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The Dangers of a Woke U.S. Military

By Lt. Colonel Allen West


The motto of the U.S. Army is “This We’ll Defend.” In the modern Armed Services of the U.S. military, we all take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. That is what separates our military from all others in the world–the oath that we take. And truthfully, for us as veterans, that oath should never cease.

Our military is charged with being the guardians of our constitutional republic, the instrument of protecting our national security. They stand, and many of you reading this missive have stood, on freedom ramparts, on watch, on patrol, Semper Paratus (Always Ready) to answer the call when our Nation needs.

However, today there is a growing concern about the preparedness, and indeed focus, of our current military. The recent news that our military is not meeting recruitment goals is very disconcerting. We have heard of this before, post-Vietnam War, when many were concerned with the all-volunteer force. But, this current episode of a drop in recruitment stems from a very different reason.

Our young men and women are not favorable to joining up with a “woke” military that is advancing progressive socialist ideological agendas that are anathema to the military culture.

First, consider the issue of discharging members of the military for refusing to get the COVID “jab.” Those of us who have served know very well that before deployments into certain regions there were vaccines one had to take because of specified diseases. However, the COVID vaccine being forced upon members of the military is an experimental vaccine that does not adhere to the military’s own guidelines. 

There was not a major readiness risk to our military from a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate. Members of the military were, in fact, at less risk than the general population because they do not possess the same comorbidities, such as obesity and heart disease, and they are not elderly. Matter of fact, evidence has shown more military members having adverse reactions, especially heart issues, due to the jab. And now we know that the vaccines did not prevent COVID.

Yet, our civilian and senior military leadership has discharged highly qualified troops and denied religious exemptions. There have been some 6,000 active duty troops dismissed, some under threat of a dishonorable discharge, along with some 60,000 National Guard troops who are having their pay and benefits cut, all because they have refused the shot–talk about coercive tactics.

And we all know that the whole vaccine mandate edict arose during the debacle in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will go down as the greatest strategic, operational, and tactical blunder in the history of the United States. The loss of life for thirteen Marines, sailors, and Soldiers did not have to happen. The fact that we restored to power the very people our men and women had fought so hard to remove from the battlefield was a slap in the face to those who served in Afghanistan…and sent a message to those who would want to join our military.

What may be the biggest reason why we are not seeing our armed forces meet recruitment goals must be the infiltration of cultural Marxism into the military. The fact that critical race theory has found its way into our armed services is highly disturbing. How can one build a cohesive fighting force when telling one group they are oppressors and the other they are oppressed?

Along with that, the recent video from the U.S. Navy addressing the use of proper pronouns is unconscionable. I thought it was a Babylon Bee spoof. Combine that with the drive towards the gender dysphoria wokeness where servicemembers are allowed to determine what gender they want on their ID card and must be addressed as such. And just recently, the Secretary of Defense, someone with whom I served at Ft. Bragg, declared that troops just have to get used to gender dysphoric troops in bathroom facilities with them, even though they have not undergone any transition…and yes, the American taxpayer is paying for these transitions.

That is correct, female troops must shower with biological males in the military. Our military is being used as a project of leftist social engineering.

All of this is coming when our number one geo-political foe, China, has launched its third aircraft carrier. This is happening when America has its smallest Navy fleet in its modern history. We have gone from President Reagan’s 600-ship Navy down to under 300. We have had more designated illegal immigrant “got aways” in America over the past 18 months than we have active duty Soldiers and Marines currently serving!

Once upon a time in America young men who were not of age were lying to serve their Nation. Today we find ourselves in a situation in America where the recruitment base does not meet the minimal standards to serve this Nation in uniform. This has led current military leadership to waive high school diploma requirements.

