Chinese Bid for Washington Metro Contracts Is a Major Security Threat

train railroad rail china control Chinese Washington metroA Chinese state-owned company is bidding for a more than $500 million contract to supply rail cars for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and the contract should be raising eyebrows in terms of finances and security.

The company, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC), is based in Beijing and is the world’s second-largest construction and engineering company. It is owned by the Chinese regime’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Being owned by the Chinese regime means it’s held under Chinese law, meaning that any data it collects through Wi-Fi or sensors will be liable to Chinese data monitoring laws.

Under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) National Security Law, all data needs to be “secure and controllable.” The CCP has large-scale data monitoring programs under its Golden Shield censorship system, its Skynet surveillance system, its Social Credit System to track and rate citizens, and others.

Erik Olson, vice president of the Rail Security Alliance, told The Epoch Times in a previous interview that trains today are fitted with numerous systems for monitoring, which could be compromised if the CCP were able to control the rails.

Modern trains have closed-circuit cameras, internal Wi-Fi, and various types of sensors that can collect data.

Reuters published a story on the potential Washington Metro deal on May 9, claiming that “national security hawks” are circling in on the contract potentially going to China. It questions why a state would be interested in spying on people using subway cars—yet for Washington, the answer should be obvious.

If the CCP was able to receive data from the Wi-Fi networks, security cameras, and other sensors, it would mean the data of any government officials using those networks could be compromised. For example, Pentagon officials checking their email on the networks could have their passwords stolen.

It also would mean that the CCP would be able to track the movements of individuals and those they’re traveling with, as China’s facial recognition technology is among the most advanced in the world. FBI agents meeting with sources could have their sources compromised, and government officials having improper meetings could be blackmailed. The CCP could extend the same systems it uses against its own citizens into the heart of U.S. politics.

Reuters doesn’t explain that CRCC is not engaged in a normal business competition.

Being state-owned, the company doesn’t need to make a profit. This allows it to bid below cost and push out competitors. And it often bids at a significantly lower amount than any honest competitor could afford.

CRCC has shown its ability to dominate markets using this method in Australia. After it was allowed into the Australian market close to 10 years ago, it eventually acquired one of the three main Australian rail companies, and the two others went out of business.

The Chinese company already has been using the same tactic in the United States. Olson said that in Boston, CRCC was bidding at about half the price quoted by its competitor.

“The Boston one is particularly interesting because the second-lowest bid was from Bombardier, which was around $1 billion, and CRCC came in at $569 million,” Olson said.

“[CRCC] don’t have to make money, so they can do whatever they want.”

Some cities are going around federal regulations so they can work with CRCC. In Boston, for example, the local government waived federal funds so they won’t be held accountable to President Donald Trump’s 2017 “Buy American and Hire American” executive order.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Joshua Philipp

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3 years ago

As President Trump understands, China is our biggest enemy. If allowed to win this contract, all of our information would go directly to China. China is seeking world domination without firing a shot in a war that will not be fought on a battlefield. We as Americans need to wake up to this threat. Back our President on this folks.

The OLD Warhorse
3 years ago

Bombardier is a Canadian company. Last time I checked, Canada is a close ally. Soooooo, why not buy from them. Of course, some enterprising company that knows how to build extruded aluminum structures; say a Boeing, Lockheed, or any of several truck and auto manufacturers could do something shocking and start building rail passenger cars here. What a novel idea!

3 years ago

If the USA government would stop dealing with communist governments we would be more secure. Tell them to change or starve.

Jennifer Ng
3 years ago

It’s dangerous to let the Chinese win the bid. They control anywhere globally of people’s data. They want to control the world like how they do to the people in China. They can persecute anyone who disagree with them. They want people to worship them like God. Christianity is not accepted in their regime. Since they don’t need the money, it’s safe just to keep focus on our business in the U. S.

3 years ago

How much dumber can we get?

3 years ago

Keep this in AMERICA…China all ready has to much stake in USA.. keep these contracts in America and let our labor force have the jobs…. who ever suggested this needs to be sent out of the country… KEEP IN THE USE MAKE AMERIC GREAT…. STOP ALL THIS NON SENSE.

3 years ago

We have companies in the US that make them. We need to utilize them

3 years ago

I bet every one to the cities that are working around President Trump`s orders are run by lib-tards and have been for decades.

3 years ago

Our c mmunists have greater loyalty to international c mmunists than to their own country. It really is that simple. ‘Nice’ people cant concieve of this so it doesnt exist for them, the same way termites dont exist for people as a reality until they see a swarm or step thru chewed up floorboards. Of course, once termites are obvious much damage has been done. This is where we’re at. Trump as the orkin man shows up and millions focus their anger on him because of tangential issues. Still, i think there are people in all of our lives who might listen if we try.

3 years ago

Buy American / Hire American

Brenda Blunt
3 years ago

USA should be using only American companies and workers. USA does not need another government monitoring our citizens in any way shape or form.

William Cody
3 years ago

I am not worried about the tariffs. I have always done my best to by American produced goods even when it costs me more.
Bring the manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.A. NO WAY we should buy ANY industrial products from communist China.
We are then only slitting our own throats.

3 years ago

There’s nothing to stop radical left liberals from doing the same kind of monitoring and tracking of citizens on American-made equipment. So, the basic issue really is underbidding American manufacturers. There ought to be a way of granting preferential treatment to American companies, perhaps through designating foreign manufacturers as vendors of last resort, who can bid only for contracts which cannot be satisfied using American products or personnel.

Jean Barnes
3 years ago

No foreign person or entity should own or invest in an American Company. You must be a citizen to have any influence on our Country.

3 years ago

I would definitely not want the China owned company to get the job.

For moral, ethical and security reasons.

Keep the job here at home!

Robert N.
3 years ago

Great opportunity to give this to a 100% U.S. company and spend all the money in the U.S. and give China NOTHING! Every dime we spend with China is being used to bring us down… when we go to the stores we cannot even find U.S. goods… we need everything in our store to have a U.S. alternative and there needs to be a law that does this. We also need laws that eliminate taxes for all U.S. owned businesses… 100% U.S. owned. Another one that reduces taxes for 100% U.S. and republic allies like Israel. If U.S. businesses that are 100% U.S. in their ownership and sourcing and all aspects have no taxes they will take off. Another good thing to do is to Replace 2% of the federal income tax rate with a sales tax on new goods that are none critical (no tax on 100% U.S. grown and owned foods). The goal should to to help 100% U.S. owned and sources and based small businesses.

Nothing to China and require ALL imported sellers to manufacture 1% more of what they sell in the U.S. each year in the U.S. made with all U.S. citizen employers and management… basically outsourcing their products to the U.S. 1% per year so that in 10 years 10% of their U.S. psold product has to be be from 100% U.S. owned and sourced businesses.

Nancy Fedell
3 years ago

What the hell are they even thinking/

Gunny Joe
3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Fedell

They do not thinck1 Who controls the city government in DC?! The dems!!!!!!!

Nancy Fedell
3 years ago

What the hell are they even thinkingz/

ronald moreck
3 years ago

What idiot would even consider such a stupid move , we need to know who these traitors are that would consider raping our country

3 years ago


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