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The American Spirit is Rising

AMAC Exclusive – By David P. Deavel


The prospect of a red wave landing comes ever closer. Though we can’t get cocky, it is appropriate to feel our spirits rising. The rebuke of a Democratic Party that promised us a rose garden and then gave us scorched earth is itself a powerful adrenaline shot.

A Biden Administration and Democratic Party rule was sold to the American electorate as a supposed return to “decency,” “normalcy,” and “moderation,” it has instead been an unmitigated disaster from the beginning. Instead of moderation, Biden capitulated to the far left of his party immediately. Instead of normalcy, that capitulation to the left has resulted in humiliation abroad, a cratering economy at home, a crime wave engulfing major American cities, a politicized federal law enforcement that over half of the population thinks of as “Biden’s gestapo,” and a government-big tech censorship program. Instead of decency, we have now been told that, oh, by the way, the Hunter Biden laptop was not simply “Russian disinformation” and Joe Biden’s connections to his son’s misdeeds probably ought to be looked at. Oh, also, they say, our Democratic COVID policies were mostly useless and destructive to the American people, but you know, mistakes were made on both sides.

That doesn’t even begin to cover it all. To do so, as the internet commentators say, we’d need a much bigger blog. Or, if your tastes are more biblical, we can say in the style of John’s Gospel that there are many other terrible things the Democrats did in those days, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written.

But I don’t think my spirit or that of those around me is rising merely from some partisan feeling. The reason the red wave is coming is that it is not just composed of “rock-ribbed Republicans,” “right wingers,” and “Trumpers” who are coming to the polls to vote for the GOP and against the Democrats. Look carefully at that massive wave as it is cresting and landing. You will see that what is being carried back to our shores is true American diversity. It is people from every possible ethnic, racial, religious, and socio-economic background who are yearning for the ordered liberty and prosperity that is why they or their ancestors came in the first place.

It is Latino voters who are fleeing the Democratic Party they once thought was about “the American dream” but now realize is about the woke causes of “economically secure whites.” The immigrants among them especially are worried about the chaos of our unsecure borders.  

It is black voters—especially black men—who are increasingly tired of Democrats taking them for granted and talking down to them. They bear the brunt of Democratic crime policies, which are made in the name of racial “equity” but cause a disproportionate and inequitable risk to their own safety, especially for those who live in urban areas. “Seriously,” one commentator asks, “can anyone name a well-run Democratic city?”

It is Asian voters who are also affected by urban violence, by inflation that is ravaging their small businesses, and by the “diversity” regime that discriminates against them in college admissions and hiring. They don’t want “equity”: they want safety, fiscal sanity, and equality of opportunity.

It is Muslims who agree that the progressive ideology on sex and “gender” is utterly destructive. Given that it is being pushed on their children in public schools and through laws and policies that attack the family, they are turning to the GOP. “Family values” have been mocked by secular Democrats as a Christian oddity. But guess what? Most other faiths share them.

Indeed, it is religious voters of all persuasions who have seen the Biden Administration roll back protections for religious organizations and religious believers. They have gathered that the secular left thinks what they hold true is simply primitive superstition. They want the freedom to live out their faiths in witness to and argument for the truth as they understand it, educating their children and operating their businesses and charities according to their understanding of what God wants of them.

It is suburban women of all races and religions, especially independent women, who want safety and good education for their children. These women were often demonized by Democratic politicians and treated as domestic terrorists for advocating for their children at schoolboard meetings and refusing simply to accept the COVID protocols that damaged their children’s learning and mental health. They especially see the threats made to their livelihood, their communities, and their families.

It is independent voters, men and women alike and in remarkable numbers, who are refusing the Democratic-Biden narrative that Republicans are extreme. They too see the betrayal of the moderation, decency, and normalcy that many of them thought they were voting for in 2020.

This election is not some purely partisan affair. The red wave is a coalition of voters who reject Democrats’ extremism and their failure to fulfill the basic functions of government.

It is a coalition of voters who know that voting right is not sufficient to heal America or make it great again. But they also know that it is a necessary first step toward protection of the exercise of the freedoms of religion, of speech, of the press, and of political association that are the tools by which a free people seeks what Tocqueville called “liberty under God and the laws.” They know that we have serious and difficult challenges to America’s life, its liberty, and the pursuit of a happiness that is made by people who see their rights as the means to fulfilling their duties to God and their fellow Americans. They are willing to work hard in their own families, businesses, houses of worship, towns, counties, and states to meet these challenges, to fulfill their duties, and indeed to go beyond their duties on to a kind of charity.

It is a coalition that looks at the successes of red states such as Florida and Texas and sees the failure of blue states such as New York and California. They want all Americans to enjoy the prosperity that comes from the protection of those freedoms and the opportunity to enjoy justice delivered impartially.

It is a coalition of voters who know very well that they are e pluribus or “diverse” but who also want to be unum: one America. They want what both Barack Obama and Joe Biden promised but did not really attempt to deliver: not red America and blue America, but one America that is red, white, and blue. 

Some people see only a red wave. I see a red, white, and blue wave. Its spirit is the best of what America promises and what Americans seek. This spirit will demand much from the Republicans. GOP leaders had better be prepared to keep their promises and then some.

Americans are angry right now. But they are also filled with hope and with a readiness to act. They don’t want to be ruled. They want to be led. They want freedom, impartial justice, equality, and the protection necessary for them to be a self-governing people. They want inspiration from their leaders, too, but they already have it as a people. Even amid the chaos of the last few years, the American spirit has been rising.

David P. Deavel teaches at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, and is a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative.

