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Executive Overreach – Biden Signs 17 Orders

BidenFirst day in office, Biden signed 17 executive orders. They are not good for unity, restoring trust, or soothing fears Democrats plan to “run the table.” Frankly, they are executive overreach.

Biden’s orders – sure to be challenged – are significant.  He was not renaming the Rose Garden for pansies, not announcing a pardon for America’s turkeys, or a new National Unity Day.

Many orders upend longstanding laws, reverse regulations, and push limits on executive action. There is more. He knew this was his plan while quoting Lincoln, talking peace, said saying his “soul is in it.” One wonders, in what?  If these were ready to be signed, whither the harmony?

What do these orders do?  Rather than pausing to explain and move legislation, he shouted “pull” and started signing. His orders command “immediate termination” of funding for the popular border wall, “putting an end to a key Trump campaign and administration promise.”  His order includes “immediate pause” in construction, redirection of funds – somewhere.

He revokes Trump’s immigration law enforcement priorities, ordering agencies to set “civil immigration enforcement policies that best protect the American people … in line with our values and priorities” – as if protection of borders, treaties, citizenship, health and safety, avoiding COVID, homelessness, sanctuary cities, drug trafficking and election concerns are not “in line with our values and priorities.”

He suspends deportation, ends third-country aid, undermines deterrence of caravans, restarts a citizenship for Americans illegally here before adult age, and rather than working with Congress, dispenses with them.  Boom-tick, simple scribble, done.

Metrics of concern vetting for possible terrorists from countries with metrics “concern” –identified during Obama – Biden plays the demagogue, ending Trump’s “Muslim ban,” which was never a Muslim ban.  He has staff say no more “religious animus and xenophobia.”  So, vetting for Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Iran is lifted.

The State Department is ordered to restart visa processing.  Look up those countries, terrorism indicia.  Non-partisan assessments of terror sponsorship pop these countries. Ironically, Trump’s State Department defended Chinese Muslims, saying their mistreatment – based on their Muslim faith – was genocide.  If this is unity, one wonders what disunity looks like.

Contrary to common understandings of law, historical precedent, concerns about resource distribution and electoral representation, Biden also ordered the Census to include non-citizens, including illegal aliens.  The decision reverses standing policy. It also casts a long shadow.

In another executive order – ignoring Chinese influence at the World Health Organization (WHO) – Biden “re-engaged” WHO.  As American tax dollars go there, one wonders. Without legal review, congressional dialogue, or transition discussions – which last month – Biden “re-entered” the flawed, income redistributing, highly questionable Paris Climate Accord, disregarding calls for legal review. Textually, the accord is anti-Western – ah, well.

For good measure, Biden revoked a range of Trump’s presidential proclamations, saying they “do not serve the U.S. national interest.” More seriously, assuring high energy prices, less energy independence, lower energy employment, angering tens of millions of Americans and Canada, Biden unilaterally revoked the permit for completing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Ah, well.

In an Orwellian twist, Biden dispatched staff to say the move was “imperative” to “address the climate crisis,” create “good union jobs” and promote “climate justice.”  The truth is opposite.  Cheap oil for Americans, will simply go to foreign markets – and get burned.  “Good union jobs” were and will be killed by that pipeline revocation.

And, okay, call me ignorant.  For the life of me, I wonder on “climate justice.”  What a word! Is that equality between clouds and sun.  What would America’s Founders, so intent on real justice, or Aristotle, Locke, Rousseau, Burke, Bentham, or Mills say? They would be stumped.

The idea is that different people – “groups of people,” you know identity politics – get more and less rain, wind, sun, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes.  This inequality is America’s fault, all man-made factors, carbon. As America is rich – having nothing to do with our noble history, hard work, struggling economy – we must pay.  Yeah, okay.  Watch for climate privilege” next.

What else? Biden signed orders creating an “us and them” in housing, demanding “affordable housing,” delayed payments, no evictions.  On one hand, that appeals during COVID; on the other one wonders how, like shuttered small businesses, those who live on rents survive?  Presumably, more rent-payers vote Democrat than rent collectors.  Wither harmony?

Biden pushed student debt cancellation.  Okay, two-edged sword.  Education depends on access, which requires loans if a student believes in himself, aims to learn and rise economically.  But what lesson is taught by ending responsibility for debt, and what do the lenders get, and who repays the loan?  Answer:  You, taxpayers under a heap of debt.  Easy answer, but right?  No.

Other orders hit “racial justice and equity,” interesting as West Coast cities are attacked by ANTIFA.  One order redefines “equity” (equality), as if a new word.  It lists identity groups, really voting blocks, that Biden will now help.  Uniting Americans? Hard to see that.

Add reversal of Trump’s regulatory relief, framed as regulatory “freeze” – but truthfully, a freeze on regulatory reduction, Orwellian twist on words.  The irony is that reduced federal regulation created the best US economy in 70 years and helped every demographic.

