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Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of “Equity” Enforcers 

AMAC Exclusive – By Katie Sullivan


Many Americans are by now aware of the Biden administration’s plan to hire some 87,000 new IRS agents with $80 billion set aside for that purpose as part of Democrats’ misleadingly titled Inflation Reduction Act. But even more terrifying than this army of new “tax enforcers” prying into the finances of millions of ordinary Americans is the fact that, under the Biden administration’s “equity” agenda, all of them will be trained in the tenets of wokeism and ordered to advance Democrats’ far-left social agenda.

On day one of his administration, Joe Biden signed an Executive Order on “Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government.” Specifically, the Order directed every federal agency to develop and implement an “ambitious whole-of-government equity agenda that matches the scale of the opportunities and challenges that we face.” Notably, Biden included the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy in the “Equitable Data Working Group” that the Order established.

This move immediately raised the alarm for conservatives, who had by then become all-too familiar with the left-wing concept of “equity.” While the term sounds similar to “equality,” it in fact refers to the exact opposite approach – using government power to dispense unequal treatment among different groups in an attempt to force “equal” outcomes for all. As Vice President Kamala Harris explained in a tweet in November 2020, “equitable treatment means we all end up in the same place.”

The Treasury Department – which oversees the IRS – released its “Equity Action Plan” in accordance with Biden’s Executive Order in October 2021 to little fanfare. But contained within the document are hints at a scheme to radicalize the IRS in accordance with left-wing identity politics – a plan that the agency will soon have the manpower to implement.

Treasury’s Equity Action Plan makes several references to “taxation equity,” calling for a full-scale “detailed analysis” of what equity in tax policy would look like. Just as the federal government considers “equity” when distributing grants, taking into account whether or not an applicant is part of an “underserved community,” it is not difficult to imagine that the IRS may aim to do something similar with tax policy.

In other words, the IRS may soon move to codify a person’s race, gender, or sexual orientation as a determining factor in tax collection or enforcement actions. For those who remember the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups under the Obama administration, such a development likely doesn’t seem so far-fetched, as terrifying as it may be.

One alarming sign that such an effort is already underway are recent moves by the IRS to obtain taxpayer data regarding race, ethnicity, and sex. The Tax Code does not now and has not ever allowed the IRS to collect this data from other federal agencies – but in the name of equity, that may no longer be the case.

Treasury’s Equity Action Plan specifically states that “The imputed data [on taxpayer race and sex] will also allow [the Office of Tax Policy] to evaluate the equity implications of any tax policy proposal considered by the Administration. Other analyses will include assessments of statistical models used to identify potentially non-compliant tax returns for enforcement purposes to ensure the models are not subject to algorithmic bias.” This an astounding statement from the Biden administration – effectively admitting that tax policies will be designed to favor certain racial groups over others and that audits will be conducted not according to mathematical formulas that the agency has supposedly used for decades, but according to enforcing “equity.”

Some left-wing groups that have the ear of the Biden administration have already laid out what this new “equitable” tax regime might look like. For instance, Arnold Ventures Group – a notorious liberal dark money organization – has published a report bemoaning the difficulty illegal migrants have in filing taxes because they don’t have a social security number, further arguing that illegal immigrants should not even be subjected to taxes if they are not eligible for social security. In 2016, the Black Lives Matter organization released its tax plan, which called for “a full scale overhaul on tax policy that increases equity, and is particularly sensitive to racial equity.”

With a gigantic influx of new employees, the IRS will be more than capable of putting such schemes into action. Like every other federal employee, all 87,000 new agents will be subjected to so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) training, the left’s terminology for its indoctrination workshops. Part of the IRS’s DEI training includes a two-hour course in “understanding bias in data” – asserting that even hard empirical data is infected by “systemic racism” if it reflects unfavorably on “underserved communities.”

Since day one, the Biden administration has “gone for woke” in the day-to-day operations of every executive agency of the federal government. Buts its budding efforts to turn the IRS into an enforcement tool for the far-left’s social agenda may just be the most destructive such effort to date.

Katharine “Katie” Sullivan was as an Acting Assistant Attorney General and a senior advisor to the White House Domestic Policy Council under President Trump. She previously served 11 years as a state trial court judge in Colorado.

