Why Obama and Clinton Tweeted About ‘Easter Worshippers,’ Not Christians

Obama Clinton ChristiansSometimes, a few sentences tell you more about a person—and, more importantly, an ideology—than a learned thesis.

That is the case with tweets from Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama two days ago in response to the mass murder of more than 300 Christians and others in Sri Lanka.

Their tweets are worth serious analysis because they reveal a great deal about the left. Of course, they reveal a great deal about Clinton and Obama, too, but that doesn’t interest me.

And that, too, is important. Many Americans—especially conservatives and “independents”—are more interested in individual politicians than in political ideologies.

Many conservatives have long been fixated on Clinton—so much so that probably any other Democrat would have defeated Donald Trump, as conservative anger specifically toward her propelled many people to the polls.

Similarly, Republican Never-Trumpers are fixated on Trump rather than policy. They care more about Trump’s personal flaws than about the mortal dangers the left poses to America and the West or about the uniquely successful conservative policies Trump promulgates.

And independents all claim to vote “for the person, not the party.”

Only leftists understand that one must vote left no matter who the Democrat is, no matter who the Republican opponent is. Leftists are completely interchangeable: There is no ideological difference among the 20 or so Democrats running for president. Mayor Pete Buttigieg is not one degree to the right of Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren.

That is why it is important to understand Clinton and Obama’s tweets: to understand the left, not to understand her or him.

Here are the tweets:

Obama: “The attacks on tourists and Easter worshippers in Sri Lanka are an attack on humanity. On a day devoted to love, redemption, and renewal, we pray for the victims and stand with the people of Sri Lanka.”

Three hours later, Clinton tweeted: “On this holy weekend for many faiths, we must stand united against hatred and violence. I’m praying for everyone affected by today’s horrific attacks on Easter worshippers and travelers in Sri Lanka.”

As they both spelled “worshipers” the same idiosyncratic way and used the term “Easter worshippers,” it is likely they either had the same writers or Clinton copied Obama.

Here’s what’s critical: Neither used the word “Christians.” And in order to avoid doing so, they went so far as to make up a new term—”Easter worshippers”—heretofore unknown to any Christian.

When Jews were murdered at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Clinton mentioned the synagogue in a tweet. But in her post-Sri Lanka tweet, despite the bombing of three churches filled with Christians, Clinton made no mention of church or churches.

In a tweet after the massacre of Muslims in New Zealand, she wrote that her heart broke for “the global Muslim community.” But in her latest tweet, not a word about Christians or the global Christian community.

Obama similarly wrote in his tweet about New Zealand that he was grieving with “the Muslim community” over the “horrible massacre in the Mosques.” But in his tweet about Sri Lanka, there is no mention of Christians or churches.

The reason neither of them mentioned Christians or churches is that the left has essentially forbidden mention of all the anti-Christian murders perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and of all the Muslim desecration of churches in Europe, Africa, and anywhere else.

This is part of the same phenomenon—that I and others have documented—of British police and politicians covering up six years of rape of 1,400 English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere in England.

Essentially, the left’s rule is that nothing bad—no matter how true—may be said about Muslims or Islam and nothing good—no matter how true—may be said of Christians or Christianity.

Clinton’s post-New Zealand tweet also included these words: “We must continue to fight the perpetuation and normalization of Islamophobia and racism in all its forms. White supremacist terrorists must be condemned by leaders everywhere. Their murderous hatred must be stopped.”

She made sure to condemn “Islamophobia,” but she wrote not a word about the far more destructive and widespread hatred of Christians in the Muslim world, seen in Muslims’ virtual elimination of the Christian communities in the Middle East, the regular murder and kidnappings of Coptic Christians in Egypt, and the murder of Christians in Nigeria.

She calls on “leaders everywhere” to condemn “white supremacist terrorists,” one of the smallest hate groups on Earth, but never calls on leaders everywhere to condemn Islamist terrorists, the largest hate group on Earth.

These two tweets tell you a lot about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. But far more importantly, they tell you a lot about the left.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Dennis Prager

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Frank S.
1 year ago

A must read for Conservative Christians everywhere is Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America, by David Horowitz (2018). It’s chilling and it’s true! The Founders knew that for the American experiment (our current Constitutional Republic) to work there needed to be an educated and informed public, a free and objective press, and a moral/virtuous population. Look at today’s public and university educational system, the current state of the MSM, and the moral relativism now found throughout our society and you have to fear for America’s future. Everyone needs to find a way to get involved and make others… Read more »

Helen Corey
1 year ago

Both HClinton and BObama are funded by Soros money. They have same Soros funded sources for their messaging.

