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U.S. Military Increasingly Crippled Under Biden

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


Late last month, in a series of unprecedented moves, the U.S. Army announced that it would no longer require High School Diplomas or GEDs for new recruits and was relaxing its ban on visible hand and neck tattoos. While the Army reversed the GED policy only a week later amid swift backlash, it was the clearest sign yet of just how desperate America’s military has become for new recruits – both as a result of factors outside the control of military leaders and glaring policy failures that may be driving away potential enlistees.

Since the end of active conscription on January 27, 1973, the United States Military has been an all-volunteer force. While enlistment figures were initially steady, they have begun to lag in recent years. In 1980, about 18% of all Americans were veterans, according to Pew Research. By 2018, that number had shrunk to 7%. Today, less than one percent of the country is currently serving in uniform.

Most Americans who are enlisting today also come from military families – almost 80 percent of Americans who serve have at least one family member who is a veteran, and over 30 percent have an active-duty parent. While building family legacies of patriotic service is certainly admirable, that fact, combined with the shrinking overall percentage of Americans with a military background, means that the military community as a whole is becoming more insular and less visible – Americans who aren’t in the military are less and less likely to know someone who is. But there are some signs that even this critical source of recruits may be drying up; according to one new survey, “only 62.9 percent of military and veteran families would recommend military life, down from 74.5 percent in 2019.” That’s an extraordinary drop in just two years.

The net result of these trends is that every branch of the military is facing a drastic shortfall of new enlistees. As of late June, the Army was 60% short of its target numbers. The Air Force is 4,000 short on new recruits. Though the Navy and Marine Corps won’t release figures until later this year, they have also acknowledged that they are unlikely to meet recruitment quotas.

Several factors are likely contributing to this recruitment crisis – some of which are within the Defense Department’s control, some of which are not. For example, no one could have predicted the disastrous effect the COVID-19 pandemic would have on recruitment as recruiters suddenly lost the ability to connect face-to-face with young people in places like high schools, malls, and sporting events. Moreover, with a tight labor market leading to increased demand for entry-level workers, a military career may seem less enticing to otherwise promising candidates.

Larger societal trends have also negatively affected recruitment. In recent decades, America’s youth have become drastically less healthy – as of 2021, almost 75% of Americans aged 17-24 are ineligible to serve, mostly due to obesity or criminal histories. The Army has already considered relaxing its physical fitness requirements several times in recent years, something other branches may soon also be forced to do.

While rank-and-file service members have continued to serve their country with honor and dignity, upholding the proudest traditions of the U.S. military, recent failures as a result of poor leadership may also be driving away potential recruits. On this front, nothing looms larger than President Joe Biden’s disastrous evacuation from Afghanistan last year, which left 13 American service members dead. Following the debacle, a report on the attitudes of Afghanistan veterans found that “73% feel betrayed, and 67% feel humiliated.” Many were outraged that no one responsible for the fiasco was held accountable, even as the Biden administration and the mainstream media quickly moved on. Though the Afghanistan withdrawal was just the latest American misadventure in the Middle East caused entirely by failed leadership, it is one that is likely to stick in the minds of Americans for some time – including potential future recruits.

Even as the military struggles to fill its ranks, Pentagon bureaucrats and Biden administration officials have also plowed ahead with their plans to “wokeify” the military, alienating vast swaths of Americans in the process. The Army and Navy have both pushed Critical Race Theory texts like Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be An Anti-Racist on their “recommended reading list.” CRT has also made its way into the curriculum at West Point and other military academies. Just last month, the Navy was slammed for forcing new recruits to watch training videos on “proper pronoun usage.” Several Republicans in Congress have also raised concerns about woke policies in this year’s military funding bill.

With Russia and China growing more aggressive on the world stage and the United States potentially behind in missile and cyber defense technology, the threats to the country are growing by the day. A strong military has always been America’s best security policy and one that is all the more necessary in an increasingly unstable world. No matter the cause of the recruiting shortfall, our leaders have a responsibility to solve it – the future of the country and the world may depend upon it.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture. 

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Ashley marthinez
1 month ago

Tap on a clip to paste it in the text box.

6 months ago

Although I am personally very appreciative when (non-Veteran) people come up to me and say: “Thank you for your Service.” – much more often than in past years… I have begun to believe they are doing so – – because of a feeling of Guilt for not having served themselves… That is a part of what was not in the Article… As time passes, I expect this trend to decrease, as our Nation de-militarizes and even fewer volunteers join the various services. Where or what is the feed back on the “Space Force”?

6 months ago

Biden and the socialist/marxist/communists in Washington D.C. OWN this predicament. Instead of making our military stronger, they are right on schedule for their woke agenda to destroy our military defense. At some point you have to wonder how many Americans would actually be willing to die to protect our freedom, not forced to defend the woke agenda. If we are actually physically attacked, we will find out.

