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Shocking Truths About Biden’s White House & the 2024 Election | Todd Starnes

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2024
by Rebecca Weber
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Better For America Ep 289 | Todd Starnes

Rebecca Weber sits down with the unapologetically patriotic Todd Starnes. Todd, the hard-hitting host of the Todd Starnes Show and author of “Twilight’s Last Gleaming,” pulls no punches as he exposes the shocking scandals coming out of Biden’s White House. From the moral decline to the weaponization of our judicial system, Todd breaks down how the left’s agenda is impacting our nation. Plus, get an inside scoop on the upcoming Biden-Trump debate and why minority voters are flocking to the America First movement. This is a no-holds-barred discussion that every conservative needs to hear. Tune in and get fired up for the fight to save America!

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REBECCA: Hello everyone and welcome back. You’re watching AMAC podcast better for America, and I’m thrilled to be joined right now with Todd Starnes. He is an author and he is the host of the Todd Starnes show. This is a nationally syndicated show. It’s broadcasted on over 500 radio stations live from 12 PM to 3 PM Eastern time. 

So be sure to check out the Todd Starnes show. Todd, welcome to better for America. And thank you for joining me. 

TODD: Well, thank you so much and just a big fan of what AMAC is doing and we’re great to have a long standing partnership with AMAC and our national radio program. 

REBECCA: That is just terrific. Todd, I want to talk a little bit about your newest book. You have authored so many books. One of the most popular books was The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again. That was a great book, but your most recent book, Twilight’s Last Gleaming, came out in March. Tell us a little bit about this recent book.  

TODD: Yeah, so, uh, we’ve been getting a lot of calls on the National Radio Show. 

People are just, uh, really concerned, I would say anxious, about what’s going to happen in November. And a lot of people are, I don’t want to say doom and gloom, but there’s a little doom and gloom out there. And so I wanted to put together a book, first of all, that would encourage people, would inspire them, and would give them hope. 

hope. And I do believe that no matter what happens in November, we’re still going to be here. The sun is going to rise and we’re going to keep fighting the good fight. I mean, look, AMAC knows this. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in this country, and AMAC has been there not only fighting the good fight, but growing the ranks, growing the troops. 

So, so I’m encouraged either way. Um, Ronald Reagan wrote a book or gave a speech many years ago, and he noted something about our National Anthem. He said, you know what’s interesting about our National Anthem? It doesn’t start with the Declaration. Our National Anthem is actually a series of questions. Is the flag still there? 

Can you still see it? And so I, I wrote a book based on that. Uh, that’s how I came up with the title twilight’s last gleaming. Can America be saved? America can be saved. I truly believe that the question is, do Americans want to save America? And we will find out in November. 

REBECCA: That’s exactly right. And when you mention the doom and gloom that people across America are feeling, in a sense, you can’t blame them. 

When we see a president who invites men dressed in burlesque, half naked to the White House lawn, uh, you know, it kind of makes you want to cover your eyes. And, and there’s a sense of embarrassment there. Uh, we know that the White House has recently promoted Tyler Sherry. This is a former, the former interior communications director who gained attention for controversial remarks. 

Uh, theythey’re promoting him to a senior communications position under Joe Biden’s administration. How does this make America look on the world stage, in yourin your view?  

TODD: Well, well, it’s embarrassing and, and look, elections have consequences, right? We all knew this was going to happen. I mean, when you look at the debauchery coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it’s almost as if God needs to send an apology letter to the mayors of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I mean, it’s just unbelievable when You see the level of, of evil, of perversion coming out of, of that white house. But again, going back to, you know, twilight slice gleaming for just a moment, I address this right out of the gate. Uh, chapter one is Darth Brandon and the temple of doom, uh, talking about that, that infamous speech he gave in Philadelphia. 

When Joe Biden actually promised to bring a dark winter to America. So, so he, the Democrats laid out exactly what they were going to do. You know, I, I interviewed president Trump for the book. Uh, he invited me to Mar a Lago and we spent several hours together and it was just truly fascinating to, to, to hear him and to really get an idea of who this man really is. 

And, and I think that when you look at Donald Trump, he, it’s, it’s He’s an anomaly. He is the he is a blue collar billionaire. I didn’t know there was such a thing. But this is a man who truly connects with the American people in a way that that Joe Biden never has and never can.  

