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The Lincoln Library Needs Help; AMAC Appeals for Donations

Lincoln library donations helpWASHINGTON, DC – Abraham Lincoln ranked at the top of the 2018 Presidential Greatness Survey.  But, says Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, “perhaps Mr. Lincoln is not popular enough to merit funding the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and that is a shame.”

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation recently issued a statement saying that it needs nearly $10 million to pay off its debt.  If it can’t raise the funds, the Foundation says it may have to sell off “unique artifacts on the private market which would likely remove them from public view forever.”

Weber says that the Foundation borrowed $25 million to purchase a large collection of objects relating to Lincoln.  These include the 16th president’s iconic stovepipe hat as well as the bloody gloves he wore the night he was killed.  They are on display at the Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL alongside the Gettysburg Address, a signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation and many other irreplaceable items.

Dr. Carla Knorowski, the Lincoln Foundation’s CEO, has made an appeal for help noting “Abraham Lincoln has held iconic status for more than 150 years.  His image, which is in the public domain, is recognizable and used with impunity.  He has been used to sell everything from perfume to carpeting, automobiles to insurance.  And yet many, certainly not all, who profit off him, never seek to donate philanthropically to advance his legacy.”

Weber says that “the library and museum complex, which opened in 2005, attracts as many as 300,000 visitors a year. If that many people donated less than $35 apiece over the next year and a half, the debt would be paid off in full.”


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Roger Hackenberry

Take some of the money that would ordinarily go to “sanctuary cities” and use that money to pay off the $10 million debt, AND endow it with another $5 million to help fund it into the future.


I can’t believe AMAC is promoting funding anything in the Socialist State of Illinois. How Surprizing they borrowed $ they can’t repay.


Not too smart taking on a staggering debt to buy overpriced items.

Ron Fournier

why doesn’t Obama take 10mil from his 100mil library/ playground and support a man he idolized?

Diana Erbio

For those interested in history…AMAC Online posted a post from my Blog Series “Statues:The People They Salute” which is about Dwight D. Eisenhower. It didn’t make the Newsletter…so you’ll have to search a bit for it.


Why aren’t the Lincoln items in the Smithsonian Museum? It seems to me that more people would be able to see them if they were in the Smithsonian. More people travel to Washington DC than Springfield. I realize that this is an issue of tourism bringing people to Springfield and to boost their economy but if these items are sold off to the highest bidder then no one will be able to see them. Perhaps the Smithsonian should pay off the Lincoln Library’s debt and acquire all the presidential items in return. This was an important President. It would be a shame to loose this part of American History to the private sector.

James Monaco

Presidential Libraries and Memorials should be privately, not publicly, funded.

The first Presidential Monument was Grant’s (18th President) in NY state. It was built with donated funds and is now maintained by the US Park Service at public expense.

The first Presidential Library (and Memorial) was for Rutherford Hayes (19th President) in Ohio. it was built with private funds and is 70% maintained by private funds. The balance is funded by the state of Ohio. See: https://www.rbhayes.org/about-us/frequently-asked-questions/


Let the Democrat party save the monument to the man that caused a war, that we are apparently still fighting.


I wouldn’t give a rip if it fell to the ground. Lincoln was a vile, egocentric, power-hungry man who did everything he could to destroy our Constitution. He hated blacks.
Let it burn.


All those wanting to remove Confederate monuments could channel some of their efforts to the removal of this monument to a racist tyrant who is responsible for the deaths of 600,000+ of his own fellow citizens.