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A Surreal Presidential Election Year

electionIf you have not noticed, there is something surreal about this presidential election year. Trying to peel back the layers of craziness, unpredictability, swerves, bumps, buffets, and eye-popping oddities – in a word, surrealism – is timely.  Together, let us look.  There is something crazy about this year.

First, we have one presidential candidate who created a record-breaking economy, secured the southern border, stopped North Korean missile tests, ended ISIS, elevated minority labor participation, employment and income to all-time highs, forced honesty on China, is endorsed by the police, and defends our nation’s flag, history, exceptionalism and monuments.

Then, we have a second presidential candidate sitting, apparently conducting “cognitive tests” on himself, in his basement.  He was vice president during the slowest recovery in US history, opened the border, praises sanctuary cities for illegals.  He used a government position to favor his son with Communist China and corrupt Ukraine, thinks any black voter who does not favor him “ain’t black,” and is embarrassed by America’s history and greatness.

The first candidate believes Americans want a return to normalcy, even if we must “muddle through” to safe, regular work, school, recreation, and social interaction.  He has spoken 10 times on matters of public health for each statement on COVID-19 by his subterranean opponent.

To this end, the first candidate is campaigning – modeling the idea that leaders lead, that normal is within reach, and that we must act responsibly, use discretion, help each other, and believe in the future to overcome a virus inflicted by a competing, reckless, and communist power.

In 2020, this candidate – the President – has made trips to 25 states, with two to California, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, three to Arizona and Nevada, four to Maryland and New Jersey, 10 to Florida, and 14 to Virginia.  He is working tirelessly.

Meantime, the second candidate has “sheltered in place,” refused direct questions and open press conferences.  His rhetoric is a 1960’s lava lamp, constantly changing, up and down, chasing his Democrat Party’s continued acceleration to the left.

He says he will not “defund” police – just hold their federal grants, calls them “the enemy.” He plans to follow New York’s termination of cash bail, inflicting New York’s high crime rate on the nation.  He would end mandatory minimums and death penalty, close prisons and re-enfranchise felons.

At the border, he promises to end illegal immigrant detentions, deportations, and prosecutions, reinstating “catch and release.”  He will protect sanctuary cities, loosen asylum, give work permits, federal benefits and lawyers to illegals, amnesty and no more travel bans on terror states. It sounds like a bad movie, but that is his plan.

On the economy, despite a poor record, he says he can do anything our president did – only better. Meantime, whatever the challenger should have done, he will (e.g. holding China accountable).  Whatever he should not have done and did, he will not do again (e.g. jobs for son in China and Ukraine).

Elsewhere, he supports abortion “up-to-birth” (and judicial nominees who do), will end school choice (as unions hate it), will restart climate panic (rejoining the Paris economic redistribution accords), and will apologize to Iran for reneging on an unenforceable nuclear accord that cost US taxpayers billions.

Other than that, he swears – from that COVID-safe, riot-protected, media-muffled basement – that he is ready for Day One.  This from a candidate with more gaffs than the rest of the early field combined.

Perhaps aware of the contrast – hard-working, go-go president versus a doddering opponent – national Democrat Terry McAuliffe argued privately in June that Biden should just stay in the basement, do no events.  “He’s fine in the basement.” And that strategy appears to be prevailing. See, https://nypost.com/2020/06/10/joe-biden-should-stay-in-his-basement-terry-mcauliffe/.

Objectively, if hard to believe, national polls put the basement denizen ahead of the president.  Latest aggregate puts Biden at 50 percent to Trump’s 40, or plus-10.  One July poll puts Biden up by 15 points. See https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-down-15-points-biden-national-poll.

Still, one returns to surrealism.  Something about this campaign does not feel real.  Yes, we are all confined, masked and distanced by the virus, which may wane by November.  Yes, we are all experiencing uneasiness borne of social unrest, of which all may soon grow rather tired.

But can a candidate really win the White House from a basement?  Can a candidate with cognition issues avoid examination by the press – even a friendly press?  Can an election cycle unfold without debates?  Are the American people willing to elect a 77-year-old with a record of stunning errors and now lurching left?

