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Despite San Francisco Setback, George Soros Doubling Down on Progressive Prosecutors

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


Last week’s recall election ousting progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin was a resounding rebuke of the progressive legal movement and a repudiation of the far-left push to dismantle the criminal justice system. The final results – over 60% of highly liberal San Francisco voters voted “yes” on the recall question – sent a powerful message to liberal billionaire megadonor George Soros in particular that his attempt to single-handedly undermine the American justice system may be in serious jeopardy.

An avowed “deincarceration” advocate, Chesa Boudin came into office with a promise to radically upend the current justice system and remained steadfast in this aim even as crime rates skyrocketed across the city. Like other progressive prosecutors around the country, Boudin essentially stopped prosecuting crimes like robbery and drug possession, refused to do anything about open-air drug sales, and ended cash bail, among other progressive “reforms.” Unsurprisingly, San Francisco soon became one of the most crime-ridden cities in the country, as many stores were forced to close entirely when Boudin’s office refused to prosecute shoplifters.

Despite clear frustration among voters with Boudin’s policies, he originally dismissed the recall as “millions of dollars in lies.” Boudin insisted to the end that the recall campaign was only supported by rich San Francisco Republicans (even though vanishingly few remain) and that minority voters would continue to back his policies. Instead, it was minority voters who played a key role in sending Boudin packing.

The results in San Francisco have many pundits questioning if the progressive prosecutor movement – primarily funded by Soros – may be on the cusp of a widespread reckoning even with typically-liberal voters this fall and beyond. After all, if a progressive movement can’t survive in San Francisco, where can it?

According to a new Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) report, Soros has financially backed and successfully helped install at least 75 “social justice prosecutors” over the last decade. This small cadre of radicals “represent more than 1 in 5 Americans or more than 72 million people, including half of America’s 50 most populous cities.” While Soros did not directly fund DA Boudin’s election in 2019, several Soros-aligned groups have backed Boudin publicly, and Soros himself personally invested a million dollars to oppose his recall.

In total, Soros has spent more than $40 million in direct campaign spending to get prosecutors elected. His spending campaigns were so aggressive that from 2018 to 2021, he spent $13 million in just ten races. In each race, he was by far the largest single booster and, in some, represented 90% of all election dollars spent in the race.

District attorney races are, traditionally, “low-dollar” elections. Most have campaign budgets of a few hundred thousand dollars and rarely exceed $1 million. By targeting and flooding the election field with so much money, Soros aims to effectively buy the elections for his chosen candidates. A series of interconnected and overlapping organizations allow Soros to circumvent campaign spending laws and spend his vast wealth in elections across the country.

The rubric under which candidates receive funding from Soros is a shared commitment to “social justice” reform. District Attorneys have tremendous power via “prosecutorial discretion,” which Soros hopes to use to “transform” the criminal justice system. This means that progressive policies that are too unpopular to pass as laws can be implemented via a prosecutor’s refusal to prosecute them. In the case of most Soros-backed DAs, this ended cash bail, incarcerating people only as a last resort, and even refusing to prosecute certain crimes.

Following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots, crime began to spike across the country. These prosecutors’ refusal to hold criminals accountable led to skyrocketing crime in many major American cities. Multiple viral videos showed criminals raiding and looting stores with impunity. Those few who were arrested were often released within hours. The LELDF report notes that in 2021 “over 40% of U.S. Homicides” occur in the district of a “Soros-linked prosecutor.”

But despite this latest backlash against his movement, Soros appears to be doubling down on his funding efforts. LELDF President Jason Johnson stated following the Boudin recall that “Soros isn’t done yet – he’s already spent another million so far this year on his hand-picked district attorneys… Soros is using that campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda.”

Last week, for example, it was revealed that Soros is bankrolling a new Latino Media Network. This would constitute “18 Hispanic radio stations across ten different markets.” The goal appears to be to promote the progressive propaganda to Hispanics, a demographic Democrats have struggled with in recent elections – and which played a large role in ousting Boudin.

With billions of dollars at his disposal and a complete unwillingness to reevaluate his positions, it’s likely that average Americans will still have to contend with Soros-backed prosecutors for some time. However, voters in San Francisco showed that no matter how liberal a city’s reputation is, Americans of all political stripes won’t put up with uncontrolled chaos in their streets. That means no matter how much money Soros pours into local races, the progressive prosecutor movement’s days may be numbered.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture. 

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Peg Messare
2 days ago

Could we find a list of businesses that Siri’s owns do people can stop supporting those businesses? It seems he (Soros) has an endless income. It would be nice to see the public taking their money elsewhere and watch his empire fall.

15 days ago

Why has this vile, communist, piece of garbage, and his evil sons, not been deported and banned from America yet?
Is it really true that 80% of our politicians are beholden to this piece of evil filth?

