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What the GOP Should Say If It’s President Harris

AMAC Exclusive

As Joe Biden continues to flounder amidst his Afghanistan debacle, a startling phenomenon – one rarely seen in Washington in the modern era – is occurring. Instead of coalescing around the President, top administration officials and many within his own party’s power circles have instead seemed to not-so-quietly abandon him. Last week for example, just hours after Biden claimed that al Qaeda no longer existed in Afghanistan, the top spokesman at the Pentagon said that the terror group did in fact still have a presence in the country. Additionally, instead of backing up Biden’s comments about no one being able to foresee the disaster, top intelligence officials have privately told reporters that they tried to warn Biden about the shortcomings of his withdrawal plans weeks ago. 

Other usually loyal institutions outside the administration have gone even further, openly criticizing Biden and questioning his hold-on-reality. Congressional Democrats have not shied away from voicing their displeasure with the President, and academic elites have gone so far as to label him “incompetent.” Even the liberal media, Biden’s most important and steadfast political ally, suddenly have begun questioning Biden’s leadership. A CNN reporter on the ground in Afghanistan called Biden’s pullout a “failure,” the New York Times ran a story calling out Biden’s “inaccurate claims,” and an article from The Atlantic last week ran with the headline “Biden’s Betrayal of Afghans Will Live in Infamy.” Indeed, questions like “is the president aware of what is happening?” or “is Joe Biden all right?” are no longer confined to conservative media.

So, why does it appear that the Left is engaging in public attacks on Joe Biden that are permanently damaging to his credibility? Why are those same people who spent the better part of the last 18 months promoting Joe Biden as an “adult” and “steady” presence ready to rescue the country from a dark Trumpian era now so conspicuously dissatisfied, even disenchanted with the job he’s doing?

However far-fetched the thought might once have seemed, the possibility now seems at least plausible that the Democratic establishment and the media and tech giants have decided that they have gotten all the use they can out of Joe Biden, and it’s time to help the public move past the bumbling presence that brought America one of its greatest national security disasters and global humiliations. And that the way to do that is to advance Vice President Kamala Harris – through a Biden resignation forced on him by party leaders – into the presidency. If that is the case, Republicans would be wise to be prepared with a coordinated response that doesn’t lose focus of the real threat to American life – not Joe Biden, but the extremism of the Democratic Party.

Certainly, a Joe Biden resignation is still unlikely at this point, however seriously he has been damaged by the Afghanistan disaster and the public loss of faith in his leadership and competence. The office of the presidency, after all, holds an immense amount of power, even in the face of a united front from the media and corporate America. And those institutions haven’t openly called for Biden to step down – yet.

However, some Republicans have begun quietly discussing a potential scenario where Biden would resign, and Kamala Harris would take over. Such a situation is not inconceivable should the crisis in Afghanistan worsen or be compounded with another of similar magnitude. Biden’s rapidly declining mental acuity has been well-documented, and leading Democratic figures could conceivably use that as an excuse to push Biden aside, especially with renewed questions about his health.

With Democrats’ prospects for retaining control of Congress looking increasingly dim, some leaders within the Democratic Party may also come to the conclusion that their chances are better with someone else at the helm, and they may move to oust Biden either prior to 2022 in an effort to salvage Democrats’ chances of retaining their majority or following next year’s election as backlash to a potential Republican sweep.

Either way, it’s no secret that all the power centers within the progressive movement would’ve much preferred someone like Kamala Harris to Joe Biden in the first place. Biden was simply the placeholder in order to prevent Bernie Sanders from securing the nomination, a much better bet to defeat Donald Trump until someone like Kamala could take control. The situation in Afghanistan may then serve as a useful foundation upon which to subtly build the narrative that Biden is no longer fit to be President – thus achieving the original goal of someone like Kamala Harris taking charge without having to face American voters with her name at the top of the ticket and endure the scrutiny that would be given the public record of someone who was once the single most left-wing person in the US Senate other than Bernie Sanders.

If it is President Kamala Harris before 2024, Republicans must understand – and convey to the American people – that Biden’s resignation is only further evidence that the media establishment and Big Tech believe they can manipulate the public into turning on Joe Biden and accepting a replacement that is more capable (they hope) of furthering their left-wing agenda. If Biden is pushed out by the Left, it is only to further their extremist policies. Instead of attacking Biden for his incompetence – after all, his general foolishness and incompetence have been evident for decades – the GOP should remain focused on exposing the tech and media moguls who conspired to protect Biden and hide his mistakes from the public, thus enabling his rise to the top of American politics when he was woefully unqualified to hold the most powerful elected office in the world. Biden’s breathtaking hard-left turn after taking office and his close work with Schumer and Pelosi on an essentially socialist agenda are evidence of the gratitude he felt toward the extremist liberal forces that finally got him the presidency after his own spectacularly unsuccessful attempts in the past.