Interestingly, four years ago, few thought Trump could win.  In the week of July 31-August 2, 2016, Fox News had Clinton up on Trump 49 to 39 percent, plus-10.  NBC News had Clinton up by 10.  More interesting, the August 1-3 McClatchy-Marist poll put Clinton ahead by 15 points.  https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html#polls.

Of course, times change, but Trump now has a record – and a vision that jives with many Americans.  In unsettled times, he is engaged, pushing individual responsibility, return to normalcy, educational and economic reopening, plus law and order.  COVID-19 notwithstanding, he is a proven leader.  Biden also has a record and vision.  While he can hide, the record and vision are clear – and not pretty.

What can we expect?  Well, if you think this year is surreal, you are probably right.  Even compared to 2016, this one is filled with wild turns, recurring uncertainties, new swerves, bumps, and buffets.

But three things remain solid.  First, most Americans have good judgment and will exercise it – they will not be intimidated.  Second, most Americans value leadership – and Trump is showing it.  Course corrections are part of that. Third, every year looks unprecedented until over – because it is, until over.  There is something crazy about this year – but, on reflection, maybe not as crazy as it seems.

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4 months ago

What is being displayed is the open and unfettered hostility that the left has demonstrated for the past four years against the person that defeated the third term of President Obama and the American citizenry that made it all possible. The left has NO USE for either and is fully committed to getting their plan back on track. They were literally on the very edge of realizing their long-term goal of being able to finally push the United States into the abyss of global socialism and the election of President Trump put the brakes to that. So the left has… Read more »

4 months ago

We should all be praying for President Trump. He seems to be fighting more than the stupid left-wing idiots who talk, talk, talk and cannot make one bit of sense! The president has done a remarkable job in four years trying to clean up the muck he was left from a previous do-nothing except turn his back on America president. We have never faced a pandemic in this country that has lasted this long, but the left wings all blame Trump. That’s all they know….blame Trump! God help us if President Trump is not re-elected.

Patriot Will
4 months ago

I think this election year is not that crazy, because the left has most control of the media. The left is addicted to spreading false praise for Joe Biden and false criticism for Donald Trump. Thus, it’s not at all surprising that many Americans are totally clueless when it comes to the truth concerning Joe Biden and President Trump. However, the Communist Democrat leaders are so nasty and hateful that there is a very strong possibility that the truth will come out. Personally, I still believe that President Trump will be reelected, unless the election itself becomes compromised with fraudulent… Read more »

4 months ago

We have a vision of two worlds: One governed by freedom, liberty and a constitutional republic, the other is ruled by George Soros and his various 501c organizations in which he can circumvent campaign finance law, fund laundered money into global socialistic committees and organizations and bring about revolution by infiltrating legitimate government with his thugs and promote violence in the streets. We are witnessing the latter in our cities. Time to defend our Constitutional Republic, our freedoms and liberty. God, President Trump and the USA in 2020!✝️??

Sharon Ormsby
4 months ago

Just praying that God intervenes.

David Brown
4 months ago

There is much more going on than what we are spoon-fed by the corrupt Media. There is a movement afoot to destroy everything this Country stands for in the name of “progressive globalism”. Trump’s in the way, and “they” will, and are, doing everything to circumvent him. If he loses, watch out ‘cuz all bets are off!

John A. Fallon
4 months ago

The socialist/dems along with the grossly overpaid and over rated pro athletes and the drugged and. Egotistical “stars” of hollywierd plus the overpaid and underqualified “journalists”are in fact a very small minority of the population, but they control the “airwaves” and thus the only voice being heard. After WE THE PEOPLE re-elect TRUMP we need to enact some regulations to make the MSM be honest and unbiased in thier reporting.

4 months ago

God knows. Mortals do not. Optimists do not know the future any more than pessimists do, but they live happier lives.

Ralph S
4 months ago

Biden is ready for Day One. Instead of governing from the Oval Office… he will hide in the White House basement bunker and let AOC and her squad destroy what’s [not] left of our Country.

4 months ago

It happened before, it can happen again. In 2016, Hillary was going to win all six of final battle ground states. All polls and the fraud national news media said it was most likely. When the smoke cleared, she lost all six. I think democrats believe the loss was due to the fact they weren’t extreme enough. Now, they’re showing voters what extreme really looks like – anarchist communists! It’s time for voters to open that little can of whoop-ass again! Trump 2020!