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4 months ago

So the republicans had millions more voters and lost. When are we as a nation going to demand no more electronic voting machines.

4 months ago

Excellent summation of this election and the energy behind it! As an election official today, I’ve been seeing the diversity of Americana, including first generation immigrants! It’s a beautiful sight and sound!

Bruce P
4 months ago


Philip Hammersley
4 months ago

DIMMs want to be the “husband” of black women so I can see why black men are moving to the GOP!

Kathryn Dahlstrom
4 months ago


4 months ago

What so many of the 2020 voters missed was that in 2016 Republicans already felt like our backs were against the wall. Did it really matter if the man seeking office spewed some locker room talk caught on hot mic? Or is it really more important what he can and will do for the American people? I’ve heard things come out of Joe’s mouth that offended me infinitely more than Trump’s crude talk, in the end whose rhetoric was more dangerous?

anna hubert
4 months ago

Would it not be easier to be just plain American rather then compartmentalized and divided into categories and specie?:

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

Teddy Roosevelt made a famous speech about hyphenated Americans! Someone ought to post that or use it in a campaign!

Dennis Math
4 months ago

The “American spirit” will follow wherever the narrative of the day leads them. Like sheep though they notice prices soaring and store shelves bare and retirement accounts sinking in value they seem to honestly believe that the Republicans will change the way our masters mistreat us. That is wrong. The Republicans are just as encumbered with favors owed to major campaign contributors as were the Democrats and policy wise not a lot will change. We will continue to send tens of billions to a proxy war against Russia using increasingly dead Ukrainian soldiers as our proxies. We will continue to interfere with the governments of untold numbers of countries from Myanmar to well, name your African or South American country.
We are nothing more and nothing less than sheep led by a one world order shepard.

4 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Math

Doom and gloom guy!

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Math

Maybe the elitist Republicans are encumbered but there are plenty of MAGA Republicans who aren’t!!

4 months ago

I love the line refering to Johns Gospel. It hits the nail on the head. During the eight yrs of obama i likened dem evil to a rogue baseball practice machine, lobbing hardballs ten times faster than they could be hit. No surprise that even that analogy pales in the past 22 months. But there’s method to this madness: we no sooner deal with the latest outrage when two more hit. Assuming the redwave comes in, it’s essential that we, (amac and all willing conservatives) figure put how to take the fight to the enemy. And yes, they’re the enemy, not misguided do gooders.

Hidden Voice
4 months ago

Notice this article doesn’t mention White voters as part of the wave. This is typical of an establishment “conservative” mindset that is comfortable lauding people of every other race, except for Whites. The only oblique reference here to Whites is negative (e.g., as part of White liberal wokeness). Truly, it’s ok to be White — please don’t be afraid to write about us or to acknowledge that we, like other groups, have interests too.

4 months ago

No one is saying the obvious problem. Illegals voting and libs destroying conservatives ballots just like they did 2 years ago. How are our votes going to get past democrats county and state politicians. Pennsylvania is already telling their voters that the count will be “delayed” . Why?. So they have time to make 300,000 fake ballots like they did 2 years ago. What we need is better election protections and poll watchers. Just sayin’.”

4 months ago
Reply to  ,maryze

Wolf and his Secretary of State announced on fake news this morning that if you voted by mail and you’re not sure that you filled out your ballot correctly to go to the voting booth and vote again. Does this mean that I can request a mail in ballot now, so I can vote twice as well?

Jeff Waller
4 months ago

Couldn’t have said it better.

Chris Chambers
4 months ago

The term “equity” has been perverted from it’s original meaning of fairness, to “I deserve what you have”. the entire equity movement is an attempt to take control of other’s earned place. Sinister stuff.

4 months ago

Nov 6 – Life, Liberty and Levin – This election is about confronting left-wing Marxists – Video


Bob Barravechia
4 months ago

We will find out early on election night how this vote is going. To discover, all we have to watch New York and Georgia. If Democrat incumbents are losing seats in the Empire state, then we know a red wave has begun. If Walker doesn’t win the senate seat in GA, then we know this election will not change much. The wild card could be young voters, foolishly choosing the donkey over the GOP because of abortion. These two states will decide the election. I am uneasy over the fact that almost 900k young people have registered to vote in Georgia. God help us the Democrats hold on to the majority in the Senate

Bob Barravechia
4 months ago

if the Democrats hold on to the majority in the Senate

Letts Brandon
4 months ago

If the election is determined upon the right to murder children you will see the unimaginable wrath of God come down on this nation like a tidal wave.

4 months ago
Reply to  Letts Brandon

I feel He is our only way out of this. If anyone reading this has ever needed to pray it is now!

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago

I think the DIMMs overrate how many young people are pro-abortion!

4 months ago

Just remember the results rest on those counting the vote

4 months ago

Thank you for not putting my voice on here I GUESS MY OPINION ISN’T good enough

David Millikan
4 months ago

It does not belong to Congress.
It does not belong to special interest groups.
It does not belong to the courts.
It belongs to ‘We the People’…”
– Founding Father JOHN JAY
“A NATION of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which GOD has given them
cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”

4 months ago

I think it has always been a fallacy that the Republican Party wasn’t a big tent. But lately, it has become much more obvious that it is indeed the party of inclusion.

4 months ago

I’ve said it multiple times here and on other social media platforms — the Democrat Party has become UNELECTABLE.

4 months ago

Oh yes, the Great Pendulum of Time began decades ago to swing back against the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces that are currently attacking Humanity and the Earth, and who control the Democrat Machine for their own nefarious purposes. The Wave is a cosmic force than cannot be stopped.

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