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Woke Corporations Choose Abortion Over Maternity Leave

By Ian Gargan


Following the news of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, Dicks Sporting Goods CEO Lauren Hobart posted a statement on her LinkedIn account showing just how much she cares for her employees. She announced that Dicks will provide up to $4,000 in travel expense reimbursement to employees seeking abortion in a state where it is legally available. Former CEO ( and non-aborted son of the company’s founder) Ed Stack, agreed with her decision by sharing Hobart’s post.

This stance has the mainstream media doing nothing short of throwing Dicks and companies with similar stances a parade for their heroism. One would think Dicks is just as passionate about other reproductive health benefits, right? I mean, they must go above and beyond to assure mothers have paid maternity leave. Perhaps they even cover dependent care expenses so mothers can return to work. Well, not exactly. A quick look at Dicks on the employer review website Glassdoor shows the company as having a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, a fairly solid rating. However, the comments, which are posted anonymously by past and current employees, do not align with the incredible vision of the Dicks founder or their current virtue signaling CEO.

Dicks hiring page on their website states, “We [Dicks Sporting Goods] are FMLA compliant,” which means they do not do anything illegal under the guidelines of the Family Medical Leave Act.  That’s a good start. But the Glassdoor comments indicate otherwise. Employees say they are rushed back to work; “It’s like pulling teeth to get a leave of absence;” “difficult job to have and go on maternity leave.”  Many made mention that the health insurance is “very expensive and poor coverage.”

Dicks’ CEO says, “Our teammates are the heart of our business,” and “we are committed to protecting their health and well-being.”  That may be true, but is Dicks pushing an option because it works better for Dicks? Consider this:  A pregnant employee who carries a child for nine months will see a reduction in production, will need reasonable accommodations at work, and postpartum, upon her return, will have the right to lactation breaks. Under FMLA, lactation breaks ensure the mother has access to a private area where she can feed or breast pump. And no, the new mother cannot use a bathroom stall; it must be a secure area with no cameras or windows. If there are security cameras in the area, they must have the ability to be switched off,  which could require an upgrade in technology. Add to that a parent’s need for time off for sick children, medical appointments, and school functions.

Or the employee can just get an abortion, which will cost Dicks about $4000. Dicks is making a choice to support the bottom line more so than their employees. The payoff for Dicks is less time off for the mother and expenses that are a drop in the bucket as compared to paid parental leave.

It is also interesting to note that the abortion “benefit” is only available to employees who are currently enrolled in Dicks’ health insurance, which immediately precludes part-time employees. It is now common for large companies to control expenses  by keeping employees under the average of 32 hours per week, so they do not have to offer them insurance. But can’t a company who had record profits of $4,712 million in 2021 afford to offer insurance?! Part- time employees are the ones most likely to need health insurance, especially if they become pregnant. When deciding whether to carry a child to term or to terminate it, the amount of  financial support a mother has can be a deciding factor in many cases.

So, when the mainstream media praises companies for making decisions like this, we need to read between the lines. Why are they offering a more robust abortion benefit than parental benefits? Dicks has some of the biggest stores I have ever seen and can easily find space for employee daycare. (Tots can enjoy learning to golf, hunt, and fish at an early age!) But unfortunately, that is not the path they have taken. Instead, they have joined the woke mob pandering to the left. A missed marketing opportunity for a store that used to sell guns. Imagine if they had opted for a pro-life stance, paired with their support of the Second Amendment? Profits from Conservatives could soar.

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10 months ago

Never shop at that overpriced place! Now I know what they use your money for! I’ll never step foot in one now.

10 months ago

“F” Dicks!! Add them to the Long list of slime!! I’m done with them!!!

10 months ago

Well, we have the story on Dick’s. Now give us the list of other companies promoting abortion, so we can avoid giving them our business.

Michael Chambers
10 months ago

Boycott Dicks!

Lee S McQuillen
10 months ago

We started this when they refused to sell guns anymore. They’re conducting a business and should do so – not include politics in their business decisions! We’ll never go there again.

11 months ago

DICKS? I stopped shopping there when they trashed 2A. Never went back and happy this will keep me away.?

Bill on the Hill
11 months ago
Reply to  Harry

I never stepped foot in any Dick’s store, once I learned they discontinued selling firearms, the argument became moot. Now this latest sad story about proper health care benefits for pregnant employees or lack thereof. Abortions over quality prenatal care by a large corporate employer, i.e. Dick’s Sporting Goods?
As far as I’m concerned this woke corporation has written it’s own epitaph & they along with their CEO’s are doomed to fail…
Bill… :~)

11 months ago

My husband quit shopping there a long time ago, when they still sold guns. They would advertise a particular gun on sale, but never had it when you would go to buy it. Second time this happened he told them that he would never be back and hasn’t been. I won’t be shopping there anymore either

Richard Minetti
11 months ago

That’s the last time I will ever buy from Dick’s Sporting Goods!

11 months ago

The debate should be painted that “Dick’s” and other like minded corporations are “anti-Christian” as well as “anti” any other “believers” that find killing the undesired as a repugnant excuse for Healthcare. If they’re going to make “murder” their standard, then left them proudly own it.

11 months ago

Never been in Dicks so im glad they never got nor will get any of my money! What a sad state of affairs! And the Lady below was correct, why would you kill off your future customer base?? Or even worse, have abortionist already killed off the future man or woman that would have found a cure for cancer or AIDS etc. In this generation? Im on the last 1/4 of my life on earth, im thankful for that, i fear for my kids and grands for sure..God help us.

11 months ago

Haven’t shopped at Dick’s in 3 yrs and never going back. Remember, folks, they stopped selling guns because they don’t want you having any!!

11 months ago

Bye bye Dicks

Bill on the Hill
11 months ago
Reply to  Hal

I whole heartily agree with that statement Hal…
Bill… :~)

rebel jtown
11 months ago

I stopped doing business with dicks when they did the gun thing. Never going back!

11 months ago
Reply to  rebel jtown

Me also!

Janice Hall
11 months ago

They really didn’t think that through. Babies turn into young people that do sports and need sports equipment. You would think they would be for procreation to further their business.

11 months ago
Reply to  Janice Hall

The left can’t see past their noses.

11 months ago

Woman at gas station said she would save a puppy from drowning but not a baby. I must be stupid to believe what the Natz did in ww2 is here and accepted. Where does it stop if it does They will kill everyone that disagrees with them. Thank God we all have our guns to protect us from our own people.Spent two years in Viet Nam saw enough horror for three lifetimes. People without guns are victims . Lock and load. Airborne all the way.

Bob K
11 months ago

Corporations are doing this so that they don’t have to pay a greater amount for maturity leave.

11 months ago

Where do you think the $4,000 will come from? Employee pay/benefits or they will raise their prices. What is their long term plan? In 16-20 years where will the employees come from if you do not allow them to be born now.

11 months ago
Reply to  Wanda

They will come across our southern border illegally, just like the huge swarms are arriving today…

11 months ago

Ifwe are thinking of bottom lines CEO’S can be replaced.This will never replace money lost in regards to money made from supporters of the policy. Folks this might be a last attempt here to save this operation. Bad move! Reduce price and customer service gets people in the door

11 months ago

Don’t expect these companies to provide equivalent support to new mothers! Murdering babies is part of the socialist elite strategy for population control, which has a racist basis, given that 90% of abortions are people of color.

11 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Red, yellow, black and white

11 months ago

That is ‘Dicks’ business. We can choose to follow the law of the land or not if we are willing to accept the penalties. All of us know the truth and it will set you free.

11 months ago


11 months ago
Reply to  Ml

Already have, years ago!!!

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