Chinese Bid for Washington Metro Contracts Is a Major Security Threat

train railroad rail china control Chinese Washington metroA Chinese state-owned company is bidding for a more than $500 million contract to supply rail cars for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and the contract should be raising eyebrows in terms of finances and security.

The company, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (CRCC), is based in Beijing and is the world’s second-largest construction and engineering company. It is owned by the Chinese regime’s State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

Being owned by the Chinese regime means it’s held under Chinese law, meaning that any data it collects through Wi-Fi or sensors will be liable to Chinese data monitoring laws.

Under the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) National Security Law, all data needs to be “secure and controllable.” The CCP has large-scale data monitoring programs under its Golden Shield censorship system, its Skynet surveillance system, its Social Credit System to track and rate citizens, and others.

Erik Olson, vice president of the Rail Security Alliance, told The Epoch Times in a previous interview that trains today are fitted with numerous systems for monitoring, which could be compromised if the CCP were able to control the rails.

Modern trains have closed-circuit cameras, internal Wi-Fi, and various types of sensors that can collect data.

Reuters published a story on the potential Washington Metro deal on May 9, claiming that “national security hawks” are circling in on the contract potentially going to China. It questions why a state would be interested in spying on people using subway cars—yet for Washington, the answer should be obvious.

If the CCP was able to receive data from the Wi-Fi networks, security cameras, and other sensors, it would mean the data of any government officials using those networks could be compromised. For example, Pentagon officials checking their email on the networks could have their passwords stolen.

It also would mean that the CCP would be able to track the movements of individuals and those they’re traveling with, as China’s facial recognition technology is among the most advanced in the world. FBI agents meeting with sources could have their sources compromised, and government officials having improper meetings could be blackmailed. The CCP could extend the same systems it uses against its own citizens into the heart of U.S. politics.

Reuters doesn’t explain that CRCC is not engaged in a normal business competition.

Being state-owned, the company doesn’t need to make a profit. This allows it to bid below cost and push out competitors. And it often bids at a significantly lower amount than any honest competitor could afford.

CRCC has shown its ability to dominate markets using this method in Australia. After it was allowed into the Australian market close to 10 years ago, it eventually acquired one of the three main Australian rail companies, and the two others went out of business.

The Chinese company already has been using the same tactic in the United States. Olson said that in Boston, CRCC was bidding at about half the price quoted by its competitor.

“The Boston one is particularly interesting because the second-lowest bid was from Bombardier, which was around $1 billion, and CRCC came in at $569 million,” Olson said.

“[CRCC] don’t have to make money, so they can do whatever they want.”

Some cities are going around federal regulations so they can work with CRCC. In Boston, for example, the local government waived federal funds so they won’t be held accountable to President Donald Trump’s 2017 “Buy American and Hire American” executive order.

Reprinted with permission from - The Epoch Times - by Joshua Philipp

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Rhesa Cook
1 year ago

Don’t give this to China. We need to keep the business in America. Find an American company that can make these rail cars & keep it in America. Trump needs to be on this and look at it.

Paul W
1 year ago

Who is even considering such foolishness and irresponsibility?

1 year ago

Trump has, once again, made a bold move with the increased tariffs on China. He needs to follow up with a refusal to allow
any Chinese bids on US infrastructure projects. Washington continues to remain nervous as they are rattled by the first
US president to do his job since Reagan. Obama- Clinton loved to remain on their knees to please any foreign power.

Joseph Morgan Sr
1 year ago

With all the knowledge we have on the CRCC, WHY are we even considering any of their bids? HAVE WE BECOME THAT STUPID????

Robert J Curry
1 year ago

Talk about irresponsible! Good grief, how stupid and irresponsible can any Government be to do ANY business with China!

1 year ago

I live in America and the chinese would love to control the American transportation in any way they could. It’s a freedom issue and the communist world would love for the USA to be dependent on them. I will not even bring up the Spiritual side of this conversation. And yes it is an entire conversation if you still want to live in a free country.

Michael cozzi
1 year ago

Keep it in America owned

Jeanette B Zahm
1 year ago

Make America Great. We must keep the manufacturing in our country only. Anything that pertains to the privacy and protection of our citizens, thus the law must be changed by our congress for the security of our country. Money and greed is not what will make America Great again.

Thomas F. Olszewski
1 year ago

Watch the dopey Americans will go with the Chinese. When they find out they have been monitoring us some IDIOT in the Congress will say we didn’t know.

Richard King
1 year ago

MAGA refuse the communists And their undermining of our ecomomy

Keith Clark
1 year ago

Rolling intelligence gathering machines. I wish I could draw a good Spy Vs Spy cartoon.

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Cant one lisc to build cars in the US by US firms?? & avoid this Chinese spying circus. Scary

m.c. casavant
1 year ago

This definitely should not go to China. This should be a no-brainer. America can do this!

1 year ago

Similar to China through its state-owned business taking control of the USA’s 2nd largest shipping port, Long Beach, CA. So China can at a single stroke, chokehold maritime trade by closing Long Beach harbor, and then controlling the Washington rail system too. Wow really scary. What else do citizens of the USA not know because of China owning Amerian interests through “businesses” owned entirely by the Communist government of China?

1 year ago

How about we hand out catering services, in DC, to Al Quiada? Makes about as much sense.

F Lee Dodd
1 year ago

As soon as i saw the headline I knew we were in trouble again. One way or other if we keep dealing with the Commies we are in huge trouble. We need to stop now while we can admit our opening of China was a big mistake. Work hard to put them back into the Bamboo Curtain. We will have to have help from our allies the few we really have left.

Dolores Adams
1 year ago

Can’t trust the Chinese.

'grandma' Jeanne
1 year ago

Hopefully President Trump is already aware of keeping business here in this country. China already owns a LOT in this country…

1 year ago

This is why I been saying NO Foreign Co. is to work in America we have are own don’t need anyone else and we need to make a law that any foreigner can Not be in any government office in state or federal till the 5 th generation that way hopefully we will know if they are a True America, those muslums in congress need removed immediately we already know they are Not for America or the American People, plus we need to go back to the way it was years ago know one was aloud in this country even… Read more »

1 year ago


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