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These Radical Democrat Prosecutors Are Breaking Their Oaths to Prosecute Criminals

AMAC Exclusive by Clayton Fuller


From San Francisco to Philadelphia, from Chicago to Portland, radical progressive prosecutors have been taking the law into their own hands, capitulating to lawbreakers rather than protecting law-abiding citizens. These prosecutors break their professional oaths by refusing to prosecute criminals, advancing a left-wing “social justice” agenda they could never pass into law. All the while, they are being encouraged and egged on by socialist Democrats in Washington. 

 Here are just a few of the most extreme progressive prosecutors in America.

 San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin

 Chesa Boudin was recently elected as the District Attorney of San Francisco. He boasts of relatives who were Marxist theorists and others who represented Fidel Castro. His adoptive father is Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground fame.  

 In addition, Boudin worked for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez. Boudin has also received more than $620,000 from a network of radical leftist donors who are linked to George Soros. Boudin’s family, work experience, and donor network seem to have influenced how he views his prosecutorial oath. Boudin calls putting criminals in prison “an act of violence in and of itself” and has sought to make theft a civil rather than a criminal issue. The predictable result is that shoplifting has exploded in San Francisco, becoming so widespread and pervasive that Walgreens has shut down 17 of its stores due to rampant theft that Boudin is refusing to prosecute.

 Even more egregiously, Boudin believes the “district attorney can challenge the legitimacy of law by declining to bring charges in certain cases.” But prosecutors are not legislators or judges, or philosophers. Every prosecutor takes a solemn oath to faithfully discharge the duties of the office, to defend the people of the community, and to enforce the law – not make up their own version of what they think the law should be. 

 There is significant statistical evidence that Boudin has quite simply abandoned the duties of his office. Over the past year, the San Francisco Police Department presented Boudin with 6,333 felonies. Boudin dismissed 40% of them. Through the first 15 months of Boudin’s tenure as D.A., Boudin tried just 23 cases and had obtained only 16 convictions. By contrast, Boudin’s predecessor had tried 294 cases over the same timeframe and secured 203 convictions. Take the felony crime of domestic violence. In the last three months of 2020 alone, Boudin dismissed cases against 113 out of the 131 individuals charged with felony domestic violence. 

 Unsurprisingly, crime is skyrocketing in San Francisco. During Boudin’s first year as D.A., burglaries increased by 52%, and motor vehicle thefts took off by 36%. The murder rate in San Francisco increased by 17%. 

 Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

Larry Krasner is the District Attorney for Philadelphia. Krasner campaigned specifically on the claim that policing is “systemically racist.” Krasner boasted that “None of the other candidates have ever been this progressive, this enlightened, this conscious, this woke.” George Soros-backed entities spent nearly $1.7 million to get Krasner in office, a gigantic sum for a local prosecutor’s race. Once elected, Krasner refused to prosecute crimes involving guns and drugs and has mandated that his office seek lighter sentences overall. 

 Krasner’s arbitrary and selective enforcement of the duly enacted laws of Pennsylvania represents a gross act of prosecutorial malpractice. Since Krasner took over in Philadelphia through June of last year, he has dropped or lost 26% more felony cases than his predecessor, and felony guilty pleas and verdicts in Philadelphia have fallen by 27%. Since January 2018, when Larry Krasner assumed office, the annual number of homicides has increased by over 40% to 469 murders in Philadelphia in 2020. In 2020, auto thefts increased by 63%, gun assaults increased by 72%, and commercial burglaries increased by 132% compared to the year before Krasner became D.A.

 Krasner’s disdain for law enforcement is also infamous. As a private attorney, Krasner sued the Philadelphia Police Department 75 times, and his supporters at his victory party chanted “F—the FOP [Fraternal Order of Police].” As D.A., Krasner has already received a stinging rebuke from the former U.S. Attorney for Pennsylvania, William McSwain, who said, “[t]here is a new culture of disrespect for law enforcement in this city that is promoted and championed by District Attorney Larry Krasner—and I am fed up with it.”  

 Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx

 Kim Foxx currently serves as the State’s Attorney for Cook County, Illinois, which includes the city of Chicago. She recently co-authored an opinion piece in which she asserted: “Our criminal legal system was constructed to control Black people and people of color.” Foxx, along with numerous other non-prosecuting prosecutors who signed the op-ed, committed “to using [her] office’s power and platform to advance discussions of divestment from the criminal legal system and toward community-led and community-defined responses to harm.” George Soros funded entities spent nearly $2 million dollars on her 2020 reelection campaign, and Soros personally contributed $300,000 to a PAC supporting Foxx’s election. 