In short, Republicans should understand that Biden’s potential resignation is not about Biden at all, but is rather about the fact that the same forces which conspired to propel Biden past Sanders in last year’s Democratic primary now believe their best chance of maintaining power in 2022 and beyond is by ditching Biden for Harris. For the ruling class that now dictates its orders to the Democratic Party, Biden’s constant gaffes and mismanagement of numerous crises have now threatened their control on the levers of power, and thus Biden has got to go.

Such a messaging strategy should be easy to implement – after all, it is only a matter of relaying a truthful narrative that the American people would already intuitively understand. One of President Trump’s greatest rhetorical assets in 2016 was his ability to effectively convey the corruption and deceit of elites. Unlike politicians before him, he told the truth about how the political class as a whole was not serving the interests of the American people. Similarly, GOP House candidates in 2020 who told the truth about Democrats’ socialist policies and “defund the police” movement dramatically reduced Democrats’ majority in the chamber.

Trump and these GOP candidates have shown what have always eluded the GOP’s highly-paid but frequently unsuccessful class of political consultant and strategists on Capitol Hill. During the 2020 campaign, Trump actually explained to the public why congressional Democrats who were pledging to work across the aisle in a spirit of bipartisanship were going back on their promises and voting for radical legislation as well as refusing to disavow all the fringe groups and causes that were part of the Democratic Party culture and agenda.

With his use of the term “corrupt bargain,” Trump made it easy for Americans to see why Democratic members of Congress so greatly feared well-financed primary challenges from the progressive left that they agreed to place the priorities of the most extreme faction of their party over that of their own constituents. Trump’s term is even more effective now given the fact that Democratic members of Congress who are already trying to refurbish a moderate image are still faced with their own irradicable, far-left voting record since the Biden inauguration. That voting record shows they were and are political hostages of the most radical forces in their party.

Republicans have been at their best when they’ve simply laid out the facts and let the American people see for themselves the disastrous results of Democratic governance. No matter who occupies the Oval Office, whether its Biden, Harris, or any other stand-in to advance the radical, big-government policies that are at the heart of the modern Democratic Party, the GOP would likely be wise to stick to that playbook ahead of 2022 and 2024 – the future of the country may depend on it.

“Extremism” has always been the one characteristic the public finds most disturbing about any politician. And thus, a Harris presidency – whatever temporary respite it gives Democrats from the Biden blunders – affords the GOP a chance to drive home how the Democratic Party is now controlled through a corrupt bargain by extremist liberal forces in the ruling class.

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Dianne Howell-Herbold
1 year ago

They all need to go and bring back the real President who honored our military and protected the American people.

1 year ago

How can she be President, her parents were not US citizens when she was brought to the USA

John Robbins
1 year ago

We are in serious trouble in this country. Biden is a turnip, and Harris is no better. Sadly, I see the downfall of my country within the next few yrs.

Big Mike
1 year ago

It is NOT a matter of Democrat verses Republican any more. A large part of the U.S. Congress are memebers of a new term I just heard. They are the Uni-party. They al have a socialist agenda. They are all anti-American and Anti-patriot. For an acid test, just look and how they treated or acted against President Trump. The real patriots in Congress need to expose the “system” for what it is. I fear all is lost without help from God.

1 year ago

Remember when she was merely a candidate for POTUS? She was out of the running so fast it was amazing! So imagine my disgust to learn she would be on the ticket with ‘ol’ slow Joe’. Now (a little of my history here), I have wanted a female POTUS for over 57 years now. But I had in mind someone of the caliber of Barbara Jordan; someone actually capable of the position, be they male or female or all of the above. It seems VP Harris has but one qualification, and for the Democrats, that one is more than enough. I hope I live long enough to see a female POTUS who got the job by dint of hard work and experience and ability to do the job, and not because it “was her turn” or societal decrees.

1 year ago

Does VP Harris meet the requirements for the office she holds? I read a comment stating that the VP must meet the same requirements to be President, which caused that writer to question whether having parents who became citizens, as did VP Harris’ parents, met those requirements.

1 year ago

Harris is no more capable than Biden to be president. I think she’ll knuckle under the pressure and cut and run as usual. And no we do not want nazi Nancy any where near the oval office in any capacity! She needs to go home to her gated community, lock the door and stay there eating ice cream until she dies.

