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Biden’s Foreign Policy – Dumb and Dangerous


Biden’s foreign policy is embarrassing, no foresight, poor hindsight, compounding errors. Every big move is made after – not before – adversaries make theirs. Major consequences flow from such poor decisions and not anticipating. Biden’s foreign policy is dumb and dangerous.

Six Biden decisions make the point.  

First, no foresight on Afghanistan’s withdrawal. This week, Biden’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken goes to India and Kuwait, ostensibly to discuss China, Afghanistan, global warming, and COVID. Reality: They are concerned withdrawal was a major error. 

Thousands of US supporters – who believed promises of protection and a peace deal – are about to be slaughtered.  See, e.g.,
“They are going to slaughter us”: Afghan interpreter speaks out as Taliban advance; Special Report-Afghan Pilots Assassinated by Taliban as U.S. Withdraws; https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2021/06/afghanistan-deliberate-killing-of-civilians-must-be-investigated-following-deadly-attacks/

The slaughter has begun, with Taliban rushing to command half the country, shattered Afghan police and army pulling back, commandos executed Capone-style, women, girls, educators, interpreters in Taliban sights. See, e.g., A slaughter at a girls’ school may foretell Afghanistan’s future; Killing Schoolgirls in Afghanistan; Taliban fighters execute 22 Afghan commandos as they try to surrender.  

Biden now sends Blinken to Kuwait – in fact, to ask helping absorbing ten thousand refugees, including thousands of interpreters for US personnel. Blinken is in India not for climate but to apologize for giving China the upper hand across the region.  See, e.g., Afghan Interpreters Who Await Visas After Helping The U.S. Now Fear For Their Lives; As Western forces pack bags in Afghanistan, aid agencies brace for new round of displacement; Blinken To Seek India’s Support In Stabilizing Afghanistan During Upcoming Trip To South Asia; US races to find safe haven for Afghan translators in Central Asia as troop withdrawal nears

As the US leaves Afghanistan, China is preparing to outflank India, link China, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (via a Peshawar to Kabul highway), take control over three trillion dollars’ worth of minerals, and push troops at India’s border. Pakistan and India are sworn enemies, and China’s President Xi just went to Tibet to buck up Chinese troops confronting India. See, e.g., As U.S. Withdraws, China Set to Increase Influence in Afghanistan; China a ‘welcome friend’ for reconstruction in Afghanistan: Taliban spokesman; Chinese leader Xi Jinping makes first visit to Tibet as president

Yes, a trip to the UAE or any country seeking help in catching thousands of fleeing, pro-US Afghan refugees, including thousands of pro-US interpreters, is a good idea. It would have been a good idea months ago. Now, it is a dropped firestick – panic as the country collapses. 

Yes, a trip to India is nice, after singing the praises of China to the world. But where was that trip months ago, when China, Pakistan, and the Taliban would have noticed, India felt supported. And do not forget the map – If China, which shares a border with Afghanistan, links that country with Pakistan, next is Iran. That would leave India surrounded by Chinese “allies.” 

So, what should have happened months ago – pushing peace in Afghanistan before withdrawal, thinking ahead about fleeing pro-US refugees, showing support for India, confronting China – did not happen. The result is panic – and chaos, across the region, including within India. 

Second, Biden underestimated China.  Even as Biden’s miscalculations on Afghanistan grow, creating widening circles of concern – from India to Australia – China is growing bold. Chinese aggression – in the face of Biden’s weakness – is striking. China has ramped up confrontations with Taiwan, crushed human rights in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet, threatened US allies, declared the West in retreat, Communism ascendent.  

They have violated treaties, tested space weapons, in April put up a space station, pushed economic coercion, spread a deadly pandemic, blocked multilateral investigations, and now confront Biden with “wolf diplomacy.” In short, the iron is hot, Biden’s team cold. 

Third, Reagan-like opportunity lost in Cuba.  As Cuban freedom protestors went to the streets, valuing freedom over life, Biden could have shamed China, Russia, and Iran for supporting Cuba’s oppression, could have supported the movement, advanced freedoms embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, and UN Charter. Instead, he sat silent, before some useless words, making clear: He is afraid to confront communism – even 300 miles away. His lost nerve emboldens enemies. 

Nor was Biden’s ambivalence unnoticed within the US. Political forces pushing Marxism feel empowered. White House and Hill response? Biden’s team and Hill Democrats equivocate. 

Fourth, Biden just lost Peru. While the final ruling is not recorded, US unwillingness to challenge what observers say was likely election fraud in Peru’s presidential race – a mysterious, last-minute ballot surge from a Marxist – is troubling. The election goes uncontested. Again, the loss of a democratic, capitalist ally brings a shudder. What does it mean for the region, human rights, cocaine- and heroin-related crime and trafficking, reduced US ally pool?

Fifth, Biden is making Putin look good.  Biden not only agreed to a national gas pipeline from Russia to Europe, making Europe permanently dependent on Russia but told Ukraine to “be quiet.” See, e.g., U.S. urges Ukraine to stay quiet on Russian pipelineWrong again: Biden continues to build a legacy of foreign policy failures

To be clear, the American and Russian people have much in common, including the largest two populations of Christians on the planet and faith-based pasts. They share a common interest in blunting China’s communist expansion. Finally, the argument can be made that Russia will be as dependent on Europe, even as Europe on Russia. But the bigger point: Putin sees Biden as weak, malleable, indecisive, and – objectively – inarticulate, indecipherable, incoherent.  