Then – you knew it – Biden went for social engineering in the military, putting readiness – as defined by those responsible for assuring it – below access to service by the “transgender community.” Hmmm.  The natural extension is subordination of readiness-centric discriminators, weight, height, strength, intellect, age, mental fitness, moral character, psychological fitness (e.g., for security, spec-ops, submariner) to social equity.  Wars are not won on equity; they lost for readiness.

Likewise, Biden sidelined historic policy blocking US dollars for foreign non-government organizations promoting abortion, the Mexico City policy or Hyde Amendment.  Biden – putatively a practicing Catholic, albeit condemned by cardinals – greenlighted abortions on taxpayer dollars.  That will also be challenged, but it does not spell unity.

One must ask – is this how a “unifying” president acts, on a dubious mandate?  How a president seeks to lower the temperature, assuage fears of those who doubt him, did not vote for him?  One wonders what the future holds.  This is overreach.  Let us hope listening, respect – start soon.

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Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago

I went to college in my 40’s and was around many just out of high school. I would hear them discuss how horrible a particular professor was and in the next breath talk about all the parties they had gone to in the last week and were planning on attending. The professors weren’t horrible – they just expected students to be there to learn and to complete the necessary work. I often wondered how many of the young students were paying for the college themselves. This was a community college so didn’t have the horrendous fees the others do. My life experience, of which I have much, has taught me that if you don’t pay for it, you don’t appreciate it. Thus, student debt should not be forgiven (those before had to pay theirs) and college should never be free.

Deb Atkins
1 year ago

Biden Is not my president, never ever…

1 year ago

He can sign as many EO as he wants since they’re not real and have no meaning. They are fake just like he is. Signing with left hand Biden was right handed. Signature is not Biden’s. Oval Office is not real either. Wake the hell up!

Pat R
1 year ago

My comment to the last sentence of this article — DON’T COUNT ON IT.

1 year ago

What do you expect from an illegitimate president? One who was elected from ballots hidden under tables and trucked in at 4 in the morning.

1 year ago

We can wait till it gets worse, or do something now. But what, they’re corrupt and nothing seems to bother them. They just do what they want.

Judith Dorson
1 year ago

I sure hope the folks that said anybody but Trump are taking a long hard look at what they have done to their country!! And when they decide he’s not fit to serve we will have lefty Kamala to deal with. That should keep you awake nights!

1 year ago

The majority of Americans did not vote for all this crap. We need a president for the USA; instead we have a fake potus for the globalists, illegal immigrants. Does the bidding for CCP, Iran, Russia.
No. We do not have a “Climate crisis” we have ABUSE OF POWER CRISIS.

1 year ago

We can also thank the Rhinos for doing nothing. So much evidence of corruption especially Obamagate and they are still sitting on it. This is the most corrupt gov and just like any other time it carries on to take advantage of the people who pay for their lavish lifestyles while sticking it to them!

JC Pearce
1 year ago

Doesn’t anyone remember how Democrats spent 4 years attempting to block EVERY Executive Order issued by President Trump by finding a Federal Judge to issue an injunction against it? And doesn’t anyone remember that President Trump appointed three Supreme Court Justices and 234 Federal Judges to their places on the bench? And doesn’t amyone remember that 34 of our 50 states have Republican governors and legislatures? So WHY is nothing being done in response to the hideous and destructive EOs being issued by Biden?! PLEASE! SOMEONE TELL ME!

1 year ago

All just to overturn everything Trump did..not for the good of the country but because of pure hatred!!

Jeannie Huppert
1 year ago

Did you see the one about when biden signed ANOTHER of 30-some exec. orders, & he SAID, “WHAT AM I SIGNING?”

1 year ago

i guess we have heard the last of the illegal actions of biden and his son ! another political crook gets away with something if you and i did would be put in jail for ever. another crooked public servant that screwed us !

Never Biden
1 year ago

So will we charge Biden with the impeachment that he so richly deserves ? No. We are a
gutless nation and will let him and the dims destroy us. Why ? None of us value our nation.
So we will get what the dims give us. Easy. Right ? Just sit back and be destroyed along
with the future of your children and grandchildren. Are we happy now ? We are finally over
4 years of Trump’s populism. We never believed that America ( not america but the US) was
ever great. How dare we think that obscene idea . We are a worthless nation and should
ask the UN to take over our county. Our govt should resign and be replaced by a UN
commission to reform north america. I feel so guilty.

1 year ago
Reply to  Never Biden

Too honest an assessment for this crowd. You are of course correct that most of the country simply lacks the will and conviction to actually DO ANYTHING to push back against the left. Lots of talkers, but very few doers.