Joe from Las Vegas Nevada
1 year ago

Pelosi does NOT become VP. Q: If a vice president assumes the presidency, who becomes vice president?
A: The new president appoints someone to fill his or her old position, subject to congressional approval.
If Harris was VP and did not nominate a new VP, the office can remain vacant (example when Kennedy was shot, Johnson did not have a VP until his election in 1964).
But if there is no VP and Harris is removed, then the Speaker takes over.

Tim Toroian
1 year ago

YAY! Just wait til 22 and 24.

1 year ago

She prosecuted law abiding Americans, while letting known criminals walk free. This is the Democrat Mantra!!! Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Soros, Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, Pelosi, Shumer, Omar, Tlaib, etc.

Tom Galda
1 year ago

If Harris becomes president Pelosi becomes Vice President. What’s to stop Pelosi from using the 25th Amendment to oust Harris so that she can then become the President?

Joe from Las Vegas Nevada
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Galda

Pelosi does NOT become VP automatically. Harris would need to nominate a new VP and it needs to be approved by Congress. (She can nominate Peolsi, but that would be stupid) (And yes Harris is stupid)

1 year ago

Pelosi would not want to be VP!! She has more power where she’s at!!

Janet Schahl
1 year ago

There are things that come to mind as I read this article. Free and fair elections are a thing of the past. Branches if the government that are not elected are unwilling to do their job correctly and so support the corruption. Fat too many Republicans are corrupt and ad radical ad the Democrats and are working with them to achieve the same goals.

1 year ago

Demand republicans follow the Constitution. Kamala Harris is NOT “natural born”. Her parents were foreign students when she was born. SHE IS AN ANCHOR BABY.

Donna D
1 year ago
Reply to  Eagle

But that would put crazy Nancy in there. It just gets scarier and scarier

1 year ago
Reply to  Eagle

Article II, Section I of the Constitution clearly states that Constitution mandates that a person must be at least 35-years-old, must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years, and must be a “natural born citizen” to be eligible to be vice president.

Since Harris was born in California, she is deemed eligible, regardless of the fact that she was born to immigrant parents. Unfortunately it’s legal.

1 year ago

The article left out that if Harris becomes president there’s no VP to break tie votes in the Senate until the House and Senate vote for one. The Senate Republicans could stop any legislation Harris proposes by not voting for the VP nominee. I’m assuming Harris becomes president while the Dems control the House and the Senate is tie; before the Republicans take control of the House and maybe the Senate in January 2023. Unfortunately, weak-kneed Republicans like Twit Romney and Lisa Moronkowski would vote for the VP nominee, blowing this opportunity.

1 year ago

This organization Amac is all about politics first. Republicans don’t want to know anything about the truth. People are not going to get the truth here that’s for sure. This article is total bull .

Stop The Steal
1 year ago

The election was stolen and needs to be dealt with first. No point in giving the Democrats more to deal with when they have already proven they are in over their heads. Demand a recount. Do not net the steal go unchallenged. Look at and see the truth. Do not let the sheeple shout you down. You have to speak up because no further elections are possible as long as Dominion machines are around Dominion MUST GO along with all the other cheating machines.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stop The Steal

Also the unconstitutional change to election laws just before the election. The LEGISLATURE makes the laws, not the governor or Secretary of State. Democrats want to use Covid as an excuse for universal mail in ballots, no ID, no signature verification, ballots accepted 3 days after election, ballot harvesting, UN watched drop boxes, Soros and Zuckerberg funding poll workers. I refuse to donate to GOP if they refuse a forensic audit to expose and correct all fraudulent activities.

1 year ago

During this current crisis, Has anyone thought about the possible motives of bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted Afgans plus whoever else was in the mix? Sending them to who knows where? And is this 3 Trillion dollar bill in congress REALLY for We The People or an excuse to collapse our economy and help resettle our newly acquired ” illegal friends”? What is really going on here?
With the voting issues of the past election, covid lock downs, a congress running an out of contral spending spree and a Puppet President “leading” our country, where do we go from here? Call me crazy but something is just not right!!!!

Michael Ruppert
1 year ago

Biden and Harris must immediately Resign, Pelosi must immediately Resign, Schumer must immediately resign. Every member of the squad as well as Feinstein, Waters, Newsome, Cheney, Romney must be impeached as well as all of their staff must lose their jobs.

1 year ago

Unfortunately, the leaders of the Republican Party are in bed with the same people like as the Dems. They are too invested in their I will selves to heed any such great advice.

1 year ago

If Harris steps down, we get Pelosi. Do we want that? I think Pelosi has a little dementia herself.

1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

Read your constitution. If the Pres and VP both are gone it goes to the Speaker Automatically!

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