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Whistleblowers Expose Democrats Use of FBI to Attack Political Opponents | John Solomon | EP 159

According to investigative reporter John Solomon, over 20 whistleblowers exposed Democrats’ use of the FBI to attack political opponents. This week the Better for America podcast welcomes Solomon, founder of Just the News, and more famously known as the investigative reporter who blew open the Trump-Russia hoax. Solomon and host Rebecca Weber discuss the rogue, weaponized FBI and how the Biden DOJ is criminalizing political differences. Conducting raids on political opponents like former President Donald Trump and pro-life advocate Mark Huck, has increased an already growing public distrust in the FBI. Solomon examines how Trump was investigated without proper predicate, while Hunter Biden’s scandal (with mounds of evidence!) was swept under the rug. Turning to another corrupt Biden department – Mayorka’s Homeland Security is blatantly lying to Americans about the ripple effects of an open southern border on our safety and economy. With a divided nation and elections around the corner, Solomon reminds listeners to trust their eyes, not the political spin!

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4 months ago

At this point in time, What Does it Matter?

5 months ago

I was glad to see James Hillary Comey go. Had hopes in Wray, but he sucks ,also.

5 months ago


Thomas Koch
5 months ago

It is a good thing to take notice of the corruption. But your only course of meaningful action is to vote out all Democrats from office, from the President (in 2024) down to your local school board and city and county government. The party has become so corrupt that no Democrat can be trusted at any level of government or council whatsoever. Election day is around the corner. Get out and vote!!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Thomas Koch

True but there are sure a lot of republicans who need to go too. Some from the top, middle and bottom!

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

With all the corruption in government the hypocrisy is we’re supposed to believe the only thing not corrupt was the 2020 election? People will believe Big Foot exists though…

larry friedline
5 months ago

please excuse poor typing on previous post,small keyboard,fat fingers.

larry friedline
5 months ago

the politicions need to be removed from federal government and americans elected. the fbi needs to be run by police and law enfopcement officers not political appointes.

Carlos Galvez
5 months ago

Great interview.

Marc Ziegler
5 months ago

The FBI and the Justice Department should be removed from the Executive Branch and supervised by Congress directly. We need to remove the possibility that these Departments would be required to investigate the President, the very person now in charge. Does anyone now think Biden would allow an investigation of his son Hutter??? A snowball’s chance in Hell!!!!

William C Smith
5 months ago

The FBI, the DOJ, and many othe alphabet deparatment anomolies need major house-cleaning with follow-up indictments and prosecutions. The only way to set things straight and provide good examples for future activities is to root out the rot and rid the country of those who have abused their high offices irresponsibly. Some people need to be jailed for their crimes.

Stan d. Upnow
5 months ago

And just who do you suppose is going to do all of that, Republicans? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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