REBECCA: Yeah, I mean, it certainly it seems that the Democrats have laid out their strategy. 

Most recently, Todd, they are running with, you know, don’t vote for the felon. Uh, it, it almost seems now that more and more is being uncovered, this, this has been their plan all along, to imprison their political opponent. Uh, the Democrat persecution of Trump is something like we’ve never seen before. And AMAC members are rightly concerned. 

Could we lose an impartial DOJ and judiciary after all that we’re going through?  

TODD: Well, I think we’ve lost it. Yeah, I think I think we’ve already lost it when when you look at and again This is why AMAC is so vitally important You guys are literally on the front lines fighting this fight in Washington DC, you know, a lot of people like oh, it’s a it’s All about the the great discounts, you know, Bob Evans were no the discounts are great. 

The coupons are great a wonderful But the reality is the most important thing that AMAC does is the lobbying efforts, mobilizing the forces and standing up and fighting and protecting our freedoms. There’s no doubt about it. Uh, there is such a thing as the deep state, uh, there is such a thing as, uh, the swamp and it is very clear. 

That our government has been weaponized against us. And this really did not happen during the Biden administration. You have to go all the way back to the Obama administration when Obama under the realm of Lois Lerner at the internal revenue service, uh, went after pro life groups, tea party groups, and even Billy Graham, America’s evangelist for the first time in the history of their great ministry, Faced an IRS audit because they defended traditional marriage. 

So yeah, it’s uh, it’s a fight and and we, I’m so glad that AMAC is in it. Yes.  

REBECCA: And it’s not just Trump who they’re going after. If we don’t do something, and this is why we’re encouraging people to get involved with AMAC because the more the more members we have, the more powerful our, you know, collective voice is. 

And we are doing a lot on the local level on the state level. And of course, on the federal level. But it’s not just Trump that they’re going after. I mean, we saw how they went after John Eastman, Trump’s attorney. This is a man who, whose license is, is threatened, who can’t practice law, who, uh, is being just, you know, really, very unfairly, uh, persecuted for standing with, you know, and finding an illegal recourse that Trump may have had in 2020. 

And we see what’s happening and how all of these Uh, they’re just going after him. We saw what happened in New York with E. Jean Carroll. Uh, you know, essentially laws being passed in order to, for, for her to be able to file a lawsuit some 30 years after, uh, the supposed or alleged, uh, attack occurred. Uh, this is, this is something that, uh, should concern all Americans. 

And what we’re seeing, what I’m seeing, is more and more people are waking up, especially, I think, a lot of minority groups, including blacks who are migrating towards Trump. Do you think that that will continue between now and November? And is this backfiring on the Democrats, this plan that they have to imprison their political opponents? 

TODD: Well, yeah, it’s it’s lawfare and the weaponization of the judicial system. And, you know, it’s you look at what’s happening to Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, both men held in contempt of Congress. The GOJ decided, yeah, we’re going to throw down the hammer here. Those guys, one of them already in jail, the other heading to jail, and then you have a situation where Merrick Garland, who has been held in contempt of Congress, uh, the DOJ says, oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, we’re not going to, we’re not going to go down that path. 

So we’re not going to prosecute him. So again, I think everybody understands, everybody sees the, the hypocrisy and the, and the double standard. Uh, to your point though, I mean, it’s, and it’s not just, um, from a political standpoint. Uh, the FBI sending agents to, uh, knock down the doors of pro life families in the dark of night, pre dawn guns drawn raids, going after law abiding gun owners simply for embracing the Second Amendment. 

Parents complaining about the curriculum at their schools, at their local schools. Look at the Catholics being infiltrated, their parishes in Richmond, Virginia, and other places around the country. So yeah, it is a major, major deal. Again, elections have consequences. As far as minority voters, and this is very exciting, Because the messaging is getting through. 

President Trump, a couple of weeks ago, spoke at a black church in Detroit, Michigan, holding a town hall. And for the first time in modern political history, you had a candidate who got up in front of the congregation, he didn’t shuck and jive, he didn’t get into the black preacher voice, he didn’t sing a spiritual hymn, he was just Donald Trump, the blue collar billionaire. 

And, and people resonate, not only the message is resonating, but his personality. They see the authenticity of this man. He’s not pandering, he’s not putting on airs. And I think that’s ultimately why blacks and Hispanics are, are beginning to embrace the Republican Party. And it’s really not even the Republican Party, it’s the America First agenda. 