I am witnessing all of this happen with a broken heart. In my family, there has been a long line of men who have served this Nation. Our family legacy of service started with my dad in World War II, my older brother who was a Marine infantryman (oops, can’t say infantryman anymore), my 22 years of service, and my nephew who currently is serving as a Lieutenant Colonel. Even in our extended family, that legacy exists–my Father-in-Law served in the Army for 24 years with two tours of duty in Vietnam. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Our oldest daughter’s husband served 13 years in the US Army Reserve, and as I write this piece, our youngest daughter’s husband is at Army Basic training in Ft. Jackson South Carolina. He will graduate at the end of July.

Why do we see these disturbing things happening in our military? Perhaps it is because some 45-50 years ago, the percentage of Members of Congress who had served in our military was over 70%. Today that percentage is down around 17-18%. Once upon a time, this Nation didn’t consider someone to be President who had never served our Nation in uniform, that was the model created by our first General and President, George Washington.

Our military serves a greater and higher purpose for this Nation, the profit margin is not in dollars but lives. The military does not take an oath to a person or a political party, or political ideology. If we continue down that path, the threat to our national security grows exponentially.

And the glee of our enemies grows by the same measure.

Today, our Nation needs its Veterans more than ever to stand, speak up, and continue to support and defend our Constitution. That is why the American Constitutional Rights Union has the Committee to Support and Defend. We need more of our Veterans who embrace their oath, continuing their service in other aspects of our Constitutional Republic. Our call to serve never ends!

Steadfast and Loyal.

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Ramon Cortez
1 month ago

Very few things more hilarious than a whiny white guy going on about “wokeness”. Especially since not one person I read in the comments nor the author of this article have the slightest idea what “woke” means, nor could they or he factually define it, very much like “critical race theory”, yet another subject that leads to whininess. I have an idea for (some of) you: find someone black and ask them what “woke” means. A better subject for discussion might be “How Did White Males Become So Femininely Sensitive?”, because articles like this one makes them sound like teenage girls who didn’t make the cheer squad.

Pete from St Pete
4 months ago

Wokeism contravenes patriotism at every level. A primary reason people put up with the stresses of military service is due to a sense of patriotism. Our woke leaders pushing their phony ideology that ignores common sense discourages many good men and women. That is the main reason the military services are failing to reach enlistment requirements. Current top military leaders are too indoctrinated with wokeism to realize this.

Rexford Ames
4 months ago

We had the” WOKE” group back in the 60s. It was the stupidest Program that the Politicians pressed on its Military. We eat, sleep and work as well as fight together. It’s not the color of the man, it’s the character of the Man / woman that makes the difference! It didn’t matter what politics you believed in.

4 months ago

I miss the world I grew up in and raised my kids in….

Dale Single
4 months ago

Too many comment mergers…needs fixing!

Tim Toroian
4 months ago

Learn Mandarin, we’re being set up for Chinese domination.

4 months ago

Our young men and women are not favorable to joining up with a “woke” military that is advancing progressive socialist ideological agendas that are anathema to the military culture.

There are a lot of reasons why our young don’t want to sign up for today’s military – but this is nonsense – because “woke” is a whining complaint made up by the “conservative” of today who wants to distract people from the more serious problems we face – and they caused.

These include the supposedly “military loving” GOP that routinely votes against soldier and vet friendly legislation, such as the “Honoring our Pact Act” just a few months ago, but cannot find a weapons program they wont’ vote for, whether they work or not.

The GOP loves the Military Industrial Complex (i.e weapons systems), while servicemen/women are consistently given the short end of the deal – and that is according to the voting records of far too many representatives in the HoRs.

The author also apparently forgot the ill-fated Invasion of Iraq, and the Afghan campaigns, which by any measure were grossly mismanaged by the Administration of George W Bush. These two campaigns became infamous for endless deployments, “stop-loss”, and for notoriously forcing those diagnosed with PTSD back into battle.