6 months ago
Reply to  Rich

According to “our” generals and admirals, a woke army, air force, and navy can defeat all.

6 months ago
Reply to  Rich

While in the Army – I never considered “Die for my Country” However, if or when in actual combat I would do anything to help the one next to me… In Vietnam, we were lied to about “We are here to stop the spread of communism” After we left, Vietnam declared peace (under Communist rule) and established Malls and food Courts in Saigon and Hanoi that are Americanized and modern with foreign investors; while we Americans import almost everything from Communist China. We killed our own economy, lost jobs and suffer with poverty and homelessness. We fought the “Taliban” in Afghanistan for twenty years, with the loss of thousands of American lives to turn it over to who? The Taliban. Thanks Biden. What the Hell are we doing?

6 months ago

Our military is being pecked to death by ducks. All this WOKE bullship is ruining the military, our national defense and recruiting. Ii was proud of my time in the USN, but I am not sure I would encourage anyone to go into the service with this current group of chuckleheads in charge. They have completely lost the flick.

6 months ago

Biden/Obama are all about destroying America with their transgender bs and trying to fire military personnel over not getting the phony vax. A jab that if maimed or killed the service person has no recourse. Congressmen, illegals are not required to get the jab. Does that tell you this is a hoax. It’s all about stealing the elections and destroying America!!!

6 months ago

I retired in 92 and then spent 25 years working for a military contractor till August 2018. I live close to a base and have watched the military go down hill from budget shortfalls, poor leadership decisions, manning cuts, reduced discipline, lowered entry requirements, and now you can add wokeness, its been a ongoing process that I don’t see a solution for, but, has to start at the clueless leadership.

6 months ago

75% of Americans between 17-24 ineligible to serve, mostly because of obesity or criminal histories? Where is this almost incredible statistic from? Pretty alarming to me!

6 months ago
Reply to  Sandra

Go sit in a mall and observe the fat people going by… Most of the 75% come from this group.
Then ask yourself: I wonder when these fat people first started to notice they are fat?
Or do they even notice? As a woman, when, if ever, would you ever consider having a loving relationship with a fat man? Do you think a fat man is even man enough to serve in the Army or Marines or Navy Seal? Probably not… So, what are they thinking? They can’t even get a date.
The Criminal part of the 75% is rather small, and while in jail they are on a 2,000 calorie diet, losing weight and working out in a gym for when they get out, they are in shape to commit more crimes. While the police are having the same problem as the military. Result is more crime. The only reason we are not invaded (other than invaders crossing our southern borders) is because “there is a gun behind every blade of grass” as the Japs said… Biden and his “woke” Agents are trying to disable gun ownership and refuse to build a wall or stop the invasion from the south. Among other things to destroy America. Hope you ar not a Democrat who opposes our freedoms by being armed. Can’t wait to see the fat men defend our freedoms when or if another country like Russia attempts to invade us… Not sorry for the long post

Robert Zuccaro
6 months ago

Maybe if they stop administrative seperations of those not wanting (or needing) the faux COVID “vaccine” the armed forces wouldn’t need so many new recruits… once again Brandon creates his own “crisis”!

6 months ago

Stupid is stupid does

6 months ago


6 months ago

GREAT! Let’s hope we don’t go to war………..another Biden horror.

6 months ago
Reply to  Karen

That’s what I’m worried about. If there was ever a time to attack us, it’s now, with this thing as head of the country! On top of this, our military is now so weak we won’t have a chance.

Dennis Johnson
6 months ago

All fine members of thr nazi republican party

6 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Johnson

fvytv mun thr mcre!

6 months ago

If I were able to serve NOW in this current admin, I wouldn’t. I served for 6 years in the 90’s and it was great. Now? Sorry, not calling men in dresses “ma’m”.

6 months ago

One key issue that is NOT mentioned in this article as a reason for our military readiness being drastically reduced: The forced dismissal of all military personnel who refuse to be injected with poison!

6 months ago

Stop the CRT in leaders are at fault for the loss of recruits. Get the Liberals out of the the leadership. Who will be left to protect our country? Once the best force of defence our military is in sad shape. We should be ashamed of this and scared at the same time. We need a strong president and we need better military leaders who don’t let China advance to the world leader. China has always wanted to take over the world and this present administration has sold out to them..25th Amendment and overturn the House and Senate this November! Wake up America!