Rexford O Ames
4 months ago

Curious. Why change a voting system because of a Planned Virus. Politics! The Democrat Party has got to bend the rules for it’s own benefit. Of that there is no question. The issue is: How? FEAR and stupid . Greate fear, make so called , Temporary changes that will not be Temporary. Of that I am sure after watching 14 Democrat run States change those States entire election system to their control and advantage. No Joke this. Why do you think they want to change the current system. Ballot Voting because Masks / Shields / Goggles will never do at… Read more »

Phil Hammersley
4 months ago

The basis of all of this is that one political party removed all mention of GOD from their platform, then in a fake vote, reinstituted Him. That same party supports infanticide and lifestyles that kill, Marxists (who have murdered more people than Hitler), anarchy, and crime.
While all have sinned, some think that’s OK and even good! Don’t vote for the party of anarchy and godlessness!

Josephine pooley
4 months ago

Wake up America! Register and vote Red! It’s our only hope!

4 months ago

The dumbocrats are liars, crooks and anti- american!
Just listen to pelosi,schummer,nadler,pencil neck and the rest……serious hate and delusion in the entire party!
Trump 2020 , he’s America’s hope!

John A. Fallon
4 months ago

Who is pushing the hardest for “globalisation”? It seems to me the only ones that want it are the corporations that care only about MONEY, they started by taking millions of jobs away from hard working AMERICANS AND USING slave labor over seas and then further increased profits by continuing to raise prices on thier inferior products, time to tell them if they want to build plants in other countries then sell thier products to thier new neighbors, and not bring thier trash to AMERICA. MADE IN AMERICA JUST LIKE TRUMP.

Press ONE for English
4 months ago

Many times and many places I hear foolish people congratulating themselves that this election will be a Trump landslide. Others here are praying. The left is not congratulating itself. It is not praying. It is determined enemy who is WORKING, following a determined PLAN to propagate lies through the media that they have taken over while we stood by and let them. They have a PLAN to pack the nation’s ballot boxes with illegal voters of all sorts (aliens, dead people, multiple voters, etc.). And if all else fails they have a PLAN to “adjust” the election results if needed… Read more »

Mickie Enders
4 months ago

Unfortunately, we have the liberal media that has become the 4th Estate for the Left and works tirelessly and constantly against our president… and there are so very many unthinking people ready to be led by them! We have allowed the liberal public education system to indoctrinate our kids for decades and are now seeing the results! Have we allowed the hard Left to become too powerful? Are the Conservatives too complacent? We are truly a the crossroads for the future direction of America it is vital that the “silent majority” wake up and fight back….or lose this county forever!

4 months ago

The 1st candidate is a good man who is very aware of what needs to be done to keep this country safe and move forward in the next 4 years and his name is the TRUMPSTER=women and men who want law and order should vote for him// Next is candidate doofus who has no idea where he is or where he is going// he will never finish a term in office before the liberal party tells him where he is and guide him to the AHLZEIMERS CLINIC and dumps him there and then Pelosi and Schumer and the VP will… Read more »

John Sanchez
4 months ago

The left had their agenda all laid out in 2016. They were salivating all the way to the voting booths at excitement that Hillary was in the bag as the next POTUS. I mean a woman, a radical leftist as anti conservative as they come. Life was going to be good now!! Then, disaster struck, the business man from New York struck like a lion in waiting for its prey!! So now the Left has gone absolutely crazy!!! They cannot loose again so let’s set up Trump to get him impeached, let’s blame Covid on him, let’s close the nation… Read more »

Dan McCormac
4 months ago

I can’t wait for the debates where Trump will take sleeping Joe to school on “science.”

For example, Please ask Joe why we should NOT send 1st graders to HEALTH class so they can learn about “viruses, germs and personal hygiene.”

Learn why we don’t kiss, hug, or sneeze on our classmates without permission! Even a kindergartner needs this health class. And almost EVERY TEACHER knows MORE about these topics than the average MSM “reporter!”

Learning these lessons TODAY will improve their health for their WHOLE LIVES!

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