And they’re embracing that in, in droves. And I think that’s an exciting thing to see. And, uh, we’ll see how all of this plays out on election day. 

REBECCA: We sure will. You know, we poll our AMAC members on a regular basis and we ask them, What are the issues that matter most? One of the issues is what’s happening to our children, the young children in America and our public school system. 

And what I find shocking is that we don’t have even more parents and grandparents stepping up and saying enough. And when I say enough, I mean this. Um, sexualization of our children in kindergarten, you know, showing, uh, drag queen shows to first graders. This kind of stuff, uh, should not be allowed. Uh, why do you think that there are some people, and I have Democrat friends here on Long Island who don’t recognize the Democrat party because they say, well, I don’t, you know, that’s not who I am. 

Yet, a lot of people don’t want to really participate in the fight. I guess it’s easier for them to say, um, Uh, you know, I, I don’t want to be, I don’t want to create a problem or do you think that it’s people afraid? What is it that’s, um, because if we don’t do something, uh, each and every one of us and everyone listening on this call, if we’re not speaking up, uh, then, then that to me is equivalent to just surrendering and we’re gonna lose America altogether. 

TODD: Well, we are, and this is why I wrote Twilight’s Last Gleaming. President Trump said it’s the one book, he wrote a great endorsement, he says it’s the one book you need to be reading before the 2024 presidential election. And the reason why is it’s a call to arms, it’s a call to action. We have to engage the culture. 

Bonhoeffer said it best. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. So, we’ve got a job to do here and it really is imperative for not only every AMAC member to get out there, but every American patriot to get out there and stand up, go vote on election day, tell your neighbors, the folks you go to church with, we’ve got a country to save and I believe we’re going to be able to do it. 

REBECCA: Amen. There you go. Before we let you run, sir. Final question is we know that Joe Biden and Trump will be debating, uh, in just a day. Tell me what you expect to see there. I mean, will Joe Biden, we, we see how Obama had to escort Joe right off the end of this stage there. Um, you know, so how do you think this is going to play out? 

Do you think Joe Biden will be able to carry himself and who do you think has the advantage? 

TODD: Well, look, I, I think we have to be careful not to, um, underestimate what, you know, Joe Biden’s abilities. Um, there are concerns that he’s going to be jacked up on something. Probably. Uh, Dr. Ronnie Jackson, congressman. 

Now, a former White House physician was on my radio show. And he’s calling for a drug test before and after something the Trump team said, Yeah, sure. Our guys were willing to do it. Give us the cup. Joe Biden’s team there. They’re laughing it off. Look right now. He’s going to be in Camp David a total of seven days. 

For debate prep, 16 coaches that are helping this guy. And part of the, the training regimen is making him stand up for 90 minutes. Uh, that’s insane. So the question is for president Trump tone and tenor, I can tell you, uh, That the rumors, the president, President Trump went to an old folks home and debated a guy with dementia, uh, to get ready. 

Not true. Uh, that did not happen. Uh, but President Trump’s going to be ready to take on Joe Biden. Tone and tenor. That’s what the president needs to be focusing on. And I do believe that, um, if the president’s able to do that, he’s going to have a big night. 

REBECCA: Excellent. Well, Todd Starnes, thank you for that perspective. 

Always a joy to have you with us. Thanks for joining. Check him out. The Todd Starnes Show, just a terrific, uh, radio show. You can check him out. Broadcasted over 500 stations live from 12 to 3 p. m. Eastern time. Thanks again, sir. And we’ll have to have you back with us again soon. 

TODD: Thank you very much. 

REBECCA: Terrific. To all of you out there, we look forward to having you join us back again on AMAC Better for America podcast. Have a great day, everyone. God bless you.

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11 days ago

Hey, this conversation was great but something is wrong with your processor/computer because the content kept inserting double phrases and words. Maybe it is my computer. Anyway, proof again as I would love to send this piece to several people. Thank you

14 days ago

can’t undo the gross calamity of the last 1256 days. in the debate you didn’t see the death and destruction biden has HEAPED upon people all around the world, but based on what he’s done so far he’s got to go to save the world. they say arsonists will stick around to watch their destruction and chuckle. biden wasn’t missing and WAS chuckling all night. this guy is all wrong for the world. he could go donw as the worst “leader” in the history of manking.

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