6 months ago

Military life is a challenge, it’s the place where young men could leave the nest and prove themselves worthy of being independent and could make it on their own. I graduated from high school at the age of 17, when the draft was hot and enlisted. I struggled and learned a trade, a good well-paying trade that the military could not compete with on the outside. I liked the military and would have stayed with the military until it was obvious that the way promotions were being handled, I was at a definite disadvantage. Individuals overweight, who couldn’t pass the PT test, with less experience, not qualified to deploy with lower performance ratings were promoted over me. The quota system is not based on potential, ability or performance. So, I got out, went to work for the FAA as an air traffic controller and advanced from Omaha to St. Louis to DFW in five short years. Talented, high performing, loyal people want more than just money. I would have stayed in if I would have gotten promoted to E-6, but I didn’t so I had to settle for being a GS-14.

Susan Miller
6 months ago

Until we get real leadership, it’s best not to join. This regime cares nothing about it’s soldiers. They have been quite clear on that.

J Toth
6 months ago

Let’s not forget that many committed, experienced and healthy active and reserve military were forced to make very difficult decisions when they were forced to get the experimental jab with practically no exceptionions accepted.

6 months ago

There you go, more failure of the marxist democrat party!

6 months ago

As a retired enlisted man (not person) with more than a quarter century of service, I’ve seen my country go through some of its worst (Carter) and best (Reagan) administrations as I performed my duties to the best of my abilities. I almost took early discharges during both the Carter and Clinton regimes but my faith in this country kept me in, believing in better things to come. Now, 30 years later, I can only hope those true warriors still serving will keep the faith in our great country and our ability to rebound from the unparalleled ignorance and evil of Biden’s (Obama’s) designs on our way of life. We must VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE. These are Communists disguised as Socialists, totalitarians pretending to be concerned leaders working in our best interest. Tensions are rising, anger and violence are escalating, and our “leaders” are instrumental in compelling their malleable followers to believe it’s all our fault. Fomenting and actually spurring violence on by Democrat socialists like AOC and the Squad, and numerous Senators and Representatives (Waters,Schumer, etc). We are at a dangerous point in history, with some people on both sides talking secession, trashing our Constitution and starting over, or even open revolution. This cannot continue. RepublicNs, Independents, andConservatives must get out the vote and put an end to their anti-American plans before we have a situation which might cost more than this world can afford. Don’t panic, but get serious. If you want America to continue as designed by our fore Forefathers (or as close as possible) vote to get it back! This will NOT be easy. Social media, big tech, the majority of mainstream news, and a good portion of other media is left leaning. Also, a large portion of people are incredibly, still ignorant (not stupid, but just unaware). Do not take anything for granted. Talk to friends, associates, co-workers. Church and club members. I have begun to wear my Vietnam. Veteran hat when I go shopping. When someone thanks me for my service it gives me a chance to open a conversation on the state of our nation. We have to do all we can within the parameters of our laws. E wry day we lose getting out the vote makes it harde to succeed. Pray, stay positive, and work to get everyone you can to the pills. Volunteer to be a monitor at polling places to ensure an open and honest election.

6 months ago
Reply to  “jake”

Thanks for your service!

6 months ago
Reply to  “jake”

Thank you for your service and for being the kind of man we need! God bless you!

6 months ago
Reply to  “jake”

I’m with you brother. 22 and a half years in the “suck”, as they call it these days. I tried from the USMC in ’96 and can’t believe the route our country is taking. It sickens me daily to see the corruption is out government. That’s why “The Trump” wanted to drain the swamp. Until the majority of Americans see what needs to be done, nothing will happen. Semper Fi brother

6 months ago
Reply to  “jake”

Jake, You said things that are so heartfelt that I had a lump in my throat. You are truly an American Patriot and I thank you and all those who feel the same way about this incredible country. My brother was a Navy Pilot and served this country for most of his life. He’s buried along with fellow heroes at Arlington Cemetery, which every American should visit at some point in their lives. Maybe seeing the numbers of people who made sacrifices for the rest of us will wake them up and realize what we all should be fighting for.
Something from the Independence Day festivities at Westpoint really got to me and it made me see how the military is being destroyed. Fox telecast quite a bit and it was an evening scenario with the Shell and Stage used to entertain people. I associate Independence Day with Red, White, and Blue as I’m sure most of us do. At one point I looked and that shell was illuminated with “gay pride” colors! I don’t think I was hallucinating. Later it was Red, White, and Blue. Did anybody else notice it? It made me sick! Fox didn’t focus on it. I’m ashamed of what is being done to our military by people who don’t deserve to be involved in any capacity! From the incompetence and ignorance that permeates this administration to the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs, we have to get these people out! There are so many of us that feel the way you do. We just have to unite and be more visible and show these people that we outnumber them and we will defeat their evil plans for our country. You should wear that Vietnam shirt or cap with pride! It’s a great way to get people informed as to what’s going on in our country because they’re certainly not getting it from news media! Thank you for your service and for what you continue to do now!????????

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