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A,B,Cs of Communist China


Call them the A, B Cs – eight realities – of Communist China. This is not your father’s sleepy, benign, creeping by the night, weak by day Communist China. Things are changing – fast. In sum, “we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”

First, or “A” for those who like mnemonics, ways to remember: We are facing an “A-frame” in public understanding of the threat, half who gets that China aims to beat us, is an existential threat to our democracy, is waging “unrestricted warfare” – the other half dopey, sleepy, disengaged, hopeful.

The unengaged half needs to get engaged, understand the stakes, pace of China’s accelerating attack, multiple fronts on which China aims to best us, is making inroads, military, economic, ideological.

Second, “B” for recall, China is on a “Beeline” for supremacy, dominance in virtually every theater of political and military conflict. They are not there, but they are developing, modernizing, laying in ICBMS by the thousands, accelerating maritime abilities, practicing missile and fighter assaults on Taiwan.

That is not all, they are rapidly moving for dominance in quantum computing, cyberwarfare, pushing private and public installation in American engineering, social media, computing, education, and technology infrastructure, enabling everything from “MASINT” (measurement and signature intelligence) to surveillance, theft to blackmail, changing college curricula to pro-China foreign policy.

Third, or “C,” we need a political “sea-change” in this country. Beyond educating, we must understand right now – what Reagan educated America about in the 1980s. Some governments are not legitimate. Communism is quintessentially illegitimate. Soviets Communism was; Chinese Communism is.  

Any nation that kills its people for mild political objections, which traps, beats, tortures, and brain washes citizens for not accepting the oppression of religious, personal, and political views, which makes no apologies for inflicting Marxist carnage, suppression, coercion, intimidation, and a global virus, is illegitimate. Sovereignty resides in the people; that is the lesson of God-given rights.

Fourth, or “D,” “deterrence” is vital.  It is possible still with China if we sit up, see the threat, and act.  As Reagan demonstrated, “peace through strength” is the only way to turn back, roll back, stop aggression. We must do that again. Time is short, but concrete ways exist to show China we win if challenged.

Fifth, or “E,” “enforcement” of laws in the United States and on foreign soil, helping others call out China’s corruption, political, governmental, and personal – is vital.  American companies are private in nature and bound by the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act; China’s are governmentally tied and cheat all the time. We must use US laws, international tribunals, and allied action to prosecute their cheating. 

Sixth, or “F,” “finance” is an Achilles heal for China. They such money out of free, free-market, enterprising and wealthy countries, especially the US, via publicly traded companies, US government investments, intellectual property theft, corporate coercion even … corrupting politicians. That MUST stop.  We would not have invested or indulged building the Soviet war machine; we must not build China’s. They are corrupt, in debt, and endemically unapologetic about cheating – we must stop it.

Seventh, or “G,” is “game theory.” China thinks ahead, around corners, aims for dominance, in 500 years, sure – but also in five to fifteen years.  We must understand the moves before they make them, prevent their information and influence warfare, be smarter by half, and understand the game.

Game is theory is not a game, it is a way of thinking strategically proactively, smartly, and winning. It is what China is doing, although the West typically does it better, is more nimble, has free thought, experience ideals, and individual enterprise to rely on. But we have to do this, think forward, engage, look around corners, plan our chess moves, by being ahead of where they are planning to be.

Finally, eighth or “H,” is for “hidden battles for high ground,” which China is totally committed to finding, and we will lose if we let them take those areas of high ground. Arguably, from the Revolutionary War through the “Battle of Little Round Top” at Gettysburg during the Civil War, to many of the big battles WWI and WWI, from Anzio to Iwo Jima, casualties, opportunities, and even outcomes are determined by high ground.

Where is the high ground in our epic contest with China? Brace yourself, because it is everywhere – in near earth orbit and lunar orbit, in cyberspace, quantum computing, public awareness, information warfare, education, multilateral organization domination, the South China Sea, but also in commercial conquest of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Western Hemisphere. It is in leasing ports, and militarizing them, recapturing the Solomon Islands which we died to free, and a thousand fronts.

So, how do we win – since we must win, or over time perish to the power of illegitimate, but powerful communist coercion? We wake up, as one nation under God, remember who we are, remember what communist oppression looks like, and understand that we live in times not benign but malign. 

If we do that, remember the A, B, Cs of beating Chinese communism – stopping it before it wins – we will prevail and, to borrow from Churchill, men and women for a thousand years will call this our finest hour. If we minimize, ignore, forget, or divide on the importance of unity to freedom, we lose. Either way, “we are not in Kansas anymore, Toto” – time to say so.

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6 months ago

A divided house cannot stand —– and the division in USA is at all time high. We must unite as a nation to fight Communism as the Greatest Generation did after WWII.

6 months ago

A very good friend of mine goes to China several times a year for his employer. Quote: The Chinese people are very gifted with strong work ethic but are very lax in engeering which means they can duplicate almost anything but cannot originate from scratch.I myself have seen this and it’s true.So theChinese are making all their exports with knowledge supplied by others.Think what they have done work acquired knowledge.I give them credit but disagree with …there political and operating methods. I feel this is why Biden and Hunter are China employees but also slaves to their new masters..IMO

6 months ago

Hey, AMAC, what happened to the original comments from Max and Paul E from 2 days ago? Freedom of speech no longer recognized?

Bruce Peter Mattson
6 months ago

Someone should really read through these articles before publishing…”They such money out of free, free-market, enterprising and wealthy countries,” “Game is theory is not a game,” Wow!

6 months ago

What type of mentality allows China to purchase land here in the USA?…..Dakotas..Texas..California..that we know of? And you may as well include their semi-takeover of some colleges.. since the Emperors..China has always wanted to rule the Wirld…I cannot stress this enough. What deals did the current administration with the aid of certain former leaders make with China? Vote on November 8th to begin the process of “saving” our Republic.

6 months ago
Reply to  Jeanette

Yes, the Chinese govt openly supports USSA on many college campuses on the United States. 150 of them to be exact

6 months ago

Political sea changes? Brought about by who? The corrupt pols on both sides who sold this country out for personal wealth? The ceos who jumped at the chance to ship our manufacturing there? The ordinary folk who were shocked 25 yrs ago at how more and more consumer goods were made in china but who have long since shrugged it off as the way it is? The zeitgeist.? We had a champion who was at least willing to try to set things right but the entrenched dc set along with millions of easily offended robots got rid of him. It was his speaking up about china that sealed his fate. Far too many elites were becoming rich with china deals and he promised to upend the gravy train.

Deb Rockwell
6 months ago

The globalists and liberals control the narrative. They’d love nothing more than to usher in our defeat. Perhaps their foolish followers would finally wake up. Of course, by then it would be too late. As for me, I’m a give me liberty or give me death kinda gal. I know where I’m going after here—into the loving arms of the Lord Jesus.

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