18 days ago

I have read the first 20 email letters i response to this article. I believe that one person spoke about his “sons” continuing on. I have always spoken of them as spawn. There is no reason that I want to die now and go to HELL where I know he will go along with all the sicko (evilly) lefty people who I know will go there! I like that the people in this country are FINALLY waking up and can see what these terrible “useful idiots” (lenin) have done to us “the people”. I was 82 years old yesterday and all I want to do is continue in my health care profession but God has other plans for me? I will never give up but my work overseas in countries where there is communism has finally brought me down with this Parkinson’s diagnosis. I wish I had the time to finish alll of the emails but I hope that someone brought up what this terrible monster did to his own people during the Holocaust. And after I get off I shall be checking on Irene Sendler and the exact year she was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize as I had always thought it was the same year it was given to obama for doing NOTHING! My not capitalizing the names has nothing to do with typo’s or that I am so dumb but is the way to show NO RESPECT! And I have not one twit of respect for george soros! Thank you, Carol

18 days ago

Why is Soros still allowed to do this ? His sorry A$$ needs to be deported and never ever allowed back into this country

Bill C
18 days ago

Nearly everyone who attended the WEF is a threat to our way of life. When greed for wealth no longer satisfies, power and control are next. People who think they are financially secure right now will call us whining underachievers, but beware, noone is safe!

Bruce A Forbes
18 days ago

How many crimes committed in areas impacted by Soros money has his $40,000,000 paid for? How many rapes, beatings, thefts, home invasions, murders and other injury to our American population do we tolerate? Did we not decide that those who attack us will be dealt with! Can’t we use every means to remove the source of the threat? For all those who suffered from criminals set free by Soros money, I propose we look at Soros as a rogue nation with weapons of mass destruction or at the very least, use Special ops to reach out and tell him, enough is enough!! If he’s in the US, certainly there should be every effort to make his life miserable. If main stream media lacks the integrity or courage to continuously expose the damage he inflicts, then we must find ways to hold them accountable for consorting with the enemy. We are at war with elements who like Soros, are delusional haters, incapable of integrity or honor and sharing the goal of destroying our nation. No more compromise. We are slipping down a slope of no return. Time to set this nation back on the path intended by our founders.

19 days ago

I think US should deport Soros back to Hungary or Israel and let the people of those countries ‘take care’ of the worthless POS…like hanging him from a tall tree in the town square.

John A.
19 days ago

Jan. 6th = Distraction, they are trying to distract us so we won’t catch them cheating again in the elections. If gas is cheap you can’t push your electric car on people!! Not my grandfather’s democrats!! Sickens me!! Glad I opened my eyes!

19 days ago

Why are we still allowing this Enemy of our country to remain here??? His own country got rid of him, so why are we allowing him to use his millions to ruin The United States of America???

19 days ago

George Soros is an insurectionist. He needs to be arrested and stand trail for his crimes against America!

Bill T
19 days ago

Hungary literally deported him as an enemy of the country and people, why are we allowing this demon destroy our democracy and harm our people with all these payoffs to our corrupt politicians

19 days ago

Soros should be stop at any coast, and mean any. You can take it anyway you want. He is such a evil socialist and his family. I’m surprised nobody has. This is a free country but socialism is a crime if you read it the right way

18 days ago
Reply to  Ed

Sad fact is once he dies and I pray soon, his darn sons will take over and continue . And the kids are always more revolutionary than the parents . Imagine that . Murdoch kids destroyed fox and the Wall Street journal .

18 days ago
Reply to  Ed His family will continue to push democrat policies

19 days ago

Go underground and you will see wanted posters for Soros and minions. It doesn’t say Dead or Alive.

jim pollino
19 days ago

Why is this guy able to walk free while committing treason? Two things come to mind. C. I. A., And reptilian.

Steven Tapper
20 days ago

First of all George Soros is not an American. He did come to this country and worked on Wall Street where he made his fortune. He lives in Europe and hates this country to brought him wealth. He has paid for so many liberal Democrats that he is free to poison our country without worrying about being held accountable.

But he is now finding that the American people are fed up with his back door political philosophy and will no longer put up with his direct or indirect interference into our Criminal Justice System. Another of his hand picked candidates, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore City’s States Attorney is facing the same issues that has caused Boudin to be removed from office. She too has failed to prosecute violent criminals and not charge anyone for virtually any crime. We are experiencing the continuation of increased murders every year. She is at odds with the Police Department and most of her staff has quit. She and her husband, Nick Mosby, are under federal charges of misusing their retirement funds to purchase vacation homes in Florida. Not only are we going to see a dramatic loss of Democrat Seats in both the House and Senate become Republican, we are going to see many of these Soros candidates lose their jobs as well. Reckoning Day is fast approaching!

19 days ago
Reply to  Steven Tapper

It’s always fun when the music is playing. But when the music stops, so does the fun part. As the old saying goes: then there’s hell to pay!

Sean Richman
20 days ago

Soros get out of my life an get the hell out of my country.You are nothing but a self centered weasel.

19 days ago
Reply to  Sean Richman

That’s an insult to weasels.

18 days ago
Reply to  Granny26


18 days ago
Reply to  Granny26


Thelbert R Murphy
20 days ago

soros should be lock up and tried for murder and treason , he is a insane nut case that’s bound for a devils hell !

20 days ago

It’s about time liberals and conservatives hold these elected positions with requirements. This means holding our elected officials accountable for every vote, every discussion on MSM. Time to demand that they correct the current issues or be voted out of office. This is a great country so let’s elect the people on both sides of the aisle to make it happen.

20 days ago

How does this even happen? Since when does some old demented man run our court system? Why Is he still alive?

19 days ago
Reply to  Tony

as long as there are “USEFUL IDIOTS” this problem will always be with us.

19 days ago
Reply to  Tony

We also have an ‘old demented man’ running our country…need to get rid of both of them.

Marie Langley
20 days ago

Soros is a dirty commie and needs to go live in Russia!!!!!

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