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Better For America: Courage over Socialism with Reb and Rob

Posted on Friday, January 7, 2022
by Rebecca Weber

Over the last year, Reb and Rob have met on the BFA podcast to give truth to power and bring light to the radical left’s push towards socialism. From CRT to open borders, skyrocketing inflation, and fear-mongering with the help of courageous groups like AMAC, Americans are waking up and standing up for the greatest country in the world. Bobby rips apart the viability of the socialist BBB, and we are seeing Americans and the market knock off the omicron variant looking to restore life to pre-pandemic times. The culture war was short-lived, and in 2022 we will watch the left’s trick work against them. Join us for another year of truth, history, and optimism!

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Peter M Steffen
Peter M Steffen
1 year ago

This is powerful! We need more of these stories to tell the American people about Truths, Liberty & Justices for all!

Patty L
Patty L
1 year ago

Would Bobby Charles run for President? He’d have my vote!

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