 Immediately after being elected, Foxx announced that her office would no longer charge shoplifters with felonies unless they either had more than ten previous felony convictions or if they stole more than $1,000 worth of goods. In 2019, she even refused to prosecute actor Jussie Smollett, who staged a hate crime against himself. In 2020, in the wake of violent rioting and shoplifting in Chicago, Foxx defended the violent rioters and looters rather than prosecute lawbreakers. She said: 

 “We do ourselves a disservice… if we don’t look those young people in the eyes, who stepped over broken glass to take things because they can’t afford some of the things in their own neighborhood.” “Do not fall for the trap of responding to ancillary issues over here and not demanding justice in all aspects of our lives. These windows will be fixed, but those strip malls still need those businesses. The glass will be picked up, but our children are still getting an unequal education.” 

 Through June of last year, Foxx had dropped or lost 40% more felony cases than her predecessor, and felony guilty pleas and verdicts in Cook County plummeted by 13%. Over 25,000 more people had their felony cases dismissed under Foxx than her predecessor. Chicago had nearly 748 homicides in 2020, up 55.5% from 2019, and Cook County recorded an astonishing 857 gun-related homicides in 2020, more than any other year in history.

 The Biden Administration Is Pushing Progressive Prosecutors Into Courthouses Near You

 In city after city across the country, top prosecutors like Boudin, Krasner, Foxx, and others are breaking their oaths as public servants and catering to criminals rather than law-abiding citizens. These oathbreakers are being directly aided and abetted by the Biden administration. After terminating federal prison contracts and calling the police “absolutely” systemically racist, Joe Biden is nominating non-prosecuting prosecutors to U.S. Attorney positions. In his “Unity Plan” with radical socialist Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden made the campaign promise to “Support Progressive Prosecutors” and including their efforts at “reducing incarceration.” Vice President Kamala Harris is also firmly behind the push for pro-criminal anti-police prosecutors. Harris once said: “I believe we need to look locally and elect progressive prosecutors. Because the vast majority of prosecutions occur at the state and local level. There are leaders among us like Kim Foxx from Cook County[.]” Kamala Harris even lauded her own background as a “progressive prosecutor.” Indeed, Harris established a long record of releasing dangerous criminals in California. 

 Unfortunately, the Biden-Harris-Soros oathbreakers are not just a big city phenomenon. They represent the Democrat party’s socialist crusade to dismantle and destroy any criminal justice system that actually works – whether it be in a big city, small town, or suburban America. The radical socialists of today’s Democrat party are coming to a courthouse near you.

 Clay Fuller served as a White House Fellow from 2018-2019, advising senior Trump administration officials on special operations oversight at the Department of Defense and advising the Office of the Vice President on countering the opioid epidemic. He is an experienced federal, military, and local prosecutor as well as a military reserve officer with a decade of national security experience. 



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8 days ago

Violating their oath to enforce our laws and prosecute criminals should be grounds to revoke their legal license/credentials. They’ve proven they can’t perform their jobs and should not be allowed to continue. Maybe if us public citizens flooded the state legal boards with thousands of complaints about these prosecutors, we can get their licenses revoked and subsequently removed from office.

Pat R
9 days ago

Soros voiced his plan two years ago, to aim his current efforts to installing progressive DAs in states. Seems his $$ buys whatever he wants.
Personally think it’s high time (really past time) to seize his bank accounts and his multiple funded organizations. Then expel him from the US & withdraw his citizenship – or try him for treason because he is a traitor to this country (tho I’m sure the Dems love him). .

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  Pat R

Never going to happen. But thanks for playing. By the way, Soros has ONE vote; just like everyone else. These DA’s were elected by the voters in their districts. Said voters ‘asked for it’ and now they are ‘getting it’. I can’t feel sorry for liberal cities with liberal voters who actively contribute to their own utter destruction.

Jesse F Tiede
10 days ago

If these political appointees refuse to serve their constituents and uphold their Oath of Office, they need to be Impeached and removed from Office! Barring that, they need to be arrested, and charged with their crimes, just like those they refuse to prosecute! Until we bring back Personal Responsibility, and consequences for our actions, our country will continue to circle the drain…

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  Jesse F Tiede

But they DO serve their constituents! They were ELECTED, not appointed. They planted the bitter seed and now will have to eat bitter fruit.

10 days ago

This is all part on the continuing agenda checklist of the Communist Manifesto, as outlined by Bill Ayers. By Soros spewing millions of dollars to get these extreme progressive socialistsin order to get them elected, they are in a position to move this country into complete chaos and anarchy

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  GMR

‘Spewing millions of dollars’ did not bode well for Bloomberg’s presidential effort.

10 days ago

When election officials refuse to uphold the laws that they have sworn to uphold, it is time to remove them from office. They are traitors and recall is not enough. All of the citizens of this great country have the right to feel safe whether at home or out and about. No elected official has the authority to pick an choose what laws to enforce. I don’t want to see things erupt into a second civil war, though I fear that is coming, but I believe that we are going to see more and more vigilantly justice as time goes on. I totally fail to understand how stealing because you can’t afford something is OK when the rest of us work our tails off and save until we can afford what we need or would like to have. No business can afford to open its doors and welcome people to come in and take what they want. Is the level of mentality so low that it is OK to riot and destroy your own local businesses because you are upset with something that had nothing to do with those small business owners that now have nothing after devoting their lives to working hard and providing services to their neighborhoods? Is there no shame, no sense of guilt? When the laws are not enforced, we live in fear and chaos.