Recruits parents will have clear memories of the above – while for the $3 Trillion spent, the USA suffered a huge loss in the GWOT to Al Queda, and accumulated the worst collection of foreign policy and national security disasters in history. And, at the same time, that administration was happily cutting the VA budget and attempting to eject disabled veterans from their hard-earned benefits packages, in an effort to allocate funds elsewhere – just when your soldiers were starting to come home (the GOP had to be shamed into restoring benefits, and a modest GI bill, by those mean old Democrats).

How do you think all those people would advise their children to who approach them for advice w/r/t whether they should join the military?

The author also fails to take into account:

  • US birth rates have been in major decline for ages, while obesity is on the rise: 30% of those of recruiting age are simply too fat to join the armed services – so they’re off the table.
  • Then there are those who decide to go to college or trade schools – they are off the table.
  • There are objectors who wouldn’t join anyway – also off the table.
  • There are those who opt for civilian sector jobs – off the table.
  • The remainder, are potential recruits for military service (the author does bemoan those who couldn’t graduate high-school, which is a serious problem because weapons systems are far more complex than they used to be).

Then there are seemingly endless stories of DoD acquisition malpractice/incompetence: schools do tell their students to look at their organizations they are considering working for, and then determine if this is where you want to work.

Clearly, an honest look at what has caused our young to turn away from military careers likely has NOTHING to do with the above, and is instantly dismissed, because it doesn’t support the lame, conservative “woke” theory. The “conservative” of today no longer exists in a fact-based world, where their ideas of how things should be has little (if any) factual foundation to support it – because they simply will not accept any responsibility for their actions.

4 months ago
Reply to  PolicyWonk

What a waste of time to read.

Richard Minetti
4 months ago
Reply to  PolicyWonk

So many words of bullschiff! Where have you been hiding? Are you that blinded by this Communist/Democrat bullschiff?

I guess the Dem’s are right, some of the inhabitants of this country are really stupid! Or they wouldn’t believe this leftist crap!

And BTW, the Democrat’s have never accepted responsibility for anything they screwed up, it’s always somebody else’s fault!

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

NO Defense
No readiness
China wins
Go Woke Lose War

Myrna Wade
4 months ago

I think the downward trend started with the community organizer, Obama. I also think he didn’t know any better. Now the military reflects what has happened to the rest the nation. The current attack on the Oath Keepers as somehow dangerous is a final irony. We have a candidate in Alaska who may be prevented from running for office just because he is a member of Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers have one motive: stand up for this country by keeping their oath from the military for all of their lives.
The far left has worked hard to undermine this country. Running down the miliary is part of their plot. The destruction that has taken place is obvious. Somehow, they redefine this as acceptable by denigrating good citizens.

4 months ago

Who still feels safe in America? If you do, aside from your personal armory, what makes you feel safe. Asking in all sincerity.

Marta Alvarez
4 months ago

This is horrifying, and it might be too late already. This job has been carefully planned in an effort to castrate our military, the best and most powerful in the world. It is obvious that there is a concerted effort to weaken our country socially, economically, militarily, all at once. Sadly, it looks like these efforts on all fronts are giving the results those sinister forces expected. I pray not.

Jess Salazar
4 months ago

As a Vietnam veteran, who was wounded on my second deployment to that conflict, reading this article is truly demoralizing! Did my brothers and sisters whose names appear on the Vietnam’s memorial wall, die in vain? Not to forget those who died in other conflicts as well!
Someone say it isn’t so! Tell me Americans have not lost the will to fight for their freedom, and the right to remain a free people!

4 months ago
Reply to  Jess Salazar

It’s been a long 13 years already, since I saw the writing on the wall back in 2009, that Barack was doubling-down on what Bill clinton started: to abuse & turning of the military into a DemocratMarxist Party jackbooted gestapo that THOSE SAME LIBERALS have always falsely accused of of being….

A long 13 years since I stopped recommending to any youngster to consider a stint in the woke & broke military…

A very sad 13 years, atop the 15 years prior which increasingly were ever more alarming, as to what the Democrats were doing, what the RINOs were utterly failing to stop … destroying our military.