Sixth, Biden is playing cute with Iran.  Iran is after nuclear weapons, ICBMs, and the ability to take hostages on a grand scale. 

Can there be any question? They are behind countless terror attacks in the Middle East. In a craven act of self-promotion, Biden wants a Nobel Peace Prize for getting Iran to sign another worthless accord to delay nuclear weapons if Biden will drop Trump’s sanctions, send more cash. Honestly, is that foreign policy? 

Concentric circles of failed decision-making continue to appear, as the six foregoing actions reinforce each other, only confirming what much of the world – and most Americans – should see. Biden’s foreign policy is embarrassing, no foresight, poor hindsight, compounding errors. 

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Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago

The man creates chaos in everything he does. That statement should cover it all. He has absolutely no backbone and probably never has.

Leslie Marchant
1 year ago

Biden has damaged U.S. relationships world wide? Question, Is this intentional? His administration is causing unbelievable damage here at home as well. Is the intention to make our country impotent and bankrupt? And, who is really calling the shots?

1 year ago

All Biden’s policies are extremely dangerous, dumb, stupid, ignorant, communistic, socialistic, and need to be stopped no matter what!

1 year ago

Old “Puss For Brains” has NEVER ever had a foreign policy thought process!
His head would pop like a giant ZIT for just ONE original thought. He is merely an O’Bozo mimic on a rant. The pride of Scranton PA? IF I lived there I would be mortified ashamed that this “Mental Midget” called it his boyhood home. No offense to people in Scranton… just sympathy…..

James Carlyle
1 year ago

“Dumb & Dangerous” describes Joe Biden perfectly. He hasn’t changed in that regard in 40 some odd years. Great observation and illustrations.

1 year ago

Every decision or executive order this moron has enacted has been catastrophic for America. Its been this way with Biden for his whole career. Why is anyone surprised? You elect an incompetent moron, you get idiotic stupid decisions.

Elena Tellez
1 year ago

Excellent analysis of where the world (and relationships among countries) will likely go in the long term future, unless conservatives can, as quickly as possible, re-take the pathways to American power in the world.

1 year ago

I will always believe the only reason BHO choose him as VP is because he knew no one would ever impeach him because no one wanted Biden for potus, sadly in declining health he now is and is not up to the job and his VP is even less qualified look how quickly she was out of the primary, the USA is sliding towards communism rapidly. Now more than ever GOD BLESS THE USA

1 year ago

Simply put, biden hates America and all it stands for. He is working for China. The news was out about his family before the election. We the people aren’t as stupid as they want us to be

Lee S McQuillen
1 year ago
Reply to  HocasPocas

Not so sure he hates America. Just think he doesn’t care one way or another as long as things are great for him and his family – surely it’s been that way for over 40 years…. And apparently we are as stupid as they want us to be since the man “allegedly” got elected over a true patriot.

Barbara Stricker
1 year ago

Biden is further endangering the American citizens like an own border and Covid aren’t enough .this is all a plan of very sick and hateful thinking..i don’t here noise from the Repubs. independents and non-radical Dems…

1 year ago

What else can you expect from someone who isn’t “all there”, whose elevator doesn’t seem to go to the top floor anymore. The “Dementia Don” isn’t operating on all cylinders anymore.

1 year ago
Reply to  Darius_Madea

None of those people are operating on all cylinders. They are against the American citizens. Until the United States citizens open their eyes and look around instead of feeling they need to go along to get along we will never see a normal God fearing free public again

1 year ago

Biden could not negotiate with a prostitute for a lower price. He is a putz, plain and simple.

1 year ago
Reply to  Drue

He wouldn’t pay a prostitute. He reminds me of one of those pedophiles waiting in line for whatever is available coming across the border or anywhere else he can get his grimy little hands on and sexually assault

1 year ago

biden himself is Dumb and Dangerous!

1 year ago

What did you expect from an idiot?

1 year ago


aluminum head
1 year ago

The white house is vacant again. It is occupied by escapee from a rest home. Yes, the suit is empty. Just like when Oboingo was in it.

1 year ago

I agree with all points. Biden is not a leader and not up to the job. We know Obama is behind the border crisis and the Iran fiasco. He is evil and Biden is weak.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanne

China is paying for this assault on the world also. It’s pure evil coming from a lot of people and a lot of those people happen to be in positions that have taken an oath to defend their citizens and country

1 year ago

He has no foreign policy; however, his handlers do. It is a policy of globalism, cheap labor, and control over the masses. Essentially a liberty and individual rights destroying path forward.

1 year ago

Senile SOB will get us into some shit!

Michael Tracy
1 year ago

You forgot to write how Biden’s social policy experiments and his focus on so called “white supremacy” is making our military weaker.
Si Vis Pachem, Para Bellum

1 year ago
Reply to  Michael Tracy

Obama is behind all this bull. He hates our country and us.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanne

Who in the demo/globalist party has even a small fondness for America. Not one. They all hate our country, military, the constitution, and the people. Their goal is to tear down America and build America back as part of the one-world government, economy, & one-world religion with the anti-christ in charge. So far, they are doing a great job of it considering they have little to no resistance from the do-nothing GOP.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jeanne

He doesn’t hate our country, he just wants to be the first LEADER of the World Order. Since Obama is NOT in the 300 controlling financial families of the world, he too will be just be a puppet for someone else.

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