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Frank Gaffney and Robert Charles | 100 Million Murders No One Is Talking About | EP 168

Posted on Friday, November 4, 2022
by Rebecca Weber
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Why is no one talking about the roughly 100 million people murdered in China? The Chinese Communists continue to inflict damage on America – thanks largely to the CCP’s success in corrupting our politics, media, academics, culture, business, and finances. The CCP’s war on the world is far greater than most could imagine, yet many Americans aren’t even aware it exists as they go about their everyday life. Frank Gaffney and Robert Charles join Rebecca Weber, for a Better for America Exclusive panel discussion to focus on America’s largest threat from the east – the Chinese Communist Party. They have gotten away with unrestricted warfare for decades, which is why Frank, Rebecca, and Bobby, are having this conversation now. AMAC’ers will be equipped with the knowledge to vote for the right candidates that will make a major course correction in America’s dealings with the CCP!

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1 year ago

Let me float the idea that all the flagging is a result of an experiment with AI “auto-moderation.”

If that is not true, I request the human moderator(s) to step forward and deny it (or if it is true, I supp0ose, for the AI “bot” to auto-post a denial).

1 year ago

“Awaiting for approval” once again……….

1 year ago


We must never misread President Xi’s ready smile. This is not a greeting of friendship, or agreement, or generosity. That’s a smile that acknowledges Americans have willingly cooperated in the CCP’s goal of their eventual takeover of the entire world. The big prize is the destruction of America. As stated in the video, they already have holdings in 140 of the 194 countries. They have a presence at the Panama Canal and in small towns and big cities in South and Central America. They own large tracts of farmland in the U.S. and have offices of CCP-type law enforcement right here in our country! Outrageous!! Our lands must be returned to American ownership.

This is a topic in which we’ve been far too reticent. We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that speaking of the Chinese or any other culture in these terms is offensive. Well, hang that!! It’s about time we put ourselves and the future of this free nation first. We’ve become too complacent.

Biden and the democrats have done nothing to ward off the inevitable outcome of eviscerating our military strength and securing our borders. Instead, they’re profiting, for now, on this relationship with China while the CCP digs its claws into all our goods, spies on us in who knows how many ways, and rids their own country of “excess population”. Quietly cruel and insidious. But determined, nonetheless. Remember, they manufactured deadly baby formula and dog food. Chinese drywall sickened many American homes and their occupants. They simply don’t care. We must get factories back to this country instead of importing so much from enemies. The dems will never agree to do what needs to be done to accomplish this.


We see how China played Dr. Fauci for a fool (how much did that cost?), after it became known how he and the NIH helped fund gain of function research in Wuhan. This took place over a long period of time–perhaps more than a decade, not just since the pandemic struck. If this virus isn’t considered a weapon of mass destruction, I don’t know what is! Add to their weaponry the fentanyl issue, and the CCP can potentially wipe out every person on the planet. I’ve read that China makes almost all the fentanyl (true?). Some fentanyl is used for pain relief, but more than half of it is used to intensify drugs coming across the border. Those amplified drugs and other opiates killed 107,000 Americans last year! Do they own the drug cartels in Mexico as well?

We had better get smart and realistic about these issues. When enough of their plan is in place, China will strike, and we won’t know what hit us. Once we fall to those depths, there will be no recourse. We will have dug our own graves.

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