4 months ago

It appears that the left is setting this country up for invasion by foreign interest. We as veterans must face an enemy foreign AND domestic. The change back must start in November or face invasion outside and inside America. If we lose Nov it may be over with strutting Democrats destroying our country and constitution Forever and freedom will never be heard again. We need ads from the right remind what life was like with Trump. Future like Sweden 52% income tax.Know a doctor who came to USA to survive while worked 15 hours a day and lucky to eat ,pay rent etc He sees same coming here.Now how to insure our future?Vote??How to protect the vote from from cheaters??? We need direction and leaders. I’ll take Trump any day !!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Cc

It appears that the left is setting this country up for invasion by foreign interest

It’s happening already…must of missed the memo because the kingmakers want the simpletons to pay attention to the distractions and diversions that have been created for their entertainment…

4 months ago
Reply to  Dave

The invasion by a foreign interest, is the invasion of DemocratMarxist Party totalitarianism.

It’s been happening since Bill Clinton abused his powers when he started abusing the military as a muzzled social experimentation petrie dish.

4 months ago
Reply to  Cc

The ‘foreign interest’ used to be communism. Today’s Democrats have converted the communism into a ‘domestic interest’ of increasing power and great concern.

4 months ago
Reply to  Cc

Yes, we need some balls back in the White House!!

4 months ago

Historically we have gutted the military following every conflict since the revolution. It’s what we do. There is no need at the current time for a large standing Army, Navy or Air Force. That’s why we have a National Guard and Reserves forces. To some that is logical, citizen solders to the rescue, use the funds elsewhere and minimize the active military. And then when the flag goes up, we get pounded. Outdated equipment, untrained soldiers, no experienced leadership, no facilities, nothing. It’s the same scenario over and over again. Regan built up the military for what purpose? You just can’t justify that kind of military unless there is a need. I joined at 17 because there was a need, we were at war. I became an air traffic controller and there was a need. I felt I every day I went to work state side or overseas, I was needed. I felt proud of what I did.
So what is the driving force for young people to join today – war games get old very fast, and training for training isn’t exactly motivating and it’s expensive. My sons are in the military doing a job that develops skills they can later use in civilian life. It’s real, interesting and motivating and they got promoted on time. I doubt they’ll stay in the military. They like me will soon find out that the skills they have pay a great deal better on the outside. A SSG or TSG’s pay, and benefit don’t compete well against GS-14 pay and benefits. I did retire from the active Army as a LTC with 28 years but that’s another story….

Richard Stephens
4 months ago
Reply to  Smike

When we do need them we probably will not have time to play catch up with recruiting, training, war materials, facilities, etc. We don’t need to go overboard but we do need to be prepared. China isn’t waiting on anyone. Thank you for your service.

4 months ago

The downfall of the US military accelerated rapidly under Pres. Obama, slowed down under Pres. Trump although he failed to get rid those in leadership that were left leaning. Now, with WOKE/racism ideology being cramped into the minds of new recruits, smarter ones are staying out for good reason. As for the COVID vaccine (a joke), many good and smart military members knew and were informed about the true nature of the vaccine and the harm that it was doing to “jabbed” recipients. Only the gullible remain behind. The nation is truly in trouble.

4 months ago

Part of ensuring China becomes the preeminent and lone superpower on the planet by 2035, both economically and militarily, is the need to weaken the United States armed forces. So the United States can no longer effectively stand up to China or any of the other potential aggressors we currently have to guard against.

Undermining combat readiness through the introduction of Marxist inspired ideology designed to undermine unit cohesion is one effective means to help achieve that goal. Another means is the vilification of service in the armed forces as some sort of “social justice” crime against humanity to discourage recruitment. With so many of today’s young people being neither physically fit enough to pass basic training (staring at cell phones 24×7 has replaced other activities that entail physical activity), without lowering the bar to dangerous levels, as well as the intentional miseducation of our young that they require remedial help to complete relatively tasks, it’s no wonder the military is concerned about being able to meet current and future challenges.