Lee McQuillen
9 days ago
Reply to  Janet

The prosecutors aren’t the only “public servants” who have not upheld their oath of office. It goes all the way to the top in our country. The wanted the one who did uphold his oath of office out of the way and spent over 4 years and counting to achieve that – hope they aren’t successful at the end of all this. You may be right – vigilante justice most likely will make a comeback in these areas.

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  Janet

You are missing the point. The voters in these liberal cities DO NOT WANT law and order. They believe laws are racist. They also want to defund the police. Thus, they elect prosecutors who don’t prosecute. They MUST learn the hard way that utter destruction follows such attitudes. In the meantime, AVOID such cities and realize some folks deserve everything they ask for. ‘You just can’t fix stupid’.

Pete M.
10 days ago

These radical, subversive criminal coddlers are a reflection of their constituents who voted them into office. So to a large extent, these cities deserve the crime ridden hellholes that they live in!

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  Pete M.

AMEN! Like the old TV show ‘YOU ASKED FOR IT!’.

10 days ago

George Soros = Domestic Terrorist

10 days ago

Soros has given a lot of money to get these liberal cities DA’s. Kamala Harris is a perfect example. She persecutes Christians-law abiding citizens and lets the wickedest thugs walk away without any charges!!!

12 days ago

First is to somehow a way to get rid of the Mr Soros problem (money and tampering) and vote out the liberals as soon as possible. Of course, released felons won’t bite the hand that got them released so here again is fraudulent voting.

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  Max

But these cities LIKE liberals! Thus they deserve EVERYTHING THEY GET!

7 days ago
Reply to  Clark Kent

These cities are now paying the price and the criminals are getting away with it.

Bill on the Hill
12 days ago

Thank you AMAC for putting this out there as there has been little to NO discussion on this subject from most media outlets…MSM, i.e. FAKE NEWS, there is NOTHING on this anti-judicial woke narrative. I see you began in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi’s territory.
Boudin & so many more not mentioned in this article should all have their law licenses revoked immediately across this nation. The common denominator of ALL of these CRIMINAL prosecutors is who finances them in ALL of the Democrat run cities that have burned to the ground with REPEAT offenders & many of those same repeat offender thugs participated in the FALSE FLAG event on Jan 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. I once again mention Nancy Pelosi’s involvement in this & Mitch McConnell’s turning a blind eye to the total lack of security on the Capital bldg. Cut off the money supply from George Soros & others i.e. Kamala Harris being a perfect example for funding the Minneapolis thugs out of jail, thereby enabling them to get back to their work of violence, burning & now murder added to their impressive resumes. Cut off the money supply & BLM/ANTIFA goes away…
There is much work to be done to return America to a country of LAW & ORDER. Until this happens, we will continue down this path of MARXIST driven WOKEISM & ultimately lose this nation to hell bent destruction…:~(
Bill on the Hill…May God bless America… :~)

11 days ago

George Scoros time is about to expire. He is a demon in a old, ugly human body

Lee McQuillen
9 days ago
Reply to  Gary

I believe he has a son?

Clark Kent
9 days ago

How, exactly, is the money supply going to be cut off from Soros (or anyone else, for that matter)?

12 days ago

The reason is simple. The more crimes they allow makes them believe it will be easier to claim the need to do away with the second amendment. Obviously there are other minor issues, but don’t believe this racial crap, other than a way to divide us more and more and continue to make the ignorant more ignorant.

Anthony Chinni
12 days ago

There has to be a CONSTITUTIONAL STATE CONVENTION in the future. Majority of states lean conservative. If we can write laws or amendment to our constitution with a 2/3 Majority of the states, we wouldn’t have to rely on a CROOKED CONGRESS. We must write laws that make POLITICIANS

12 days ago
Reply to  Anthony Chinni

Wrong solution for a multitude of reasons.

12 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

Totally disagree with you. An article 5 convention is exactly what’s needed, not for this very cause, but to regain control of our country from these people.

Clark Kent
9 days ago
Reply to  KD SQ

‘These people’? Like, Americans?

Bill on the Hill
10 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

Agreed Paul E… It all looks good on paper, but it will NOT happen. At a minimum, you are looking at ( 20 ) years for it to maybe happen…With the current situation, i.e. communist takeover being what it is, we simply don’t have that much time to weather this storm…
Action is required henceforth & by that I mean hold onto your boot straps, it’s going to be a wild ride…No one can say when it’s coming, but I fervently believe it will come sooner rather than later…
Bill on the hill… :~)

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