these bills, tooth and nail. No compromises, no haggling, no discussions about reducing one part to expand another. It is the largest pork project since Swift meats began processing pigs. I have hammered every rep and senator I can get an address on, regardless of party….telling them no to do this to our nation. Not to put us in a hole so deep, even God can’t rescue us. Not to continue to be the idiots they have been. But all I get are form letter responses, invitations to donate to their “upcoming campaigns”, and worthless rhetoric. What else will it take to stop the madness?

Anthony Parr
2 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

They will need your money and your kids and their kids money to fix the problems down the road. Show me one, just one Socialist org. that didn’t “Potty and fall back in it” in history.

2 months ago

The dollar is going to crash and the political will to stop it is not there. Senior citizens are going to demand that the young – who know they will never collect a penny in SS – continue to fund their monthly checks. the same applies to Medicare. Single mothers are going to demand that everyone else continue to pay for their bastard offspring. Those dependent on Medic-aid are going to demand that we continue to pay for everything they need. Public employee unions and retirees will scream if anyone suggests cuts. Wait until local governments are faced with bankruptcy.

I have over half my assets in precious metals in my possession, not those bogus pieces of paper that in reality, are backed by nothing. My advice to anyone who has cash is to start making the rounds of pawn shops and coin shops to find minted gold and silver )Gold bars are easy to counterfeit). Buy only coins with no numismatic value and pay cash so no one knows you own it. That way the gov’t can’t do an FDR.

I’m moving to a rural area. When SHTF, even the suburbs will not be safe and Democrat run cities will be beyond my ability to describe without coming off like those people I thought were nuts 20 years ago.

2 months ago

What creeps these corrupt politicians are to the tax payers of America. They will never get the money they need from the RICH. They will take it from the middle class. Why do so many fall into their trap?

Enuf Said
2 months ago

America is on the road to becoming the Old Soviet Union. While Russia now appears to becoming what the USA ONCE WAS!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Enuf Said

Could be.

2 months ago

I can’t believe how blinded people have become, we are definitely seeing end times prophesy playing out before our eyes. Get right!

1 month ago
Reply to  Guy

They are blinded because they have no love for the truth. They would rather believe a lie and be damned.

2 months ago

America can you all really believe in all of this bullshit. Think about your grandchildren and their children. I don’t want to leave this world knowing I did this to my family. If any of you believe in this pork filled bag of lies then you were never for this country anyway. When you read this article see if you agree with the lies these communist people are making.

Mark L
2 months ago

Yup! Keep spending as much of our freakin money as you can you poor excuses of political crap!
You’re day is gonna come people are sick

2 months ago
Reply to  Mark L

I have not problem with people who argue that a lot of politicians and billionaires are going to have their heads cut off and stuck up on poles. I personally think secession is coming and the Federal Gov’t won’t be able to do anything about it. It could start in 2022 if the house elections are stolen.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
2 months ago

Bring it on. Quicker the economy tanks,maby the sooner a uprising will take place.. Kyle L.

Enuf Said
2 months ago

My wife and I are CWP holders, practice weekly and are ready to provide final rites for any THUGS– Biden’s main supporters, behind baby killing abortionists!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Enuf Said

Learn how to dispose of a body and do not believe the script writers whose work shows a body being dissolved in hydrofluoric acid. Do not use a credit card to buy your chemicals and have them on hand in advance of actual need.

2 months ago

It seems like AMAC is getting like the evening news. FOX and NEWSMAX. Same old stories told over and over again with a little spin on the wording. We know the spending bill is against us, How about giving us some ideas and leadership on what to do to reverse it. That would be helpful and refreshing.

Aine Coleman
2 months ago
Reply to  Mimi

AMAC is not in the congress or administration. Your Senators and Congressional Representatives are the ones to contact – they are responsible for this mess. We need term limits to get these career
politicians out and to bring in honest citizens to serve short terms to protect America, not sell it out for power and money.

2 months ago

The democrats were always good at sneaking pork into any bill ever written however with Obama they learned how to bulk up the pork and then lie about it while telling everyone how fortunate they are that they are in control!

Karel Henneberger
2 months ago

Has anyone talked to people who have come here from socialist countries? They know what it’s like. That’s why they emigrated. I’ve been to East Germany and seen what equity really means — it means everyone (except the elites) is poor. Wait 10 years to get a car, buy only in approved stores where items are limited, get the education the government wants you to have, need permission to travel across county/state lines, be permitted to leave the country only when you are no longer able to work. Yeah. Equity.

2 months ago

I am wondering now how people that come from soclalist countries living here feels about all this. Would they go back to their own country if our own becomes worst?

Anthony Dell'Isola
2 months ago

America is now in serious trouble and we are slowly being pointed towards Socialism or becoming a 3rd world country. Things have to change now or America as we know it will no longer exist.

Ron Howard
2 months ago

Nearly every thinking American knows that if things don’t change soon the great freedom loving America will be lost. And nearly a million or more Americans want to do whatever necessary to save and restore America. But the problem is that we have no organization, no leader heroes have stepped up, and information on what to do, and how to do it is lacking. The people are willing and we have the numbers, but until there is organization forming, leaders coming forth, and the guidance needed on what to do, and how to do it, we will continue to complain, and flounder, with no success.

2 months ago

As long as 59 million people are collecting some kind of government handout they will continue to vote Democrat and nothing will change.

2 months ago

Unfortunately we have too many ignorant, stupid people voting.

2 months ago

FRAUD,PURE AND SIMPLE! Fraudulant marxists who care ONLY about power, power to control you PERIOD! Dont fall for this lousy marxist wish list. Dont let them change the language. INFRASTRUCTURE IS ROADS, BRIDGES,SUPPORT STRUCTURE.Has nothing to do, NOTHING TO DO WITH social infrastructure. That is just garbage please dont fall for it again. You recal obama pulled this bait and switch on us. My dog created more shovel ready projects! Dont fall for this, call your congresperson, your senator, yell from the roof tops if need be but remember, your and mine, our grandchildren will have to pay for this garbage, You want that for your grandchildrne,their children? I dont think so!

2 months ago

The fact that this bill is a fraud, is not news! Everything this party has backed since emperor Obama was elected has been a fraud. All designed to take the USA into chaos.

2 months ago
Reply to  ‘Nonymous

So thanks captain obvious but what are you going to do about it? Not trying to pick a fight but i have called anyone who can do anything and that is what I am doing. I could use some help.

2 months ago

Thank GOD none of our current leaders from the GOP or many of YOU for that fact, were alive back in the seventeen hundreds when our country was engaged with the British. All I hear is a bunch of complaining, nobody is doing anything and there is absolutely no leadership…the water is circling and we’re about to be flushed down the toilet.

Before any of you jump my case, Yes I’m doing what I can. I’ve written my Congressmen and Senators,and getting involved wherever I can…I’m too old to do what really needs to be done!

2 months ago
Reply to  Steven

Bravo! Well said.

Chuck Zitting
2 months ago
Reply to  Steven

Never too old. Never underestimate a determined old guy. He will explode when it goes too far. When it erupts, he will never quit and it is about to go too far.
Thank you Steven. Good will be heard and freedom can never be forgotten.

2 months ago
Reply to  Steven

Get a damn gun and learn how to use it and shoot. Just don’t blow off your foot. Lol.

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