The United States falling behind militarily is yet another consequence of allowing Socialism to thrive and spread within this country. Except this would be a fatal one, if not quickly corrected before too much lasting damage is done. While our enemies continue to build up their ranks and add new military capabilities to challenge ours on all fronts, our senior leadership is concerned about ensuring all military personnel know which personal pronouns they need to use to avoid offending somebody.

Of course we, as a nation, can continue to ignore the problem that is staring us in the face each and every day. Hoping it all magically goes away without any effort on our part. That seems to be the prevailing consensus of the American public. Kicking the can down the road seems to have become a national pastime, when it comes to so many things. There is certianly nothing wrong with that approach, if you don’t mind waking up one morning, in the not so distant future, to our government leaders telling us it would be beneficial for all Americans to learn Mandarin ASAP. All because the Chinese have sunk 2 or 3 of our aircraft carriers, with hyper-sonic missiles, in the Pacific and whoever the Democrat President is negotiating our terms of surrender.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Agree. The nation needs to wake up quickly and pray that the demise of your final paragraph will not become a reality.

Bill T
4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

You mean the Missile technology that the Chinese operatives (spy’s ) stole from our most advanced weaponry systems, the ones that the Obama administration canned several years ago? It’s almost like the Marxist left completely aligned with the communist CCP to overthrow our country, which it’s completely obvious that they are.

Gunny Joe
4 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

You missed the P-3 that was captured and set on the deck in China being reversed engineered during the clinton years. And the crew “interviewed”? Shortly afterward the ability to use targeted MEVs was announced by the ChiComs.

Bill T
4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

You mean the Missile technology that we allowed the CCP to steal using Chinese operatives working inside our country, our simply put the spy’s that with the cooperation of several Marxist haters of the USA are helping our biggest and most dangerous enemy to quickly take over us and every other country? It’s sickening and so completely obvious what’s happening right now. And out political leaders and military leaders are turning a blind eye to this disastrous treat to all our citizens and to the rest of the free world.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bill T

The CCP and Russia didn’t have to steal all that much to be able to develop that missile technology. A number of past Democrat administrations have just outright killed the development efforts of a number of advanced weapons systems in this country since the Carter administration. They then essentially handed access to most, if not all, of the research data to almost anyone via the gapping holes in security at our colleges and universities that participate in DoD research efforts. Almost all these “abandoned” weapons development projects later were turned into fully functional weapons systems deployed by either Russia, China or both.

Carter thought the neutron bomb offered the United States too much of a tactical and strategic advantage over the Soviet Union, so he killed the program. It took a Republican President to revive it years later, by which time both Russia and China had significant numbers in their weapons stockpile. The story of hyper-sonic missile technology is remarked similar under yet another Democrat President. Now both Russia and China have a significant number of hyper-sonics in their arsenals.

Biden killed railgun deployment last year aboard our Navy ships. Same for any larger versions as a land-based used of the technology as a missile deterrent system. Research was done and they had shown it to be both practical and far superior to conventional weaponry used today. How much do you want to bet that we will see Chinese naval ships sporting operational railguns within a next few years. Then our spy satellites will detect ground-based railgun sites.

We are already outnumbered by the Chinese in ship count and their vessels are pretty much on par with us technology wise, thanks to years of successfully stealing almost every major weapons platform we develop. Soon we will prove to be no real threat to their planned expansion across the Pacific and then eventually around the world at the rate we are going. Instead our senior military and civilian leadership is obsessed with ensuring the right personal pronouns are used by our military personnel, which ignoring the growing threats around the globe.

David Millikan
4 months ago

WOKE =LOSERS. That says it all.

Steven Coughlin
4 months ago

The person of the military is to break things and kill people, period. I served six years active duty in the United States Army from 1977-1983. During this time, I did not witness a single instance of racism. The only thing we cared about was whether you could do you job or not.

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