Never Biden
1 year ago

Biden knows what to do . He follows Obama/Hillary orders and is a good soldier. Not a leader.
He dosen’t know why but will sign any order to shut down big oil. The dims can’t stand the idea
that the US is the is a net oil exporter. They crave petroleum dependence on Russia/OPEC. They are determined to revive OPEC to get us to $6.00 per gallon gas. They want you to move out of your home so they can give it to illegals. Biden has shown us in less than a week that he has no
plan to provide the Trump vaccine to any of us. Millions, probably 10 million, will die due to his
intentional plan to kill us. He is a communist who wants to wreck us and we deserve it because we
voted for him. Biden is an ordinary communist. We willfully gave him the power. Enjoy it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Never Biden

Agree. Although I know what you mean, he is not a soldier. He is a traitor since he and the rest of the radical left have sold out America. They have taken money from our enemies like China and Russia and have undermined our Constitution and they do not listen or act according to our LEGAL CITIZENS. All need to be kicked to the curb. Old Veteran.

1 year ago
Reply to  Never Biden

While agree with your assessment of the horrible issues we are now facing under the pretend presidency of Biden (probably have him stuffed and poseable if he croaks), I honestly believe that we did not give him the power. I have no doubt that the election results are make believe and that fraud was committed by the Democrats. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court failed to accept and look at the evidence before making a decision not to hear the case. There is just to much evidence and all of us knew this would happen if there was a massive mailing of ballots and we sure saw it first hand. We cannot let the Democrats make voting rules that Constitutionally are not theirs to make and to usurp the Constitutional duty of the Legislatures in each of the states.

Danny Estridge
1 year ago

The only thing I can say is Thank God I’m old. Biden is a shell of himself, thought he was kinda cool when I was stationed at Dover AFB, but now? He never did anything in the Senate, he was Oblama’s yes boy, he fought to keep his son out of jail, so far. Outside of his first two weeks of screwing Americans, what has he done? Increased pollutions, cost over 10,000 jobs, not including jobs supporting those jobs. I can go on and on, right now I’m trying to decide if I should learn Chinese or Russian, he’s that big of a sell out. I wouldn’t have to worry if Trump hadn’t did the Operation Warp Speed. If Trump hadn’t did that, at least I could look forward to a quicker death, instead of a death by a thousand cuts. Thank God I’m old.

1 year ago
Reply to  Danny Estridge

Learn Chinese. Russia is nothing but a third world government with nuclear weapons left over from when they were actually a true military threat. China on the other hand is both an economic and military power in every sense of the word. They hold sway over dozens of countries around the world and the CCP is deeply committed to relegating the United States to a glorified welfare state dependent on them for everything.

JC Pearce
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Learning to speak Chinese is a waste of time, not to mention an outward sign that you have caved to the enemy. It won’t make them like you. They’ll just laugh at you. And you still won’t understand.

M. Beaumont
1 year ago

The results will be, higher fuel and energy prices, thousands of good jobs lost = reduced tax dollars and lower income for those effected. Higher taxes for the rest of us to make up for loses. Stifeling of free speech, a weaker military, open borders, millions of illegals flooding our southern border and all in his first week. God help us as to whats to come. Sounds like George Orwell’s 1984. We have gone from Make “America Great” to “Make America a Third World country”. I don’t know how long Freedom loving Americans can put up with this Democratic Socialism, or more like Communism.

1 year ago
Reply to  M. Beaumont

Maybe the Dems should start distributing booklets on how to adapt to life in Venezuela? It is where we are headed except that we will have to learn to speak Chinese or have the translation app on our phones.

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  M. Beaumont

You forgot bankruptcies for those who bought a home based on their income for approval and are now supposed to take minimum wage jobs! This in turn will probably create more homeless people as well. Those in power are unable to look beyond their noses when they do something….

1 year ago

biden takes “I have a phone and I have a pen” to a whole new level.

Victoria Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Centurion

You can relax. It’s just Obama at the other end of the line. Biden is just his proxy for his third term until they replace him with Commie Harris.

1 year ago

I can’t find my comment. Perhaps Amac has joined the cancel culture? The people who are against love of God, neighbor, and laws, are Satan’s minions. God who owns this universe, is allowing Satan a time to prove what he thinks is true, that is that he is greater than God. At this time, as predicted many times 1000, to 2000 years ago, things controlled by lawless ones and the ultimate lawless one, Satan, will get worse as we head into the tribulation period. The only way to be saved from this time is to claim Christ Jesus as your savior. All you need to do is ask as He is waiting for you. You have free will, so you have to make the choice. We would not have come to this point if most people had loved God and their neighbor as them selves. The behavior of people and nations is predicted, and Jesus said,
So also, when you see all these things, you will know that He is near, right at the door.”

1 year ago

Just another spineless politician ruled by the democrat left spineless republicans failed to mount a real challenge over the years. The dems had a plan employed by the CCCP. A journey of a thousand miles because with one step. The republicans failed to challenge at any point, even when they had someone with guts in office.

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