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Rediscovering Faith Through Divine Grace | Shelby Hohsfield | EP 229

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2023
by Rebecca Weber
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Have you ever felt lost in your walk with God? Have family or friends that do not have a faithful connection resulted in you questioning your own? This week, host Rebecca Weber chats with Shelby Hohsfield on her powerful story of how she rediscovered her faith. Shelby a motivational speaker, artist, and podcast host of Finding Faith Above, shares her story about a revelation she had after leaving the Mormon church. Through divine intervention, she found that sharing God’s story was her purpose. If you are searching for faith but don’t quite know where to begin, join Rebecca and Shelby as they give you the keys to starting your journey. 

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Eugene R. Molusky
Eugene R. Molusky
11 months ago

A person “comes to God” only through Jesus Christ His Son (John 14:6). I listened to the conversation between Shelby and Rebecca for about 10 minutes. No mention of Jesus Christ; Rebecca even ending her prayer with “In God’s name” ; rather than the Savior’s. This is becoming more and more common in a culture that doesn’t want to offend; even in the Christian church sadly. Jesus warned his disciples (and it’s certainly applicable today still) we will be hated because of him (John 15:18,19). Sanitized Christianity (remove the Name, the cross, the blood)has and will continue to do great harm to the gospel.

Geoffrey Lantos
Geoffrey Lantos
11 months ago

Thank you for spreading the gospel! You are answering my prayers to be ever bolder and more faithful in sharing the Christian faith with a nation that has, sadly, turned away from God. We are, unfortunately, reaping what we’ve sown.

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