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Idle Wave: The Democratic Landslide That Wasn’t

McConnellDemocratic donors are feeling a lot lighter in the wallet this week, but how much do they have to show for it? While Fox News raced to call the House for Democrats, the real story behind the numbers is a crushing one for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). She didn’t just watch her majority shrink — she witnessed a foreboding flip of seats in solidly blue districts. Will she have control over the House when it’s all over? Probably, but from a much weaker position — and without a Senate takeover to cushion the blow.

It might be one of the most underreported narratives of Tuesday night, but when the dust settles, the GOP will have significantly outperformed in the U.S. House. Both parties, Politico points out, thought the congressional races would be a bloodbath. Democrats were supposed to win “a dozen seats in the House,” they explain, “and knock off a whole host of Republican incumbents.” Guess what? Those projections, like all the rest, were completely wrong. Instead, it was Republicans beating Democrats — and, more importantly, Democratic incumbents.

“They beat Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson after a few decades of trying,” reporters announced. They stunned in liberal strongholds like Miami, knocking off Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donna Shalala. In places like Staten Island, South Carolina, and New Mexico, the wins came tumbling in for Republicans. “And, to add insult to injury, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Cheri Bustos, is struggling to hang on to her Illinois district.” “So much for the election landslide,” the Wall Street Journal proclaimed.

“We defied the odds,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters triumphantly. After wasting a year on bogus impeachment charges and refusing to negotiate on any legislation of substance, the country’s message to Democrats seems to be: Start doing your jobs, or we’ll give them to someone else. For pro-lifers, who’ve been battling the most extreme abortion agenda in history, the GOP’s upsets are especially good news. The more they chip away at the Left’s majority, the better likelihood of success on things like the discharge petition of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Depending on where the final numbers end up, Republicans may finally be able to force a vote to stop legal infanticide. That, in itself, would be a major win for the unborn.

Of course, the biggest prize of the night was the U.S. Senate, where liberal activists had pumped tens of millions of dollars into defeating the GOP. But outspent, Americans quickly learned, does not mean outgunned. And within a few short hours, it was clear that voters weren’t ready to hand the keys to a party who threatened to blow up the filibuster, pack the Supreme Court, and unseat district judges. Pollsters, who insisted the Senate was a lock for the Left, had even more egg on their face when Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), the Democrats’ biggest target and shepherd of the Amy Coney Barrett nomination, won in a race that wasn’t even close.

Donors lost $90 million in their bid to unseat Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), a record-breaking $108 million to oust Graham, and another $24 million to dispose of Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas). When CNN’s Van Jones said that “a lot of Democrats are hurt and scared tonight,” he wasn’t just talking about the presidential race. The fact that the Left couldn’t live up to its lofty goals is proof that the party is in some disarray. Despite the advantages Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) had — not just financially but with their liberal megaphones in the media and social media — Democrats still can’t overcome the realities of their unpopular agenda.

With Michigan’s John James (R) still in the hunt, Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) up by two points, Alaska’s Dan Sullivan (R) double-digits ahead, and Alabama’s Tommy Tuberville (R), Iowa’s Joni Ernst (R), Montana’s Steve Daines (R) now safely in the win column, Republicans’ worst fears are put to rest. Within the next 24 hours, Senate control should be safely in the GOP’s hands — which, depending on what happens to the White House, may prove monumentally important. Not to mention miraculous, considering the obstacles they faced.

At least for now, while we watch the presidency swing from one candidate to the other, we can take comfort that this Senate will either be a check on a radical Biden or a boost to a second-term Trump. Either way, it’s a victory worth celebrating.

Tony Perkins’s Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.

Reprinted with Permission from - Family Research Council by - Tony Perkins

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Fiona A Klaus
1 year ago

Fraud needs to be handled with arrests, there needs to be consequences for EVERYONE that participated !

Last edited 1 year ago by Fiona A Klaus
Gary Keller
1 year ago

….wish just maybe a few Dems could / would , step up for Basic American values that ensures continued Freedom for all instead of staunchely defending their radical agenda against America (ns), therefore NOT participating in what affects the common citizen the most, in their Daily Life.

Opal hobbs
1 year ago

Why are elected Republicans in Congress and the House not defending President Trump

1 year ago

I hope that when they figure out the people who are behind all of fraud that they will be put away for real like. Bill Cosby, Jeffery Epstein, R Kelly, Michael Cohen, and all of the other people who have no respect for the country that they live in.
I also believe that the ballots should be counted by a ballot counting firm that takes a lie detector test maybe something of the sort or maybe affiliated with the church as to try and keep people as truthful as possible.
The dems trying to do what ever they can to get their way like out of control teenage kids that have no respect for anyone has got to stop…….They need to be held accountable for all of their actions and they are not above the law as none of us are. Can’t let them get away with it and it is time to start setting examples and holding firm to them!
(God is our provider)
God Bless the United States of America!!!?✝️??

aluminum head
1 year ago

I know people who got “3” mail in ballots each. The feds have to go thru these quick and ASAP. Mail in ( not absentee ) is bull. And the ( D ) communists know this. I will not watch ANY news till this crap is thrown out and Bye-then needs jail time along with his POS son.

1 year ago

Do you really believe that the R’s gained seats in the House, held on to the Senate and lsot the presidency? Do you?

The vote fraud is real.

1 year ago

It appears Fox News “raced” to claim a lot of things they shouldn’t have, especially the results in Arizona. Fox cares more about their ratings than they do about our country. Thank God we have Newsmax!