1 year ago

What’s ironic, (and possibly moronic), is the comment from Hillary Clinton about “white supremacists”. If that is not the ‘pot calling the kettle black’, I don’t know what it is. She is the epitome of a white supremacist, who just like others, (such as Soros), think they are superior beings and thus qualified to dictate our morals and dogmas. They do this while living without any moral compass. Bent on destroying a sovereign nation in order to create their global ‘utopia’, they do not hesitate to give support to the any who will help them meet their goal.

1 year ago

My heart goes out to anyone of any faith who suffered like this, and I strongly condemn the perpetrators, no matter their faith.

Call me a cynic, but the Obama/Clinton tweets sound as if they were drawn from a pre-approved list of greeting card sentiments that liberal handlers deposit in their email boxes every morning. What are the chances that both would use the British version to spell “worshipers” with 2 “p’s”? One wonders what they REALLY thought.

1 year ago

“She calls on “leaders everywhere” to condemn “white supremacist terrorists,” one of the smallest hate groups on Earth, but never calls on leaders everywhere to condemn Islamist terrorists, the largest hate group on Earth”. Actually, I am beginning to believe that the leftists themselves are an even larger hate group!

Chuck T
1 year ago

I’m disgusted with both of them. Their protection of Islam shows their contempt for America and its core values.

1 year ago

Why would the American Left support Muslim communities and not Christian or Jewish? Their ideology is fundamentally anti religion; consequently, the contradiction. It appears to be more planned divisiveness and conflict for the future.

1 year ago

These socialists, not unlike Soviet communists, Nazis, and socialists all over the world, absolutely HATE Christians and they won’t change their minds until they are burning in hell.

Deb Day
1 year ago

It is simple. There is a war on Christianity. Islam is the religion of satan and people who follow and defend it are doing satan’s work. I do not condone violence from any sect or group, but I will do what is needed to defend my country and religion from attack.

Press ONE for English
1 year ago

OF COURSE these messages were written by script writers. If eight years of misery taught us nothing else it drove home the point that PINO (President In Name Only) obama has never had an independent thought in his life. That’s one big reason why he was such an awful public speaker, all the “…uhhh…” ‘s and hesitations. The dunce was reading, and poorly at that. Prager has hit the nail on the head here and has outlined the problem clearly and succinctly although others, including me, have made the same general point in the past. The left is a disciplined… Read more »

1 year ago

Look told anyone who would listen that obama is and was no Christian that he was out to destroy America that was back in 2008 but everyone thought it was a good idea to have a half black president but I knew after what happened with the plumber that he was not what he said then came out he hid all his personal stuff and the reason why he and his so called wife lost their license to practice law just added to why he was not what he said then in the first mo. Proved me right and he… Read more »

1 year ago

What more can we expect from America’s two greatest heathens?

Joanne Gargano
1 year ago

We know Obama is not a Christian but a Muslim advocate, but what is Hillary?

1 year ago

I guess that it isn’t politically correct to say Christians (which includes both Catholics, Protestants of all denominations). It also appears it is okay to denounce all Christians because of the wrongdoers of a few select individuals. Why else do we need to add more holidays to the year for any religion other than Christian holidays but push to eliminate Christmas as a holiday? The word seems to be offensive to ultra-PC-liberals.

Bill TX3
1 year ago

The Left & Democrats are truly manufactured with the same emotional and political socialistic parts. Their Chirstian-phobias can be interchanged from one person to the next with a precision fit. In the mid to late 1800s the introduction of interchangeable parts allowed for mass production of products. The socialist play book calls for the same approach only with the use of the same interchangeable political values, ideals, words, and concepts. Plug these into children’s’ minds and hearts using the government run schools and slanted news media then you can mass produce socialist with no mind to think with, no heart… Read more »

Janice laporte
1 year ago

They want to avoid anything that would make them burst into flames.

Gail Coury
1 year ago

Points to exactly who they are and where they stand doesn’t it?

1 year ago

If either one of these losers, Odumer or Billery, sends up a prayer for anyone just listen closely. I think you will hear laughing coming from above. These two are what is wrong with politics and, well, plus a few thousand more of their close friends.

ahem tonto
1 year ago

Both are hypocritical egregious individuals and both are anti-Christian anti- Semitic.

1 year ago

They belong in history books , forgotten but the right wants to keep hearing want they want to say . No Thanks !! Return the favor to these terrorists and on one of their holy days !

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