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Robin Walter Boyd
4 months ago

We shouldn’t be adding 80K more government employees at a time when we should be working to get tens of thousands of those already in government positions into the private sector of businesses. That’s the best way to boost our economy.

David P Nelson
4 months ago

This crap has got to stop! Our great Country is being destroyed, daily.

5 months ago

And this is why they want to take all the guns away from law abiding American citizens!!

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Terry

And this is also why they won’t…

5 months ago

If you pay one penny of tax on ”EARNED ENCOME” your a SLAVE………..

5 months ago

first they make it so that AMERICANS must rent rooms out to strangers to make ends meet , then they hire many irs agents to make sure these same AMERICANS pay ALL taxes on the rentals!

Theresa Coughlin
5 months ago

Considering what the IRS did to conservative and tea party groups during the Obama-Biden administration, does anyone think the IRS won’t target anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the Biden administration ‘s woke ideology? Also, this plan violates the equal protection clause of the Constitution. What could possibly go wrong?

5 months ago


Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Donald

Dumbocrats impeaching Dumbocrats? What are YOU smoking?

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

The British treated us better in 1775 than what we call a “representative government” does today.

Word of Truth
5 months ago

The Congress needs to go majority conservative in November then refuse to spend the money set to go to this IRS army.

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago
Reply to  Word of Truth

The only way for all this to end peaceably is when the loving government these people elected comes after THEM next… so long as it happens to just us “MAGA fascists” well that’s just fine with them!

5 months ago

Jackass Joe is ARMING the IRS to dominate and control the People!
The People WILL complain loudly but it will ONLY be ALL TALK & NO ACTION!
And I already understand that Jackass Joe is confiscating guns from citizens that are Conservative. . . . We the People MUST stand up and FIGHT to STOP COMMUNIST TYRANNY TAKEOVER RIGHT NOW!!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Rik

You’re correct!! This is Jackass JOE’S personal police force. Whoever heard of an IRS AGENT CARRYING A FIREARM???

5 months ago

Like most progressives and liberals, big government conservatives, which are most conservatives and include neoconservatives, establishment conservatives, progress conservatives, compassionate conservatives, and national conservatives, believe that the US is a propositional country. The proposition or creed is “equality” — all humans are equal. The difference is that conservatives preach equality of opportunity, which is a chimera and can never be achieved. Liberals and progressives preach equality of outcome, which is achievable with enough force. The only way that equality of opportunity can be proven is with equality of outcome, equity.

Sean Rickman
5 months ago

Sounds like reverse discrimination to me.This boondoogle will continue to destroy AMERICA.A very BIG UNTHANK YOU to the liberal,socialis,marxist democRATS.

5 months ago
Reply to  Sean Rickman

It’s not reverse discrimination. It’s discrimination, period. No matter who gets the short straw or the long straw, it’s discrimination, and it’s evil!

5 months ago

Looks like another Afghanistan blunder to me coming right up , let’s see how Biden and his democrackheads come out on this one another failure checkmark on the way.

Mary Manley
5 months ago

Posted this article “Biden’s 87,000 IRS Agents Set to Become Woke Army of “Equity” Enforcers” on Facebook, Facebook send me from Facebook Fact Checkers states:. Partly false information but does not state what part is false.

5 months ago

I am tired of the Democrats lies and the complicit actions of the RINOs! I have never in my life actually wish that someone would kill these traitorous politicians!

5 months ago

We have underserved communities due to 160 years of the Democratic party making them as well as keeping them so.

Doug Craig
5 months ago

Told you so, IRS squad will be tasked with distributing Americans assets to the new comers.

5 months ago


Marie Langley
5 months ago

All registered Republicans get ready to be audited. They are coming after us. I feel like we live in Russia.

5 months ago

As with every policy advanced by this immoral administration, this becomes nothing more than a blatant power grab to take away more of our rights under the guise of equity, fairness, or whatever label of the day they choose to use. In reality, the IRS should be de-funded. The Democrats see it as another tool in their arsenal to force us into compliance to their sick world view.

The overriding question for me since this IRS expansion was first announced, is where are these 87,000 new hires coming from? At a time, when every business in America is struggling to hire workers, where do the Feds think they are going to find 87,000 people willing to work?

5 months ago
Reply to  JerryH

That was my first thought also!

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