1 year ago

As an American this election concerns me greatly. 1) ballots being mailed out indiscriminately without the usual safeguards to insure votes are valid; 2) hundreds of millions of dollars donated by billionaires with their own agendas to buy the elections for Congress as well as president—we desperately need campaign finance reform to stop this from ever happening again; 3) the constant biased and edited “news” to prevent many Americans from even knowing facts about candidates and proven corruption; 4) the collusion of big tech and social platforms to prevent conservative views from being posted—since when is systematic censorship a responsibility of the media and social platforms where many poorly informed young voters get their news–Congress needs to either use Antitrust laws or remove these social platforms’ protection from lawsuit since they are being used for biased one-sided propaganda and at least one of them uses Communist Chinese nationals to decide if a post contains “hate speech” and is to be blocked from being posted and the huge browser monopolies need to be broken up; the “models” and polls are consistently wrong but impacts many voters and in effect are used for population manipulation and control. In all of my years as a voter I have never seen nor heard the degree of disrespect and venom directed toward a duly elected president–totally shameful behavior by both the mainstream “media” and leaders of the Democrat party in Congress. Regardless of the outcome of the presidential race of 2020 voters will be able to end the brazen attempts to turn America into a Marxist nightmare in the midterm elections of 2022 and by reelecting President Trump in 2024 if he is willing to put up with the constant attacks by the socialists. The propaganda terms “systemic racism”, “social justice” and “political correctness” have been consistently overused against us as a nation and I no longer give any credence whatsoever to anyone who uses them to excuse their own failures or to justify trying to destroy our country. The brainwashing that has been going on for decades in our schools K–12 as well as colleges and universities must be stopped. There is no mandate by the people to turn America into a socialist or communist country and attempts to do so will certainly backfire.

1 year ago

Who the heck is voting for the Dims? Increased Taxes, reinstate the death tax, late term abortions, increased illegal immigration, green deal, moving our jobs back to China, removing the tariffs on China after all China has bought the Biden’s and yea they have said they are coming for your guns, give D.C and PR 2 senators each Dims of course on and on and all for a 47 year corrupt racist political JB, yeah that’s right. Controlling the news along with high tech censorship is a legitimate step in Socialism-the Dims did this with no repercussions. So who the heck voted for this JB idiot? Shouldn’t there be a limit on how much money is spent during an election-it should be fair across the board? You know the only people that should be allowed to vote are U.S. Citizens with proper ID and a legitimate W2 form. People regardless if they are citizens or not should not be telling the rest of us who pay taxes as to where our tax money should go like late term abortions which I oppose et. al. And yes I worked in the Health career field for 25 years-most in the operating room. I don’t believe these election results for one second!

1 year ago

Here’s why I want Bustos to lose – several years ago on our local news, Bustos was shown telling people in nursing homes that the Republicans would take away their Social Security. She had them convinced, had them in tears, had one lady saying, “What will I do, what will I do?” The camera showed her walking away with a full face screen of her big, smirking smile, delighted that her lie had terrified those dear people. She is a monster.

Charles Harrell
1 year ago

Control is not something Americans deal well with. Believe this is more compatible with Castro made to the Cuban people – Mainly, he would teach all Children to read. Parents ran to that without checking, in this case all that was read was the Communist manifesto – all that provided was many good communist and a broke country. As our school systems continue to deteriorate parents continue to run towards believing the government will fix any and all problems – All it has done is make public figures millionaires and the people survient and controlled.

Ed J
1 year ago

It’s too bad more Demsheviks weren’t kicked out of office this time around. Let’s hope the Republican successes in the Senate and House races flows over into President Trump’s reelection race after all the voter fraud is dispensed with. We truly need more of this kind of sanity in our electorate. Time to start planning for the mid-term 2022 races with the hope of kicking even more Demsheviks out of office.

1 year ago

i beleive strongly the dem’s plan to push joe biden out and bring harris in to control THE SHOW ,,,,, BUT thank god for gop senate to hold the line ” KEEP AMERICA GREAT STILL! JIMBO

1 year ago

I will not vote again.

1 year ago

Now we can get back to raises for our inept teachers and bailing out California. Trust me, all 50 states will pay the California bill.

1 year ago

I will not participate in any of Joe Bidens “come together” bs. Yea I will pay his tax increases because I have to but I will raise hell
when the Paris accord is resurrected, when companies move back to China, when more illegals work for $.50 an hour and my tax money
pays for their health care, when the 3rd world Obamacare program is resumed, when the oil industry is shut down, when I am expected to
pay $70 K for an electric car, and when we once again tell Israel to go to hell. Screw him and them. We had a chance to avoid this but
we were too dumb or lazy to do it.

1 year ago

i don’t watch fox news like i did – they have turned into the dopey liberal scum that cnn and others are! you don’t declare you self a winner when you lie and cheat your way to the top like biden the bum is trying to do. the truth will come out and trump will be the winner

John A. Fallon
1 year ago

Out of state interference in elections should be illegal, dirtbags from new yuck and caliPORNia need to worry about thier own states and let us worry about our own, if they want socialism let them have it, IN THIER OWN CRAPHOLE STATES, grossly overpaid athletes and so called “journalists” and hollywierd elitists are the last people I would take advice from, all they care about is getting thier illegal drugs and illegal perversions, they are pathetic LOSERS that are not capable of inteligent thought.

Allan Brem
1 year ago

If the Dems had won most of the positions it would have been announced Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. We live an Nation peopled by far too many immorals.

Linda K
1 year ago

If the government can have a national database that tracks and contains the medical information for everyone, why can’t we have a national data base of eligible voters with photo ids and signatures?

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