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Joe Biden’s Open Border is Reinventing America | Sheriff Mark Lamb and Mark Morgan | EP 220

Posted on Friday, June 16, 2023
by Rebecca Weber
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“Open borders undermine the rule of law and change the face of America.” Sheriff Mark Lamb from Yuma County, Arizona, and Mark Morgan, former Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection and FAIR Spokesman, join Rebecca Weber for a Better for America Special on an issue they have both served to protect: the US Southern Border. Lamb and Morgan expose the flaws of Biden’s ineffective border policies, which have welcomed over 2 million illegal immigrants into the United States, bringing along deadly drugs and criminals to local communities. Both men, patriotic defenders of America, share the urgency for the current administration to take accountability and close the border. Tune in to hear the point of view from a sheriff on the frontlines and a former CBP Commissioner who knows first-hand what effective policies are needed to secure our nation!

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